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do the ends justify the means. to terms with mrs starts december 13th on t.w. . the but . this is you know really was why some girl in panic on london bridge central london is in lockdown this evening following a terror attack that left 5 injured officers called to a stabbing at london bridge near the u.k. parliament i witnessed video shows civilians tackling a man on the bridge before police shoot the suspected attacker claiming male doesn't touch the bars which is called the because you love the places and i can
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confirm the this suspect died of the same are now in a position to confirm that it has been declared a terrorist incident also coming up iraq's embattled prime minister announces his resignation protesters the central baghdad celebrating news which comes a day after security forces killed 40 protesters in clashes the country has been rocked by 2 months of grassroots anti-government demonstrations plus fridays for a future goes global again thousands of young people taking part in rallies around the world a call to action coming ahead of next week's un climate summit. we begin this broadcast in the u.k. where in the capital london police say they have shot and killed a man a london bridge after at. 5 people were injured and a stabbing attack by
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a foot is posted on social media shows armed police wrestling down a man. here is the video up several other men in civilian clothes one of whom appears to be holding a large knife back away while officials in a white truck which is parked across london bridge emergency services including ambulances were quickly at the scene moments ago a london metropolitan the metropolitan police gave this update. a male suspect was shot by specialist dog officers from the city of london place and i can confirm that this suspect died of the say. a number of other people received injuries during this incident as soon as we could provide further updates on their condition we well as you would expect due to the nature of the incident we responded as though this was terrorist related i'm now in a position to confirm that it has been declared
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a terrorist incident due to reports that the suspect may have have an explosive device specialist officers also attended the same and white cauldrons are in place to ensure there remains no further danger to the public however i can confirm at this time we believe that a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device a very tense evening in the heart of london let's take you now to deal of user charlotte potts a who is closely following this developments there charlotte what more have you learned. well the police responded to this incident at about 2 pm to a stabbing male suspect was wrestled down by civilians on london bridge and police intervened shot that suspect and she subsequently died right there at the scene so this is what police has been telling us a number of people were injured witnesses reporting that they've seen several
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people coming out of the building that appear to have been stabbed they were bloody and we don't know how many people were indeed injured by this suspect that died at london bridge this was not a random incident the police said they have declared an act of terror a terror incident so there was clearly a motive behind that incident behind that suspect but we don't know yet what that motive was the police was very careful not to go into details there and we know that the counter terrorism unit is now investigating the incident while the mayor of london said dick a con called this a really horrendous incident and then he was shocked about it our police looking for anyone else or they believed that the attacker or the suspect rather acted alone. well the area around london bridge has now been cordoned off
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very widely police presence heavily armed of course and it appears that they just want to make sure that there is no 2nd attack on no 2nd suspect around or indeed several they just want to make it absolutely clear that this is not a situation that is still ongoing it appears so at this point that the situation has been contained but scotland yard also said that police presence here in london would of course be enhanced in the coming days and weeks and this is something that is the normal in london of course after a number of terrorist attacks in $2171.00 right there on london bridge right in the center in the heart of london where a story back then 3 people related to the islamic state committed tara attack driving a truck into pedestrians and then stabbing a number of people at a bar a market a very tourist site close to london bridge so the city has been on high alert ever
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since then with a lot of police presence but as we are hearing this will be much further enhanced in the coming days shola parts reporting from london thank you. when i bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world china has reacted angrily to president trump's approval of measures backing the pro-democracy activists in hong kong beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. if it continues to meddle in its domestic affairs but the pro-democracy supporters welcomed the move celebrating what they call a major boost to its to their push for more local political control and more autonomy from mainland china. and south korea k. pop star young young has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for raping a woman with another k. pop star you'll also secretly filmed the rape and shot the video online the pop
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star trailer where young hoon was sentenced to 5 years and there's. rescue workers in albania are winding down their operation to find survivors of tuesday's deadly earthquake of the operation is now focused on a collapsed beachfront hotel in a port town while 49 people have been confirmed dead across the region that was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude quake. want to turn our attention now to developments in iraq which has been in the grip of bloody anti-government grassroots protests that took a dangerous turn on thursday in response to yesterday's violence in iraq's prime minister abdullah abdullah says he will present his resignation to parliament so lawmakers can pick a new government while the news comes after weeks of anti-government protests and the number of deaths in the unrest has now surpassed 400 demonstrators across the
