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tv   Made in Germany  Deutsche Welle  December 6, 2019 4:30am-5:01am CET

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to the. discovery. subscribe. documentary to. spectacular job of lying about planets but when it comes to running out 24 hour a day cities manmade electric light is a must at
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a low cost and astronomical $100000000000.00 euros a year there are new times of lights and lasers. that have the potential to reduce those costs opening all sorts of new business opportunities let there be light it's something many of us take for granted but the more we'd light up our world the quicker we lose sight of others although as we just saw a large stretches of the earth's surface and now with a related old night long there are still many places that don't have electricity and can't afford it that doesn't have to mean being left in the dock he's next women have traveled from all over the world to india to learn how to build solar systems in half a year they'll return to their villages bearing the gift of light. god wanted me to go to india. when i arrived here i had one bad day i said to you.
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i'm doing this for my children. these 3 women had never traveled far from home before and now they're in india they've come to train a solar technicians. that come from mexico. came here. and indonesia. the program last 6 months and every school day begins with exercise that many of them don't do was sent by her village in kenya where they don't have any electricity. they're eagerly awaiting to reach. a light to my comment we all know that document is not the best way so bringing light to the community is a horn big achievement. at the moment after sunset in her village no one can sew all right and cursing fabric in the dark oh by candlelight can also
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be dangerous. during the course the women learn to install and repair solar panels and to build solar lighting equipment. the practice and practice until it's all routine. you mean it comes from west timor in indonesia. without light my children can't do their homework and when it gets dark they have to go to sleep when i get home we're going to have smaller amounts. of. time the teachers and. the you will believe in the military has been working here since 2003 teaching women from all over the world. to. electricity from the grid can go out any time where
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a solar electricity is reliable the sun god shines for everybody and doesn't care if you're rich or poor like me. if you can't pay your electricity bill power is cut off. but with solar lamps you buy them once and then you can relax. there is similar programs in africa. here they also sell solar lighting systems. as well as teaching women how to make money with solar energy. which they want to hear around the villages and make their living by selling the equipment. and i want how would. you know why you know what you know power for. 3 and a half 1000 so-called solar sisters sold almost a quarter of
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a 1000000 solar lamps spoke light to almost one and a half 1000000 people. on the course is isabel more humane as we'll head back home to mexico tensions have to work out how to use the new skills and knowledge she acquired in india place. i have no idea what i'll be able to earn now but what matters once that is that i've learnt so much. that the people at home will see that i can do good work. it's been quite a sacrifice to come here to learn something new and then i want my book. to close is financed by the indian government in the united nations and a number of businesses. graduate and head for home have plenty to tell their communities about their adventures in india. was you. well liked doesn't just allow you to
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continue working after the sun goes down the advent of l.e.d.s. has also washed it in a new age in a wide range of fields soon the market for high efficiency labs will hit a global $46000000000.00 and the world leader in the sector is philips developers of the dutch giant are now focusing on new applications in agriculture like bringing high tech farms into the heart of cities. the earth is home to 7750000000 people the majority live in cities green spaces are shrinking. how viable an option is. for example green houses lit by lamps even in buildings without sunlight. any daylight bulbs provide illumination by day and night and the plants compete harvested at any time of the year. ends up becoming standard lighting solutions in greenhouses they have long been undergoing
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testing here in the netherlands in the laboratory of a signify it's europe's biggest lighting manufacturer and a spinoff of dutch technology giant philips so far the company has equipped around $1000.00 greenhouses with lighting systems we have $4.00 inside so it's red it's blue it's white then it's already had a far and it's typically pretty are known to us because it's outside of our i sensed a particular. vertical indoor farming is a market with huge potential. and the l.e.d. lights help to guarantee predictable and controllable harvests. and so what you see over here is a dynamic light fixture that can change in color and by changing the color during the trial or just before the end of so just before harvesting we can for example influence the bricks fell you all for strawberry so that's the sweetness of the
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strawberry but also make it a little bit more hardy or let's say show that it's better to transport. the company can kill a to the particular light fixture its customers need and savings can be achieved by just using red and blue light which produces the magenta color here. the mix depends on the plants and the ambient light greenhouses in siberia for example has less sunlight than those in. spain. market is growing super fast and if you look at the different reports that are out in the market you see real trend that are becoming more interesting also it's not because they don't make money that companies like are growing fast in russia would by $25.00 factors and $25.00 factors it's around 400 kilometers of l.e.d. lights and that was the biggest project we did today. another customer that has
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bought the lighting systems is the dutch tomato farm which is in pater's it's greenhouses measure 16 hectares an area amounting to something like 20 soccer pitches. the crops are alumina to by magenta l.e.d. light from below and from above by high intensity high pressure sodium or h.p.'s lamps the company has invested millions the tomato vines grow to an amazing height of 6 metres the growers need lifts to reach the tops using the l.e.d. lights the company can achieve larger and more constant harvests than without the lighting. we have the positioning of the in the middle of the crop. research. must be about 80 centimeters to one metre. below the top of the plant because the top of the plant factored by. lightning and daylight. and one metre below the
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effect of the day. is gone. tomatoes are perishable they can be easily transported in container ships from far away countries. but they can be easily grown in greenhouses. thanks to the l.e.d. lights they can harvest more 20 tons per week even in the middle of winter. very sweet. but what's important is that the taste. stays in your mouth for a longer time so this not only the place is gone immediately. you get a certain bite of the tomato. of course lighting the plants all year around uses up
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lots of energy as does the heating via the pipes that run between the plants on the floor to generate it the company maintains a gas fired power plant and that highlights a major disadvantage of this kind of farming the energy cost of producing artificial sunlight outdoor farmers at the sun for free. in the 19th century gas land had still lit up our streets then thomas alva edison came up with the 1st commercially viable electric light bulb they didn't last that long logbooks show they only burn for 14 and a half hours the technology for producing light has come a long way since then. this is what lit up the 20th century the good old doesn't light bulb made by the big players and the industry. germany's. philips and the netherlands and g.e.
