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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is v.w. news coming to you live from berlin the questions mount after new zealand's volcanic eruption with at least 5 dead 8 missing and dozens severely injured people are asking why the government allow tourists to visit the site in the 1st place also coming up after landmark talks in paris the leaders of russia and ukraine agreed to implement a cease fire and exchange prisoners for their 1st face to face encounter also exposes feet division.
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following terry martin good to have you with us police in new zealand are investigating the deaths of at least 5 tourists in monday's volcanic eruption the threat level was raised last week prompting questions about whether tour groups should have been allowed to visit the destination off new zealand's north island 8 people are still missing presumed dead after the eruption dozens of suffered severe burns. to disastrous chockful cari island russell clark was one of the 1st responder the paramedics flew in on a helicopter from auckland what he saw when he arrived just shocking. it was just it was just blanketed the nation it was it was quite. an eyeful welding risk there was a helicopter on the wall and it did it all see being there at the time. was that's right if lights were off it. it was monday afternoon local time when the volcano
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erupted at 47 people were on the island at the time some made a narrow escape but other some missing with little hope of finding them alive. the scale of this tragedy is devastating police and defense force personnel have undertaken a number of ereal reconnaissance flights over the island since the eruption however no signs of life have been detected. scientists have noted an uptick in volcanic activity on the island in recent weeks now the new zealand police have said they launched an investigation into the matter. if there's anyone criminally responsible for the deaths and injuries. so we're just going to have to work through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation the question to be answered why were people allowed to so close to a disaster apparently waiting to happen. or joining us now from auckland new
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zealand is journalist career power and chris a police have now lost an investigation into the deaths at the volcano what exactly are they looking into. actually earlier they backtracked police have stepped back from their position saying that a communal criminal investigation has been launched into the circumstances behind the white island eruption in a press statement police set to correct an earlier statement it is too early to confirm whether there will also be a criminal investigation police confirmed that they were investigating the death of individuals on the on behalf of the coroner in parallel with a work safe new zealand investigation so we're safe new zealand is the workplace health and safety regulator and administrator here and they will be investigating and considering all of the relevant work health and safety issues surrounding this
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tragic event although it wasn't mentioned will be charge or investigation investigated in this case terry what more is known about the people who are still missing. police already are also mentioned that the surveillance photos of the island show twice believed to be 6 bodies which were covered in ash. based on the effects of the eruption on the bodies they mentioned the recovery operation will need to me and old with expert skill and care it was confirmed that there were $47.00 people in total on friday when the eruption happened. 38 of them were from the proves ovation of the seas 2 are from the u.k. or from germany 24 from australia and others from new zealand china malaysia and united states currently 31 victims are in the hospital and all were in units across the country corrupt the are in full capacity how is the government in
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new zealand responding to this because we've been hearing quite a bit from the prime minister. yeah prime minister just an arguer and told parliament that there are questions which must be asked about the eruption and those questions must be answered she revealed that police and work safe would be issuing statements that the police backtracked earlier but yeah ardern also made comments during her official statement to parliament that there was no limit to new zealand's capacity to embrace those impacted by this tragedy. chris and thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was journalist cruz a permit to in auckland new zealand. and we've got some breaking news now to bring you 6 people have been shot dead at a hospital in the czech republic it happened in the northeastern city of ostrava where a gunman opened fire in
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a waiting room at the hospital and university hospital police are searching for the suspect who is on the run the czech prime minister has told local media that the victims were shot at close range and there is no information about the gunman's motive we'll bring you more details as soon as we have them. now it's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today lawmakers in india have passed controversial legislation that will grant citizenship to religious minorities from neighboring countries but not muslims the law would create a legal pathway to indian nationality on the basis of religion for the 1st time the bill proposes granting citizenship to non muslims who arrived from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before 2015. there been protests by both pro and anti-government demonstrators in algeria ahead of a controversial presidential election on thursday the end she government protesters
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say the election will not be fair algeria has experienced months of unrest since the last president was ousted from power in february. and the in the u.s. house democrats are to unveil 2 articles of impeachment against president all trump one is abuse of power and the other obstruction of congress the democrats are pushing ahead with formal charges saying the president put u.s. elections and national security at risk by asking ukraine to investigate his rival democrat presidential hopeful joe biden thought. in madrid the u.n. climate conference is expected to step up a gear as high level delegates begin to arrive nations are locked in crunch to go she ations on how to bring about a drastic reduction in global emissions of greenhouse gases through the leaders of ukraine and russia have agreed to implement a cease fire in eastern ukraine russian president vladimir putin and ukrainian
