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yeah. that's all that. i might show. you post. this is news coming to you live from berlin. in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely also coming up more than 13000 dead and a 1000000 displaced our correspondent goes to the front lines of the conflict in ukraine as russian and ukrainian leaders prepared to meet for the 1st time to talk
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about ending the fine. also russian swimmers and all the countries face a 4 year international but other world anti-doping agency will decide today whether more state sponsored cheating boren sabbat that includes to the olympic games. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us in new zealand at least 5 people have been killed in a bowl cannick eruption on white island a popular tourist destination police say a number of people have been injured and more fatalities are likely they say it's currently too dangerous to carry out rescue operations around 50 people are believed to have been on the island at the time of the eruption new zealand's prime minister to send our duren has said foreign tourists were among.
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well for the very latest now let's cross over to journalist caruso who is standing by for us in auckland new zealand chris a authorities now say 5 people are confirmed dead in this direction is everyone there accounted for. terry unfortunately the number is likely to go up still as to dozen people are still unaccounted for on white island new zealand's most active volcano erupted on monday afternoon local time 5 people are now confirmed dead 23 have been rescued including the 5 people killed and at least 20 of those rescued were injured 7 critically with burns being the main injury prime minister just into arguments that there were a number of tourists on or around the island at the time of the explosion including new zealanders and now people from overseas police in their latest press conference announced that those that are of
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a range of nationalities without providing for their details at this point the island itself the coverage and national kind of material and the authorities are taking cues from experts that determine when the search and rescue team can safely access the island ferry so this is still an active volcano how are the rescue services coping with the situation so. well new zealand police are continuing to work with the national emergency management agency to look for search and rescue operation but currently they cannot access the island it is deemed too dangerous to do so they confirm also that there is no communication with anyone still on the island and now a no fly zone has been established were there any warnings saw a bell this before it happened any signs that this volcano was about to erupt. well and it was reported that the gas output and volcanic tremor levels on the
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island at the highest level since 2016 possibly suggesting that the volcano was entering a period where an option was more likely. a member of the press asked the prime minister on why there are still tourists within the area prime minister said there will be time for questions about how it was for people to be on white island on the high alert level but at this moment the focus needs to be on the search and rescue operation person thank you very much for bringing us up to date that was journalist corrosive paramita there in auckland new zealand now to some of the other stories making news around the world today global arms sales totaled 420000000000 dollars and 2018 a 5 percent year on year increase according to a report from the stockholm international peace research institute u.s. firms accounted for well over half of all weapons sold but chinese manufacturers
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were not included in the report due to a lack of data. police in india have a rest of the owner and manager of a factory destroyed in a blaze that killed 43 people the fire of the company broke out early on sunday as workers were sleeping inside it's believed the fire was caused by an electrical fault. and finland is likely to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old son a marine has been nominated by the social democrats who lead the 5 party coalition government parliament is likely to confirm her as the new head of government in the coming days. the leaders of ukraine and russia are meeting in paris today to talk about the conflict in eastern ukraine is the 1st time that lattimer putin and selenski have met and it's the 1st time in 3 years that talks focusing on ending the war there have been held the meeting will be brokered by french president manuel mckown and german chancellor angela merkel. the conflict began in 2014 and
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has killed more than 13000 people and displaced more than a 1000000 the worst fighting has been in the region where our correspondent nick connelly sent us this report. close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists facing them the whole night without a single shot i don't remember a day like that maybe on the 1st night of the cease fire it's a strange and there's no fi at all you get all nervous we're used to the shooting at us and. the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the death continues less than a 10 minute drive away a young woman out walking with a child was severely wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his 2nd year cadet school when the conflict broke out when he unrolled he could hardly have imagined that he would soon find himself by 1000 kilometers from home fighting
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a trench war the. tide of the war has parents wives warrant about them back home but if the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as no opponent just the same but then there's retorted. but off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists and the cost of many lives. president selenski government is convinced that only a buffer zone between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on buses part of ukraine. i don't understand what madeleine mccann want to do selenski