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country is taken to the streets since early october to protest against government corruption and unemployment. well earlier we spoke to journalist i'm stuff a saline in baghdad and i asked him if those developments will calm the unrest. no it's not going to come down before that they're actually going to clean them or increase the numbers when i went there today to check that square they were celebrating they were tears of joy that they finally accomplished something that i think that this is not what they came for. for. pushing away the prime minister they want to overthrow the whole system they want to change because they want to change the election law in a way that allows them to directly elect their prime minister not in this way when they voted for a party and the party have collision with each other nominate someone they want to change the constitution and the election low and then they will they want to have
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an early election which is not going to happen unless the parliament with votes on that and apologise self which hasn't been done yet they are saying that the only step one they are saying that is a victory for them because finally they manage a 3rd term of process think around 400 people died as a result of violence they managed to do this but it's not enough for them they are seeking for more stuff and celine they're reporting earlier from bob got now young climate activists around the world took to the streets in the 4th global friday for future strike well they're demanding that governments step up their efforts to cut carbon emissions and i sending a message to the u.n. climate change conference which kicks off in madrid next week here in berlin thousands of young activists protested in the city center. in berlin it might have been the consumer frenzy of black friday for some but on the streets here and around the world people were on strike for fridays for future
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a party atmosphere pervaded alongside the placards some took a dip in the city's river spray to draw attention to rising sea levels others simply felt compelled to demonstrate that it is and why are we here well there is a massive climate crisis unknown is doing anything it's crazy to us the soft says look on the other side of the world in australia the call to arms of our houses on fire led to protests a metaphor for some but for others here in sydney it's a painful reality. i. think that. i can't. really.
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residents here are living on the front line of this crisis and the effects apparent if you saw the. shape of the self some people couldn't come out because this is. really really telling people i'm not actually. i mean it's so bad in the philippines sistas was doing it for the planet leading a march of hundreds to demand action. it was a more subdued picture in seoul where the friday protests have struggled to capture the imagination. but in india the roots of this movement as an impassioned call to galvanize the youth into something of a revolution where clearly evident. as we feel it is really really important for today but in some. i just write in america because it's all about the system seems to me it's about finally getting away from is it about removing this not national environment making good on the ball but do nobody make those they turned out in
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south africa to with something that bodies on the ground to make a statement about the impact that the rampant consumerism of black friday is having on a global ecosystem. multis media sources are reporting that prime minister joseph muscat will resign quote imminently as government has become increasingly embroiled in the political and legal crisis sparked by the murder of journalist daphne. she was investigating government corruption when she was killed in a car bomb attack 2 years ago. at 3 in the morning prime minister joseph gave a press conference he was upset by the investigation into death. as murder and the alleged involvement of his close colleagues for us this was not just a murder this was a major case that shook our democracy many people greatly doubt that most cut
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actually did everything possible to solve the murder of journalist car want to. she was killed by a car bomb on october 16th 2017 last week the investigation into who contracted the murder led to members of the maltese energy company being arrested supposedly the maltese firm used a 3rd party in dubai to transfer money to companies in panama this information was released by a most scots tourism minister conrad miti and his chief of staff both resigned earlier this week i had suspected corruption at the highest level this week many demanded most cuts resignation saying he has blood on his hands because he tried to protect officials say 3 ball fees will $1.00 sentence we investigate each cambria found no evidence and released him they want us to believe that shot according to maltese media must cut intends to announce his resignation soon. well earlier we spoke with our correspondent barbara and i asked her what these developments mean
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for the investigation into the murder of daphne carr want to go. things are going to get really interesting now in the courthouse here behind us at the moment jorgen fenech is being heard he is the main suspect one of the wealthiest businessmen off malta the main suspect of having ordered the hit against. and he already had asked yesterday for a presidential pardon in order to be free to tell all about government involvement into this sleaze and corruption surrounding the murder of investigative journalist this is not only involved in the papers and the dubai connection this goes much deeper and it seems to really end compasses all areas of maltese economy and society another corruption probe against ministers of this government here has been open today so finally it seems that the whole edifice seems to be tumbling down and critics here we saw a release casing. editorial of the leading newspaper the malta times today that
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said this country has turned into the mafia state and things really have to be brought out into the into the light now and things really have to change fundamentally. reporting earlier in the maltese capital. business africa is up next with your heart going at the top of the hour thank you for your company for. the creative today's. 7. a historical use in politics business lists run by people of the islamic revolution. in terms of making its initial flirtation with those strengths and states of
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emergency put things into chaos to join the circle to display.


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