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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2019 2:45pm-3:01pm CET

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1st stepping stone of all saudi arabia's oil reliance on. this is business. as welcome. beard cory's in india or sweatshops in bangladesh everywhere across asia workers' rights environmental protection and children's health is being disregarded by global companies at the source their products in the region the german government asked $3000.00 textile retailers and producers to voluntarily clean up their supply chains in suggested a self police licensing option with an official certification that companies can apply for skin was called green button and only less than $100.00 companies were willing to sign up for it they would have had to fulfill a total of $46.00 criteria to do with environmental protection and workers was applying alongside the entire supply chain so different companies would have to prove that their products made by child labor they pay a minimum wage and implement safety rules but as already mentioned this is
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a voluntary certification that only applies to the textile industry lukewarm response prompted human rights organizations and trade unions to call for a lot to cover the supply chains of all german companies for lynn is now looking into legislation legislation requiring companies to prove they have been no human rights abuses or environmental infractions at any point in the supply chain companies breaking the law would be fined but many are semi's are not at all happy about the additional red tape. factory fire in delhi this weekend left 43 people dead and many engines the fashion industry is becoming increasingly associated with such incidents safety standards and regularly ignored and buildings are often riddled with fire hasn't 120000000 people worldwide work in the textile sector mostly in asia and africa. many children it's common to work 12 hour shifts 6 days
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a week for a pittance but that could soon end a new bill may require german companies to force suppliers to comply with minimum social and ecological standards. of text you have a track style workers in ethiopia earn around $25.00 a month just $25.00 in bangladesh they earn $89.00 so. that shows that without our knowing the clothes we wear are often being produced under exploitative conditions regard less of what it says on the label. the government says german employers must use their market power to force suppliers to make improvements germany is the 2nd largest importer of textiles worldwide but small and mid-sized companies say they'd be overwhelmed by such a law their products often comprise many different parts produced by different
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suppliers it's hard to trace if they're up holding standards or not the businesses say it will entail a lot more bureaucracy they say implementation would be impossible and it won't prevent tragedies like that in delhi from reoccurring that you know. as go to be turned on a journalist and documentary filmmaker was worked on the subject and joins us now from delhi what are the biggest human rights problems for workers there right now. so all major problems of course include but are not limited to as the triple also mention low wages and exploiting it is working hours no a lot of the liberals in the supply chain in this see are subject to extremely full working conditions but also extremely poor residential conditions because a large amount of them are migrant workers and because they are so poorly feed they then depend on big business owners to provide them with residence spaces which are
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unhygienic and subject to varying levels of air and water for the issue now in south asia we do not have the largest number of chinese evil in supply chain in the supply chain industry but it continues to demean the cause of worry however the wast of the lot for particularly in india is the fenian the female vocalist in these in this industry though not only are the legal speed but they're also subject to a volley of sexual abuse as we've seen from multiple reports by the un it's the us by outside i'm sorry is the government the indian government doing enough to protect its children and workers. so earlier the c.e.o. of the government of india actually published a national action plan of the n.e.p. on business and human rights which was welcomed by the private sector and the business law it was seen as a huge step that the government was seeking to ensure better rights that its
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workers however there's been a huge gap between what was said on people and the implementation there have also been several reports by n.g.o.s in india talking about legal laws including these laws i've you'll eat far believe me it's the workers bedell do or do we end up often meeting business or noise unless compliant to the government in fact the sky and gave us we're not once again where workers have said very often the government actually complies with business welcome business owners and lets them off without severe punishment even when they are down doing these laws when fires break out so that is sort of the debate that has really taken the country over the last weeks in this situation. if you can are human rights compliance requirements even very 50 by companies thousands of kilometers away. so al you
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know because the government of germany is now putting more pressure on its own companies those companies then can put that pressure back on local bottlers in india there are several monitoring and evaluation n.g.o.s and companies that can get involved in helping john companies to evaluate what is going on with their populace but what but in dollars speaking of what these women go by actions are these reports have been on the ground for several years the big gap here is really what do these companies do when they find out that their local business partners in the supply chains are not complying with sucking saloons and regulations and that's where we've seen that the buck really stops there so for example it's fast fashion even though there have been several to fall it's a howl oculus don't fly on many much multinationals to come out of this and this is what launched their local populous does not however they don't stop working
