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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  December 1, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CET

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my town on their own. in 60 minutes w. . what secrets lie behind those walls. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore fascinating world heritage site. w world heritage 363 get enough now. he's a striker and he is to. keep might as well be. he
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is arguably the best striker in the world right now. with the club the moment up even if they play toby and i think once i learn to put like one of these world famous guys has become his league's top score 4 times in a row but leventhal fi has said he's chasing a new record to score more than 40 goals in one season is it possible. he let the news that obama defeat dank and don't think just do strikers come talents and some creative inspiration for your next trip to the hairdressers on kcal. to young sako into his 2nd season advantage play men after 4 years playing for cologne the switch to green and white in the summer of 2018 was an exciting one for the japanese forward muscles were killed by played against brainwaves a cool doctor on his own. was impressed by the wonderful atmosphere at the base and
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you get a real feel for the club's tradition election and i'm very happy to be playing here a lot of pretty good was show off at that awful country suckle got off to a flying start this season with 3 goals in the 1st 3 games including the spectacular home winner against al sports'. sidelined for 5 games with us by injury the 29 year old frontman marked his match day 10 return with the sister gets fribourg 50 gallons completely in his element at raymond and in the bundesliga helpful for me is definitely one of the best leagues in the world to be right up there with the premier league in la league over the standard of football and a level of competition to sort of. i enjoy every day and every game here she is she and it's great just to be part of such just stimulating environment and i think i think today. is contributing to a brain with its own silky skills all subtle and go back
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a long way together and i'm up on my elder brother played football and i started kicking the ball around with 4 or 5 from aussie. all my friends were mad about football he got news about what i played with them already. you know more into baseball i might have ended up as a baseball player instead of cannot do we go on asking. those senior career in japan and got off to a title winning start in 2009 with the sheema and players the young prospects 5 year stint there was time well spent. most of all the dental shima are a club with a big tradition in japanese for me. it was a great experience for me to play with the city who are winning trophies on a regular basis or get a kick in this i see. you know not from my colleagues or the coaches. and the fans right on the get there. he's long since a team superstar status in japan. having played at the last 2 world cups the 2020
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summer olympics in tokyo are next on the international horizon but for now there's the more pressing matter of braman a game with let's run. with finding a pretty tough going at the moment for sure she might be the way it will but we have good players and a lot of quality in that same courtyard. and out there we are confident we can still achieve our targets and this is with the belief i will keep on fighting to the finish that i think i cannot do when you come like. last season braman stark it was to return to the european stage they narrowly missed out finishing short of just one point in 8th place on the final match day this season braman said the same target but following their unsuccessful streak of place they'll have to keep fighting just to steer clear of the drop sound. surely japan's 28 team player of the year will do everything in his power to help make it happen.
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he's who knew him best marksman sebastian anderson on the swedish goal scorer talks about his club and his time so far in the bundesliga next. this is the ability to pick him up sex slaves. i. just finished enabling say mr lynch and god but. all is well some big game of course a good team has opponents. you know it's going to be a tough game but everything is possible on your shoulder before the stadium. and i think we showed it there once again. we're going to see.
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thanks so much. i thank you but i don't think to much or yes call to play and then he goes come and i. i'm just enjoying to pay for this they are so it's and i enjoy the play here in this company because half the principals of the old seat of my seat is if i see i must say i was the kind of a good team spirit and hard working team with no big star. many other things in a cop considered me. a good. kid to get a thank. you thank thankful for the best feeling. northwestern many things in a 1st time for the tribe and proceed to have so many feelings only good feelings.
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now but i. believe your to speak english and you understand each other of course and how kids can go to a good school they learn english and german everything is good i think close to sweden to thank my. thanks to thank god i would like to thank them a feeling was of course missing it was the 1st goal for the club being born a slave your 1st point 1st goal for me so it was many things that goes wrong in your head so i thought it was but only unfair resigned in the bundesliga continue its 3 ways out of 3. whole goal is to stay in the league at this pryor and. everything over that he's just forms.
