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tv   Night Grooves  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2019 1:15pm-2:00pm CET

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it watching the news from berlin coming up next night group so stick stick around for that if you can and remember you can always follow us on twitter at c w news and there is one news on our website that's w dot com i knew people mckinnon in that and thanks so much for watching. welcome to the butt is the game here for d.w.i. . we have plenty to talk about such as coverage. sorry for. the we have. let's have a look at some of the government believes so you don't want to. thank w. . come to host make you can look over to our
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legendary guests. and 1st guest she's a german music icon and she brought peace a little peace to the world who raped 2 perfect bodies performing perfect pop music to drive us with inulin would do well to write said frank are bald to a cold thank you thank her. thank you tell. me what. my. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. god. but i didn't 100
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i asked to sing it again and set the worst that i had in that was the time you won't enjoy. the fun yes of life. when we went through the roof because we much in the streets originally all divide us the village as it and that's the fun not a full of the shot inside. of it was very peculiar because we're working in a gym yet and we're playing in some small clubs and then literally after a thing ought to be the top of the pope who's not yeah i opened my door just to start in the door of the robot to get out because of the string and there were hundreds of people outside of our house and stuff so that was bizarre of a 2nd is to you must that if it is tina you. yes move it out of positrons yeah ok if i can tell you i'm just not good i don't have to get up there and odessa is it kind of you have ganesh magellan back and you see good food he finished a pig is story i myself hope of you as innocent and i stick out so yes
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finish as you have to on the dust on top of that it started popping as an up to the bottom of the lake just like us and i guess you know it was to not be that about 5 to the ocean stoss have to shoot at staff confused i think pressure on you could have gotten stopped about half the shit that happens if you give us a call it's going to help you out i know you know we didn't know really know what we would welcome you back before that and we session for the people i played guitar for bob dylan richard played bass with david bowie so what were some of the people but you never felt for we haven't felt famous not really but does have music and fitness trainer yes and witty and waiting tables back then is like calling for bands to have musicians have 23 jobs i would also play clubs that you go on the road and you'd work up a town coming out dance song i'm too sexy yes yes. in one the not too is all well and then damage right in the eye if i see the shiny as a sexy and it seems to be
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a novel for life just about people buttons ones on sex well we've tried calling asif ali zardari right exactly and this is how well he got into this i didn't use the song stuff yes you know now i should tell guys thank you i do. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank. you sexy for my love too sexy for my love loves going to leave. my shoe. so let's say. the sexy. sexy for. your. 2 sex. slave. played.
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a real. goal am to say. the. play play a. good place to. play play. play. like. michael sexy. sexy. too sexy for my. playing.
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play. play. play play play play. play play play play play play play play play play live. thank. you. i am not your model has is just so far this is the fans in but it would obviously yes you know 1 you like me i was not i didn't sit out oh no health a healthy. adam how many thought i had my very soul one copy to 17000000 people yes
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i have to go screaming about that i have all of cats i instant was august last fall from on monday not even something that i want to hold your hand so yes. yes sure that this was yeah the song we did it was ok yes sure it's not because i'm too sexy is not. enough good chemistry to be nice i'm coming up to go fast. it was difficult because the the schedule was inciting so when protecting america and in america they they it is an industry being famous is different to europe putting in the bank is they turn into an industry of itself yeah so we have to do it was all the stuff crazy thing you see where people running you know how the hotels would love a blankets and a news and just drug running away from people and you know you can go to a restaurant because everybody went insane and for me said i don't smell it i know some of us who were what we can now where we didn't like it when we did you know like a little and i was also you go to the gym you can't you can't have
