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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is d.w. news line from berlin a major shake up in german politics 2 outspoken opponents of the coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are elected leaders of the social democrats to victory it could mean the end to the party's grand coalition party conference next weekend is expected to approve the new leadership today also coming out. british police identify the attacker who killed 2 people on the london bridge as a convicted terrorist who was released early from prison prime minister barak's johnson
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visit the same of the attack on saturday he says those convicted of terrorist fences shouldn't be released early and. it's not the same old song and dance thousands of activists in mexico and chilling aim to open people's eyes to violence against what. i'm rebecca ritter's welcome to the program germany's government could soon be saying a shake up after the 2nd biggest party the social democrats elected to new late is norbit vault of boy ends and saskia s. can one the ballots and now present a potential threat to the party's a grand coalition with german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives both volto bought boyens and s. can have been outspoken critics of the coalition bolton boyens was quick to emphasize that the s.p.
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days want russia to decision on whether to stay in the coalition or not. and after the ballot all to buoyancy had this to say about the future of the party . once a sip of votes. that's does he and we are aware that this is not a question of victory or defeat rather it's a question of keeping this great social democratic party together. bringing it closer together where it's already splitting a little apart. this is not just a lot of fun but this is a big challenge one that applies to us internally but it also applies to different groups of people who have always had a bone with this party we want to revive these bonds and work together. or not defeat the minds of. i'm joined by our political correspondent simon young simon thanks for coming in this announcement is quite a shock tell us a little bit more about these 2 candidates on these 2 later new late is and why it was such a shock yes it is
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a shock you're right and these 2 relatively unknown. skin and no but both a boy they pushed aside the better known finance minister and vice chancellor currently all of scholz and his partner you to a man woman teams up for this. in this vote this evening and this more left leaning pair of one out of that wasn't really what was expected according to the polls and potentially a short going forward because these 2 are much more skeptical about the future of the coalition government the social democrats are in coalition of course at national level with chancellor merkel's conservatives and they say you know they may not stay with that arrangement so could be an early end to the era for government and indeed put the party in particular has been in past pay day i'm talking about obviously has been in freefall and crisis of race and months and
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years i mean this is the 3rd time in 2 years we've saying late is elected these 2 likely to affect change in the party well i think they really will i mean 1st of all there is this question about the future as i say of a national governor. and they say they want to renegotiate a coalition agreement of they have with merkel's conservatives were put in a lot more social democrat policies and for instance i have a big program of public investment and raise the minimum wage and various other things if they don't get that then they pull out and that will have all sorts of consequences for the national government as the future of the social democrat party is a say they've been languishing in the polls doing very badly in election after election in recent years and the. party is looking for some way to regenerate itself obviously the membership or at least he voted for these 2 they can be the ones to create that train and the you know they've been quick to say that they're going to
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look at all all facets they don't going to quickly pull out of the coalition if they decide to in fact stay in the grand coalition do you think they'll be able to effect any change on the current government well i mean of course it's not up to these 2 to make that decision directly they'll be another delegate conference next weekend when their appointment will be confirmed and then there will be sort of a number of decisions taken at strategic level among them whether to stay in the national coalition or not and where to position the party going forward but these 2 as i say have left wing policies and obviously some people that'll be fresh impetus of red blood for the s.p.d. going for with simon thanks very much for the analysis. and another german party the far right alternative for germany has also elected new leaders at a party conference in the city of. the pair include tino crapolla a 44 year old house painter turned politician from eastern germany same as
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a compromise candidate whose support for who has support from right wing as well as extreme right wing supporters who have more an incumbent was re-elected khaleda outside the conference hold large crowds protested against the party the a.s.d. is germany's biggest opposition party in terms of parliamentary saints and its main focus now is to gain control of local governments. don't use chief political and editor mccain has been covering the party conference for us and sent us this segment. the f.t. writes become more professional more stable more mainstream its new leadership team of old and new the professor from the west point's into full power from the east these 2 leaders will be able to deliver that too is a degree the hope is that the f.t. come the general elections and 2021 or early could be seen as
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a viable coalition option although the big tent parties rule that out for now but the very fact that john the leader of the extreme right wing of the 50 welcomes new leaders suggests that he too thinks that the extreme right can build a political home in the a if dean so overall this could once again be a further shift to the right. the so-called islamic state group says one of its fighters was behind friday's stabbing attack in london which left 2 paypal dead british police identified the attacker is 28 year old was found in com he was convicted in 2012 of terrorism offenses and granted early release from prison about a year ago during a visit to the side of the stabbing prime minister barak's johnson expressed his opposition to the early release of convicted terrorists. onlookers captured the moment members of the public disarm an attacker on london bridge he was wearing
