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i'm just hoping to turn this regional round into grecian with goat cheese and the field being can be helps in 60 minutes g.w. . i'm not jumping out of the champions well i guess sometimes i am but mostly i'm nothing with the top of the bunch of me thinks deep into the german culture yet you don't seem to take this drama to you because it's all about who had enough time rachel join me for me to get funky to post. such. a feeling to sign and vent things to you because they serve the truth better than the facts asking for can.
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see. that i have zogby is a film legend the german director has made over 70 films ranging from art house to big hollywood productions he's traveled to the ends of the earth and peered into the depths of the human soul. he mentions the movie the most. he's created iconic characters to images in feature films and documentaries. always searching for a deeper truth his perspective is investigative and radically subjective van i have song the adventurer.
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we met up with this great cinematic storyteller in munich where his story began. when did it become clear to you that you had to and could make films. when i was around 14 or 15 years old when various things happened at the same time which made my fate apparent to me. among them was that i would make films. that i was also a kind of poet. and it was always clear to me that i would do this better than others. it was also clear that since i knew little about film and had seen almost nothing i would have to invent the cinema myself.
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fission. machine. very 1st feature film was a declaration of war on the triviality of post-war german cinema. and this anarchic surreal and disturbing drama about towards raising a riot at a correctional facility caused controversy upon its release in 1970 s. . showing the point of view of outsiders and people on society its fringes became hets og's trademark. in $197900.00 least nosferatu his amash to f. w. moore now silent film classic much more than a remake it was his 1st big international production facility and could be dirty. it's good if you personally. please let me do it.
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oh forget it it's hardly worth mentioning just a little cut. even yes i feel you've lived in los angeles in the heart of the dream factory for many years. you've said you don't really feel part of the german film scene but in the us you enjoy a cult status as a bavarian in hollywood hollywood who regard. to assess for us and see them because from the cult status is a term you should only touch with pincers having but it gets really wild when i show up in brazil for example or in russia poland ireland or algeria all hell breaks loose when i show up there with films. you say i'm part of the city with the dream factory but no i'm not part of it. and i don't really belong to a german film either. i actually belong to something more regional to the variant
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films from the baroque in the world weary so that's why i sometimes say that apart from me. the 2nd would have been the only person able to make a pitch car although it's going to do more who couldn't. fitzcarraldo is the story of an eccentric adventurer aiming to build an opera house in the amazon rain forest. fitzcarraldo was a visionary with a mission. but the thought that something what was done and. someone who was prepared to defy gravity to realize his life's dream pushing boundaries is a constant theme and hair talks work. he's
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indian if you've been in extreme environments extreme situations what drives you to this day to seek out these extremes. makes no one actually seek out extremes rather i consider what i do to be normal. people are always saying shooting in the amazon rain forest is so extreme. but look it's just a forest. this is more involved. cats all return to the jungle again for the vietnam war drama rescued on. that was a big american production but headstock is also a nonconformist in hollywood. with the will of its. kind of guy. and a passion for on hinged characters. not just. with the. you've called bad lieutenant of
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a very in film there's so in so wild and baroque. wilder than the wildest drinkers in october fest really goes to extremes to call and. back to the big. surely. what for all his soul still dancing. see how you never went to film school thank goodness see how you don't think much of schools why. i think they're completely misconceived. and basically poor film students are cooped up there for way too long. for 3 or 4 years. in 3 or 4 years they could shoot 3 features instead of sitting around they're learning film theory or other such nonsense. they could learn
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everything they need to know in a week. everything else is technical. could be left to the technicians. you can learn about filmmaking from veron or head song online. or storyboard. instrumentals to cowards. but there's more. i founded the road film school. it was designed to be the exact opposite of everything you'd normally learn in film school. there are only 2 things i tell people they really learn. the 1st time out or pick a safety lock using a surgical instrument. and 2nd how to fake a filming permit and not kick. in let's.