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president lot of me as the lenski were meeting for the 1st time to discuss the conflict centered on that donbass region of ukraine now it's currently held by russian backed separatists at the talks in paris the 2 sides agreed to steps aimed at easing tensions they've agreed to release in exchange all detainees by the end of the year to disengage military forces in $53.00 regions in eastern ukraine and to hold more talks in 4 months to check on the progress of the ceasefire leaders made separate announcements at the end of the talks station a little this was a meeting was long and difficult but the mood was rather positive and that's the truth and i really want to emphasize that point is we will continue the discussions and for months and see the results of what we've achieved it is. not a month this is certainly an important step towards deescalating the situation in eastern ukraine as well as easing tensions. our correspondent nick conley is in
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paris he covered the talks there between the russian and ukrainian leaders nick the russian ukrainian leaders have agreed to a prisoner swap and say they will implement a cease fire how significant are these developments. good morning terry well there wasn't some kind of big bang some kind of general resolution to this conflict and i think it was unrealistic to expect that just the personal chemistry getting those top leaders at the table together would somehow suspend the normal laws of political gravity that didn't happen but i think these humanitarian measures these measures aimed at good will bring prisoners back in time for the new year's holiday and also trying to achieve a stable ceasefire something that's been tried over a dozen times in the past years and it's never really held more than a few days if that is really if that really comes to comes into force and actually is seen on the ground that will be a huge step forward for people on the ground in donbass for the civilians and
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a step towards making life more bearable for millions of people and this is the 1st time that these 2 leaders have met nic you mentioned chemistry do you think the change in chemistry between the chemistry between russia and ukraine will change under this new ukrainian president. well definitely volume's entity has been putting in a lot of legwork even to make this meeting happen and showings of the open to discuss things directly one to one with president putin they saw each other yes a one to one for the 1st time as part of this big summit with the president of france and the german chancellor i think the expectations were a little high that somehow seeing into each other's eyes they could somehow really deal with all the problems that have been dogging this conflict for years that didn't happen but they were pointedly polite about each other they were clear they would see each other again at a summit early next year but that didn't stop the fact that at the press conference
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the end you had very symbolically putin zelinsky at opposite ends of the table with merkel macall between them i don't think we're going to see one to one discussions in terms of summits in the future that this european mediation will be needed in the future too and zelinsky notably unhappy about the way putin was describing what had been discussed so tensions their willingness to agree to disagree and still go about things where some progress is possible. as our correspondent nick connolly there in paris it all straight authorities have issued warnings of dangerous fire conditions as temperatures rise across large parts of the country already ravaged by bushfires in sydney australia's largest city usually unmistakeable structures such as the harbor bridge and the opera house are blanketed in a cloud of thick smoke weather forecasters expect the situation will get worse with temperatures predicted to soar above 40 degrees celsius environmental officials say
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the conditions in sydney of the month been precedented the hot weather combined with gusty winds are making every day life a struggle for people across the state of new south wales. desperate and helpless before the ruins of their lives 4 weeks ago a barn through. home taking everything the couple see they knew it was a risk zone but this is far from normal they're angry at their government for not seeking climate change seriously it just makes me bloody angry because. i was saying this is going to happen this is going to happen it's going to happen and now they're told that there was a very it's happening like. and politicians that it's the scientists have been talking about the bloody about. climate change are not. deeply divided just a few miles farther north from our property smaller fires are blazing in the forest
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. normal for australia but large parts of the country have been suffering from drought for years so fires can spread and no time to be. burning back through forests it's 2 weeks before something that is not really been seen in the past for this is an unexpected thing that the fire doing now. which is making a lot of people nervous people and creatures like australia's national animal the koala bear. they've become the unintended symbol of these bushfires this koala hospital help is on hand since the pictures of paws went viral the hospital has received nearly 1000000 euros in donations. are particularly vulnerable in the flames says the clinical director. koala strategy was to go
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higher in the trees and bear in mind before humans came along the trees were huge when or when europeans 1st came here there was massive massive trees everywhere there were so i could go right up the top and the sky flags never catch. the headquarters of the largest volunteer fire fighting group in the world in new south wales inspector ben sheppard shows us the many fires in the region. hot season has only just begun. and already. on an average season we would tend to say probably right about 252300000 is. not a real prospect and we. tracked its. christmas is coming but for summer. will not be one to cheer.
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if. you're watching g.w. news coming to you live from berlin up next we've got a report on germany's reluctant coalition partners the country's social democrats elected new leaders who are not exactly feeling attached to the conservatives i'm terry martin i'll be back tomorrow thanks for being with us. welcome to the but is the game here or did. we have plenty to talk about in. this coverage. 3 more people. will we have. let's have a look at so many of them around the league so you don't want to miss. t.w. .


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