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which do the ends justify the means. of witnesses starts december 13th on d. w. . this is news coming to you live from berlin taking a controversial stand against genocide charges former peace icon chief prepares to defend beyond bars military against allegations that they committed atrocities against us also coming up after weeks of impeachment hearings democrats in the u.s. announce their charges against president. they accuse him of abuse of power and
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obstructing congress he denies any wrongdoing. plus more traps at the volcano any newsy of activity is hampering efforts to retrieve the bodies of those killed on monday and fueling fears that another eruption could be imminent. hello i'm terry martin thanks for being with us be on mars leader aung sun suu kyi is preparing to defend her country against genocide charges at the u.s. highest court in the hague said she arrived at the international court of justice for the start of hearings on tuesday she and the court heard graphic testimony of how myanmar's military allegedly carried out mass killings and other atrocities against the countries were injured minority. has previously denied any wrongdoing by her. well she was not obliged to appear at the hagan
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person but chose to do so critics say also suit she's aim is to raise her profile ahead of elections in myanmar her supporters see her as a defender of her and battled nation on the global stage more than 700000 are hinges fled myanmar majority are now lived and are now living in cramped refugee camps in neighboring countries mostly in bangladesh some have been talking about the abuse they say they suffered at the hands of the myanmar military some viewers may find their accounts disturbing. and the refugee camps of cox's bizarre a woman who once represented hope is now a pariah the consensus here on sunset she must answer for what happened to. the legal field out there how was it wasn't it we pray to a law that we will get justice. she is not a good post we want prayed sincerely to god for her who supported her when she came
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to power she did no good for us she's a liar we had a time she did nothing for us she is responsible for the genocide she talks does she really does it. from one doorstep to the next march testimonies of ruthless violence at the hands of myanmar's military. the other is another one of the 2 soldiers had me down while one of them raped me in front of my mother and 4 children was a job i started out by so i did not come why did my daughter was crying so they hit her on the head with a weapon out of their go to the time of my soul hunger. i lost 8 of my sons and grandsons they were all but shot by the military. really thinking. the military burnt our homes. we were a family of 18 and they killed 12 by burning them alive. there were more than 2000
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people in our village and all their homes were burned down on a hill. on some suci has long defended me and mars 27000 crack down on their hinge a saying in target militants. and majority myanmar the scrutiny of the un's top court has stoked indignation. over there not just accusing one passing to me and mock their accusing the whole country we absolutely believe everything that unsung suchi does will be ok. a decision from the hague over me and treatment of the ranger could take years a long and uncertain wait for justice for people that have already lost so much. smells just now from someone who knows me on more very well let's cross over to new york were journalist dave grohl about a study by dave you spent a lot of time as
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a reporter in myanmar help us understand why uncle sochi a nobel peace prize winner who spent years under house arrest is defending this regime what's your motivation. yes said there's a lot of speculation about this and we should keep in mind that you know she keeps a very close confidant of people that she really trust and no one really knows everything that's going on in her mind but if you look at how she's defended things in the past i mean she's basically in the past said that the west and the people on the whole just don't understand what's really happening she's blameless you know they were there before this the crackdown half of the me and our military that led to so many refugees flooding into bangladesh 6 and these accusations of thousands and thousands killed there was an attack by a a group of row huge insurgents and she would blame them on what she calls quote unquote muslim terrorists and then she also blames a huge iceberg of misinformation for what's going on in terms of how the world uses
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so she's basically been taking that stance that there that there's been a just a great mis understanding of what's really going on that's what what some people will tell you that's how she is defending the past in a lot of people expect more of the same when she testifies later today although i there are other people detractors who are saying one of the reasons why she wants to go is because of the upcoming elections that are going to happen next year and that although it's very unlikely that her party will not retain the majority that it has and parliament that she is looking to strum up even more support more nationalistic support by doing this so there's a lot of speculation as to what her real motivations are here david what do people in myanmar make of this trial and role in it. yes so you know just to realize is that the typical me on my person doesn't fully understand all of the particulars of the charges a lot of them see it as it's an attack on the country and they see this often as
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you know western powers or or foreign influence in their dometic affairs and they say that you know the outside world does not understand the complications of what's going on in rakhine state whether a hindu are our long reviled minority they are state less and so the population generally sees or these are outsiders who don't understand that are meddling in their affairs and they don't really understand that this is you know a case is not just here in the i.c.j. case but also the international criminal court another case filed in argentina that they're going after people who are perpetrators of these alleged atrocities and a lot of the country doesn't really fully understand the scope of this they say it is those foreigners meddling in their affairs just briefly dave what sort of arguments do you think the only ones who cheat is likely he used in defending her country yes so you know again there's been this you know sort of a sort of justified of these i think clearance operations that these were appropriate attacks to quote unquote terrorism that soldiers of by and large with