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he's been rocking the bundesliga for nearly 10 years now the last 4 years he was the league's top scorer it's hopeless leventhal steve the best striker in the world . shall. i. say i think i'm just going to finish it was find that he's just. whatever don't speak is without doubt the bundesliga superstar but what about the rest of the. isn't it a little but i've got a little. bit about what's going on and i do wish to get it on but it. doesn't have to be you can be a menace. is that the dark secret be one of the very best. in the disney get at least he's breaking one record off to the next step just one works to live until
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school and music journeys the show does save us on the go by he's got these 2 feet dangling from a hazard those kind of. snowball are going from wonderful i'll leave you my focus is on the child from you but that's my connection with. germany legends gets made up once managed fails. but they cut the moment up even if they played globish flight into percolation. but that's because the. sun shone through. for now. well this season he's already scored more than both of those 2 together but if he called it the best striker in the world. let's start by looking back. when we 1st met 2012 or 11 dusky was steady dormant he was a small mame striker who often started games on the back. of a longish calls which i wasn't. so upset cause i'll go to say stuff in
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a longish you know minus of f. international affairs on that she said she was going to someone's house so i thought she had finished us now from composite he was at least twice we thought on my eighty's international breakthrough in the champions league i think the 1st moment was when i scored. against her mother just saying find out. because if you steve. i i i never again will change me like a player and change. so a lot of things also in my life. and that was amazing those 4 goals took him to the next level a level that the other. 6 reached a stage at the very top for. next year's european championships the 3rd you know
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a road that he plays in he's got over 100 caps for poland and he's both thick. top goalscorer. boy and he's been banging goals in for years but he's still missing something everything's about the losses and we posed a lot of i didn't score the goal and have a few now. because of my enjoy because i was playing since a few months with injury with the pain but if you see that. this is only 4 and 5 season before every i have to find. find that i scored. there's a difference the difference might be the fact that never is a typical but not in unlike the supreme leap us a trial to see. although is that the case if anyone knows how dangerous he can
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really be it's he's a public street. he's a fantastic striker he's really calm when he finishes the action says he's a very complete player it's not easy to defend him is good on the ball good in the air as i said he has great finish with left right. this is one of the toughest opponent in the whole word what is it about how does a player get so good. you need to be feeling. you have to be ready you have to fight you have to. try something new all the time if you think that. you are. the best for. you have 2 things all the time better that means total dedication and obsession with improvement it's the same for now though. discipline keeps him among the very best focus is essential on the pitch and off. the ball is also want to.
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say. training and also because the people want all the time and if you see the player and you. cannot change nothing it doesn't matter how you want to work hard you know every day. you know doing something i try to improve his game it helps when your wife is an athlete as well. is a multiple medalist in the world and european karate championships as well as a nutrition specialist she calls the shots when it comes to profit start. and you know what this is the finish of some of the fittest is just not. and i'll be good. to get. the comment that's. going to get out soon.
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enough. but this thing about internet. smom a business aside there's a v.a. someone has done more. this month but for now it was a professional volleyball player his fall but a junior junior champion it's fair to say if he comes from. mars or you then that's. that's a bit. of a bonus that's enough to put out so. long it was for bill now with. more years he. devoted himself to football that he just 20 and then became the top scorer in each of poland's 3rd 2nd and 1st division. i was in the lead. and. when i was there i think i was thinking ok i think so now i can. be focused on how to
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focus only for the football. team. and he joined his 1st big team. and 4 years later went. on a free transfer. from. the coming. days as. it looks like oh. wow. probably. love it just because. i. was. told so my kids. when i go 5 minutes
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that was the moment who stay with me i think. in my life and also in the story for the ball and i never also play station 5 with 9 when i do this. game and a very important game for world records in one very fast he's got trick fastest 4 and fastest 5 goals off the coming off the bridge. levon dorsey has become the most successful forward player in buddhism you get history for you lead talk shows in a row for top goalscorer awards and 3 german cops despite all that he's best season so far seems to be the covered we're very lucky to have him up from them he's in in form the thing no one has seen before so it's good for the team and especially for him very featured in a bag of trophies out of a bucket load of goals he might not quite be on the level with this pair but they
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might as well be from another planet to live the it's enough to know that there are kids back on our own planet who dream of playing like him one day. let's just say if you back a couple of. them and then just confess can you tell i'm confessing i don't think in fairness and justice will be a conditional if he has. less think that one must never know some people find their following up on them interesting. whether a box to box midfielder number 10 a winner or a striker to stop their income who is final for life 6 attack more about the faulty purpose. fielding next. one into the bundesliga spotlight. christopher want to start a much bigger chunk of talk smart frenchman and lights
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a thetan cuckoo he's a boundless bag of tricks out on the pitch off it his outlook is equally expansive . it's maybe a bit much to say i'd like to become a german that want to absorb the culture and the lifestyle had long been me about something old dive into. his jaw for speed the 22 year old attacker has wasted no time fully submerging himself in the bundesliga since his summer move from paris sunshine man further strengthening the french connection at a club already home to die over cano even you might want to take and already. for someone to go and they told me a lot about the club over the past year or 2 and if they were here already if they knew the school listen to them. saying is it the heat listened well and made a considered choice a new country a new league and
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a different brand of football from back home. the. main difference is just the intensity. plays walking around the pitch taking a breather. everyone sprinting all the time it's full on pounding with the. shock of. not that include who has had any noticeable trouble adapting the ball is his friend another class act for the lights a good tactic. the feel you know. best on the ball this without. coughing up chances making things happen in the shop and. those are my main strengths. and. who is a forward thinking match winner occasionally he comes straight down the middle but more often from out why. we feel like playing my left to see more of the ball but
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can make a difference. whether with feeling or position guarded power . includes game looks made to measure for the high tempo football of coachy we are not all smiles another summer arrival in logic. is working out very well as we spoke before i signed up but i'm very happy with how everything's going to feel such. as he should be with life to get an effect of the title race again. any thoughts on. all my tweets and it's a game and so on and watching this and try to win every one to get you top talents with the ambition to match christopher and cuckoo heading straight into the bundesliga spotlight. column how that says currently injured but he still tells us one of germany's biggest talents keep pace the young midfielder the best side visit.