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and the us controlled 80 percent of the market later a competition emerged in the form of fluorescent tubes halogen lamps and other energy saving lighting devices since 2012 sales of conventional light bulbs have been phased out and the e.u. . and the leading light of the 21st century. the only d. short for light emitting diode it converts around 80 percent of the electricity it uses into light in contrast to incandescent light bulbs with just 5 percent efficiency. lasts longer than all previous models to supposedly up to $100000.00. and l.e.d.s. already have a market share of 50 percent. of homes of the future lights will be turned on and off focused via the internet. the light wherever whenever and in whatever color you want. or automated intelligently for
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efficient lighting and factories or businesses. but the problem is that if everyone thinks they're saving money with a fission lighting they'll use more of it wiping out the saving effect plants and animals will suffer from the loss of darkness light pollution will worsen new lighting technology is keeping the world permanently lit up for better or for worse . billions of people around the world are left in the dark when it comes to the internet many remote regions have no access to cable networks and setting up the infrastructure to get everybody. the online would be a mammoth task so why not think outside the box laces can reach anyway and they can transmit information at a much higher rate than traditional wires or even fiber optic broadband cables a german start up is already sending data and information around the globe by lays
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a big. the highly concentrated light beams can be used to transport information at extremely high speeds. my narrative is a munich based on top that has developed ground stations for wireless data transmission via laser beam. internet superhighway in the sky an estimated 3 to 4000000000 people around the globe still have no high speed internet access mine eric people in remote regions sending their data request from their device to a gram station operated by the company from there it's relayed fire laser light to the next link in the airplanes high altitude balloon and satellites after
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reaching the next relay point the request continues to question in whatever part of the world that may be and from there the laser returns the desired data movies for example. dispatch a great deal of communication the energy density is very high which is why free space optical communication works extremely long distances with very lightweight devices. such as google have already conducted successful tests. with the promise of high speed internet especially in areas that have no coverage plan would require. it with laser equipment and the. technology could come and.
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how exactly is. the data transferred as with any binary computer code a one stands for electrical signal own and is 0 for signal data is converted and then dispatched the laser works with the same principle of an active laser beam mains one while in action means 0 the connectivity provided here is 10 gigabits per 2nd in 4 seconds that's an entire feature film. makers expect the technology to work in outer space too with satellites distributing the laser light that currently testing components for their space wedding us here want to. hear the team of testing a rocket that will transport and mine aren't laser into outer space. your 1st. of course we try to qualify commercial components for this area of deployment and that
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means finding out whether commercial automotive parts are also seems. and that could lead to cost cutting. costs and saying. that this new means of transmission faces low tech barriers that slow it down such as clouds which lasers are unable to penetrate so on that front the team that mine eric is still waiting for the big breakthrough. with current technology reabsorption is simply too great and there are other options from on the for example cloud cover diversity where you look for a ground station that is excessive bill and then have the laser sent past the bad weather when. my marriage hopes that within a year telecoms companies will start setting up online networks about the clouds that use of technology and 5 or 10 years from now perhaps there really will be high speed internet access for all. what about getting through life without
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light or without the sense of sight just getting to work would be a challenge but in germany only a quarter of all blind people find jobs. and i met 3 women who can't see. a spy that they've managed to overcome employer prejudices themselves out successful careers. let me know when it starts to hurt. can you still speak. and grieve. period i have retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic disorder and causes tunnel vision my eyesight was quite good until i was 30 or 35 i could still ride my bike. on the far. right most of my patients don't even know. when i tell them i'm legally blind they say they don't believe me. that was
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a quick. one can verify you can cover up a lot you become a champion in covering it up of course i have trained my coworkers to never put things in the wrong place. i get so mad if i have to spend hours hunting for something if i reach for it and it's not where it's meant to be and i have to start looking for it. my parents always supported me they never said you won't be able to do that if it weren't for my eye problems i'd never of met my husband i've always liked to play soccer. i signed up for a soccer workshop for the visually impaired here in berlin and the man who organized it became my husband i still go there and play with my son with a rattle. but lynn is very noisy very crowded and people just a leech other a lot it's
