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people that people with a job we can live like anybody else ok thanks so much that was a victim of aids he here in germany thank you and you are of course watching d.w. news live from berlin coming up shift living in the digital age i'm max foster thanks for joining us i'll be back at the top the hour with more world. was the speech of his life perhaps his best certainly his most difficult. the speech by calling dresden on december 19th 1989. shortly after the fall of the of the chancellor addresses the people of east
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germany. the mideast tense the crown climbers for german unity journalist peter lim borg was on the scene. 30 years later he looks back on the. interest and starts december 19th t w. these days more people can afford to travel than ever before i'm constantly daydreaming about my next holiday but how can you travel smart how can you help preserve the environment and sides and avoid bothering locals i want topic for they on ship. tourism is the looming 1400000000 people travel internationally every year half of them in europe but tourism doesn't only bring profit places like the broth nick.
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and venice struggling to handle tourist rolls some say they have been b. is pushing out local residents and turning entire cities into a giant hotels. like instagram which fuel our desire to visit and photograph memorable sides when the more tourists than a given place or his residence can handle we speak of all the tourism can cutting edge technology help make several friendlier for both visitors and locals small travel expert lisa kinney from the german digital as association bits come to christmas when it comes to tourism digitalisation has great potential for enhancing sustainability to begin with it's about making information easily accessible if you can access information like real time data on tourist numbers you can regulate their movement more sustainably which means less over tourism and the other option is connecting smart travel options with one another this allows us to get from
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a to b. more efficiently tourists have an abundance of information and can opt for more sustainable solutions. consciously choosing sustainable solutions sounds good oh and here comes my favorite image of the show. great going on the road but back at home they made me take up space nobody really needs to play burton said. tourism today is smart smart tourism to me smart tourism means using the options digitalisation provides us to minimize risk as far as possible and sustainability is also important. for instance in how you get to a place services like eco passenger helped travelers compared different routes in terms of their emissions. if you want to know how to travel by train in nature africa you can visit the man in seat 61 a block created by rail expert mark smith from britain. if you're traveling by
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plane sites like atmosphere will calculate your journeys carbon footprint and convert it into the sum needed for carbon offsetting a flight from burning to cake child would produce the equivalent of 150 euros which you could donate to climate protection projects directly on the site. other providers use a similar principle. sustainability isn't only about c o 2 it's also about social sustainability such as reforestation or education traveling could also mean flying to the amazon to help with social projects there are people interested in that type of trip can use social b. and b. which lets you book developmental conservation projects for a stronger focus on local projects their off platforms like work away info. or simply booking accommodation they're being visa green or alternative the commissions go to support local projects the site is still in development as off most of the services are sustainable travelling. is their toy and it would be
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great if we could expand the data networks and share data better we even have the technology to collect data as tourists. let's say i don't find a given offer very sustainable i could suggest another if we use the potential there is in the right way we can also do good. i agree but let's keep some insider secrets free of location tax maybe it's ok to not tell everyone where this field of blossoms is or it might share the fate of the poppies on lake elsinore in california so many people sampled the flowers there but the fields eventually had to be made off limits and there are alternatives instead of feeding all the tourism we can make a contribution to science take these holidays snapshots they can also become part of a smart tourism data pool. jurors can contribute their photos to citizen science projects and supply valuable data for research on coasts animal center outside.
