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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2019 10:30am-11:01am CET

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maraton delicacies and billions cha. 60 minutes. in literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see myself as the kids find the strength. my objective is to share work and find beautiful. books on youtube. if. christmas is coming and we check out the world's largest christmas tree here all year on marks. and was that
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a well welcome to the show and let's see what else we have light up for you today. edge against a dragon takes to the streets of the french border of calais and. we enjoy a traditional christmas meal in london. nobody would argue that costs have changed a lot over the decades but some models remain classics the city's 300 s.l. for example made its mark on car design and also influenced fashion and every day design and that is one of the topics of a special exhibition at the famous victoria and albert museum in london. i don't. hardly anything has had a greater impact on today's society from a company affecting everything from industry to individual mobility for over 130
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is the exhibition cars in london's victoria and albert museum examines the development of the automobile and its influence on our lives among other things the focus is on 15 milestones of automotive history so we wanted to express here is to show in surprising and different ways that the automobile over the course of its history a relatively short history got is 130 years has had so much profound impact on the world around us exhibits include the. patent's motive again when she took to the streets as the 1st car in 886 and the ford model t. starting in 1913 henry ford had it built on the moving assembly line and launched the era of worldwide mass production in the exhibition shows the influence of widely varying design disciplines they looked at ford and what had been achieved there with the model t. so you find a lot of design is. thinking about what the future of design might be so you know
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about house design as in particular what we showcase in the exhibition space start to think about standardize ation as a way of producing more good small quickly and what they were really interested in mistaking about how base a design could be made cheaper and more available to more peoples in 1922 new face hispano suisun model inspired an entirely different trend now one of the most expensive fins which cost it's the same $41.00 to have dreamed up sharing these calls would be completely bespoke to the to the owner so they would have chosen because the upholstery was exactly what type of finish they wanted and not kind of like you know. this idea of the fashion in car design i'm sorry if we just move over to this section really good see this by the fashion starting with the products like and you know companies begin to amount of pots of product so you can grab all striving you know about troops who feel for example this but rico but what's really interesting is that color design is thought to so horrid from the fashion walls and
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the way that you have seasonal changes in order to influence that car design. in 1930 full of this czechoslovak type truck was given one of the very finest streamlined body shapes. and then we see that now by infiltrates into all the kind of design all the fashions as well so streamlining really becomes this old a static of modernity so we can see this out on the. flight suit as well which is probably rather profitable but really uses the streamlined stuff to the show got the idea of rushing the streamlining aesthetic spread to fans and even brand slicing machines as well as the 1st volkswagen after world war 2 the b.w. beetle fiat's 500 pounds message in its 3 wheeled bubble car gave western europeans mobility helped lay the foundation for tourism. relatively affordable as they could travel by long distances so people could could
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use them to go away on holidays where people can then drive to places that they would never otherwise been able to visit and kind of you know suddenly experience a whole other world. in the 1960 s. many cars just began to customize their wheels as with this american low rider. bumps the problems caused by congress began mounting congested roads and negative effects on the environment now warren moon developers began dreaming of a text me. that could be again a scene bold freedom again because you don't. get stuck in traffic we can design a better world and there are many ways to do that but i think we can draw a lot of lessons from the changes in the impact the car has had on the past 130 years of history both for good and for bad to understand how we might think again
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in the future about mobility and watch when i am ability to look in the future is the low emissions and taxi just a dream or a real prospect the global players of the aviation automobile industries are ready carrying out test flights with prototypes of wind vehicles without tweel. but you know by all right. no christmas celebration and christmas market here in germany would be complete with. decorate a tree and fact the tradition comes from germany and so it is no wonder that every year the largest christmas tree in the world is set up in a german city it is made up of small fur trees and this has been the case for more than 20 years a quirky custom and our reporter mechs merrill wanted to do his bit to make it a great success this year. a gigantic christmas tree and i know exactly how it all came together i'm here in
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dortmund to examine possibly the biggest christmas tradition in the world in fact it's the world's biggest christmas tree let's take a look inside so this is the final masterpiece my pistol is a stones well i mean actually just one of these thousands of trees is actually mine . a few weeks ago i cut down one of the 1700 trees that make up. every year spruce is from the local forest so used there are plenty of norwegian spruces to choose from so i need a bit of advice. why is the norwegian spruce used for dortmund's mega tree. fish for one is cheaper than traditional norman fur and also this tree nestles itself nicely onto the steel framework endorsement on. the spruce is selected for dortmund's christmas tree are between 3 and
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a half and 5 meters tall for security reasons i can't use a chain saw and have to do it the traditional way the. job done this tree will have a big role to play. along with the other spruces it's transported to the building site in the early hours of the morning. not exactly a festive spectacle. the 1st load has already been attached to the 45 meter high structure. peach tree is 1st cousin to shape trimmed and equipped with a clamp for attachment some here have been working on this project for 22 years. he said what does your tree at home look like. after the 1st 2 years i can barely
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stand the sight of christmas trees after work. along with the hundreds of trees 1500 working hours and needed to complete the structure to get a glimpse of how it's done i'm joining the workers at the top. no one here seems scared of heights i'm not all too comfortable and the view from up here is a little nerve wracking. one load of spruces is pulled up among them my very own contribution. no i think it's a hold on. i want. after a little untangling i managed to get the tree attached. i can proudly say that my tree is part of the world's biggest christmas tree. a
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small piece in dortmund pride and joy the construction company had a total of 4 weeks to build this tree the dolphin christmas market surrounding it is only set up when construction is finished. then visit his half days to marvel at it and buy presents and delicacies from around $300.00 stalls but the real highlight is the lighting of the tree it's what everyone has been waiting for. i. well it was pretty scary being up there but now it just looks so peaceful and beautiful and after weeks of work thousands of trees coming together and many more thousands of lights the only thing. really left to say is. tough.
