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the be . this is the deadliest coming to you live from berlin french public sector workers teachers want the biggest national strikes in decades taking to the streets to protest against proposed pension reforms the strike is causing widespread destruction to transport networks schools and hospitals to get a live update from congress also coming up the pacific on citizen law goes into lockdown as it can result in emergency measles vaccination program more than 60 people most of them children have died of the virus is
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a tova. and germany's chancellor angela merkel says she confronted russian president vladimir putin over the killing of full my chechen commander in berlin last summer germany's it spells to russian diplomats will be issued moscow says it will retaliate. plus the militia in turkey with the melodic language of all of this own. but the villagers oldstyle tortelli slaves as young people believe for the city's gold and of its list of additions. the book. a myth that she might get to have been a. much of france is grander still hold as the country experiences this biggest strike in decades over proposed pension reforms many people are taking to the
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streets with severe disruption to rain lines schools and hospitals present a man in the cross plans to overhaul the retirement system could force workers to retire later on see their pensions reduced union leaders say they will continue the strike until monday. let's go straight to our correspondent lisa lewis who's in stars these of what's the situation there right now where you are and what could we expect in the coming hours. well this morning the situation in paris is rather quiet many people staying at home because the transport has lost the come to a halt but now you can see behind me people are getting ready for the demonstrations they have this demonstration here in past days actually some have started marching towards the plastic are not showing the east of paris they want to show that they really are unhappy about the pension reform plans by the government
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there about 250 demonstrations planned across france some have happened this morning there are more planned for this afternoon that tell us more about the anger amongst workers about these new plans french and plans. while many people are really afraid that it might not call the president will take away even more money from those who are already struggling to make ends meet they're demanding that he instead should take away money from the rich i've talked to some of the protesters this morning let's listen to what they have to say. from the pension reform pension that's going to really barely afford to eat. who don't have enough to make ends meet and this reform will make things worse. for them we have for everybody to more than given the knish by my free time myself in 10 years time and i'm not sure i'll be able to survive on what my car is proposing
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it's not simple shit i work for a psychiatric hospital in my own head to stand up for the rights of the phone to see the walk was it i want or i'm 40 years old i've always paid into my pension but they are tricking us. there are many other solutions other than this reform they keep the fed is it going to she says i want to say donny and sue is the 100. who paid the price for the cuts on acceptable fact there's money there the people in power are capitalists have to pay they know how to find money for not a domino. effect turn the world upside down and they want us to pay but we don't agree with that. so these ass because for most people you spoke to this clearly a lot of anger and out of concern about the future of these people but tell us what is at stake for president in money mccraw. well there is a lot at stake he came to power saying you know i'm going to do politics politics
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for the right and for the left in the meantime the left wing workers have said that they've been really disappointed with him his core support is now on the center left of the political spectrum and these people expect him to do reforms pension reform was one of his centerpiece of his program when he was running for president she years back and even the government admits that it's crucial for him on my call to push through this reform they say that if he fails that really diminishes chances to get reelected in 2022. he's a loser in paris thank you very much for bringing us up to date on the strikes which are underway in the heart of the city. turning now to the south pacific state of s'more which is gone into lockdown as it carries out a mass vaccination against measles if it's for police and of some 200000 people more than 60 simone's most of them children have died since the start of the epidemic in a tuba the world health organization says the initiative is thought of what it
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calls a worldwide outrage and a collective failure to protect people against measles more than 4000 cases have been reported in some more since the current outbreak began the mean streets of the capital are. deserted as immobile medical teams go door to door that's an easing the. no necessary buying clothes for her son to be buried in but he's one of more than 60 children who has died in the measles epidemic sweeping samoa. i don't know if we get my age. with cases like as mounting the government has declared a state of emergency vaccinations have been made compulsory in a country where only around a 3rd of the population was immunized against measles around 90 percent need to be
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vaccinated for adequate protection one reason for the rapid spread of the preventable disease misinformation by anti vaccination groups we know that. let me be very big you are going to. force people to come to section 3. but the problem may be should we go in and take a photo right before. we have children. and try to actually. keep. them for so. many of our viewers will. be. the government's patience has run that use it started to today shut down of businesses and most government offices and advise samoans to stay indoors. officials have asked residents who've not been immunized to hang red flags from their windows medical teams are going from house
