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in geo engineering climate in focus on. teaching in 60 minutes on g.w. . instead of 1st girl who could ever know for sure that of us as we are also some of the you must search. in support of. what's possible down there. to be a book. discover that after escape from africa i had to create a job for myself. a bit like a pioneer i guess. at the most she's proof that if there's a will there's a way to. know that.
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this is the village of frosty longo and the valet did mccain in the northern italian province of trentino 0000 hockey 2 a day a good detect came to italy as a refugee 8 years ago but since then she's built up a goat milk cheese business from scratch. i am a mother. i use of she could i mean things from when she 1st arrived a lot of people in the valley didn't quite know how to react to this. but they're not used to seeing strangers and they're certainly not used to seeing a black man. as in previous to. but she's very open and very honest. who should modify and i noticed over time people. grew quite fond of these took you
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. for the look of sourness for much. more you know but she's a very important part of a community now and i'm glad she's here to make it if she actually. senior didn't miss him and. thought processes sitting around in the muck again were you how dare you that is that. last thing i value nice girls don't do that thing. it's. commandos of the kind you come to go today's acarya ok. there was a 2nd ria suddenly landed 180 girlfriends. all goats.
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i know right just about. to burst lived in italy after graduating from high school when she got a scholarship and came to trento to study sociology at the university. then she went back to ethiopia. but return to italy and 2010 this time as a political refugee and came up with the idea of starting a goat cheese business. to me and to not use an apostrophe my ancestors were nomadic shepherds it's part of my family tradition. and have worked on various projects that involved sustainable
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agriculture. policy and most of those projects dealt with the medic shepherds. you know my the it was during this time that i developed a very special relationship with the goats i'm really passionate about them you see as you get to know their character and the quality of their milk for young people. and that creates a strong bond. that i thought people in the. 11 . when i came back to italy i was impressed right away with all the open green space. there was a lot of abandoned pasture land. that way and that's when i got the idea to start raising local breeds of goat like the protect american from the valet democracy. there were hardly any of them left at the time to use to project the direct. it was the somebody there who can i started with 15 goats now i have 180 that provide milk
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so quite a herd. through and i can do it all but a killer i through so i chose this indigenous breed because it adapts perfectly to the local environment and i wanted this project to be as authentic as possible. not to be top of drought the in. that category yeah i made the same what do you think of them. beautiful valley beautiful so you've gotten used to your surroundings. yes they have an idea is that that is like being home yeah you really so you're happy. yeah. right. back in his homeland he worked as a shepherd so he's used to cows sheep and goats. when i asked him to work for me he
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agreed right away. it's his 1st day on the job poor guy. but he'll get used to it. almost all the shepherds who work for a key to are refugees zaccaria has lived in italy for nearly 4 years now an ngo connected him with a key to. fit. me i really like this kind of work. and i not only like you i know you want to be new and i love what are you going to do my kids start working with animals at the age of 5 and boy it's not like here where kids go to school at least to do. it i guess if we just. refugees are resilient people this work is physically demanding and the hours are long but they can handle it. on
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the other hand the italian young people who take an interest in this work are really enthusiastic at 1st they want to change their lives the natural surroundings and the goats are beautiful but that enthusiasm usually doesn't last long. we got easier a few g.'s have made it through the desert and across the sea and that's made them tougher. and they want to make something of themselves as well upon my. disgust stops you. from. the valid email caney has always been sparsely populated but in recent years many of its residents have moved away. lucky to let her go to graze in the unused communal pastures that she leases. she started this job as a sideline but it's now turned into full time work. i
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came to italy the 1st time to study then i came back in 2010 because i had to leave . the political situation had become unacceptable. some of us had fought back against a neo colonial practice called land grabbing. that's when the government takes over private farmland and gives it to multinational investors and companies. soldiers just show up on private property and say an investor wants your land so you have to leave now to. move. forward we organize peaceful protest against this practice but troops often turned up and fired at the demonstrators. there today maybe a lot of people were arrested. and some were tortured to do this by. since the 1990 s. the ethiopian government has favored economic progress over human rights in 20152016
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security forces killed more than a 1000 people and imprisoned tens of thousands more. a state of emergency was finally lifted in 20 team but freedom of expression remains restricted and the use of torture in prisons is widespread. i stayed in that situation until 2010. then things got so dangerous that i basically had to leave overnight for my own safety. i know. you're a reality person fulton i thought but yeah i mean i was really lucky because as an ex didn't i still had all my italian residence papers i still had friends in trentino who took me in that was a huge help those 1st few weeks that when i was just trying to sort myself out and recover you know he put in you can be change your a thinking. yes he is the dad to grillin then little by little you pick yourself up
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and start over again and if you put in the levy them then but i will. twice a day fresh goats milk is brought down from the mountain to id to small dairy in the village. marianna comes from a village nearby she started working here as an internal a few days ago she wants to learn the secrets of making goat cheese 1st hand. oh so let's make. rubio love as a soft right been cheese. lucky to explains that she refuses ruby all the way and her cheese making process. way is full of enzymes
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and they react with the milk. supply. this mixture is left to coagulate and create kurds for 24 hours. a day i always say you either like your work and you keep at it or you hate it in quit. it's hard to do have some cool see if foursomes to i took several courses on how to make cheese in france. and then i tried to figure out what people here might like and you could use a piastre you pursue me because right now i make 15 different kinds of cheese so i can meet varying tastes in fill lots of different orders from customers when. the body of the. cheese dairy is
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called. or the happy goat. it's won several awards including one from the slow food organization. after cheese products were chosen to represent the region at the milan expo. the reason why she went to france to study cheese making is simple. you know like. i mean you know there are hardly any goats left unturned so i'm a pioneer when it comes to go cheese. you know it's from here all the courses are focused on making cheese from cow's milk. or at least they were when i started out . it being delighted to be in the french are the best at making goats milk cheese. so i thought i'd better go right to the source. of the tomato i look forward.