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with these dumb please when it is founded who led by visions ip confused so perhaps that is what the companies will for those who do not of this new law is in place. thank you very much for this analysis for saudi arabia state oil company aramco has officially begun trading on his domestic stock market it's already the most valuable valuable publicly listed company in the world however that's not enough for the kingdom which remains determined for saudi aramco to top the 2 trillion mark and things have gone well so far on the 1st day of trading. this is what it looks like to launch the world's most valuable company on the stock exchange for the 1st time. saudi aramco pride and joy of the saudi arabian royal family and kingdom has gone public it made
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its long awaited market dead view in riyadh on wednesday to much fanfare. and early pre-training the shares hit $9.39 each that's a 10 percent jump from the starting price enough to hit the regulatory cap on daily increases or decreases for the stock. that pushes the company's value up to $1.00 trillion dollars the kingdom wants a 2 trillion dollars valuation since the sale of $25600000000.00 worth of shares last week it has been encouraging all and sundry in saudi arabia to buy up as much stock as possible. and the un would say today the kingdom of saudi arabia is no longer the only shareholder of the company a lot. more than 5000000 shareholders have joined including citizens and residents in this kingdom and other c.c.c. countries in addition to saudi regional and international investment institutions
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this is a day when everyone in saudi aramco and in the kingdom can be immensely proud. while today is one of glitz and glamor for the country the listing of aramco is a reflection of the kingdom's need to diversify its economy away from oil dependence nonetheless the company may well hit its desired 2 trillion dollar target in the days ahead. travel is responsible for odds 2.5 percent of global 02 emissions and yet despite a climate change more and more people are traveling by plane as the numbers have risen steeply over the last few years particularly in asia. the rise in air travel is good news for the leading edge craft manufacturers has plenty of orders to fail in the next 2 decades european air travel is expected to double. many large and airports are being built across asia including beijing's dashing and port once
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completed it will boast 4 runways. last year the asia pacific region has the largest share of international air traffic with almost 34 percent followed by europe with 26 percent and north america with just under 23 percent. africa lag far behind with just 2 percent. but the sector is likely to grow rapidly in some african countries this year uganda re known state carry out uganda airlines after it was grounded for 17 years other countries like rwanda have high hopes for then national carriers but most of them in heavy debt and fares the too high for many consumers on the route networks unlimited and complicated last year nearly 30 percent of seats on african flights were empty. the world's
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1st fully electric commercial aircraft ass completed its 1st test flight the plane took off from the canadian city of vancouver for around 15 minutes 6 passengers also with new builds of the 1950s but retrofitted with an electric motor and design designed by an australian gump. i bought a ship with a canadian ally and those behind this 1st electrified say it would be the dawning of the age of electric if yes. that's it for me and the business. thank you very much for watching the for.
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tomorrow's around the world are in a shopping frenzy. online sales are in the run up to christmas. retailers. and our culture the followers of businesses protection can be encouraged. made in germany. welcome to the book is the game here for details. we have plenty to talk about since. it sounds like coverage. 3 more. subtly have. let's have a look at so many of them please look so you don't want to. t.w. . a duel with words.
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where i come from we don't want a way from a confrontation. when i was 5 years old my father took me to his friends and i was hooked on the sport. a sport a few months old and to see all sold. fencing as a language and a good source for it is a conversation. must meet your opponent understand that thinking middle of the main to get close otherwise you can score a. it's not unlike a tough interview really when interviewing politicians all corporate c.e.o.'s you have to wait for the right moment you have to get around that defensiveness then make your move about. yes i'm taking risks to get results. i've got alphas and i work at d w. this
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is d.w. news live from berlin taking a stand at the international court of justice. she says there is no proof that her country's military carried out genocide against her hang up muslims prosecutors are seeking to prove her wrong. also coming up they're calling it a ban on the moment the new president of the european commission is presenting her a landmark plan to fight climate change but not everyone is playing along. and they've been training for more than a year now for women for congress are preparing to embark on the.


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