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to house to administer vaccinations. others are being vaccinated in emergency centers the tiny island nation is desperate to finally stamp out the disease. let me now being up to date that some of the stories making news. the in chile thousands of women took part in a flash mob against sexual violence on wednesday this song reposed in the past has become a rallying cry for women across the wild viral protest comes as the chilean government grapples with weeks of unrest over inequality. trillian city of sydney is shrouded in unprecedented pollution and he's a severe bushfire as a region now by hundreds of homes have been destroyed and 4 people have died since the start of the fires scientists say the fires are more intense than usual due to a prolonged drought fuelled by climate change. police authorities say at least 8
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people have died after a gas explosion destroyed a house in southern mountain resort children among those killed rescuers are searching for any other possible victims. confront drug president vladimir putin or the killing of a full my chechen commander in berlin the 2 leaders are due to meet next week germany believes russian intelligence was involved in the killing and as expense to russian diplomats over the issue moscow denies any involvement and says it could retaliate. this decision could escalate tensions between russia and western countries german chancellor angela merkel has defended the expulsion of russian diplomats after germany's attorney general said evidence points to russian state involvement in position i'll be meeting the russian president next week and then i will let you know whether i have spoken with him and how that goes we've taken this
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measure as you know mainly because we have seen that russia is not supporting us in investigating this murder and of course i've spoken with allies about this through by lateral contacts. that. you know. in august a georgian nationalist shot. dead in berlin in broad daylight soon after the assassination suspicions arose that the russian intelligence services were involved the victim was a former rebel commander in the early 2040 against russia in the 2nd chechen war the suspected killer is a 49 year old russian currently in custody moscow denies any involvement in the killing. the investigation is underway in germany we don't have anything to say because we don't possess any information relation of this incident have to the russian authorities these are absolutely groundless assumptions. germany's interior
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minister. told reporters the investigation was ongoing. in germany there was a criminal process that deals with this kind of thing and in the case of a crime of this magnitude and with this background i can only thank the attorney general that he has taken it on that say something about the significance of this crime including his political background the. users. with moscow still refusing to cooperate in the investigation criticism of russia and the west is getting louder. i'm joined now by our correspondents political correspondents here in berlin and with the show and. respondent in moscow. to both of you let me start with you kids are fed bits of information has emerged overnight tell us why does blood and believe that russia is involved in this assassination where this all comes off the back of the decision by the prosecution
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the federal prosecution to take on this case and these often cases where the prosecution consider the crime to be a crime against the states and german prosecution so if so far said that they have sufficient evidence to indicate that this killing was indeed carried out by russia or chechnya and if you look at some of the circumstances surrounding both the suspected perpetrator and the victim there are already some indicators that this may be the case the suspected perpetrator was a 49 year old russian national he's now currently in custody and he had actually already previously being wanted in in a separate killing in russia which was a very similar case the victim that was also killed in a very similar way someone cycled by him on a bike and shot him and then if we look as well at the victim he was actually an asylum seeker of chechen descent and even the german prosecution have said that he
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has been that he had been persecuted as someone who was against russia and even since since leaving and coming to try and seek asylum here in germany we actually spoke to his wife is ex-wife sorry earlier this year and she said that there had been several attempts against his life which is why they fled here in the 1st place and that they would have been told someday it would lead to something like this and of course as we know now that it did indeed result in his death and that he turning to russia of course categorically denies any involvement in this giving this been of a strong reaction the russian ambassador here in britain since they real be consequence is what might they be. well we still don't know the russian side seems to be taking its time with the response usually in cases like this russia's strategy is to respond with a kind of tit for tat response we saw that for example in one precedent last year
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in the case of the poisoning of sergei screen fall in the u.k. which in a way was a similar attempted murder in this case and in that case the u.k. expelled $23.00 diplomats and russia responded in kind so we may see some something like that one russian parliamentarian yesterday was talking about that being a reasonable response but i think we could also see a perhaps a more careful response when it comes to germany from the russian side after all the relations between the 2 countries have traditionally been close. get into you know what does this incident mean for relations between the 2 countries is dependent on russia with seems like it's got supplies exactly what it doesn't come at a great time anyway and there will be a lot of things issues to consider particularly when it comes to how germany takes 6 its next step particularly if prosecutors do find yet more indicators at least that russia might be behind this killing so the fact that germany has already