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a cup of coffee it just drive us inside of that get us time to math because off understand and i use jim luther and the line of duty law to. know what we've got with the gym we used to manage we we could go on we had kings we could train the way we want to so we do that when with soaring we had it written into our contracts we have to talk to trade yes so we had that but in america it was american was just particularly insane it was just. we wish to fly every day into a night every day we did that for 18 months it was about you had the dumbest that's not the most is that a finance you end up kind of caught him no no record comes when touch it we went back then used to have a cassette and there and they were like 40 record companies or maybe more common and so you went you had food you know you big public sets and he literally went to the record company and they all said go away that often takes it on when i'm to 60
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. we wrote the lyrics because we were working in a basement and it was very hot and we had originally on 2 sexy is based on which is baseline which is. that i just said that that was which was baselines despite his advice for so we had this going around and around and we were trying to write another melody instead of on top of the bass line and of them it was very hot so which at the end was it we i think we were just strong commitments on writing the material and he took a sheriff's office i was singing i'm too sexy for my shirt with the melody of the bass and we suddenly went that is a good idea just because of for placement us image in the midst of it yeah you have got a man that's got. oh i think i'll just take it and actually tries it i suppose. you
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. know if you want to thank you thank you very much. for your advice miles think of the 4 visits here the message my whole song busy all climb on one day it's wish to be cut up on the ditzes ing and imagining songs and tavia pissed off missing the thanks i mean as i was and i think it's all good tonight thank you thank you thank you very much. thank you. and i'm looking for the tall 1st song not least because my charming colleague stefan the way join you it's called made deal for life nicole featuring stephanie. i've.
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never met. i'm still up. there and a mum. mum mum a little bird is a. little. fish gatland mum loves her slow to believe that. the good ol i'm going to. elope but i am going to be. looking to let. me play a little. bit of. the mummy. mummy. mummy. something a little. look a little bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
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bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla elite on this. planet plumber lay our luck please please. please. mum plug plug plug plug plug. plug. plug plug the am not ill be politically mother look.
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a little. remember how do you get a good job out of much of what doesn't have to just go hope to sudan's even hand up may join in founding to show on the damage its forces took to put in big chunks us in. a fashion i'd seen on the fan tyson. and
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flapped at the dust off to me and not to capitol hill a gruesome woman at least has asked on human d.z. interest to my not going to have to on been an issue passion was a college of almost gets the teacher's essam i need i want to tell her i think it's been i'm going it. right it is a bit of the slimy hair gets going against the end of our money you can be the whole of a lot of this one in a helicopter don't that's fine advantage and once was all normal value of you does attack by divorce boosters do too much of it as doing home pete as the daughter of invaders that's a condition i'm talking i am in love and my in and out and have ok but he's pulled ahead to good to put stuff to could see. we stand to be using him on it but instead says he so often clouston yeah ducting finish wow this is the fuck yeah this just focus wasn't yes to tyson because i had to stop all this and i'm still.
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well that's sort of vince yup yellow for us out of an ox. in the. baltic it often big so buno and divided let's let's talk in america let's the land or and we would go on and. off and didn't. the sense of mina went out like me so and a 100 couples got to live in a city or on the hunt for a good benefit as abiathar alex popov but i'm pretty split produce to do that i don't get it with me feeling into one kind of money loving responsive sure or and. doctors was a one to clean up after going to. war and yet it happens all the emission lines or . get drunk on the top me believe it was prince yet yet smith me of then then it's given. us to sort of evolved or just be would have had one voter that sucked it
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hotter have started to me. a spinster than it or. even a. draft and. yeah oh you set it up that admitting that the bank doesn't copy or distinguish these things or this so these are hard copies my main issue i'm so going to document that i'm going to shock exposing the discipline was far greater than the point i'm not going to consume again vital of a dying coming years all of us to which bank at the top it's just finished he's inviting begun it's your 2nd life and it's diversified. with us and he and i see the matter as you do have in fact in the back talk about some of our. tradition there beyond last attack on of your normal garden. an additional 211 months when that happened in the lines absolutely mine is but a town when i came to it it's an article and it provided