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to the sort of. the world of cheese making is rather special. because you have something green that then gets turned into something white mist for my job and cheese changes every day this is fresh prima sally a week from now it'll taste completely different because it will have matured to us would it be a proof so yes we feel these cheeses are special because we're our little treasures . these are all. and. today is market day in toronto the nearby provincial capital. too often sells for cheese products here.
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but i said i think it queer i mean people being cheap he did you know i try to meet the highest organic standards so i only sell my cheese in this region. yes it just makes sense to consume local food locally. so i've had several requests to ship cheese to other locations but i won't do it. for myself my cheese here at the local market and at the dairy. people who want to buy it should come here. and enjoy a vacation at the same time. and my. 2 arms a good living by selling her cheese and she invests the profits in new projects. for example she recently started a line of natural cosmetics made with goat's milk. tourists who travel to the bali demo caney are also welcome to visit the farm and spend a day with the goats. can you tell me yeah we did we often organize guided
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tours entire families come here to see the pasture area. it's instructive for the children because they learn where the cheese that they enjoy at home actually comes from. she. values this type of direct relationship between the producer and the consumer. to it. yes the time to see me do the i use a lot of gestures to get the goats to do what i want yeah he will for example when i get to a good pasture and i've got them and i want them to sit down with think it will ever know and i don't have a lot i do know this i could pay back faith but what did i care what i make it mine . do you and i get to speak the same language well i know your bible being the law and i get to be. heard from ethiopia i know i'm from mars. and what that
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my right what about when you talk to the goats. he speaks italian to them oh you were on the ball now move but i don't you know i know. she c.r. i like it when you mix people from different cultures that way you get to know each other. people learn not to be afraid of each other to worship when you would enjoy interacting with people and getting to know them. to lives in the former priest's residence in the village of president. today she's going to meet the local mayor bruno grove. the mayor uses a new funding to reclaim abandoned pastures that again too would like for her goats
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to graze on. it to them for it to take will be cut down all of the red spruce trees over there and some of the launches to my record that will create some nice open space and a really good pasture. the boy bosco of cafe this is so great to see how the undergrowth really opens up here. exactly. the remote valley day mccain he has felt the effects of rural the population. but. it really says now mayor groff is trying to turn the tide by developing innovative agricultural projects. that. we used to have 4 to 5000 people in the valley but that's in a body now it's just 2040 the nyquist in the 1970 s.
