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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CET

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when pandas born in august are boys the cubs have been named now they are. and you won china has lent their parents to the zoo for 15 years the panda births sparks a debate about germany's stance towards human rights in china and even a campaign to name the cubs hong kong in support of the pro-democracy protests. watching the news live from next africa with michael jr and i'll be back soon with thanks for watching. created today's middle aged. 79. historical term inclusion politics business at least. in the run up evil of the islamic revolution. making its initial flirtation with those strengths in states of emergency. things
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into chaos to join congress are going to resist chance the people threaten steel border. crisis. the start of an era that defines overmanaged. $97.00 in the big predicted days since december 23rd. this. coming up on the program trolling for pirates nigeria's navy house trouble fighting power read as the coast of west africa becomes piracy. on the devastation in uganda also villages pop bottle again. killing thousands.
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i. knew our welcome to the program then i.g.n. navy is on high on pirates kidnap the crew of last week it was the latest incidents in a growing piracy problem. afflicting the gulf of guinea off the coast of west africa the waters there now have the most attacks anywhere in the world nigeria is at the center of them our correspondent funny our shot went to the niger delta to find out the scale of the problem and how it's affecting people there. from the outside the beautiful wetlands of nigeria inside a problematic his story we have read in the vaults creaks of the niger delta. this region is already struggling with or theft with arms trafficking kidnapping and in
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recent years another business has begun to florrie nigeria's course line has become a hotspot for maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea. and this is where pirates operate from a labyrinth of waterways but it's not only home to criminals per could be no lives near by the river he source of income he transports goods and people but he's careful since he was attacked by pirates and. creatures like. that. creates. the forest the armed men want to take the engine off his boat when they realized it wasn't good enough without him go they took his money instead from then on para could be nonstop through king after sunset we are very scared. when
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driving on the sea or in the river because you don't know when exactly the corpse so sometimes. if there are thank you on the way they can do away with all your money so piracy see in is a very big problem attacks by pirates is a problem worldwide but especially in the gulf of guinea they are on the rise along the coastline of west africa. no. they want to be there before pirates strike members of the nigerian navy are headed out of their lagos headquarters to money toward the sea we are given rare access to accompany them on their daily patrol. we are told to do not to call off the coast and this is the lead here for a different team that is part of the basis. of law on the.
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sea. wall is responsible for navigation and training on board there is only one vessel that money tours hundreds of miles a day but the navy doesn't have enough vessels and personnel to prevent all piracy attacks. more train in position of more platform. minutes when it spits the vessels given the business off. the difficult as in this pensive another challenge west african countries have different policies to protect their waters in movies of the of the. countries in the gulf you need them to effectively money tell you don't because even though it's . never was fine. and they do why
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this navy vessel is monitoring one part of the gulf of guinea an attack is reported on the same day a few 100 miles down solve an oil tanker similar to this one passing by us has been targeted the nigerian navy is not there maritime security should start here in the niger delta before an attack happens for locals tell us they want to thore to deploy more security to stop lawlessness in the creek. and to ready to piracy or to gather. more into this max williams is the c.e.o. at africa risk compliance in my time security company focusing on west africa welcome to the show now how serious is via time piracy in the gulf of guinea compared to other parts of the world. compared to other boats the world delay serious say the most affected by us. of indian ocean know all somalia
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but look hard a lot of attention a few years ago compared to us up to now has really dropped down on southeast asia as against them a letter and since last africa has really hit the headlines most recently with the attacks but it's been an ongoing problem for a long time this year alone we seen 52 major attacks on brussels in the region where the 125 c. 4 was kidnapped not just since the beginning of 2090 or now the 66 attacks last year with 155 at night so it's it's a real issue the moment you see attacks increasing what is giving rise to these attacks. the main causes for as are really the problems that are in the niger delta in nigeria and we're in the world we have 3 main things which are effectively an environment to operate from which is unlike the delta as an area that has a very very loose rule of law there's very little opportunity for those living. in
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terms of employment and education the number of the targets which all the that it may shipping lines of cultural by the time it is coming at the only gas industry or the main ships going past the cargo ships calling it quote imports narea so if you have these 3 factors and you are in the world you will get piracy and in niger at the moment it's off west africa it's a perfect storm. so what is the main challenge in fighting in this and the region. there are several challenges to it is a lack of capability in monks' local navies there is certainly the will to combat a problem has certainly improved over the last few years as it's become a bigger problem but there is still a lot of capability most local ladies that aren't have the funding. say western navies or european navies. those are the main develop its territorial waters and so instructional navies such as from europe and the u.s.