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a few exceptions the violent large have acted appropriately so and we also i think you know keep in mind that the particulars of what's going on in these 3 days the actual full case will drag on for years but the particulars for these 3 days is what the gambia is asking is for the court to step in and try to protect the regime to that are currently in myanmar saying that they're at risk for further genocide and they're asking them to stop that we spend on some suchi unless she does a complete turnabout we would expect her to say that the random e.m.r. are not in danger. dave thank you so much that was journalist dave in new york. let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today environmental activist groups of 2 and back has told the u.n. climate summit in madrid that richer countries must do their fair share to tackle climate change she also accused states of misleading people with what appeared to be quote impressive climate pledges that didn't add up to much this saudi arabian
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oil giant has become the world's largest listed company after making its debut on the country's stock exchange the state owned energy companies $25000000000.00 initial public offering is the biggest ever in history. saudi arabia is privatizing at a step as a step towards reducing its reliance on oil. at least 6 people including one police officer were killed in an hour's long gun battle in the us state of new jersey the officer was shot dead near a cemetery and 2 suspects then fled to a supermarket 3 people and the 2 suspected gunmen were killed in the gunfight inside the supermarket. u.s. president donald trump has come a step closer to becoming the 3rd u.s. president in history to be impeached democrats in the house of representatives set the process in motion by announcing 2 articles of impeachment against him. at
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a campaign rally in hershey pennsylvania donald trump was not amused the democrats had unveiled their articles of impeachment and in defense of the president deployed his usual strategy of insult. the house democrats announced these 2 flimsy pathetic ridiculous articles of impeachment that as democrats are walking back from everything they claimed with today's announcement they're now admitting there was no collusion there was no obstruction of justice and there were no crime. symes whatsoever the democrats disagree and have published these 2 articles of impeachment abuse of power and obstruction of congress the charges are based on president alleged efforts to solicit foreign interference in next year's presidential election and hide any evidence of it from congress this latest political crisis could lead to
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a vote in the house of representatives as early as next week the president solicited the foreign nation. to publicly announce investigations into his appeal. by russia to help his election campaign. president use the power of his office to official acts. relax. the release of hundreds of millions of dollars in the church. and the white house meeting with . russian russian. to undermine our national security. integrity or election. and still. but the democrats also showed they were prepared to work with the president house democrats and the white house announced a deal on a modified north american trade pact this hence trump
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a major capitol hill when something the president himself calls the silver lining to impeachment thank you in new zealand police say any attempt to recover bodies from monday's volcanic eruption must wait because the island of phuket is too dangerous to set foot on poisonous gases are venting from the volcano in the island is covered in a city gosh bodies of 9 people are thought to be. 22 survivors are being treated in hospital many of them have severe burns. well joining us now from auckland new zealand is journalist caruso paramita curser how are police handling the recovery operation. well terry today volcanic activity on friday or white island unfortunately has increased therefore authorities attempts to retrieve the bodies still on the island were not successful kind of activity significantly
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increased overnight indicating that volcanic pressures remain high and it has been reported that the risk on the island of another eruption within the next 24 hours is like monday when the eruption happened which was 40 to 60 percent from 30 to 50 percent yesterday police are on standby this moment there is no recovery operation happening. and the police did manage to get a rescue services did manage to get a number of people off the island what we know about the condition of those who were injured. the number of people killed by the white island eruption has increased to sit with a patient at a hospital and often succumbing to their injuries for australians that have been identified and confirmed including mother daughter and there are 1200000 square centimeters stuff for the ongoing needs of the patients coming to
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new zealand from the united states 30 patients remain in burns units across new zealand 22 of whom still need airways the porch the nature of the burn suffered it's complicated by the gases and the chemicals in the eruption of course really. mean while doctors are close to full identification all patients although there's been a formal list at this point that they. published today the local media is pretty much filled with stories about evacuation efforts right after eruption on monday including a helicopter pilot who rescued wife people who described how those people lying in the crater covered in ash were crying out for help as he carried them to his highly copters and unfortunately how he had to leave 2 people who were just barely alive behind kerry. who is to thank you very much that was journalist caruso
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a permit to in auckland new zealand. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news for you on mars leader aung sun suu kyi is preparing to defend her country against genocide charges that the u.s. tries fork in the hay the court has heard testimony about how the on mars military allegedly committed atrocities against the country's broke into final. you're watching g.w. news live from berlin and up next our documentary film focuses on the soul ladies meeting between africa and europe i'm terry mark thanks for being with us. it's come. to the attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to sing the praises comics on the phone while it's 251st day we're embarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w. .


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