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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin trying to end the conflict in eastern ukraine after landmark talks the leaders of russia and ukraine agree to implement a cease fire and exchange prisoners of their 1st face to face encounter also exposes deep divisions also coming up a criminal investigation is to open into the deaths of at least part of tourists kaino in new zealand popes have faded of finding any more survivors at the food
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carry. taking to the streets to fight for human rights has many companies around the world mark human rights day we ask how important it is to make your voice heard and. the extremes are increasing months of drought suddenly followed by terentia rain destroyed our pastures he never used to be like this. climate change is impacting the lives of farmers in a remote region of bolivia. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine as part of efforts to end the conflict there. sides
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have agreed to release and exchange all detainees by the end of the year to 2 weeks to disengage military forces in 3 regions and to hold more talks in 4 months to check on the progress of the ceasefire but the meeting in paris brokered by germany and france has left many issues unresolved the 2 leaders have made separate announcements after the closed door talks station a little this was a meeting was long and difficult but the mood was rather positive and that's the truth and i really want to emphasize that point is we will continue the discussions and for months and see the results of what we've achieved it is not. enough for months this is certainly an important step towards deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine as well as easing tensions in our correspondent nick connelly is in paris and he's been covering those talks nic the russian and ukrainian leaders have agreed to a prisoner swap i understand and they say they'll implement
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a cease fire now but how much progress was actually made on ending the conflict in eastern ukraine. well good morning terry i think if they manage to converge on those promises alone that already will be a big step after all over these 5 years of conflict 20 attempts been made to create a lasting cease fire none of those have been successful none of those have stopped for more than a couple of days at best in terms of the prisoner exchange that is obviously a deeply emotive act especially ahead of the new year's celebrations and christmas in russia and ukraine so that deep symbolism in that if those prisoners are able to return to families in time for those holidays on the real sticking points on the crunch points and that's basically about who compromises 1st does ukraine give the separatist regions and autonomy status allow them to hold elections 1st or does russia and the separatists compromise 1st and how ukraine to regain control over
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its eastern border with russia that is essentially a game of chicken that's been going on for 5 years and maybe unsurprisingly not much progress was made on that those real hard issues staying irresolvable at this meeting you got the sense that both sides were able to agree to disagree park what they were able to change and agree to meet again so it sounds like some progress has been made this is the 1st time that the 2 leaders have met what impression did you get of their ability to work together. well all eyes were on the body language and the atmospherics of this meeting on the one hand you have . ukraine's comedian turned president who this time last year wasn't even in politics up against village. putin russia's leader almost 20 years there was really expectation there interest to see how he would do up against putin they did their best to be demonstrative really polite about each other to each other it was
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speculation about whether there'd been a handshake yes or no that wasn't clear. but i think those expectations were a little high that somehow this personal chemistry this personal meeting would in effect basically achieve more than what traditional negotiations could and would somehow overweight the political gravity as it were of the situation but you definitely have to recognize it is the 1st time there are the leaders of ukraine and russia have met face to face since 2016 so that of itself is really important and allows you to go back to his voters in ukraine the people who are often say to us how tired they are of the war and just think that the leaders should sit down together and talk this through that he has made this attempt he has reached out and that it's now up to the russian sides to translate on their part of the bargain nic thank you very much as nick conley there in paris. police in new zealand are launching an investigation into the deaths of at least 5
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tourists in monday's volcanic eruption the threat level was raised last week prompting questions about whether tour groups should have been allowed to visit the popular destination of new zealand's north island the few curry volcano also known as white island spewed flumes of hot ash into the air. panicked tourists watch as a wall of fall conic threatens to envelop them. minutes earlier they stood on the volcanoes now they will witness to its might. 47 people were on for caare island of the time of the eruption some managed to narrow escape. from a lot of the national media coverage or craziest thing to ever happen in our lives just happened. we were touring the volcano for about an hour but just 10 minutes after we left and got on the boat the volcano started erupting. the