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a fake suicide bomb vest moments later the police shot him dead one of the bystanders who intervened told journalists what he saw. when we got there he was wielding 2 noise one with sort of duct taped to his hand so all i could do was walk to the garza sort of held him down in a sort of putting him to the ground. you know kind of try to start because all i could on his restaurant you know release the noise as it were in the zone so kick a knife wife police search for evidence of the attackers house in a town 250 kilometers north of the capital the 28 year old suspect was mccann had been serving time for terrorism offenses until last year he was released early before he had served half his prison sentence he was allowed to walk free after agreeing to an elektra nick tag that's a practice that u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he wants to change we say in the manifesto that
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we will to toughen up sentences for serious involvement offenses and i've said for a long time that i think the practice of automatic to the relief well you cut a sentence in hope for mitt really serious that this out early simply isn't working and i think you've had some very good evidence of how that is working i'm afraid this case prison is holding snap elections in less than 2 weeks but campaigning in london a suspended for the weekend so far the election campaign has focused on bragg's it and medical care in the country but in the aftermath of this attack terrorism is likely to be high on the agenda to. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a crowded eastern congo has reportedly lynched 2 people they suspected of being members of a militia initiatives were found in their banks in the town of benny the suspects were believed to be part of a militia that killed more than $100.00 civilians over the past month
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a fragment of wood believed to have pain of the mange it from the manger in which jesus was born has been returned to the holy land the relic has sent was sent to rome as a gift to the pope 1400 years ago it'll be displayed at a church built in bethlehem the town when jesus was said to be born. protests and dances becoming popular among women in latin america looking to raise their voices against violence and impunity it was created by a chilean collective it's universal message and catchy rhythm has made it easy to repaint from one country to another. it was not my fault my clothes were not why i was straight lines from the feminist dance making waves across latin america beyond. in our angry we want to be heard and we want to be recognized as women a little people and citizen or like almost without us.
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it was created by it she began collective ford in the vendor 25th global day protesting violence against women and has spread to spain france to mexico the rhythm and universal lyrics make the song easy to repeat its message to transcends borders. but you know many everywhere in latin america there are very high rates of femicide rates of infertility for rapists and murderers for the disappearance of women i mean i. thought the whole thing started with this chant and their fury the fight for women's safety can maintain today's momentum and. well that down for a start of with a single protest in santiago chile and spread across continents in a matter of days and with us to tell us a little bit more is i'm in s.f. from. social media disc i mean the idea began with a call to action on instagram i mean it quickly spread tell us how it went viral it
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came originally from this group the last is this which is a feminist collective and their mission is to spread feminist theory through interventions like the one we're seeing here that started with a post on instagram nov 20 wanted to call people out for november 25th to the streets to do this stance for the 1st time and after videos of the stand started circulating in latin america that became really popular so they decided hey let's do it again let's organize it for november 29th which was this friday and this is what they said last is this is calling on groups of women and dissidents to carry out the intervention a rapist on your road on friday november 29th from their own territories wherever they are ideally subtracting and or incorporating elements that make it their own so the question is whether or not they actually intended this to go as international as it did but quickly after that you saw certain things happening like people posting on twitter. translations of the text from spanish into english so you can see a lot of people were almost competing for
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a better translation into english so that it could spread more rapidly so this is part of an international effort that was organized a lot in part on social media to make this go as viral as possible and where did paypal end up a full dance originally in latin america it spread very quickly so a lot of cities in mexico people performing this even between november 25th and november 29th also in argentina and other cities in chile but then on november 29th it coincided with the international environmentalist protests fridays for a future where a lot of people said ok we're going to perform this dance as well as an act of solidarity so use of the people in paris we just saw in new york city actually also barcelona you're about to see next people post videos from all around the world we also saw videos from madrid from bristol and u.k. and as well in berlin if you're our very own city during fires if you're broke just about 100 people just answer what's interesting is that it wasn't just people
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reaching out across international borders but also from movement to movement see saw the environmentalist movement see this cool dance and say hey why don't we go out there and perform this as solidarity with the women and she also that she had a movement against the government there too so really a lot of things coming together here an important message spreading far and wide and thanks very much for coming in to tell us about it. some sport now in the draw for the euro 2020 game stage has taken place with germany given a very tough assessment you know him live side will have to face both the reigning world champions france and the reigning you're paying champions portugal and group if the outlook appears slightly less troublesome for fellow hosts england to face croatia and the czech republic and great day the 4th opponents in age of these groups is yet to be decided. and watching data news from berlin coming up next the
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date of a new documentary about house world stanching for that more news at the top of the hour i'm rebecca has thanks for joining us. and for. anyone with horses. video or. any time anywhere. w. .


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