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this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. this is the t.v. news live from berlin nato's search for unity in london as alliance leaders seek common ground at their 70th anniversary summit there is agreement in one area that china presents new challenges for nato more left london also coming up to. the. dollar trump says there is no chance that it will happen after
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a house report says the evidence or impeachment is overwhelming so what happens next. i'm dr thomas great to have you with us leaders of nato member states are due to meet shortly outside london in a search for unity amidst divisions they were hosted by the queen at buckingham palace to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance's founding but it was a brief show of harmony before or a new very public airing of differences between the french and american presidents . and that spat continued at a news conference with president trump and his new role as a defender of nato after having been its main critic. would you like. to give. everyone you want. not quite cordial combative
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tone probated the news conference with u.s. president donald trump and his french counterpart emanuel marchand at the nato meeting in london on tuesday trump sharply rebuked mccraw for saying in an interview with the magazine the economist last month that quote what we are currently experiencing is the brain death of nato. it's a very tough statement to make when you have such difficulty in the british you look at what's happened with the press you look at what's going on during certain parts of this exhibit here are the year and you just can't go around making statements like that. it's very disrespectful. micron however did not back down. use of my statement we saw the actions shake a little be a lot of people have done. the 2 leaders seem to have differing visions of the role
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of nato what do you believe they don't want to write and frankly one of the benefits really the least is the united states would benefit the way we're helping your. what. if not. another of the alliances big players german chancellor angela merkel remain upbeat about nato with all of the differences but of course we'll have to discuss them we have to talk about the future of nato and the strategic partnership i'm fairly optimistic about this meeting mr. optimism alone however it will not be enough to bridge the divide within the alliance. or correspond teri schultz is covering these divides at this nato session for us and joins us now from london to debut terry what's the atmosphere like after that very
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public dustup between mccraw and trump. well not surprisingly all the leaders are saying they had great meetings yesterday nato secretary general and stoltenberg even tweeted that a very good meeting with president trump even though both of these bilateral meetings with president mccall and as we've just seen and with that the nato secretary general devolved into basically unilateral press conferences by the u.s. president where he discussed everything under the sun including a lot of domestic politics so i think that with the way things are going in washington with the impeachment inquiry and of course here in london where there are tensions between between leaders i think people are awaiting perhaps a quite fractious day no matter what they say british prime minister boris johnson just arrived and was asked these questions and said there's more that unites us than divides us so i'm expecting that we will have a show of unity here in london ok well the show of unity will be important with all
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the new threats that are emerging on the horizon nato leaders want for example to establish a new position on china is beijing emerging as a major new threat for the alliance. i think everyone understands that nato has been slow to come to a position on china they are by no means eager to portray china as a threat it's not seen that way but having not taken stock of the rise of china not just militarily but technologically all of these countries are looking at while we have course as a 5 g. provider that something that european governments are examining right now and the u.s. of course has been quite outspoken on its concerns about wall way so what this position paper on china is a simply the alliance looking at where there are opportunities to cooperate with china and not to to portray it as an enemy before things before things get even further along without having having taken a good a good hard look at this ok looking at all these challenges if we can call not
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including china how do we determine if this nato 70th birthday session was a success in light of all the many things on this to do list. every time nato planners start looking at how to handle these events now with president trump they are purposely scaled back whether they'll admit it or not to minimize the opportunities for him to hijack them into to simply unilateral events and we've already seen that happen to an extent yesterday but this meeting is only 3 hours long the papers have already been prepared all the negotiations are done and if you if you remember this g. 7 meeting in canada where president trump drove away after signing the communique and then called back and said i want my signature off of it that's in everyone's mind and no one wants that to happen so there is a paper signed not called a communique not rising to that level and i think everyone will be happy if that
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paper does get all $29.00 signatures and you have a happy looking family photo and nobody comes out of here having had any big fight in their bilateral meetings the standards are not that high at the moment i have to say ok we'll see if those standards are are met or even succeeded superseded today in london terry thanks so much for that. preview now some of the other stories making the news this hour riot police are fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the lebanese capital beirut opponents gathering to protest against outgoing prime minister saad hariri backing for a prominent businessman to replace an anti government demonstrations have been going on for about 2 months now. tech sector trailblazer in moscow has testified in court that a tweet describing a british rescue driver as a pedophile was not meant to be taken literally. but diver vernon unsworth is suing mosque for defamation he helped rescue toll boys from