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boat turned around went back to the island to try to help the people who are still there. i'm not sure if everyone got out a life will go in the. a number of those on the island were too close to the eruption emergency crews and if the injured sound in a critical condition. this cruise ship couldn't leave on shit you will a group of its passengers were on the island. new zealand's prime minister just send spoke of her grief at the loss of life she said the main focus was now on recovery and returning loved ones to their families and also confirmed she had been in touch with her australian counterparts. scientists had noted an uptick in volcanic activity on the island in recent weeks. now questions of being gone to why
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people who were allowed so close to the designs to wait seem to happen. well joining us now from auckland new zealand is journalist caruso parra meets a police have now launched an investigation into the deaths of the volcano what exactly are they looking into. actually earlier they backtracked police have stepped back from their position saying that a communal criminal investigation has been launched into the circumstances behind the white island eruption in a press statement police set to correct an earlier statement it is too early to confirm whether there will also be a criminal investigation police confirm that they were investigating the death of individuals on the on behalf of the coroner in parallel 1 with a work safe new zealand investigation so it worked safe is the workplace health and safety regulator and administrator here and they will be investigating and
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considering all of the relevant work health and safety issues surrounding this tragic event although it wasn't mentioned will be charge or investigation investigated in this case terry what more is known about the people who are still missing. police already are also mentioned that the surveillance photos of the island showed what its belief to be 6 bodies which were covered in ash. based on the effects of the eruption on the bodies they mentioned the recovery operation will need to me and told with expert skill and care it was confirmed that there were $47.00 people in total on friday when the eruption happened. 38 of them were from the proves ovation of the c s 2 are from the u.k. or from germany 24 from australia and others from musial in china malaysia and united states currently 31 victims are in the hospital and all burn
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units across the country corrupt the are in full capacity how is the government in new zealand responding to this because we've been hearing quite a bit from the prime minister. yeah prime minister just an arguer and told parliament that there are questions which must be asked about the eruption and those questions must be answered she revealed that police and work safe would be issuing statements that the police backtracked earlier but yet arthur and also made comments during her official statement to parliament that there was no limit to new zealand's got past that he would embrace those impacted by this tragedy. chris thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was journalist chris a permit to in auckland new zealand. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today australia's biggest city sydney is
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again shrouded in smoke from bush fires the weather conditions have worsened across the state of new south wales and fanned the flames weather forecasters say temperatures are likely to rise above 40 degrees celsius in the united states house democrats are to unbuilt 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump they are abuse of power and obstruction of congress the democrats are pushing ahead with formal charges saying the president put u.s. elections and national security at risk by asking ukraine to investigate his rival democrat presidential hopeful joe biden. thousands have been left homeless in madagascar after psych loan unleashed heavy flooding a national disaster agency says the full extent of the damage is not yet clear authorities have declared a state of emergency in 2 parts of the island. for it was a reaction to the tragedy of the 2nd world war on this day the 10th of december
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$948.00 the united nations adopted the universal declaration of human rights today many countries around the world are marking the occasion in a moment we'll talk to someone whose job it is to make sure human rights are respected and to call governments to account but 1st a look at efforts by young people around the globe to make their voices heard and fight for what they see as their rights. hong kong. bogota. beirut all around the world young people taking to the streets saying no more business as usual. this you tube or in moscow arrested for organizing protests this past summer that included tens of thousands of demonstrators many of them fed up you. young people want dialogue with the government but they don't. have the means for creating change that civilized countries have usually would like fair elections. so the only option that remains
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is to take to the streets people are protesting because they want change to put them to put him in but i took what he was human rights of very much and coached upon in our country and that's because the people themselves have allowed their voices to be ignored. communion show up there than your. local youth part of a global trend young people standing up for human rights in countries that are run by what they see as out of touch old elites. hong kong ers are demanding more democracy and respect for basic freedoms. and i join the thread says you as i think it's important to fight for your rights. if you're just complacent and you don't. stand up for your rights and your beliefs then they'll get taken away without you realizing when they're. the same in iraq. i think sudan.