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and eighty's the politicians urged people to move to the cities to work in the factory. so a lot of people did. get off it. and that led to things not being maintained by hand a sharp decline in local events and cultural life in general here or not you know. they're sort of off their there if we're trying to reverse that trend by recreating the kind of life that our ancestors you know. we've had some success with that. we go to for instance who came to us like a bolt out of the blue so you know we hope that she'll be able to inspire some of the local young people right now there aren't a lot of jobs at you thanks for that much. but. she's a real asset for our community between the show my glad that she's here but. i get
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when we hope that she can serve as an engine that will help to drive the local economy. up on top you know and come to me. who has big plans for the building housing her dairy. it was built 30 years ago as a kindergarten but it was never used because so many people had moved away. to wants to expand the dairy and to convert the top floor into guest rooms for tourists. there's a lot of room up there and i want to put it to good use. if you could out. but our political will this will be a huge project from an economic point of view. and i can't do it by myself. because i don't want to take on too much debt. so i came up with the idea of having
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visitors pay for their stay in advance. then they can come to the village and spend some time here so they get to know us. and they participate in this project or we can or should choose. their. c.c. been it's. ok to has had to wade through a lot of red tape to move ahead with the guest house project plus some local officials are skeptical about the community driven financing proposal. and there's another problem. packs of wolves have moved into the area. they've already killed a number of sheep in cabs in a nearby valley. going
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to the return of these wolves is a very sensitive topic right now it's become politicized too. it's a new problem for us and will definitely have to deal with it. you said it in the back each response to put it to the nec i believe there is room for all kinds of animals here. farmers can't have a monopoly on the land and simply get rid of the wolves. just do it i think we should take a look at managing wolf reproduction. otherwise they'll multiply like wild dogs or feral cats. who doesn't want to put her goats behind the security fences. recommended by the e.u. because then the animals would have less space to wander. she came up with an alternative solution. do we use an alarm system that includes
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firecrackers and a timer sheep are there for you ms every night starting at 10 a firecracker goes off every half hour. when the wolves hear that noise they think there are people around and they stay away. that's worked so far and we hope it will continue to work. through. stay in the summer of 2018 after a right wing populist party joined italy's new coalition government there was an increase in attacks on immigrants a key to who remains invested in politics is very worried about this development. you see the ball going up us and i'm going to wrap it up but i'm a successful business woman and i stick to a close circle of friends here so it doesn't affect me personally. i haven't heard any racist remarks or experienced any discrimination. but overall the political climate in italy is pretty worrying. just with our interior minister
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spouts ridiculous claims about immigrants all day long. so some people feel they now have the right to attack people who have a different skin color was bad are not the brightest it would or would it. be a little bolder but i'm not afraid for myself but we have to take a clear stand against this. in ethiopia my grandparents used pitchforks to fight the italian fascist invaders. but the current generation of italian seems to have fallen asleep. but we have to make our voices heard and put a stop to this before it spreads further. i d 2 believes that farming could offer job opportunities for refugees throughout europe . meantime beyond what to do 30 to abandon i think we have
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a lot of land that we don't use and a lot of unemployed young people they're just sitting around doing nothing for me you know but the politicians have no vision no. they don't see these young people are a valuable resource. they have skills and stamina and they want to work but i mean they're not cut but she telling. the friday. so why not create environmentally sustainable projects in deserted rural areas like this one. they need to be thawed e o h i thought i know but not everyone wants to live in remote parts of the country zaccaria is happy to be here and to have found a good job but when he arrived in italy he had other plans. in rio with. one quote i don't know and so my future in italy is still and so. the 1st thing i wanted to do when i got here was to go to school and learn something so they will i still do. i think we
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live or leave but right now i don't have the time at all. i reserve. like aria have you seen these berries this red fruit. so i mean the little balls but when they taste great they're in season right now there are strawberries and raspberries too. and they. also presume you seem to be on cue ball but i don't feel like a guest here absolutely not. i feel right at home with us and i get along well with the local residents i haven't had any trouble at all was thought. to prove you know in the response you can still i realise my presence must be a little invasive since i don't come alone. and i come with my entire herd through
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some of your. mom monday ok let's go. was say what are you trying to do there hitch a ride. oh. i don't see tomorrow.
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good. for 4 degrees of global warming what difference does it make the show. and we visit the 1st climate monitoring station in africa and explain why it's so important. to also examine how dangerous the melting permafrost is. and what risks are involved
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in geo engineering the climate in focus on to change it in 30 minutes on d w. the baltic scene is always worth a visit. that's why our host nicole foolish sets off. where she embarks on her wintry expedition. making discoveries along the way. a mysterious gold treasure. maritime delicacy and millions pool chart. 60 minutes. and flings welcome to the show with a ding dong xoai and concerts with the most streets guests mocking sounds.
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and then a little. tonight grooves every week on t w. we could start rewriting the software of sample bacterial cells. were done 3 years ago our growth we're rewriting the program for the software or we've all over so all we can redesign though there will have different properties i don't have a clue we're a little bit in one place changing the of you know less of the officers of the program would give us better recursive. serve using fossil fuels. to base class for. if you have priority of. the ball fields with the right girl but. we're just learning this is
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a new field. this is data with the news live from berlin and the future of german chancellor angela merkel's government looks shaky up to her partners the social democrats elected new latest they want to reorganize the coalition agreement dot knuckles conservatives have ruled out talks to change the deal will her government survive also coming up . on the eve of the international climate summit in madrid the u.n.
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secretary general sounded the alarm on rising global temperatures we hear from an indonesian fisherman waving his.


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