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this is do we do is live from berlin breaking the deadlock russia and ukraine hold peace talks in paris to find a way to end the war in eastern ukraine the conflict has so far killed 13000 people and displaced over a 1000000 from their homes we have a report from the combat zone and bring you the latest as the russian and ukrainian leaders sit down with each other for the 1st time in talks brokered by france and germany also coming up a setback for russia's athletes the country is banned from all global sports events for 4 years including the upcoming 2020 olympics for the world anti-doping agency
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says moscow to try to stop drug cheats from being exposed plus a volcano erupts in new zealand at a popular tourist destination at least 5 people are dead and authorities fear more casualties are likely. only arctic you so much for your coffee everyone the leaders of ukraine and russia are in paris for a meeting about the conflict in eastern ukraine it's the 1st time in 3 years that talks focusing on ending the war there have been held and this is the 1st meeting between vladimir putin of a lot of resilience people french president emmanuel mccall and german chancellor angela merkel are brokering this meeting a conflict started back in 2014 and has killed more than 13000 people. and
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displaced more than 1000000 the worst fighting has been in the donbass region our correspondent nick calio traveled there and filed this report. close enough to see what the other side having for lunch that's how these ukrainian troops have spent the last few years just 300 meters from the russian backed separatists facing them the whole night without a single shot i don't remember day like maybe on the 1st night of the cease fire it's a strange when there's no finite or you get all nervous we're used to the shooting and. the conflict may have fallen out of the headlines but the shooting and the death continues less than a 10 minute drive away a young woman out walking with a child was to be really wounded by a stray bullet just last week our guide through the trenches on xander was in his 2nd year cadet school when the call for a recount where he unrolled he could hardly have imagined that he would soon find himself by 1000 kilometers from home fighting a trench war. everyone is tired of the war has parents wives worried about them
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back home but if the politicians can sort this out by talking why not if we withdraw from here it's not a disaster as long as no opponent just as within that there's we thought that. but off camera many soldiers are more skeptical they don't want to give up territory regain from the separatists and the cost of many lives. president selenski government is convinced that only a buffer zone between the front lines can bring peace. it's a short drive from the trenches to one of the region's biggest crossing points between government and separatist held territory thousands make the journey every day spending hours out in the cold. we're hoping for peace after all this time we need to resolve this war it's been 6 years since it all began i'm convinced on buses part of ukraine. i don't understand what michael and michael want to do
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selenski and putin should sit down together drink some vodka together and put all this behind them if you put me to the pub with 3 he and i ok you know we need a united ukraine and we need an end to all this. so people don't have to suffer in these queues anymore at the polls which implore. don't yes but if you cranes biggest cities it's less than half an hour's drive down the road behind me we can't go that the pro russian separatists in control of the city aware of the foreign press presence lensky was elected earlier this year on a promise to bring down yet back to ukrainian government control that's what this meeting in paris is all about. back in the front line it's quiet at least during daylight hours silence allows time to think about the future. i'm not interested in this
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normandy summit what will happen will happen. this war needs to and i've lost so many comrades already. but they're giving the other side making peace and that's going to be tough. repercussions of this war will be felt for years to come it's not just about the mines and grenades litter this landscape it's about the war in people's heads. a secure now to paris where these all important talks are taking place you might guess is in the french capital good to see you again tell us what's happening right behind you in the end he's a palace right now over $200.00 journalists here at the elysee palace lay low we're just holding their breath as the 4 leaders sat down together for the 1st time since over 3 years talking this crisis over huge expectations here and we have learned that actually a much awaited meeting
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a bilateral meeting between flooding you putin the russian president and president selenski of ukraine will actually take place and it will take place tonight before the press conference that currently is scheduled for 8 o'clock all right well that begs the question what do we expect will come of these talks what are the chances of a t. enjoyable a breakthrough tonight. look it took over for 3 years for this to take place and ever since a few positive things have developed people are still dying basically on a daily basis there in this frozen conflict but as of lately there has there's at least a fragile ceasefire in place a prisoner swap has taken place and so a number of people are hoping that the next step may be taken tonight in paris which would be a partial withdrawal of happy wrappings at least on some parts of the border that is and then there's even some optimists year who speak of a breakthrough of possibly the minced agreement which is
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a summary of what that spirit basically contains elements to resolve this conflict on the table others have told me that is a bit far fetched and that they already be happy if the small and minimal successes can can be achieved here where i mean of course the meeting taking place at all is significant as you have been reporting. talk to us about the 2 main players mr selenski and president putin these 2 men could not be more different. absolutely laid out of course on the one hand you have a newcomer to political bargaining and a former comedian an actor a president selenski on the other hand you have the heavy weight of political bargaining flat in your putin now i would say that the pressure on selenski is somewhat bigger here because he got elected in on the back of promises to end this conflict and now he was to the fact that he negotiated prisoner
