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i am. this is the w.'s coming to you live from berlin germany exposed to russian diplomats or when alleged this one of the victims a georgian man gunned down in broad daylight in a girl and park prosecutors suspect a russian or chechen involvement in the assassination moscow says it will retaliate
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or succumbing to a divided nature such as for unity in london alliance leaders seek common ground at their 70th anniversary gathering agreement in one area the china resents new challenges for nato we go live to london. and the death of a pop star in 3 months off an intense debate about the precious celebrate the space in south korea. welcome to you i'm under pressure to have your company we begin with some breaking news germany has expelled 2 russian diplomats over the brazen killing of a georgian citizen in berlin prosecutors suspect russian or chechen involvement in the attack the victim has been named as a team khan congressionally a former chechen or. he was shot dead in broad daylight in
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a public park last august a suspect named only as m. has been taken into custody russia denies any involvement in says it will retaliate against the expulsions. political correspondent good brady is following that story for us welcome good 1st tell us about the expulsion of these 2 russian diplomats and the circumstances well what we know so far is that the foreign ministry here in berlin released a statement just within the last hour or 2 saying that 2 russian diplomats were being expelled from the russian embassy now it's not clear yet exactly what positions they held there at the russian embassy here in berlin but what we do know is that they were working at the embassy they were here as diplomats and as such are now being expelled from the country the foreign ministry said that this was due
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to information from the german and german federal public prosecution which indicated that moscow could have been behind this killing now of course that is still to be confirmed but in its statement the german foreign ministry said that it had reached out to russian authorities on several occasions since this killen in august for more clarity on this killing and said that the that they had not yet had a sufficient explanation or help from russian authorities and so on the grounds of this information from the german federal prosecution they decided to take action and expel these 2 russian diplomats ok good stay with us for a bit because let's 1st take a look at this reporter with details on the killing. soon after the assassination in berlin suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved the victim a georgian national force and the chechen war against russia. this is back to the
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killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody germany's federal prosecutor's office has no officially taken over the investigation is fine if there's a lot of evidence including the fact that the suspect was already wanted for murder in russia then he disappeared before reappearing under a new identity that's one of the key factors here in. the killing in berlin could be similar to the poison gas attack terry days in britain on double agent sergei and his daughter in march 2017 that prompted many western countries to impose sanctions on russia the russian government meanwhile has consistently denied any involvement and is refusing to cooperate in the investigation. that tony jones or kate they did give what do we know about the man who was being kids his name doesn't even come come gorst really and why he might have been the target of an assassination. exactly he was killed just around the corner from here in the klein
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a tear gotten in or guest of this year and what we know so far is that he was an asylum seeker of chechen descent from georgia and he actually fought on against the russians in the 2nd chechen war in the early 2000 so he fought against the russians 'd and also after the war he reportedly also worked in ukraine and in georgia and those were thought to be on jobs that were against russian interests is what we've learned so far and each of you actually spoke to his ex-wife earlier this year as well and in her words she said referring to his killing we were warned this would happen eventually interestingly has well as i mentioned he had applied for asylum here in germany and that was rejected and he had actually been slated for deportation and as everything we know about the victim so far but of course as this
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inquiry goes on it seems that we will most likely learn more about his background and connections to russia as is most in the likely the case as well for the suspected perpetrator and what about the man that the german police has taken into custody he's been named as vadim him have any more details emerged about him. well what we know so far from the prosecution is that he was actually wanted for suspected murder already in russia and that has as we heard there in the report played a key role apparently so far in the prosecution's investigation of course he is still in custody and of course as this case develops it's now in the hands of the federal prosecution which was pointed out and they usually only take care of cases which are seen as a crime against the state which gives you an indication of the severity of this case and how this is being regarded both by the german government and by the federal prosecution here in germany but we will be expectancy we just get more