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and you can find more quirky customs like cheese rolling and tossing the caber website most people only know the french port city of ken lay as somewhere a pos through on the way to britain but now calais office a good reason to take a break there for a few hours the choice of traction from the french theater group a lot machine has arrived and it caused quite a sensation when it passed through the city streets. huge dragon is rampaging through the streets of his sting and breathing fire. and it's here to stay so it's out to get a good look at its new lair and the people who live there. but they need to be on the lookout this dragons a tricky one. to track and it's great to see some personnel so you can have one to shout with my son from the dragon and wet from the
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rain in years but it's all right that treasure very very handsome outstanding tremendous. nixon we've done terrific with all the decor in the design absolutely to. see. the $72.00 ton dragon is 10 meters tall and 25 meters long after the show it will be on display in calais starting in mid december it will be making its rounds of the french port every 20 minutes and carrying up to 60 brave souls on its back. it was built by the french theater group. which specializes in creatures like this one. to be good always full of surprises for the construction was very intense. we had to work hard today the dragons on the move and in the streets even in fairly different. weather conditions. that the 100 kilometers per hour or carrying on the people are with us it's exactly what this
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use is diminishing. the dragon was built of iron and wood a few months earlier in the city of norm in western france the project took some 2 years from the 1st sketches to the finished track and. it was designed by francoise to the founder of the machine some 80 people work together to bring the dragon to life metal workers carpenters artists and programmers. and 1st i made a sketch sculpture used to complete this wooden model so simply served as the prototype for the dragon of calais. then i had to be rendered digitally. the dragon skin is made up of about $200.00 individually crafted wooden components. the rule. is a bit more vivid than this one. you see
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a. the symbol of the artistic ensemble is a giant elephant it regularly takes a stroll around the machines exhibition grounds and no. elephant and other mobile creatures created over the past 20 years can be seen and experienced their. move to suck every new design is adapted to a given situation. as a history of a town or a certain location. i have the good fortune of the place i'm designing a new machine for inspires me. this emotion. that in color it takes a crew of $7000.00 people to execute and synchronize the dragons movements. live as it is you stay in line with life.
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look out. for their neighbor really getting rid of some of those are just perfect. it's a pilot sits inside the head of controls the heads movements going to dragon facial expressions. are 2 more people who control the tongue is their eyes and ears back as pierre is responsible for special effects like the water fire and steam there's another for the wings and one for the tail they would if you know there's one person for talon one who drives the vehicle and one in charge of overall coordination for every move that you buy don't you call that we can start. with night falls the dragon really comes into his own.
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and the next morning some people may not be quite sure if what they saw really happened or if it was all just a dream. hardly any artist could handle the light and shadow as muscle fully as they are numerous celebrations to mark the 350th anniversary of his death throughout the netherlands the country where he lived and work we visited our neighbors to find out more about this famous man. artist rembrandt harmon's own. is a national hero in the netherlands using just a few color pigments made his canvases shine like almost nobody before him. now 350 years after his death his fame lives on. his most famous painting the night watch chains in amsterdam's rights museum and is now undergoing restoration. a laser scan the painting and analyze the chemical
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elements and the layers of paint. but does that tell us anything about rembrandt's genius. to slow down so both the announcers to paint such a huge picture has to sketch the composition 1st not so much for example the 1st to position the end science flag on the left different to its. place the kind of indian caught up on the famous to go he goes as ink on. he developed this picture successively as he was painting it and it's very exciting to see this development process and use and it can you find out how rembrandt thought and which decisions he made and that's what i can decide on if it lyden rembrandt's hometown lies about 40 kilometers south of amsterdam. he was born here in 1606 his parents' house no longer stands. his father's mill is a replica. but the latin school young rembrandt attended still
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exists. in just around the corner so does a studio where he learned to paint. a playful video tells the story of his life 17th century students of painting had to learn several genres such as landscape and history painting and portraits. even as a boy rembrandt made portraits of himself he may have been honing his particular talent capturing emotions. we. lived in was a liberal university town have achieved prosperity through weaving and trading and cloth many artists lived here. i think he must've been a very driven very driven personality intellectual personality he wanted to become famous so he was very ambitious and nothing could stand in his way to become the most famous painter i think it was already in his must have been in his head
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when he was a small boy. at 25 he moved to amsterdam at the time a flourishing center of trade citizens used their newfound wealth to commission portraits of themselves. branch was in huge demand. we did this house for nearly 20 years today around 280000 visitors pass through museum annually. this is actually the area where the family lived their family life took place and this is also an area of success of happiness but also of great sorrow for example we have the box bed here where the family would sleep and this is also the area where remnants 1st died. so this is rembrandt studio this is actually the place where many of his masterpieces were in may and here we see a lovely corner where we can see how he worked with light and here he has
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a cloth hanging and this cloth softens the light so it filters the light coming in . rembrandt's genius extended to printmaking as well he generally made his actions so using the method demonstrated to visitors of the rembrandt house museum. good money could be made from print series in those days even so toward the end of his life rembrandt was destitute you lived in a grand. storrow he also did not always pay his debts so part in part this collection was a part of his bankruptcy and had to be sold during his lifetime. his house and possessions were also sold off he moved to a foreign neighborhood and continued painting. he lived for art as are shown by the masterpieces in amsterdam's rights museum that fascinate generations of visitors.