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expelled 2 russian diplomats say something about the stance that germany is taking towards russia which as i mentioned germany has always been relatively close to russia but there have been calls within the government particularly from conservative parties to make these these connections closer between germany and russia as well but as you mentioned we currently see in the construction of the north. into gas pipeline which is being built under the baltics which would see germany realign extremely heavily more so even the now on russia for gas now until now i'm glad merkel has tried to make sure that this project is being very much an economic projects despite some of the concerns in the baltic states about which how that could be instrumental ised by russia so of course that could still potentially be used as
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a geopolitical instrument depending on how this investigation develops but of course germany is still also a mediator in the talks which are set to take place next week in paris between russia ukraine and france and germany and those will be focusing on the u.k. ukraine piste and angela merkel's already said that she will be addressing putin president putin about this killing and to see it be interesting to then see like how this develops in the coming weeks right as you just mentioned medically and putin will set to meet on monday to discuss ukraine but could this new diplomatic tensions we own those talks. well russia certainly seems to not want these diplomatic tensions to weigh on those talks they are very important this is the 1st meeting between the ukrainian president and the russian president these are the 1st talks in the normandy format so about peace in ukraine
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since 2016 and russia seems to be treading a bit more carefully than germany is even as kate said medical did mention this issue and that she would be addressing putin on monday about it potentially whereas putin yesterday in a press conference didn't mention it at all so the russian side seems to be being a bit more careful and the head of the international affairs committee in the russian parliament yesterday said that these this issue this merger would have no effect on russian german relations and no effect on those normandy talks. in most schools and. thank you both very much for your reporting. the news coming up next. with the resistor a village into it he where they use their own centuries old version of twitter unesco has added a bird language to its list of protected traditions. but 1st we
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go to the u.s. for legal experts have testified in a 2nd round of public hearings and the impeachment inquiry into president donald trump 3 of the 4 constitutional experts said trump did commit impeachable offense when he asked you created president to investigate political driver joe biden the group was called to testify before congress as top democrats lead the groundwork for formal charges the other legal experts called by the republicans defended tom but said the president had made mistakes so what other people who will vote in the 2020 presidential election say about the impeachment hearings to find out if you visited a town in virginia a state which president trump failed to win the 2016 election. blackstone is about a 3 hour drive south of washington and the impeachment hearings going on there the
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residents here are proud to say that part of the south. back was born runs a wholesale beverage company in blackstone the trump supporter says he's doing its best to keep up to speed on what's happening in the capital and he's definitely not happy about the hearings. i don't think americans want this to go on for days and weeks and weeks and this witness and that witness and it is just seems this millions of dollars being wasted and. we have so many issues national issues we need to solve this country and this system fatsis the family business man doesn't believe president trump did anything wrong with regard to ukraine. i think a lot of this is just good politics and good business you know where your money should go and you want to make sure the things you're doing right before you help somebody. around 4000 people lived in blackstone roughly half
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a white the other half were african-american the region is traditionally conservative but in the last congressional elections a democrat won the district. most african-americans we made on the street don't want to comment on the impeachment proceedings thomas tyler is an exception he says he'd rather see president trump's political fight decided at the ballot box next year we've got. to go 20 did this saddle so easy to keep them all replace. if you replace you get rid of the man to go with the country i. mean the people who voted for. him in a shop molly black occasionally chats with customers about the impeachment proceedings she says she doesn't personally follow the hearings she will remain a trump supporter reg out support said in washington. everybody has their pros and cots there's things that make a good president good and bad president bad but look at the economy now there's no
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reason no reason to kick him out no reason for the impeachment that's the street bob this is a good shout out a good great job with a figure of special counsel robert miller looking on the proprietors of a nearby bed and breakfast are hard work. they're democrats and i believe the impeachment hearings are justified but i don't think the results will play a role in the upcoming elections. we go to work for clinton it's the economy stupid and basically it sounds like it's going to be you know they're going to take a look real hard and she had the economy's going that would be the advantage to you know to the current administration. republicans and democrats and blacks don't seem to agree on this point they also agree that the united states is currently deeply divided but they differ on who's to blame. in other