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a flooded cave in thailand last year. u.s. senator kamala harris is ending her bid for the democratic presidential nomination she says she doesn't have the money to continue campaigning 15 contenders remain in the democratic field there are 2 months to go until voting on candidates begins in iowa where that field is expected to thin for. all staying in the u.s. the democrat led house of representatives has approved a report by its intelligence committee that makes the case for impeaching u.s. president doll trump now according to this document the evidence for impeaching the president is quote overwhelming republicans in the house whoever did not back the report the white house is dismissing it saying it has failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing. the report concludes 2 weeks of public hearings into the president's alleged wrongdoings and the conclusion is damning don't trump placed his own personal and political interest about the national interest he sought to
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undermine the election process and endangered national security the chairman of the house intelligence committee said the evidence was overwhelming. this report chronicles a scheme by the president night states to coerce an ally ukraine that is at war with an adversary russia into doing the pleasure of the president's political dirty work it involves a scheme in which donald trump withheld official acts a white house meeting as well as hundreds of millions of dollars of needed military assistance in order to compel that power to deliver to investigations that he believed would assist his reelection campaign. the reports maps out a scheme to pressure ukraine into investigating democratic presidential hopeful joe biden and his family from both or allegedly pressured ukrainian president voted me the lenski to investigate into bungs conspiracy theory that it was ukraine and not
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russia this interfered in the 2016 us election the report also accuses trump of obstructing the investigation by refusing to provide documents and blocking government officials from testifying trump who is in london for the nato summit seemed unfazed by the reports saying he had the backing of his party. the. folks is going nowhere the republican war is that it is this is right now i have never seen it in. the house intelligence committee approved the report on tuesday it's now up to the judiciary committee to consider the evidence and draft the articles of impeachment against the president democrat same to hold a full house vote on impeachment before christmas. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to impose sanctions on chinese officials for beijing's treatment of wee gore muslims more than
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a 1000000 we gore's are being kept in reeducation camps the bill aims to end the quote arbitrary detention torture and harassment of this muslim minority community china's foreign ministry has criticized the house bill as a smear beijing says can't provide ok tional training. straight to beijing for the very latest on this with mathias belling a good morning mathias china's calling this bill a smear but the question is will it affect the trade talks a very delicate talks now underway between the u.s. and china. well this bill will not how easing the trade talks in fact we do not really know at what stage the trade talks are we get news every day different news every day about these trade talks and we do not see any. an event that that with a new. closure of these 1st phase one trade deal but what we
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know is that beijing has reacted to another bill that was pos just recently about hong kong and now to this bill. with the qantas sanctions it would not ease these treaty ok now the intention of course of this bill is to get china to reconsider holding hundreds of thousands over a 1000000 muslim minority leaders in these camps is there any chance that's going to happen. i don't think it is going to happen anytime soon china is sees this as their internal affair they are talking about combating terrorism they are not admitting the human rights violations that are happening what in the short term might. happen is that they will and hounds their propaganda efforts they have also threatened to ban americans from traveling to the
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region but on the long run pressure on beijing is mounting on various issues and she john is just one of them trade is another one hong kong is another one now hong kong and she and john these 2 major human rights issues international human rights issues that. is facing right now might on the long term how of an impact beijing i think was not expecting international reaction to be this fierce lettuce thanks very much for that from beijing. well the climate activist. taking a break in lisbon portugal right now after selling cross the atlantic he's headed for the u.n. climate summit that's in madrid spain is due to arrive there on friday. the final moments of the nearly 3 week journey across the atlantic ocean from the united states to lisbon portugal gretta turn bug look tired and happy to be back on dry
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land the 16 year old swede said she took the transatlantic voyage by boat to prove a point. i'm not travelling like this because i want everyone to do so i'm doing this to sort of send a message that it is. even possible. thank the it is impossible to live sustainable today and that means saying these become much easier to invoke arrives in europe as the un's cup 25 climate summit isn't full swing representatives and delegates from some 200 countries have gathered in madrid spain to try and find a way to reduce the world's emissions of greenhouse gases her rival also coincided with the release of a bleak report from the world meteorological organization predicting that the past decade will most likely be the hottest in recorded history. says many don't
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realize the power of the popular movement this may be unleashed. i think people on dressed making the forms of angry kids. i've. turned book says she'll be meeting with activists in lisbon before making her way to the climate summit on friday. the state of news live from berlin i'm brian tough for the entire team thanks. for. any time anyway.


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