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can come along young people insisting the government respond to people's needs we have human rights here in colombia but not for everybody the higher your status the more rights you have if you're at the bottom you have none. in lebanon they're protesting against sexual violence and government corruption one young woman expressed frustration the protests were necessary at all. it's sad that we we as humans these rights it's our rights in each country we need to have them and it's sad that we are protesting for something that it's our own. that's all. different places one message young people aware of human rights and of what they're missing they just hope that the authorities listen up before it's too late. well joining us now in the studio is yulia she's head of politics and activism unit of
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embassy international here in germany thanks for being with us this morning now your organization documents human rights abuses globally how important you think it is that people get out into the streets as we just saw in our report and demand that their human rights be respected. we think it's very important that they do we have seen that 2019 marked really the year of the protest and we've seen a lot of political changes through protest it may still care for example we've just had the example of sudan and but in the many other countries in eastern european countries we have experience that people go and protest against their government because that and they are crying out for their rights and we think the duty of states is to guarantee that people can go and protest and can assemble and associate to press the right man for can i we're marking the universal declaration of human rights anniversary what makes the document so significant and what impact
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has it had since it was introduced nearly 50 years ago yeah i think i mean it is the universal declaration which was decided up on after world war 2 where the world really lied and in pieces and it is there to make sure that we live in peace and in human dignity and out of the human rights out of the universal declaration many comments came out which have binding elements and also in many national legislations the rights were entrenched so it is still really really important and we should make sure that we don't erode that that we don't talk it weak and make it weak and out of it many institutions came like the human rights council which guarantees you know that the right governments make sure that they stick to the rights so we still think it's a very very it's the crucial the basis for human rights protection what do you see as the biggest obstacles to assuring that human rights are respected around the world well more and more governments try to erode human rights standards and try to
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weaken the institutions which should make sure that the human rights are implemented we have seen that for example in egypt the situation worsens we have seen also in russia we have there. people go on the streets as well young people but the government has the. trenches greatest repressions we have seen in iraq that people were killed for going on the street so i think the problem is that states do not make sure that rights are protected and we miss more and more an international outcry for the protection of human rights and obviously we have in many even germany the german government tries to speak to other countries to make sure you have been right protected but when it comes down to business interests and trade interests and also interest of security and also migration control is one issue then we don't see a coherent approach and we need
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a coherent and also consistent approach that human rights are being talked about and being demanded. from amnesty international thank you so much. you're watching the news still to come we look at how climate change is impacting the way of life that has existed for 4000 years in bolivia. the world anti-doping agency wada has banned russia from taking part in international sporting competitions for 4 years water ruled that russia should be punished for manipulating the laboratory data planting fake evidence and deleting files linked to positive doping tests that could have helped identify drug cheats the ban means russia is out of the upcoming tokyo olympics next year and the football world cup in 2022. it was one who persuaded russia to turn over data from their testing labs as part of the terms of a deal to rejoin the international fray after and mitchell banned for state
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sponsored doping offenses 4 years ago. russia has afforded every opportunity to get its house in order to rejoin the global and to open community for the good of its seats and for the integrity of sport but it sure singed a different route what us is the data it received from russian doping or thirty's in january who was compromised its response unanimous. that consequentially include russia from the olympics. championships run by all called signatories so for years. the russian host of russia hosting any of these major events. showing free the news of the olympic and world cup bans landed heavily but the director of russia's anti doping authority. you know. everyone
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says that i'm a scam monger and that i'm a traitor or an enemy but i tell you as a professional there is no hope of getting a positive decision at the court of arbitration for sport the decision has been made with the databases changed yes in january and december and that's a factor but far far. at government level the response was more defiant. you could almost say that there is anti russian hysteria that has taken on chronic forms and i think the organizations that are involved and i mean the russian organizations in question should definitely come up with an appeal against this decision. who are. russian authorities now have $21.00 days to consider an appeal at which point the years long saga would return to the court of arbitration for sport. in other news lawmakers in india have passed controversial legislation that will grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighboring countries but not. the law would create
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a legal pathway to india nationality on the basis for religion for the 1st time the bill proposes granting citizenship to non muslims who arrived from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before 2050. or even protests by both pro and anti-government demonstrators in algeria ahead of a controversial presidential election on thursday anti-government protesters say the election will not be fair. algeria has experienced months of unrest since the last president was ousted from power in february. and chile's air force says a military plane with 38 people on board has disappeared while flying to a base and arctica the hercules c 130 cargo plane had departed from the southern city of port to ariana's operators lost contact with the aircraft a little over an hour after takeoff.