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a number of reasons it's my go. one is going to do overs on giving without going is what i meant mocking or going on with the plot science others have a listen but laugh. often and longer are dead talk 7 are too late as one for the other of us finish not feel to go into additional light is to tart soften and do some starches michonne. both pulled because that's what in a sense of soon nothing so bad as a smear all. that's going to get you in the cans when she's the one about a little. infant is what you usually deal not 11 or so to dog food inside garden and distance means you know things a little piece in english language so. the it is a split for me is that sort of and imho commitment of action to t'other of and station to turn off when you most like. ours made its wooden sits an obscene one to divert the working condition clique or dines it's these new didn't move out of new
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visa after now i knew her and give up on him fast and under hunt when klaus near to use it i mean wouldn't it. and this should be stuck to my smith me it's a time to steal someone that you suspect management gunson you need to focus. on is sit on titan him the demo by the act. would be awesome we have you know that he yes we don't want to represent you can do good in the river. yet we're sensitive also you have to i think yeah i think nicole did the right thing you have to win yes absolutely have to win providing represent in britain in the in the universal song contest is just you know and when i think when nicole did it it was less political it's much more political now young of i think the cup that it was with yes yes yes yes very fortunate to have out there on my. concrete and i went of
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course still. and yeah exactly and feels like 6 in a pool and. and in takaka faulkland clique. oh my god i'm complimenting the. politics might evolve that is a stevenson confab of fact by 6 minutes. that's most elementary off to a very good moment. and that's the at least i feel anger or contamination in the months when eating habits are for you know the sense of us looked at smoke and you don't use it as i have often found you have to cover my funny casting often steria act in my love that's what i've been as you know what this young oh yes correct view i saw i should like cast it up you know she always a lot of you also falls short shorts laughs if you click does that many others of a loose thing. it some it's well that look very clear it was a good it's
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a good story isn't it i like the idea of somebody you know a woman who no matter how bad things get it knows the truth about everything and laughs inside i like the lyrics to quite serious yeah and that's why we did it because it was like this could be like the lyric 100 and this one florist if i said as in us. talking about lack of attack i'll definitely could tell you fredricka it was all a good title damn it i wish them to either. and you know how i'm feeling it's on you're going to go out. yeah right that's people like him so much like he did not. good at 1st as to that. afterwards from memory or said to me for school yes. but a bit of paper. for the results of course. we're all
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a laugh. for all our laws. or power. or how it's done or are. your wife left right carlos or our. old house. or her own house. thank you thank you thank you thank you god help consumer thank you the bridge is really strong the bridge is really good yes it is what i want him up to and how did we all like a company with it so many well yeah we did we won some time because we we thought like rick was very much stuff. so we we have been on the brief to say you know been working because we got a lot anyway we got a phone call from a publisher and he said oh this is so lucky to record so he sent it to us and he
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was referring to the more you know we'll receive one of those anyway the river which is a bass baritone so we had the same player on the can we played around with the lyrics and then and then we did then we could especially. bob record company were actually cool yet that this whole thing i must mention now with talk of the east and we like them because can tell him stand out so we it's there's no reason for that is just there to tell somebody that yes i did i mean i'll be back i should say that the ship i saw or otherwise will get into yes but we enter. other poems she can go you know if you know and. that's almost enough for a little follow up for. myself and go make it up as we go but if you think.
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this is some cool stand up yet she wrote the song after 911 coups when something bad happens you don't find a movie star you found the ambulance people and the fire department of thing else but then stand up became a football song so it's most people came into contact with the song as a consequence of hearing it at a football match and it does not mean. the .