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information as those investigations continue the law school has reacted with anger to the expulsion of the 2 diplomats what it can tell us about the russian reaction well the russian reaction was almost immediate earlier today once those 2 russian diplomats were expelled from the land now russia has said that denied once again actually this afternoon the kremlin spokesperson denied any russian in involvement or involvement of russian authorities in that killin in all guessed and it retaliates said as well the kremlin says that it would be retaliating with similar sanctions so we could expect to see german diplomats expelled from russia or even other sanctions and the kremlin describes the expulsion of these 2 russian diplomats as unfriendly and unfounded and that it would be as i mentioned retaliating as what it said accordingly and in
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a similar manner to which germany has reacted so far so good pretty good obvious political correspondent thank you very much for that. and of course we'll keep an eye on that breaking news story and bring you more details as soon as they emerge meanwhile let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world iran's president hassan rouhani has called for the release of innocent people arrested in protest last month demonstrations broke out across the country after the government raised the prices rouhani said protesters who use weapons should be dealt with by the. riot police have fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the lebanese capital beirut police and people had gathered to protest against the choice of a prominent businessman to replace outgoing prime minister saad hariri the anti-government demonstrations began 2 months ago. a well known japanese doctor has been killed in an attack in afghanistan tetsu nakamura devoted his life to
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helping the people of the gun is stunned he was killed when 5 others along with 5 others when gunmen attacked his vehicle in the city of jalalabad in after one of dr nakamura was awarded honorary afghan citizenship. need 2 leaders are here to wrap up talks on the 2nd day of a meeting to mark the 70th anniversary of the military alliance earlier the gathering was overshadowed by divisions over a number of issues the meeting is taking place just outside the british capital and is expected to result in a joint statement by or 29 members china's growing economic and military strength and his rule as a potential diversity of the alliance is expected to be discussed day one of the gathering so sharp fiction as public differences emerged between the u.s. and france over nato strategic goals. and a correspondent and nato expert terry soules is in london and joins me now for the
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very latest now so terry after a day of acrimony nato leaders are now in a closed door meeting which is due to wrap up shortly tell us what were the main issues up for discussion. i read of the statement that's going to be agreed by all 29 leaders has been worked on for weeks now so we we know what's in it and we know that there isn't likely to be any red flags raised at this level today but what they are due to say or this is pretty general that nato allies agree that the alliance should face together the threats for the future the only country named as a threat is russia whereas china as you mentioned is named as a country where there are both opportunities and challenges and that the allies need to together address this future relationship with china is the 1st time nato is taking stock of its relationship with china and it has admitted that it's been rather slow to do so given the rapid rise of the chinese economy and military
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might now we did hear a lot of differences in the last day primarily between the u.s. and france on the future direction of nato and you might remember that there was a german proposal to establish a working group to look at future strategic direction for nato and in fact that is going to be agreed here today that nato is going to establish a group of eminent experts to do that so it was really interested in is a show of unity and we're expecting any minute now to hear secretary general stoltenberg come out and say exactly that and this will turn to china for a big tear in the that was the one issue that nato members did agree on what need to his concerns about china. yeah it's too early to say there's any disagreement about chinese policy all nato countries are looking at their own national interests in whether to use while way as
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a provider in and whether to partner with china on other initiatives so what nato has done is take a look at all aspects of its possible cooperation with china and it's very much hoping that this will be a positive relationship it says constantly that it is not looking at china in the same way as russia as a threat to any nato ally the how important is it after all this kind of bickering and friction that we saw in the fusty of this meeting how important is it that the 29 member alliance come up with a convincing show of unity after the final meeting it's absolutely critical armida because we've seen so much infighting in fact you and i have talked about all the threats coming from inside the alliance the you know the attacks are coming from nato allies against each other against nato itself and what the allies need to do now is come out and say yes we have our disagreements and in fact we're stronger because we discuss those disagreements that's something that french
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president mcclellan said very clearly in his criticism of nato so it's important that the allies come out together and say you know what we're stronger because we handle these as friends as partners together us 29 and now secretary general stoltenberg is beginning his press conference now so i expect that we'll be able to hear more specifically just how they're going to phrase that recommitment today. thank you very much for bringing us up to date with the latest on the nato leaders meeting. now as terry mentioned that the secretary general of nato has begun his final comments after that meeting and we'll bring you the d.t.s. off that as soon as we can in our next but it's and turning now to another story in the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill to impose sanctions on chinese officials over the crackdown on riga missed him more than a 1000000 readers and other muslim minorities have been detained in order beijing course reeducation camps the legislation calls for an end to what it describes as