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christmas unites people all over the world but each country has its own traditions and of course this also applies to the food that is served during the festive season in our new serious cold traditional christmas fair we take a look at what is cooking around the continent and find out how the dishes prepared at today's episode takes us to foodies paradise in london. in britain christmas just wouldn't be christmas without a turkey and christmas pudding. the roast restaurant is located at london's baro market this gorm a venue gets into the festive mood in late november and turkey speeches on the menu . by the ship on the step by step on the bottom
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often stay with you they are going to my right to call christmas tuffy and the temple christmas but i. met bishop concentrates on turkey breast. the biggest problem if i would talk is that they're very very big audibles on the difference between cooks in the breast and the like a leg tends to press tends to go drugs for the legs cuts so we remove the legs we miss them we're going to put them inside. their. room when we roll it on the rugs to. bacon plays an important role when preparing roast turkey. but by clicking about the turkey and the bike and it's a bit geeky it's that little bit of that little bit of moisture. that they have found at the time in a certain breath tozzi golf. with
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a bit dull it's dry out we want to keep. washing moist the roast is tacky wrapped and put to one side for a while before going into the open to alice it's a lot of work for a christmas morning. i would suggest that we do this the day before there is a christmas a cook a chill and then we go christmas lights while for hayseeds we take them out. ideally a couple of dedicated help us could pitch in the day before to peel the potatoes scrape the possums and prepare the brussel sprouts. alone with all the vegetables comes a little something else that's an essential part of a british christmas dinner in my house we have the pigs in blankets we will cook to kill those afflicted by kids and we'll eat them throughout by the not really good cold. the christmas menu that is served up a company parties a neat things with friends in december is made up of more than one course. but is
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it christmas pudding is a must these are the ingredients. flour so it. should go eggs and then you put in whatever fruit you kind of want and then out of traditionally just plain brandy in there which brandy so stout and. pitcher him and his which is sherry. many families make their christmas pudding weeks in advance to allow it plenty of time to mature. if you give us a spicy if you good luck and fortune so each question the family would. keep one would spend clockwise the christmas pudding steamed and then plan bayed with brandy . but it's not yet time for the set of the various side dishes for the main course have to be ready at the same time as turkey.
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to make sure it's ready the best why is cheese of the moment talk and a bit of moment should read 72 degrees celcius. now the trick is to gather all of the guests around the table. but say enjoy a toughie after christmas i want to write. a traditional brick. this christmas did something that's not to be missed. yami and if you want to cook a roast turkey you can find the recipe on facebook and you can see the report again on our website where you can also find the details on how to enter until we meet again from all of us here and then thanks for watching and see you again soon.
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robotics. keep learning marched realises wait a 2nd we want the whole picture out facts instead of make ideas shift deliver us. from other reality to cryptocurrency your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk to devise a similar. shift. d.w. to. the baltic sea is always worth a visit. that's why our host nicole fullish sets off cause of. where she embarks on her wintry expedition. making discoveries along the way. a mysterious gold treasure. maritime delicacy and millions who charge. 30 minute. show hello upswings this is your ball speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concerts with the mistress guests. mocking sounds. and then incredible location.
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turns the grooves every week on t w. a big bang that created today's world story. the turning point in politics business religion. to beat up people of the islamic revolution under the top of the 1st. opens up making its initial flirtation. the troops in states of emergency he sings in to market such remarks in college them to work harder and they will was at the start of neoliberalism. campus against his explained chancellor played for him steve moore the. odd cursors slave owner of the defines only managed to play 1970 the big move to
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do small strokes december 23rd w play. play . this is d w news live from police identified the attacker who killed 2 people on the longest bridge they can found he was a convicted terror fan day you had been released from prison passes by tackle the man on it with a knife and wearing a fake suicide vest before officers arrived and should conduct.
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protests greet japanese puppets a.f.d. policy is a competitor.


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