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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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we rule. book travel now. this is day to every news line from berlin a major shakeup in german politics to outspoken opponents of the coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are elected leaders of the social democrats their victory could mean the end to to put the 2 parties grand coalition a party conference next weekend is expected to approve the new leadership table also coming up. british police identify the attacker who killed 2 people in london
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bridge as a convicted terrorist who was released early from prison prime minister barak's johnson visit of the saying of the attack on saturday he says those convicted of tara fences it shouldn't be released late and. it's not the same old song dads thousands of activists in mexico and chile to open people's eyes to violence against women. i'm rebecca rape has welcome to the program germany's a 2nd biggest party the social democrats has elected new late is norbit volta boy. skin won the ballot and now present a potential threat to the party's grand coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives both while. the boy runs an aston have been outspoken
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critics of the coalition alter boy and was quick to emphasize that the s.p. de waart rushed its decision on whether to stay in the coalition or not. to dissect this a little bit further i'm joined in the studio by political correspondent simon young simon thanks so quite a shock and now it's meant tell us a bit more about these candidates i think this is a small bombshell in german politics because these 2 new leaders of the s.p.d. are skeptical about whether it's a staying government with chancellor merkel and that's that's obviously key because if they decide to pull their party out of pressure because it's a pull out of that coalition that they're currently year they obviously that could mean an early election or early end of the era and go to medical so that's the key point the other thing is i suppose we go to a new era in general politics we've got a great karrenbauer in charge of the christian democrats now we've got another
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doubleback going to deal with norbert about a boy and he's. in the relatively unknown politicians and they've managed to push out a better known fine that's minister on our shoulders and his partner in this vote that was the s.p.d. membership saying you know we want to change the way the party is going forward so we could be saying a shake up quite so you know i mean. what we're hearing of the double barreled names are going to choke him a. boy on this yes he's going to he said he's not going to rush any decision about the coalition so ok she can we see that they could we see a chance that they would stay in the coalition well yeah i mean the leadership probably doesn't make that decision on its own what's happening the timetable is the next week and there's going to be a party conference a delegate called for its. which this decision of leadership is will be confirmed
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and those are be discussing points about the future strategy it's not clear exactly whether they'll hold the votes old whether to stay in the coalition but what these 2 new s.p.d. leaders of sadie's they would like to renegotiate the coalition agreement they have the s.p.d. and the miracles christian democrats and they would like to see a lot more the left wing policies in there and if they don't get that then the clear implication is that the party will pull out of this current government well all i. could see huge catastrophic changes in general politics in the coming months . simon thanks so much for coming in. but another german party the far right alternative to germany also elected new late is at a party conference in the city of brown try the pair include. a 44 year old house painted turned politician from eastern germany. as a compromise candidate who has support from right wing as well as the extreme right
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wing factions of the party and incumbent was re-elected. outside the conference whole large crowds protested against the party. germany's biggest opposition party in terms of parliamentary seats and its main focus now is to gain control of government. well they have his cheek chief political editor has been covering that party conference and sent this assessment. the f.t. was become more professional more stable more mainstream its new leadership team of old and new the professor from the west you know more in tune into local power from the east these 2 leaders will be able to deliver that too is so degree the hope is that the a of d. come the general elections and 2021 or earlier could be seen as a viable coalition option although the big tent parties rule that out for now but
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the very fact that john the leader of the extreme right wing of the a.f.p. welcomes both new leaders suggest that he too thinks that the extreme right can build a political home in the a if dean so over all this could once again be a further shift to the right. british police have identified the man who carried out friday's stabbing attack in london they said was 28 year old man can't know who killed 2 people on london bridge he was like a shot dead by police was convicted in 2012 of terrorism offenses and was released from prison about a year ago during a visit to the side of the stabbing british prime minister barak johnson expressed his opposition to the early release of convicted terrorists. onlookers captured the moment members of the public disarm an attacker on london bridge he was wearing
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a fake suicide bomb vest moments later the police shot him dead one of the bystanders who intervened told journalists what he saw. when we got there he was wielding 2 noise one was sort of duct taped to his hand so all i could do was walk to the guards are sort of holding down a sort of putting him to the ground. you know kind of try to stop. because although it could on his restaurant release the noise as it were in a song so kick an odd way police search for evidence of the attackers house in a town 250 kilometers north of the capital the 28 year old suspect was mccann had been serving time for terrorism offenses until last year he was released early before he had served half his prison sentence he was allowed to walk free after agreeing to wear and electronic tag that's a practice that u.k. prime minister bars johnson says he wants to change we say in the manifesto that we will to toughen up sentences for serious and violent offenses and i've said for