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if you want to be the best it pays to start early for kind of how their football has always been on the domestic agenda. sprang from i'm from a footballing family everything was focused around. just kind of grow up with it when that's how it was with me the last. day peace among the bundesliga is best. but for the moment he sidelined with a muscular problem and unwelcome new experience for the 20 year old attacking midfielder and that's when the injuries always. it's something i've managed to avoid for a long time now it's happened but unfortunately it's nothing too serious i might say that when i'm back in better shape. you know. the break
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might even do him good we wouldn't want his nonstop success to get out of hand. but. i. i his 17 goals last season made a new bundesliga record for a teenager since making his debut for labor cruising in october 26th at the age of 17 for how that's the only direction has been up until now. i think this is the 1st time in my career where it's not all plaudits and positivity it's a bit of a bump but that doesn't deter me. i'll just try to show people what i can do again . and. his best friend in the team is no longer in the team. switched to dortmund over the summer. didn't stop them going on
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holiday together with the poolside acrobatics also on the program. so too busy enjoyed joking around just passing time with nowadays that labor because of. the violence and since mitch visor that he's a good friend and a very funny guy and says i don't have the same sense of humor and just get on really well together. out on the pitch the next few weeks could prove pivotal to labor goossens an entire season for the winter games before the winter break a volatile they're also very demanding with the extra midweek match. everyone giving it one last push at the finish in the mornings. hopefully he'll soon be back among the coffee hub there is one of football's free spirits that has always stood out from the rest.
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but before where it's returns it might be time for a new hairdo haircuts and footballers sometimes the wild style simply begs to be talked about. as if he wasn't attracting enough attention for his age defying goal scoring exploits now 41 year old cloudy open sorrow is a bonus legal belonged to call the peruvian legend a style icon to. robert levin dosti also tried something new back in 2017 this ashy gray foam hawk didn't seem to slow him down any as he backed a brace on his 1st run out with the dew. back in aspiring days mats hummels was forced to go beyond after losing a son fair game at october fest bad but not quite as bad as for mcnair to star marcel nino's up top very asian on the black red and gold of the german flag almost
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as spectacular was this goal. time to go head to head with a few real characters stefan f. and bear aka the tiger he was never one to avoid a confrontation though his opponents tended to try and stay out of this wild cats hair. but of course there's our trophy doll a warrior with his trademark mohawk back in the seventy's a full mains powered bike there was one of the big beasts of the bundesliga jungle . album a young bamboozle defenders with his goals and his superhero head are. now things are about to get really hairy with dreadlocks doods and all their. ations. former hanover defender outsell shop here set a benchmark while current standard bearers including like cyclone ethan adler do cassim out i said to savor for i am byron striker says cannot please sporting
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cornrows. but of course we've saved the best for last mullet one by rostock smyth there are no staff and fall into english soccer days at a young bash down shrine spontaneous decision or did they mull it over business in the front party in the back when it comes to the play or the hair the bonus league i never fails to entertain thanks for watching and see you next time on pick up. food.
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food. food. food. food food. on the 77 percent we talk about the issue. the dream of many couples in love is a. white wedding. the finances of. some break with tradition
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and tell on their own. in 30 minutes to. homelessness poverty. 43000000 people in the united states are affected. even though many of them have steady jobs. who is counting the outcasts of the american dream. comforting in the wealthiest country in the world so for 55 minutes on d. w. . show hello airplanes this is your ball speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concerts. with the most trans guests.
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the sounds. and then incredible location. tonight grooves. on t.w. . subsequent and now i'm going affectionate legend but as affectionately as you can . put him in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring a top. supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. from here from america which to the
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ends justify the means. witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . this is news live from berlin charges in a murder case that could bring down a prime minister now in a crisis meeting with his cabinet. businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist is connections to top government officials fuel demands for the country's leader to step down a sister of the. speaks to. everybody involved.
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which is why we're expecting the prime minister to leave office. in the wake of the deadly london bridge that.


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