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arbitrary detention torture and how this meant the minority community in china says the bill is a snare and the camps for 5 the castell training that many we have said abroad to avoid persecution. it will be another long day for parole. the weaker exile spends hours in front of his computer poring over satellite images of his native jaguars. now living in the u.s. he had to flee the chinese province to avoid arrest or worse. documents the destruction of mosques part of an alleged government effort to eradicate muslim religion and weaker culture he says $10000.00 mosques have already been destroyed. and this is a crime this is. muslim is very important for international community
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who understand. more pressure on china. beijing regards china's muslim population as a security threat its response to this perceived threat has been severe. over 1000000 muslims are reportedly in concentration camps scattered across. most of them are weekers. the government claims these are vocational training centers but there is strong evidence that incarceration in the torture rape and brainwashing 11000000. the security apparatus there combines facial recognition cameras and sophisticated surveillance technology with an oppressive police presence even small expressions of identity can result in arrests one of the victims father the editor of a week or newspaper he was detained and put in
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a cab his son has not heard from him since. so i have to fight back if i chose. if i. could feel. his father's fate means problems fight for weaker rights is personal. it is one of south korea's biggest exports. and the 3rd of a young celibacy in recent months is highlighted the intense pressure has faced by kids. the latest is actor shot in ha who started out as a kid before it seems likely that all 3 deaths with suicide they have exposed the doc underbelly of south korea's entertainment industry with cyber bullying and video. cleancut and baby faced the south korean
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actor cha in how began acting after a successful singing career he was found dead in his home in seoul aged just 27 years old the police have not revealed more details about his death his real name is leach a hoe and he was starring in the korean series love with flows and the bank before that he sang with a k. pop boy band fans of the performa are devastated. he was my age which made me sadder i think they might be in pain even though their lives look very glamorous. to some cause hanging in there it is heartbreaking and sad that young and talented celebrities have made a tragic choice. the agency found go that represented in ha made a statement mourning his death and they ask fans and the media not to spread rumors
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about his passing. be active didn't experience the personal attacks and cyber bullying that k. pop female singers who harra and solely received. both women was subjected to vicious online abuse on social media the 2 singers died in unrelated events in autumn both deaths are thought to be suicide. and it's not just tragic deaths the wholesome image of the k. pop industry has been tarnished by scandal and crime. last month 2 musicians were sent to prison for raping a woman and sharing a film of the act with members of other boy bands. with the 3rd death in as many months the dayglo culture of korea's entertainment industry is revealing a dark side. journalist ranks and joins me now from siller south korea fan what's been the reaction there to another tragic death in the country's entertainment
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industry well certainly it is quite startling news to come out today of another actor it's unclear whether his death was suicide at this time and there have been reports that he was not necessarily the subject of of cyberbullying as was the case with gu and solely that change in ri and one of the things that came out of soleus suicide that was in october that was $42.00 days prior to go how arise taking of of her own life one of the things that came out of that was a poll of south koreans not just regarding taking down those comments off of off of the internet off of these comment sites but also 'd requiring those that post comments to use their real names this is something that we've seen in other subjects on the internet including those posting comments that would incite people to do violence racist comments and sexist comments being posted with the argument
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that those comments need to have people use their real names to prevent this type of slander and and hateful behavior from going online and having you know quite disastrous consequences absolutely and these debts must have spotted evaded by just how difficult it can be for these capon stars can extend a little bit more about the kind of pressure these stocks face. yes in the case of silly she got into this business at a very young age as a toddler and actually a comedian a felony in quantity on child he created a counseling service around to keep pop industry he points out that again they are they are groomed as youth they have a very intensive training schedules even as young people they are cloistered in terms of their social circles so that they avoid getting themselves into in some type of trouble they're usually in groups like
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a boy band or girl band and that group provides their social networking and they get into trouble often when their group has sort of. lost of favor in the public become less popular and then they embark on a solo career and they they don't necessarily have that that group around them he also pointed out at a very young age in terms of their entertainment in terms of their talent their pursuing 2 things fame and money at the expense of perhaps why they got into performing in the 1st place which is enjoyment is that any discussion then what should be done to protect and support the stars to prevent another tragedy from taking this if you can fact. that's that's that's a very good point they also make this issue that this crosses into cyber bullying in terms of what's going on in schools and again as i mentioned before this crosses over subject matter about how we deal with this on the internet after all we're