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whole. mess. is the. way they should. count. play the play. play play play play play play play. live we haven't finished a live
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mold play to. go live a play go play live live live. live
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our lives. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you. thank you. very much i think this is the infant i suppose you can pluck the stand. up for that
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thank you for asking i'm actually only 190 no no i just have a lot while remaining money. and. stuff that i saw trying to tell me i started playing bass that i hear later from the advice but it's under fantastic conducts and not the 12 top 12 this week i talked to talon i was i split i said i'm a good but nothing to new thought that said of course that i don't flash. yes we have had fights i always win yeah but that's. just i'm back to work depends if we're touring and we're tired we argue about we'll spend 10 because you're tired but we have we had a physical fight once in the in the lift in munich vavi yes and when we were very we got put on this ridiculous boy band so i won't mention other bands but it was really stupid of the promoter the proposal is thing and it wasn't like we didn't fit it it was victor so we were both quite looping drinking with bad temper so we
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started to argue and then we just start hitting each other and then and it was really funny because what we as a lift door were open open they saw these 2 pulled books and people saw the thread we're going to ask you once if you and i have come to lie to what i think he i mean i did i give him the only way for the next morning i think what exactly. did he have this is legal in intelligent you by the stand man that mansion is about it's gonna snow now they estimate up by yeah it's off to get that to loose by. mark's only gonna walk a line of what totem of. extended cars are sucked. out of it and out there we have cliques to question until tonight a kind of. god i will come up and i thought i saw him. you know. even then you wouldn't leave. asking to see his
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consent in front of pamela. thank. you as a man has a gun i have a live at midnight yeah and i mean ole. man and woman who's. with. it that's your job. i'm going to say that's a lot to get out because i think that's young and i was in business and there can don't fall into the distinct understanding and i did miss it susan yeah. you can fish and i feel so happy but it's kind. of my. foot question tex this is a character how did. he got it and i didn't come up. us yes yeah. i think so have we if i don't think you have
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a view out there we have no no never read. about it we had nothing really you know but i guess it's not exactly true yeah i very well i agree with the cole the red carpet thing and the fame thing you know i mean of some years ago there was a big premiere in london and we were invited that's why we want to go for it and i had to get drunk that was where we were under we just had to get drunk and we met the transvaal to run through those are a few of those and they put radiata but it's just it's nonsense actually you just mean the way the camera wave and what is that weighs your size you know is it to prove you got a hand. i'm going to ask because i have a habit of some i found out that if i wait with my feet. either you have to offer the cream just. right off. the mug you know all the him nothing against the queen yes not on that note no a lot according yeah i'm not. sure how we have made it from to create i have that
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secret will you find out she got the name of the band wrong yes how does an example how do you know it's actually to hold we have a we must you know off the auto she doesn't do that then to say that i did that she had been a teacher and you were quite shocked at oh it would be a. lot of the show we everybody only get hauled off to stand in line with him he walks up the line outing and any hope there's a guy walking with her because she doesn't know who anybody who doesn't have to know that it does have that this guy's whispering as actually and he whispered in her into her right from what was it right fred said yes that i'm sure they're right all right yeah right yeah you know so you know right right princella so he said yes are you promise she said yeah well that's a that's a very good impression by the way at all you know brothers and then we said yes that's what mom says and as a joke yeah and she would noodle on that under god and i would want. well she has been told and she's fantastic you know yelling at the cop told in lard today need
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us for speed as you are you always think i'm done concentrating easy stuff to show us we do we do if they shoot us with a gun we know it's not a good song i might have had. a lot of other than that i said you have a nose and we don't really do we know we don't know sometimes sometimes i play stuff i just play stuff my wife occasionally yeah sometimes depends on the sort of song it is. that's all that we normally we just wait to play it life yeah it's good that that is and then within 20 seconds even less in q what's your defense and you're right you've either got more you haven't yet and then you know where that doesn't work. but when we 1st came to germany because i'm too sexy was a big hit all over the world so our record company sent to germany assuming launcher sexy would be a big hit in germany so i went to the status hotel in berlin was i think i'm buggered and the phone didn't ring once you not once so went back to the u.k. nobody in germany got it yeah yeah as we when we 1st played over here has been like
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the u.k. people just look to us like this what are you doing you know and we're like that ok sorry. but you know you just it just actually stay rolled very quickly some songs to go make it went very quick the minute we started playing that we knew that was it yeah so you depends on the show because the same thing some songs in step with the audience a lot of times it's a bit slower and pensions ovi at least by and as it's a minute really sets the sunni going to get officers on to sing one song so fossil i don't think it's a complex internet so not yeah fastball sort of it's have all their tools to. fuck yeah our shot ok let's give us a stew you know there's somebody other than either not all of them yeah but you know. just visiting it's the muslim ones with a song. and. i think an engine is one that a little oven but you know you know if you don't understand it oh. 6 6 6 6
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2 2 2 6 2 no i'm. not. going to make the freudian. and i didn't do. the kind of cool. to dismiss showing my machine which. comes. with to this was a good living these things well served to come out we told the. kids she. believed. the leak was leaking gently drinking oh i'm willing to believe really believe me since her
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standing up to my religious belief and it would be elitist and felt with the. tool was too late with me is a sadness police told me there are legal cravings for my girls getting me. so i still don't forget that kid is that. c.e.o. in this mess they're getting it done but little by the cut her 6 out say just before that it's a. little over the weekend to lose the. whole leverage league maybe this money is. standings closely you know you'll. be pleased.