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a challenge. i see light in dark and contours here in this hall i can make out the windows and the round lamps that look like bright patches. so i can orient myself quite well. i locate the steps with my stick. i know the courthouse building very well with all its corridors and corners. sighted people often get lost here and can't find their way out without help. when i was 11 i once went to a lawyers office was amazing so it was clear that i would study law. the figure of justice is always depicted with a blindfold in my case given that i can't see i don't judge people by their exterior because i can't that also means i don't get distracted and remain focused on what people tell me. but that's isn't mean i'm entirely free
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of preconceptions they're just a bit different blind people might not like the sound of someone's voice or the way they shake your hand. i'm not a living light detector but i am pretty sensitive to what people are telling me whether it's true or whether they're lying. i'm thinking if you can't imagine a blind person can climb a flight of stands you won't believe that the visually impaired person can hold their own in the workplace. i've been blind since birth but when i say i'm on my way to work people ask if i'm going to a workshop for the blind they should be asking where do you work that just goes to show how many preconceptions there still are in the.
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braille display is mainly for corrections. but for the most part i use the voice synthesizer to check if a word is written wrong. that's called leak. guy do you. there's a gap. right this is corrina you can read braille already. in the digital world technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time there are some websites we can use easily but far too many are not accessible. going just coming. in on the app will tell me. upfront. what it. is it just starts to get the bus is just arriving will never
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just stand but that can be recognized by the app. and it says the next one is delayed coming in 10 minutes it doesn't show the one that's just come in so i got on the. style of in town because there's good public transport that lets me get around. that if self driving cars ever become available and i can afford one i might consider moving to the country. 3 set us one cuz you're rolling over your. lights out and off to bed it's not as easy as that for some people accounting cheap to get to sleep well if you hold off you hit the town and he's clearly not alone in that sometimes it feels like the whole city has insomnia so what's his advice make the most of your nights.
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i just con sleep it's like this night after night and you constantly be there. the whole city is awake so many restless so during the streets lost in thought. well since we awake anyway we might as well hit the town into the night life into the light.
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sleepless in bil'in can be lots of fun the lights the collars the atmosphere late at night it's inspiring better than counting sheep. for a test excites i had a fabulous night just thinking on. he slept through it. drop most can't sleep burn your bad just go with that. plan it grows around 2 percent brighter every year doesn't sound like much but do
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the math if things continue at that pace then by the age 2050 will be emitting 50 percent more light leave it up to you just side whether that's a good or bad thing time to turn out the lights in the studio here thanks for joining us and made you say.
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the point is strong opinions clear positions international perspectives. nato leaders of this week be meeting in london to mark the 70th anniversary of an organization that likes to see itself as the most successful military alliance in history but how deep are the rifts within the alliance find out on to the point
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short of that. in 30 minutes on g.w. . a lot of my tragedy was one of the biggest pharmaceutical scandals in history when she was born in this just deadly silence finally listened to the problem. and now i am suing. the drug solidified is still used today even though it cost more than $10000.00 children to be born with birth defects it's a nightmare without end. in a 75 minutes on d w. shock and awe of things this is the new ball speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concerts with phil mistress guests.
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knocking sounds. and then incredible location. tonight groups. on t.w. . the big bang that created today's world. trying to. destroy the true influence in politics business the folks in iran beat up people of the islamic revolution under undertow humaira he had always dreamt of a stake in the shed he had all which. opens up making its initial flirtation its capitalism. strikes in states of emergency britain sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in cabbage them to cada and they will was it
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the stores of neoliberalism. chunk of the 2nd business poland hence the full threatens the old order. this could be the end of communism that their. life crisis and. the start of an era that defines our lives today. 979 the big bang that created today's cuts december 23rd t.w. . this is day doubly news and these are our top stories. the speaker of the u.s. house of representatives nancy pelosi has announced that the house will draft articles of impeachment against president trump speaker pelosi said the president abused his office over his dealings with ukraine. protesters have clashed with
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police in paris during france's biggest strike in decades hundreds of thousands of public sector workers ended up the president pension reform plans.


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