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only 15 years or so into the internet and we have yet to catch up legislatively but certainly those around people need to become more involved only 5 percent of cyber bullying and in south korea is even reported to either parents teachers or the authorities there needs to also be an address 'd addressing of of the stigma of people coming forward and saying that they are the victims of of these types of crimes frank smith and so south korea thank you very much for that the u.n. climate conference now underway in madrid a stop in the focus on cutting global emissions of carbon dioxide authorities in taiwan a stepping up efforts to clean up their energy sector c o 2 emissions 10 tons per person by yeah well above the european average of 7 tons . here in taiwan electricity is very cheap but most of us is still generation in coal and gas powered plants that's despite the fact that the
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government offer subsidies for solar panels. chan hooping is the co-creator of a green energy crowdfunding platform called sunny finder she was determined to make use of the state's support for solar but there were challenges the most difficult. place flung 0. because no one knows and i wonder if anyone will ever believe us of. even joining us. i thought to myself and i told of to myself. if you don't actually you will have no answer turned to paying his champion the range of renewable energy projects he or she is talking to residents in a long term care center where sonny finder helped install solar panels on the roof the center receives renewable energy certificates for the green power it produces
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this is by far the largest. charity project we have cough on date and this part is small so was sponsored by taiwan mobile company and come by in the nation for us with over 30 meaning in individual environmentalist say taiwan still needs to do a lot of work to improve its share of renewable energy there are plans to set up a number of offshore wind farms. but nuclear energy which accounts for about 15 percent of taiwan's alec tricity remains a contentious issue. the government wants to phase it out though last year a majority of voters said they wanted to keep this in a referendum organized by this man. we operate nuclear week because it is printing. the high level waste and are going to. spend for
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you this whole story nuclear power program for their so. it doesn't effect. people's living a wrong to nuclear power plant. communities living near the nuclear power plant receive subsidies and officials don't appear to be too concerned about the risk of earthquakes. what the contemporary art wants most prestigious awards is the turner prize and this time it's been shared between the 4 shortlisted artists the winners are helen kamarck oscar more real time shiny and lawrence of the harm done this let the 47000 euro prize the artist formed a collective and asked the judges not to choose just one been out there it was to show solidarity at a time of global divisions. or the s's the fall of basketball star dirk nowitzki has received germany's highest civic honor in
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a ceremony in berlin germany present from the steinmeyer awarded him the order of merit for his sporting achievements as well as charity work with see retired in april at the age of 40 after playing 21 seasons for the dallas mavericks in the n.b.a. in 2007 the german was voted the league's most valuable player and later led the mavericks to an n.b.a. championship in 2011. so congratulations to him now you are watching the dubbed in news here's a recap of the breaking news story that we're following for you this man from georgia was gunned down in broad daylight in a burning pot last summer. now germany has expressed to russian diplomats in connection with the killing german prosecutors suspect russian or church and involvement in the killing. coming up next on news asia.
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on death row in china but innocent iraqis to form a managed to regain deaf. and be the one to tell the last launch of democracy into itself the same possible under prime minister that in the more these hindu nationalist government. that and more coming up on the dr news asia top next to stay with us the vast physica. above. the be.
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the be. subject. to. the creed to today's rybka. the coming years in politics business now broken up people of the islamic are on the books are making its initial flirtation
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obstructs instance obsessing about sinks into chaos abuzz. good to see. the people. steal. cars and. the story that defines overmanaged. 970 the big meeting today since december 23rd. what keeps us in shape what makes us see. my name is. i talk to medical experts. and i discuss what you can do to improve your head. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. calm t w. welcome to the book is the game here.
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to talk about. this coverage. 3 more for. us a we have a let's have a look at some of the other much around me still shaking in their boots the green a sigh of relief so you don't want to miss. this guy. g.w. . this is the doctor there was a shot coming off a death sentence for committing no crime chong fall guy who spent 4 hours on death row wrongly convicted of murder he was eventually freed but how many more like him . secrets of prison system plus. the dark side of the.


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