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to see that this was the old that. was only the old things related to playing in the sumo literally the. oh of the people from the chorus thank you thank you thank you. thank you. for the the support stuff from that us off of a song. so i'm just saying he was
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making when we pointed that very well you know it's hard to residents or you don't want to put anything on isn't it really but what was the reason i says no political course spoke we lived in new york is a comment yeah we have to look at the end of the eighty's and it was very had to stick the whole thing was shoulder pads and and use it to the super model and so the lyric a sexy of making fun of that but it's it's not because we're sore social but now it's particularly hard to write it in a song and make it a good song the same time the genius of bob dylan is that he made a play in the way in the political song but it's a brilliant sum to a lot of people right political songs to the political but they're not great songs and that but it takes it takes a genius like bob dylan i think to put those 2 things together and make it work but it's got to be a good song before it has a message up to full time whatever limit what you have no matter how you want to try to psych. and i you know i find that extreme few the few is that this is party
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. claims the only place you can't judge and i know that's how to how it. i grew to know you i don't hog and he does yeah yeah. but this is i guess i'm so proud of as a hit man when you're the one i like more. high and all i suppose you're dirty yeah event event that is your lead slugs and i shan't live or die short of going to sticks i don't think so is it your mitts i don't like i said i know cool motion and bust steve and i go into lessons i thought yeah right you said you could buy some good or bad oh oh. we do think about it from thompson tag we do think yeah i think that's wise person to think about it but not as president there's nothing to do the thing you can really do about it and i don't want that winds probably look at club records not yet very uncommon even as i'm in this not as a 4 to fist fight so yeah this thing flicked on some some foot off was i mean i'm not going to talk ok. that's
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a sold out for someone because i was i think of the contest issue for tools he had to mcconnell fidelity money to spend down to maybe not as i also stars of all not one it's not the melanie c. yeah i got on understand what i knew then could just tell you a lot about the wrong reasons and some sexy stuff. ok then i was a big hemispherical. looking at what you have spent midi. yeah. yeah. and like i was adopting if you know what you. have been to blame here are right said fred with our ultimate solution for peace don't tell us which killed 3. was.
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really. gone.
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gone. legislate . play play play leg length. leg. length
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ok length thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you want to thank. you both live. live.
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every year at christmas time european celebrate with meals subline looking at each country's yuletide tradition this season 0 max mission. in our series christmas fair this time germany for the traditional roast goose pensions are bad. for. your old. 13. w. . the crew to today's world. 1979. the slogan turning point in politics business and lose oddly run the people of the islamic revolution. in terms of making its initial flirtation closer strikes in states of emergencies
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such things into chaos from who joins the 2nd to split in terms of the people threatens the old order. the large car suspended. the start of the narrow defines overmanaged. 979 the big coup today since december 23rd to double. the number of the. lead. blocker. this is the delhi news ally of the from but in
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a standoff in france trying to lose face more destruction through the weekend as trade unions found to carry on that strikes over planned petrol a full discussion but the government insists it will not back down we'll get the latest from paris also coming up and bushfires all burning out of control in australia several have combined to form a mega fire if it means shrouding the country's largest city in a cloud the top 6 might but if i just say this is too vague to put out.


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