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and putin should sit down together drink some thought get together and put all this behind them. it's a bubble theory. that we need a united ukraine and we need an end to all this. so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore at the doors which implore her. but if you cranes biggest cities it's less than half an hour's drive down the road behind me we can't go there the pro russian separatists in control of the city aware e of the foreign press presence alinsky was elected earlier this year on a promise to bring down your back to ukrainian government control that's what this meeting in paris is all about. back in the front line it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future. of the. movie i'm not interested in this
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normandy summit what will happen will happen. this war needs to and i've lost so many comrades already. but they're giving the other side making peace and that's going to be tough. repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the minds of grenades the litter this landscape it's about the war in people's heads. well earlier we spoke to leon affix international affairs director at the chroma foundation she told us why this meeting with president putin is so important for ukraine's blog amir selenski to get right. it is very important and old so he wanted an aliyah summit he wanted summit only in september so it has been the russian side which has postponed the summit for the 9th give us a very important it takes place before the end of this this is part of this company also back home he's facing anti-government protests protests for the 1st time this is not because they demand they demand peace from selenski absolutely but also
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because the koreans are afraid of a capitulation that selenski since he is an inexperienced politicizing or make too many concessions to the russian side pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have called for strikes across the territory the call comes a day after protesters staged their biggest anti-government rally in months organizers say 800000 joined the march on sunday called to mark 6 months since the start of mass demonstrations calling for more autonomy what is t w charlotte chosen field reports many are too scared to take part in the protests instead they're setting up inventive ways to support those who've lost 'd jobs or family support because of their involvement in the demonstrations. faces he didn't know cation can see and only then with these hong kong entrepreneur has agreed to be found they've set up an online shopping service which that puts the
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pro-democracy movement which employs protesters who've been arrested ok to out of their homes that pot in the demonstrations we want to prove by. for the teenagers and everyone involved in this movement and it should be proud of what they're doing and we are probably and will support them with a career despite being a world away from the front lines initiatives like this one in fear the founders all volunteers say being identified could jeopardize their careers perhaps even their safety but with a new born son caleb says getting caught up in violent protests isn't an option. personally i don't have the courage to go here from the fight with them so i fall back into a backup role and we started to come in and let them know that they're not left behind and the hong kong people are supporting them. with this scheme caleb as
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among the growing ranks of hong kong is finding inventive ways to support the pro-democracy cause. when you picture the hong kong protests warehouses like this one won't be the 1st thing that springs to mind but it's far from the front lines behind the scenes initiatives like this one that are quietly collectively sustaining this movement caleb says he hopes one day he and his team won't have to hide their identities and will feel safe to proudly admit the role they've played the world anti-doping agency water is to decide whether to ban russian athletes from international competition for 4 years including the next 2 olympic games a key committee recommended the ban saying there had been what it called stunning deception to conceal doping. tokyo 2020 was supposed to be the final
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highlight of anastacio 50 corvette's korea but now russia could be excluded from the games and a swimmer feels cheated by her compassion as you look at the sun and i it's one thing not to qualify because you know well prepared you've made mistakes but it's quite another thing when it's because you're punished for other people's mistakes so yes that would be very disappointing but i hope everything will be fine. but things don't look like they will be fine as they stand the executive committee of the world anti-doping agency wada led by outgoing president craig reedie looks likely to implement the ban recommended by their panel of experts which would exclude russia from international sporting competitions for 4 years if that happens the elim pick committee would be forced to follow suit. if there is a decision being issued according to the. tour
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the world. quote. it's a mandatory for the i.o.c. but what exact shape the measure would take is yet to be decided some athletes are calling for a tough sanction in the form of a blanket ban on russian participation but the i.o.c. has said it would be willing to allow russian athletes who can prove that they're clean to compete under a neutral flag in that case hopefuls like anastacio might not be able to represent their country but they could still take part at the games. and finally the children's t.v. show sesame street is in mourning after the man behind big bird died at age 85 puppets here carol spinny had been suffering from a neurological disorder that effective is movement it worked on the popular television show from it start 50 years ago until he retired just last year in not only gave life to big bird but also sesame street's trash can rest oscar the grouch
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. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today police in new zealand say 5 people have died in all canuck volcanic eruption at a popular tourist destination a number of people have been injured for mercy services say it's currently too dangerous for them to return to the. you're watching news from berlin coming up next our documentary film on the drug solidified a nightmare without and i'm sorry martin thanks for being with us. coming up through the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. juice in the bridge of comics on the phone it's 260 the 1st day we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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