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the u.n. climate talks in madrid are expected to step up a gear as high level delegates begin to arrive nations are locked in crunch negotiations on how to drastically reduce global emissions our next report takes us to the front line of climate change and one of south america's oldest indigenous peoples the chip high up in bolivia say extreme weather patterns are threatening a way of life that has existed for 4000 years. every time farmer stocky omani visits his fields he gets a sharp reminder of the extreme weather of recent months he was stuck you know is one of the to piaa people who have subsisted on the rough andean highlands of bolivia for more than 4000 years their territory is more than 3000 meters above sea level yet even in this remote region extreme weather patterns are on the rise. we believe instead of us suddenly there was this danger from above my thunder and
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lightning in the way sheep were even killed in the storms we'll tell you never used to happen that we never had such heavy rain and thunder in the past. the farmer lost his entire harvest mainly because of flooding and he's not alone everyone here is feeling the effects of the changing climate. if some sometimes we think about moving away. the weather extremes are increasing. months of drought suddenly followed by torrential rain they've destroyed our pastures it never used to be like this. several andy and glaziers lie within the group to pry a territory global warming has caused them to retreat less glacial water means longer periods of drought soils and rivers are gradually drying out. from.
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the water to pyar have survived on this barren andean plateau for thousands of years but now they're up against it. only one crumb can cope with the dry ice salty ground here can one this is where the renowned protein rich super food hails from. up to now on the high demand for kin one has provided many to try out with a stable income but this year the extreme weather has really taken its toll. sudden storms flooded vast swathes of to pie and land. smart phone footage like this shows how once dried up rivers have burst their banks and. a stock e.o. like most others in the village lost his kin one harvest. he's convinced the seasons are somehow mixed up. it's getting worse the weather is becoming
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more extreme the dam was built around the village to protect it from flooding you know without that the water would just destroy the houses all these and but it's. around 2000 to piaa live in the village do the last descendants of one of south america's oldest peoples they have their own language and culture. without an imminent miracle try and could one day disappear entirely from their own territory climatic extremes having destroyed their livelihoods. and. the 2020 golden globe nominations have been announced and netflix has left the competition far behind the streaming services marriage story led the way with 6 nominations including best drama stars of this portrait bourse scarlett johansson and driver are among the nominees. and there are also 5 nods for the gangster
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epic the irishman martin scorsese's work also has him nominated as best director. did the right thing. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news the leaders of russia and ukraine have agreed to a cease fire in eastern ukraine as part of efforts to end the 5 year conflict there it was one of a number of steps agreed by ukrainian president a lot of minutes selenski and his russian counterpart vladimir putin at a meeting brokered by the french and german leaders. and police in new zealand are launching an investigation into the deaths of at least 5 tourists in monday's volcanic eruption the threat level was raised last week prompting questions about whether tour groups should have been allowed to visit the popular destination off new zealand's north on. and don't forget you can always get the w.
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news on the go just download are out from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all this news from around the world as well as pushed out of patience for any breaking news can also use the d.w. app to send us photos and video so. you're watching good news live from berlin coming up next to kick off the bundesliga highlights of the weekend i'm terry martin i'll be back the next hour thanks for being with us.
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to. kick off. another blockbuster week in the almost looks going on down the coast of north from in the 1st place. likely to be called time on the 2nd . longbox scorning injury time to take all 3 points against fire.
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can a top of the table. save the planet not mine john. porter david don't share and since it's straight we have to do something. the climate crisis is threatening our very existence. many germans would agree but are they prepared to change their habits. and humanity the suv to. close up in 60 minutes. a historical turning point in politics business and religion. in iran
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a people of the islamic revolution. opens up making its initial flirtation capitalism strikes in states of emergency sinks into chaos. john the 2nd displacement camps the people threaten steel order. 1979. creative today's world starts december 23rd w. h
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