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switch to doing more workshops. are just is something in the amazon rain forest in peru. and in the 1st minute of the 1st meeting i said the topic of your show. the framework is delirium in the jungle. see what you can come up with and deliver the results in 9 days' time and some great films came out of it. again or the wrath of god was also shot in the south american jungle if the tale of a 16th century spanish conquistador searching for. this feverish drama tackles imperialism greed and meddling mania shot in documentary style it follows a good day on its historical suicide mission. thank. you in the end klaus kinski goes mad in a scene that wrote film history that. ott
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. this was. a good day and later fitzcarraldo r.t. made headlines during shooting largely due to the unpredictable lead actor klaus kinski he made 5 films with parents on who works through their productive love hate relationship in a documentary. they don't much about global going to fresno we're going to talk about it with and. it was the 1st yes we will be returning to mom how do you do your getting tackled by step with the document but then because of that you know what we're going to do you know for more with this mother you know. i was not looking so i was forced i thought i didn't want to join the sports committee and i'm the president can skew a modern thing for me since i was going to go into it with these and the 2nd night and got this feeling. from 3 in the last in your last in your star they're still actors as extreme as class kinski was. infin didn't. consider him
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extreme. he was kinski and in a certain sense he was a singular figure but he wasn't the best actor i worked with. the deepest and best one was bruno s. who played the title roles in costume house. i've worked with the world's best with christian bale. nicolas cage nicole nicole kidman. tom cruise it is and no one. not any one of them. ever came close to porno as is depth than charisma. or his ability to convey isolation and paresi to right this blog that was likely due to his real life fake musicianship practically 23 years after starting from his childhood onwards he kept getting put away in correctional institutions and later
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in jail and then other places where he didn't belong they just seem i mean not being in this didn't start with the little subtly or big things she did loose a little. bit didn't i didn't think. just listening to stuff i could flip to feast. listening to the cd not just the physically. there are others who have similar biographies but who don't have the depth and presence on screen that bono as did. pales in comparison. as does nicholas cage nicolas cage and tom cruise to talk. then i had thought worked with tom cruise on the action
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thriller jack reacher but this time had fog stood in front of the camera playing an evil gang leader i. spent my 1st winter wearing a tech man's coat holding what. case before the frostbite could turned again dream. the housing to how did you manage to be that evil. or was it was ever this totally effortless work. so i didn't have to do a screen test and i knew that i could do it and he would come to us i earn good money for being terrifying on screen. and so many other states not. then i have sawed has his own unique perspective on the world and people his documentaries also focus on eccentric and
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obsessive types. like fanatical animal rights activist timothy treadwell. i'm here with one of my favorite bears express the chocolate iris chocolate he's been with me for the grizzly man spent his summers in alaska and lost all sense of distance between himself and the bears examples out there are these animals are. now living in the end he was himself killed by a bear. my mind. how many jurors after treadwell's death in 2003 hertzog followed his trail right to the bitter and . skipped and. taught to move the tractor and so there is an audio recording of the death of timothy treadwell and his girlfriend. libby both of them were eaten by a bear eaten alive piece by piece for law you would say and the distributors and
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producers absolutely want to destroy cording to be in the film and so i said ok i'll listen to it. and i listened to it and it was so incredibly horrifying that i said only over my dead body will this make it into the film you come to see and feel can turn into. 2 must never listen to this i never heard her parents ever go into. i think you know you should not keep it you should destroy it you know. it's anything she can say ethical boundary individually toward because the dignity and the privacy surrounding an individual's death must not be violated period period
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perfect. yet hertz didn't shy away from interviewing condemned prisoners awaiting execution for as many series on death row. as a chairman coming from a different historical background and being a guest in the united states i respectfully disagree with the practice of capital punishment. i've watched several episodes of your series on death row what boundaries were you confronted with there. when c. it's mentioned and told us when you talk with and film people on death row with people who know that they're going to be executed in 8 days and that there's no escaping that then of course there are certain boundaries their. respect respect
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dignity. due to respect the condemned person's human dignity. james barnes is one of them. in order to film a death row inmate you have to be invited by him in writing. i was behind the camera you only ever hear my voice. but behind the camera i wore a formal suit and tie which i almost never do with it was a sign i respect you. they were always very open with you. meant for me in the very 1st moment. and that's a question of how you work as a director. you can only do that if you know the heart of men and if you can look deep into their souls then it works. and looking at your films the boundaries between documentary and feature film are really fluid. do you
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still differentiate between them. sure there's a big difference which i also recognize. but i don't worry about it for me they're all films. for you once said facts do not constitute truth per se. in this age of the internet and fake news what's the truth beyond the facts that you seek. when the facts can be misleading the truth is created or certain layers deeper layers are created through stylization through invention through imagination. the supposedly realistic picture often seen in documentaries is a misconception. which is why i say i invent things too because they serve the truth better than the fact it's a sting fuck. back in south america