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are unable to go into the air themselves and solve the problem like they could off somalia. and thirdly nigeria is dealing with other concepts obviously the one that gets a lot of attention in europe is the conflict with the islamic insurgency in the north of the qur'an and other similar groups there's also conflicts in the middle belt so that's where the focus and it has taken are in nigeria ok i'll pick up from you say and no call authorities i don't strong enough to handle this so then how can western african countries come together close together we should be strong got to handle it right. yes that is true and has certainly been improvements not have got as information sharing going to happening between all the countries in the region with a census of unknown date sr this and as joint exercises being undertaken by regional navies as well with the support of the likes of the us european ace that has
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improved things and has helped with the particular instance however ultimately it comes down to nigeria and how they're going to solve the problem in the niger delta it's a long time issue and in the meantime here it's really up to local navies and also the shipping industry to improve security in their own critters never waters and uncle to ship so the sea for us ok max williams c.e.o. at africa risk compliance thank you thank you. now in uganda. people have been killed in. regions from east uganda. to west uganda in the mountainous region the idea. the we. will be safe from the risk of sliding much. more i'm joined by.
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the latest is that the situation is. very fragile the government aid agencies are reporting that the rainy and it's very hard to reach. the people who are still trapped on top of the mountain they were going don't you know top help yes there's been food. items that have been given to some of these people but some of the people. didn't fight very tree care for the. rains are stopping anytime soon. it's rainy season every year what's unusual about . what could be unusual be related to their with their minds what do with a month sees the rain is way much more than what. been predicted now which. many
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people are taking advantage of the dry season to houses and. the. least expected to heed these. victims people displaced people or. even many. to be chopped. rain. until the end of december could even go into general are. many do not want to do that because they don't want to leave the house is going to be handled. i think that's a lot of mixed reaction when it comes to previously hopping the specially in the eastern part of the country where people have been asked to leave. stay behind because they know the slopes are really fun grow their crops and then hope for but this time i think a disappointing time it's
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a question of survival anyone who would want to stay on the slopes might go about a little a tough. spot. thank you. block . in south africa. this woman. is the new miss universe 2019 she was crowned on sunday nights in the u.s. doing a lavish ceremony so that many says she wants to inspire gayle's with a new title the most important thing girls need is leadership. message need to be able to be here today and as a miss universe with my hair looking the way that it does in my skin looking the way that it does is something truly magical and i hope that it touches every child who grew up the way that i grew up and was told that you know they were not beautiful and it even extends the utica that's not just about beauty it's about
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breaking boundaries and doing things that you've been told you can never do before . i couldn't have said it better that's news africa you can catch all our stories on our website on face book page we'll leave you with some wall of the new miss universe i phone now. another blockbuster weekend honestly. good amount of the movie in the 1st place. like to be called from time to game on the 2nd. block box scored in injury time to take all 3 points against by in munich against
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a top of the table. 16. she could. go for the over mentioned on the 4th time for the most recently that he can come up with at least the bottom of the fannies at the dragon. age rebuilds with political connotations china is reportedly ordering government agencies to get rid of all sorts of computers and software could this be in retaliation for western hostility towards always right also coming up offshore at the world trade organization bodies leadership trying to stay.


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