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a long time that i think the practice of automatic to the really where you cut a sentence in hoc from it really serious that this out simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid this case prison is holding snap elections in less than 2 weeks but campaigning in london a suspended for the weekend so far the election campaign has focused on bragg's it and medical care in the country but in the aftermath of this attack terrorism is likely to be high on the agenda 2. of a more i'm joined now by journalist josh claim in london josh thanks for joining me more details are slowly emerging about this attack and what more can you tell us. well you outlined most already we know that was one car was released from prison on license in december having served 6 months for war of 18 years this person jailed
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for planning attacks on the london stock markets a judge called the most serious she had missed and it bonds bugs the london stock markets it wasn't seen crucially by the parole board he was forced nasa to reduce our license at the time a lot of you could criminal law has changed in the 6 years from when he was sentenced to 20 as well so now it's a little controversy is that how he was released from jail and half a sentence and clearly when the judge said he's a serious haddest how is allowed to walk or not amongst the public who also do know that he was asked in advance of formal formal criminals organized by university of cambridge for things to the tragic turn for the worse and this attack of course as we had in the report comes and in the middle of a general election campaign and i know it's early days but what effect has it been having on the campaign. to be an interesting want to see i think there is a national tragedy such as this one we have seen that political community does tend to shift slightly right words which would possibly benefit boris johnson but
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unfortunately you can't has had a lot of experience of severe terrorist attacks before major election if you recall the 27000 election just 5 days before lent to the polls there was an attack on bar market not 400 metres where the attack took place yesterday and then 26 in a referendum only go to leave the european union in 26 steve cox excuse me and it was unfortunate shot and killed so violence before i answer voting are fortunately becoming quite common in the u.k. but i think boris johnson of the message you're trying to act like an authority authoritarian on trance or sound tough on crime may have that sense but it's very and those asked is there any chance he could delay the election. i think not so i think it were 24 hours before the election it might be a bit of a different story but considering the quality got at least 2 weeks before the polls open i think. i don't think there's any chance that into late night by things a lot of politicians will double down unless it's in trust worthy and sense of
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security and law and order and that's been a popular area where the conservative party likes it jerry called him the leader of the labor party so expect to hear a few more subtle digs around this the next few days just blame in london thanks very much for the update. turning now to some of the other stories making news around the world a crowd in a stone congo has reportedly lynched to 2 people they suspected of being members of a militia in missions were found in their bags in the town of benny the suspects were believed to be part of a militia that killed more than $100.00 civilians over the past month. a fragment of wood believed to have been part of the manger in which jesus was born has been returned to the holy land the relic was sent to rome as a gift to the pope 1400 years ago it will be displayed at a church built in bethlehem the town where jesus was said to be born. hundreds of environmental activists in a stand germany have occupied coal mines calling for an immediate end to the use of
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fossil fuels much of the rust belt region depends on the mines for jobs campaign to say the government's plan to phase out coal by 2038 don't go far enough. and in multiple protesters have called on prime minister joseph muscat to step down they're angry because his associate allegedly the mastermind of a journalist's murder was freed from jail investigative reporter daphne khurana galli was killed in a car bomb explosion 2 years ago. protest chant and dance is becoming popular among women and latin america looking to raise their voices against violence and impunity it was created by a chilean collective but its universal message and catchy rhythm have made it easy to repaint from one country to another. it was not my fault my clothes were not why i was raped lines from the feminists and dance
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making waves across latin america beyond. now most of us in we are angry we want to be heard and we want to be recognized as women the little people and citizen like a muscle on us. it was created by a chilean collective ford in the vendor 25th global day protesting violence against women and has spread to spain france and to mexico the rhythm and universal lyrics make the song easy to repeat its message to transcends borders. below that in america and it everywhere in latin america there are very high rates of femicide rate of infertility for rapists murderers for the disappearance and women i mean. the whole thing starts with the chant and their fury the fight for women's safety can maintain today's momentum in.
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sports now and the women's league is early saturday games on match day 13 are in the books is a look at the results and to berlin lost to dortmund in coach ewen klinsmann's 1st game in charge of her top off and haim and dog share the points as did cologne and out life's top and now after meeting putt a bomb while on friday shock of bait in ian bell into one. chalco opened the scoring midway through the 1st half thanks to a thunderbolt by benito among this was his 2nd goal of the ses and marcus. equalise finian with a penalty before half time the match was heading for a draw until shall because germany international soon what set up popped out when we popped up with the win out with just 4 minutes remaining giving the hosts a deserved victory. one munich trial leave a gruesome 21 in the game that's currently underway in the varian capital on sunday
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matching blood bath mate fry ball while braman head to spec then on monday mines and frankfurt face off in a local derby. we're watching data really news from berlin coming up next reports that we take you to 11 a student who wants the government to introduce major reforms stay tuned for that more news at the top of the hour i'm rebecca residents in the land thanks for joining us. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word courage from the. rico is in germany to learn german one are with him a simple online on your mobile and free. d w z e learning course nikos free german meetings.


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