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again in the impenetrable tropical rain forest of guyana against the spectacular backdrop of chi to a falls a mythical location for the indigenous population. this is where hats are made the white diamond a documentary about dreams and the limitations of technology. the dream of flying a floating above the earth here to help zogby dared to experiment. case we had the music 1st. so in the rain forest the camera man asked me how are you going to do it with the rhythm in the shooting center and my gave him headphones and said listen. this is how we'll do it then to be understood
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immediately. else reisa goes music evokes the beauty of nature and its vulnerability. to the seen on the type you were there were one and a half 1000000 swifts which came out of the sky in a huge swarm and flew in circular movements into their nests behind a huge waterfall. and it was overwhelming. and the music is equally overwhelming. is this one sided these who 1st raised who are the singers were sardinians who almost all have prehistoric voices. and they started singing with far too much energy and the meter was far too clear. and i stood up and made flying movements
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for them and they understood. and suddenly the movement became that of an eagle gliding from shri. enhance ogg's films music itself is often a performer such as in the show of a case where rice a goes music brings the prehistoric paintings to life. in 2019 the vendor had sought foundation awarded a prize to reisa he was praised for creating spaces with his music that were larger than what could be seen on the screen. that is so homesick you don't dismiss the only n.p.r. news an extraordinary visionary. 2 in the log even tough he's able to transform an
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entire world with music and to transform a world of images and suddenly you the combination of music and images gives rise to something new and different that the audience can perceive and experience in a different way. than i have towards relationship with music is a story of its own. he has also staged many operas going back to wagner again and again his 1st time was knowing playing at the buy of what festival in 1987. to leave a film chorley many of your colleagues vendors last frontier were also supposed to direct and by right but they shied away from doing it what's so difficult about staging wagner is he going to help operates according to different rules. from
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directors can't expect to use the same criteria and the same working methods as they do in the cinema that was always clear so i told the singers and the others that we had to forget that i work in film. i said that we had a task and that there would only be an opera when the whole world transformed into music and the guns event in music from uncle. place. so that some fear back to film you've been in some very extreme places in the mountains in the amazon underwater in the desert on the ice caps is there anything else that you're still seeking or that you'd like to explore more. i'd like to go
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to the space station or to the moon or i'd like to make a short visit to mars if that ever becomes possible mobs in this infant. or and this is bavaria still your home even though you haven't lived here for 20 years and seen many of my cultural roots are here by my 1st language was a very and i miss it actually and when i'm traveling around the world i miss the fact that i never hear bavarian dialect being spoken that it. was. ish understand it isn't in that of it. it's a taco mist coach at this end. just go to it's a text at cern to it it. will some day make the tumbling of the earth
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apocalyptic imagery more than 50 years after launching his career katz august still seeks sole schemes on the edges of the planet. declines to burst forth. his model of you have been winning prizes for your lifetime achievement for 10 years now this time it's from the european film academy. how does that feel. so next time i mean if you distance us protest well to begin with i think it's grotesque really and of course it's a little strange because i'm still in the middle of my work. and now my output is higher than it was 30 or 40 years ago but i think. last year i made 3 films. others need 6 to 8 years to do that yog the day before yesterday i was still
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shooting in norway on a new film and in less than a week i'll be in mexico to continue it if you like that's again it isn't so much you get this prize 10 years after i've stopped making films and have to be rolled under the stage in a wheelchair. he ordered to out there that i helped thank you it's purpose i sure will.
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the food. like o.t.c. probiotic m.l. declining market street wait a 2nd we want the whole picture our facts is that a vague idea shift deliver us. from a demented reality to cryptocurrency to your top picks for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk a bit to devise a sure fire shift. d.w. . 180 codes coming from nokia new hope for at least trentino region but we hope that she can get our economy moving i mean. do you deal good in tough arrived in trentino 8 years ago as a refugee now she owns her own business and is helping to turn this region around integration with goat's cheese and the feel being in the alps down 30 minutes on w. o. show hello halflings this is super bowl speaking when i come to the show with a ding dong hot. concerts with the austrians guests.
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mocking the sounds flame and credible location. groups. on t.w. . they created today's world. a historical term encouraging politics business travelers play a run up evil of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation. strikes in states of emergency cuts things into chaos cut the circumstances explain chance to the people threatens the old order. crisis and. the start of an era that defines our lives today.
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$97.00 in the big fugitives move towards december 23rd double play. play. play play. play. this is news live from berlin living with the effects of the climate crisis u.n. secretary general sounds the alarm on rising global temperatures we hear from an indication fisherman waging his own personal battle with the resulting rise of global sea thoughts. a multi businessman is charged in the killing of an investigative journalist his connections to top govern.


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