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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2019 11:30am-11:45am CET

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and an incredible looking. one coming tonight. a 3 week w. . control cult delete china is ordering government agencies to get rid of all foreign made computers and software that it comes as the country seeks to become more reliant on its own technology also coming up anti corruption protests have dominated the news around the world in 2019 so are we any closer to a corruption free world. and taking an axe to illegal logging the fight against the unlawful destruction of romania's primeval forest. this is deemed to be
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a business on robots in berlin welcome along now china has ordered all of its government offices and public institutions to remove foreign computer equipment and software within 3 days it's the 1st time beijing has given chinese buys specific instructions to switch to domestic tech companies it comes in the midst of president trump's administration's campaign to curb the use of huawei outside of china the move is likely to have a big impact on u.s. tech companies such as microsoft h.p. and dell. that news comes along side a warning from amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos that china's technological ascent is a major challenge to u.s. interests speaking at an annual gathering of u.s. military leaders and defense contractors face off set that china's increasing ability to compete with the u.s. and on technology was a threat to u.s.
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military supremacy also told the gathering quote this is not a sporting competition you don't want to fight. now 2019 has been a year of protests around the world and a theme that has underpinned many of them in egypt iraq and lebanon for example is perceived corruption the issue undermines just in governments across the globe paralyzes economic growth have a look at this map that we've got from transparency international it shows that the problem of corruption is still greatest in africa in particular as you can see in the countries colored in darkest that in the sort of red purple color for years somalia has scored lowest how corrupt its citizens to see that to be but there are positive developments for example in botswana here the government has energetically prosecuted bribery and kickbacks with corruption index of $44.00 botswana does better now in some european countries such as hungary and rumania now
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a conspicuous feature of the map is that the countries perceived to be the least corrupt are o.e.c.d. members they have apart from a high living standard a functioning administration hard hitting justice system and political stability but it does not mean they are corruption free to discuss this a little further let's speak to hartman from transparency international. business so. is it as simple as the lower the income the higher the corruption. it seems to be a sad but we can see that in the corruption perception index that the less developed countries have higher corruption and the obvious that's true but nevertheless as you mentioned in europe we have countries as angry old and with
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higher corruption than others and in our countries it's because about germany or. france we have corruption too and my problem is it takes a different form or it takes a different form necessary talking about government corruption to government and as we call it institutional corruption if you are able to have your friends working for you in the ministry you don't need to have criminal corruption you can form the the. the legal frame as you need it we saw this with these lugaid we saw it with with the bank so it is a more subtle form of corruption this is that is not it's not over you know it's not backhanders given to police officers it's something
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a little better hidden that they don't make it harder to deal with it makes it harder to deal with because the population in our country don't realize that we have this system of corruption and they think we are better off we are better off never less but we have the corruption too and that's very important that we that our societies begin to understand what happens in our countries so what can be done about that sort of progress i think we have to speak about the legal system concerning. it was the blowers because whistleblowers audio only people who show or drearily happens in the administration all in big industry. and then we need a system. it fall. if i can just drop it sounds
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a little bit like switch so it's a lot about europe so we seen these protests around and around the world in the likes of lebanon yet people are clearly getting animated about corruption always for moving in the right direction is i think we have. some countries and you mentioned it to where we can see progress and what we need is protest in these countries or in other countries that the government except they have to change we we speak about now top probably it would be good evan is the president resigned as early as possible because everybody knows there is something going on wrong in this country right and therefore the more protest we have the easier it is for us to to help them to change and it's so much about as you say
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perception will thank you very much for joining us. from transparency international great to have you on to business thanks. now romania is home to more than half of europe's remaining untouched forests but protecting them has become a dangerous business recently in 2019 we've seen already multiple ranges being killed trying to rid the country of illegal logging is our report romania's primeval forest are legendary for their beauty and their under threat illegal logging here is bound up with corruption political intrigue and murder. you're not just look at what's been felled here the mafia took it all away off georg ablest new york should know he worked for the criminal lumber syndicates for 10 years and he knows how it works that this trip was cut down the illegally or