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the university of fields coast woods project examines all types of coastlines where the cliffs. or sad. vacation is can upload their photos and specify the exact location to the coast which website the images go into a global data bank and help scientists to better understand the risks of rising sea levels. the wild me project by an american ngo documented to migrate 3 parts of wildlife anyone whether tourist or researcher cannot gloat photos of wild animals to the site artificial intelligence recognizes each animal bites individual traits and records the date time and location the photo was taken this allows scientists to follow migrate 3 patterns and users can see where the animal they photographed on
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their holiday has moved on to. anyone can take pictures of clouds with nasa's globe observer app and again help researchers. the u.s. aeronautics and space administration compares the photos and other data like time and place with their own satellite images which among other things helps them improve research on the atmosphere and climate. scientists the only ones who benefit from big data tourists going to in the city hung to china for instance tourists movements are tracked so that the city can inform visitors how crowded the location will be so 2 hours in advance the u.n. world tourism organization contends that smart cities are best equipped to handle mass tourism in 2019 for the 1st time the european commission names 2 cities european capitals of smarts tourism and helsinki we went to both to see how smart
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technology looks in action is. in finland. welcome to helsinki or at least to. now anyone anywhere can explore how with a v.r. headset and without traveling. the virtual duplicate of finland capital was created by the zohan company marketing manager lao how is showing the headset to visitors. slip it on and you can see what it's like to stand in front of helsinki. in future it may even be possible for people to virtually attend concerts and exhibitions or go shopping and. not everyone. they don't have. this is why we need to be able to keep them to explore. the. place. without.
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visiting house and we are safe travel time and the resulting c o 2 emissions those who head to helsinki in person have. you decide what to do 1st among the many sites and food options the website my house provides tips purses stay noble options. then there's the question of how to get from a to b. by subway or 6 year old or by public or with the nearest car share. the app whim allows you to search for a book and pay for the various means of transportation available in helsinki. or look at the city and said hey if i have any chance of telling my kids or my grandkids that look this is what the traffic looked like the year 2015 i had a look at it now when people are happy they have their freedom but the city is much more much more green and it's much more convenient the nicer for people to live
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with by users need to only check one out to plan their journey and local residents have also been leaving their cars at home more often which is good news for helsinki as the city plans to be carbon neutral by 2035. the other european capital of small tourism is in southern france we took a tour of the city to see just how smog you can get there take a look at. this map guides uses through leon's trouble and network of interconnecting alleyways corridos and stairways. it uses geo location to lead tourists through leon's most picturesque yachts and passages in the old town. and provides background information on the trouble along the way. the evening of the city marketing initiative only tells visitors how they can use the app to explore the city and discover leone's inside those spots. but locals
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also benefit if something that is very important to what's. actually. people. to. treasure. to preserve the quality of life you have. to pay. for the creaminess. as well. another part of smartly your ease your weight these digital signs can rotate 360 degrees and share up to date information for instance on festivals visitors can connect e.g. all went by a smartphone and be guided to the. train stations especially useful for those without cars other bikes available for rent at various points around the city. of
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course. the concept of your bike is to give visitors a guided excursion through the city by bike instead of i told us. we want to discover and to make this go over the city. respecting the minds you want to visit silently. small tourism is designed to make the city more pleasant for those visiting it and those who do it. it's clear the digitalisation is fundamentally changing travel the virtual reality check we can see the world's most beautiful cities without having to travel there and visit unesco world heritage sites like the cologne cathedral we can get up close to one live in the jungle and in the ocean 360 degree panorama shots give us complete views of hotels before we book and
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biometrics speedup checking in at the airport but not every innovation increases efficiency but japanese robot hotel for instance fired about half its service robots because they made more work for its human staff and they saved. if you're interested in finding out more check out our you tube channel well show you more small tools that can help you on your holidays you can find out which gadgets can replace your luggage and how you can talk to locals using smart devices how do you use digital tech when traveling with gadgets through you take along let us know on one of our town halls i'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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150 goats from the p.o.p.o. new hope for the phillies trentino region but just beyond what we hope that you can get our economy moving you mean if you do a deal get into arrived in trentino years ago as a refugee know she owns her own business and is helping to turn this region around integration with goat's cheese and you feel being in the helps. to build a. brutal ritual you hold the good risk with one hand and cut it off with the other what do you cut it with. razor blade. 2 more corn was mutilated as a child in somalia. past suffering through to to germany. now she helps other victims of female genital mutilation. in 45 minutes on d w. literature invites us to see people in particular. i
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like to see some kids find strength growing up. might. work if. you do you books on youtube. understand the scope of that are left are escaped from africa i had to create a job for myself. a bit like a pioneer i guess. at the most she's proof that if there's a will there's a way to. get.


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