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news at least 58 people died when a boat carrying refugees capsized off the coast of mauritania that's according to the international organization for migration it says the vessels departed from the gambia in late november heading for europe the i.o.m. says more than 80 people survived the wreck nicholas who did a mass animal sacrifice despite criticism from rights groups and the supreme court that it is cruel and stated the event is taught to the novices of its kind in the blood it takes place every 5 years and attracts devout hindus from across the region. the neil thought it was a mention of the 21st century the think again it turns out the dissidents in a village down the black sea coast of turkey have been happily treating and twittering hundreds if you have a listen. corey is a small turkish community with about $400.00 residents nestled in the mountains
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near the black sea its name means the village of birds and it's home to an age old bird language caught in bed accuses it to communicate with a neighbor from earth talked of earth top. further up the hill a neighbor joins the conversation. cowdenbeath big invites us over for tea several neighbors have come by and they all agree that modernity is to blame for the steady the minds of the bird language in their village. you need to be back in the day everyone could speak of our ancestors our grandparents for instance my father my mother my siblings they could all speak it now we've got telephones and the language is disappearing the young people say it seems rude to
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them when they whistle they don't learn the bird language they could but they don't because they are moving to the city. in some of the grandchildren come back to the village from the city for their holidays caught in tries to teach the boys the language but it's nearly impossible to do in just a few weeks. he. used to call our neighbors for help by whistling we didn't have to walk everywhere you could whistle from here and over there people would understand. the traditions of cusco he's teahen hazelnut farming community are gradually being lost that's why unesco has added the bird language to its protection program the villages hope to receive financial support and a founder to school for the language. some can whistle their 1st sounds from the 1st day onwards there is need about one
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or 2 weeks it takes about 2 months until they can whistle their 1st phrases it has to do with talent. evan is the great hope of the village. i'm just one of the few who are interested. the other could say the language is useless. but i believe it's very valuable. even though scientists believe the bird language is slowly going extinct interest in the tradition is increasing much further than turkeys on borders. and these days whistling is making a comeback across the valley of cory. take now a look at this this is in the friend city of leone way artists have fun creative ways
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to bring light into darkness. some spectacular installations on display at the annual festival of lights the star of the show one of these illuminated lanterns the imaginary creatures hovered above a nature themed installation featuring about $500.00 lights trees a total of 48 light installations one show with many projected on the historic architecture of the city. quite spectacular that was here most in need of news coming up next on news asia more than a 1000000 readers remain in detention in china despite the world being aware of their plight and why is nothing being done. and look if
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this means for one since it's lost its autonomy and was placed in locked up. all that and more coming up on news asia and remember you can always get more news and information on a web site www dot com i'm a retired senior thanks very much their company.
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sometimes doesn't and now be affectionately but as affectionately as you can. be continent in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled the power grab of the actually everything was precisely played instructional. featuring a top supporting role. to the freedom of russia. and
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featuring a lead role like you've never seen before. the last time here from a marriage to the ends justify the means. to james witnesses starts december 13th on g.w. . the power of sports. where i come from i never saw the sun where it could. have gone up in brazil the sun was always a man since the fortune his word for son is masculine when i move to germany as a 10 year old i want to continue until the end that would change how i see the world because in time on the side of this family can. see me now but the side of a goodness almost time in a funny tale instead of a deep voice next time i know the guy seems absolutely incredible i don't know why . how language shapes and thinking how definitions of fire not only man company
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made just but our whole perception of the role. does inside save my life and was one of the reasons i became a journalist i'm a storyteller and i use my words to help with intercultural understanding my name is only one way you can work to tell people. this is the wus a show coming up piles of evidence that you have to know from actually trying those plans to reprogram hold of a 1000000000 weeks of i'm not out in the open yet slick camps continue to function as peter best of community feels its response i'll speak to a german impedances germany hasn't stood up plus. for months since india stripped it of its political off tommy is pushed me back to normal to get tomatoes from.


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