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they got that one over there legally you get a license to fell 10 trees and you take a 100 corrupt forest rangers marked the trees or you documents are forged he says the police look the other way and everyone profits each tree is worth hundreds of euros but that is the one far astray workers live in fear they get threatened if you speak out you'll be fired and the order comes from the top from the mafia. that if you get the right to cougar chio was a forest ranger for 25 years earlier this year he was killed with an axe. someone called him and told him to go in the woods because they were making stumps they were cutting his trees we wanted their son is one of 7 romanian rangers slain in recent years so far those behind the attacks have not been determined. i want justice my son was not able to defend himself. but justice is difficult to obtain here in many of romania's woodland regions such as most of its everyone lives from
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and with the timber mafia. but one man here is trying to resist by documenting and checking every lumber truck that passes through to bury a bush of tar reports each illegal transport he discovers and how did the police react. well whenever i stop an illegal transport or when i call the police they slap a fine on me. lol most of it sir is romania in miniature. and it's like this in the entire forest sector. she gave me was one of many who say the woods are disappearing because officials work hand in hand with the timber mafia. last month thousands marched on the streets of bucharest to protest against illegal logging in romania's forests and against the attacks on forest workers. now china's exports fell for the 4th consecutive month in november quoting to
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customs or thor it is they were down 1 point one percent from the area the main culprits u.s. tariffs they're adding to an already sluggish global demand the figures were lower than expected by analysts china's imports however increased slightly in november in particular imports from the us were up which is partly due to more goodwill purchases of u.s. agricultural goods ahead of a possible deal. with germany's exports have also just been published to talk us through them i speak to the we use chelsea delaney's so exports up 1.2 percent in october that's a bit of a surprise. it is a surprise the consensus was for a small decline and exports for october so just the fact that it did grow is surprising german exports have been doing pretty well over the past couple of months the september figure was also quite strong and this is creating
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a little bit of confusion among german economy watchers because a lot of the data is very mixed right now this comes after they were to really what economists said were disastrous reports last week on german industrial sector so orders production was all declining quite a lot. so it's becoming quite difficult to form a cohesive narrative around what's happening in the german economy this export data showed really strong growth in exports to the u.s. to pretty decent growth and exports to china so there definitely are bright spots but economists say this doesn't really change the narrative the fact that germany is really toeing this line between stagnation and very minor growth seeming some want i'm predictable well thanks for talking us through do we see delaney in frankfurt. and finally denmark based professional a sports team astrologists has launched an i.p.o. on the copenhagen stock exchange that makes that same the 1st ever from the fast
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growing electronics sports industry to do so says have been priced at around one euro $0.20 each the company which competes professionally in titles such as counter-strike and fake hopes to raise around $17000000.00 euros from the i.p.o. the global e-sports market is estimated to be worth around a 1000000000 dollars annually. and that 6 from me on the business team here in bed then if you want more from us you can check out our website www dot com slash business.
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supporters and now the we affectionately as affectionately as you can. be american tim in the middle of his election campaign in the year 2000 the documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled a power grab. actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting roles to the freedom of russia. and featuring
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a lead role like you've never seen before. for the mere fact a mirror of itch to the ends justify the means. to tins witnesses starts december 13th on t w. this week oh more stories. of georgia beating the drums for reforms. coming rather than playing normal life for children in china but we begin in chile here as everywhere in south america the gap between rich and poor keeps growing many people are forced to live in slums where conditions are cut a strike. day at the mic this is my house.
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this is where a friend of mine sleeps. i got me this is my room i want to know but i'm not ashamed to show it to you i give it away this is where i sleep it's a bit messy because on the weekends i like to rest. you know and i believe in the virgin and in god. it's thanks to them that i'm here when i 1st got to santiago i had to sleep out on the street. that he has lived in this camp in central santiago for 15 years he became homeless when his family rejected him after he came out as homosexuals here he found acceptance albeit only within the camp limits. that it is why.


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