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swap has already been celebrated but now expectations are there that he will deliver on those promises however having said that and there's been a big demonstration in kiev on sunday the concern is also that he does not sell out ukraine to the putin right a very tight rope that he's walking there let's talk a little bit about president michel and chance to america what's in it for them why are they brokering at these talks well one has to say that in a sense they add to this pressure on selenski on 2 grounds 1st of all of course ukraine is on the doorstep of the of the european union and the e.u. would like to see a stable ukraine a peaceful ukraine if you have it as a partner and also regarding relations to russia which you have practically been frozen ever since the annexation of crimea which by the way is something leaders will not talk about here on the other hand you have personal reasons i'm glad
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michael and michael are keen to make this a personal success and to show that this meeting has a meaning and that this meeting will produce fruits that can be harvested all right garrick might just reporting from the french capital at the end is a palace thank you. next up the world anti-doping agency wada has banned russia from taking part in international sporting competitions for 4 years well that includes the upcoming tokyo olympics in 2020 the beijing winter games in 2022 and get this the football world cup in qatar in 2022 a lot of that russia should be punished for manipulating laboratory data planting fake evidence and deleting files linked to a positive doping test that could have helped identify drug cheats. a higher settled is an expert on doping in sport and the journalist who 1st broke the story on a government sponsored doping in russian earlier we asked him if he felt the ban
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was justified. i guess it's more than 2 thirds. because i think what happened and russia for 4 years now is not only doping and it's also a story of doping cover up on a really huge extent on a very very high level for years and this has been supported by the russian government and the visits that try to fabricate evidence that as couple of weeks they tried too many prelate many plaited indeed and deleted evidence also on a lot scale so from my point of view is this is appropriate punishment some people even say it's not enough to say have been asking and demanded a total ban that means russia should be totally excluded but not if you have a situation that for the next couple of years we will have russian f.t.'s with no russian anthem there's no russian flag and they are only allowed to compete under really strict conditions they have to undergo
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a very strict doping control regime before hand otherwise they are not allowed to compete that means it is a really harsh punishment for the russians and i'm very interested to learn what will happen in next couple of weeks i think they will appeal the decision and they will go to cuss international. sports and luzon and then we will see if that punishment will be executed yes or no but most of the people say it will happen. all right moving on now there is a round of here's a round up of the other stories making news around the world. finland is set to get its youngest ever prime minister 34 year old a cinema in the has been nominated by the social democrats who lead the 5 party coalition government of all 5 parties now have women at the helm for eons appointments is expected to be approved by parliament this week and that would also make her the world's youngest serving prime minister. calls are growing for modest prime minister to quit immediately a protester staged
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a sit in inside the building where joseph muscat has his office they insist he should not wait until january to leave office as he promised a muscat faces pressure over alleged links to the murder of a prominent journalist. police in india have a rest of the owner and manager of a factory destroyed in a fire that killed 43 people the blaze in the capital delhi broke out early on sunday as workers were sleeping inside it's believed it was caused by an electrical fault. i'm going to turn now to new zealand where at least 5 people have been killed in a volcano eruption off the coast of new zealand's north island while more than 2 dozen are feared missing the foukara volcano also known as white island erupted 7 late shortly after 2 pm local time spewing plumes of ash into the air around 50 people are thought to have been on the island at the time.
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panicked tourists watch as a wall of volcanic ash threatens to envelop them. by. the. minutes the studio and the vocal age know they bore witness to its might. survivors scrambled on to boat 50 people were on the island emergency services ferried the injured in critical condition to the mainland it continues to be evolving situation we know already that there were i number of tourists on or around the island at the time both new zealanders and visit is from the ses i know there will be a huge amount of consume and anxiety for those who have loved ones on or around
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the island at the time and i can assure them police are doing everything they can in the day visitors filmed themselves walking on what the maoris call for carry the dramatic volcano little idea what was rumbling beneath their feet although act of fatal eruptions are rare. it's not a particularly big eruption is is seed it was kind of. almost like a throat clearing kind of eruption and that's why material probably won't of made it to new zealand what mike it my main new zealand. through clearing exercise and for those involved an unforgettable reminder that nature and sometimes awful bain's to it. you're watching it every new still to come. because as poverty paralyzes public services and undermines governments we're
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talking corruption and today is the un's world anti corruption day elfreda's is coming right up with a look at how it affects countries on the african continent. that a lot more coming up i am no business africa update and i'll see again at the top of the hour with the world headlines from thank you for spending part of your day with me. that created today's world. 97 you know. the historical training regime politics business religion. run the people of the islamic revolution. folks are making its initial flirtation with those strengths and states of emergency. things into chaos who control the circuitry system.


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