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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2019 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin it's being called the u.k.'s most important election in a generation prime minister boris johnson has been pulling out all the stops to win over wavering voters but his lead over jeremy core principle position labor party has been narrowing and also coming up algeria is holding a presidential election to try to end months of political turmoil but pro-democracy demonstrators say it's a farce and are urging voters to boycott the poll. plus the controversial gas pipeline that's causing a rift between the united states and germany the u.s.
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says it's a tool of coercion and political leverage. well i'm terry martin welcome to the program would be give us some breaking news just coming in the russian foreign ministry has summoned the german about the dispute over the killing of a former chechen commander in berlin it looks likely that moscow will expel 2 german diplomats in retaliation for the expulsion of 2 russian diplomats by berlin last week this is the former chechen commander who was killed in berlin last summer he was gunned down in a berlin park german prosecutors believe russia was behind the killing and 2 russian diplomats were expelled last week because berlin said moscow was not cooperating sufficiently in the investigation also has denied any involvement in
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the killing. well for the very latest now let's cross over to our correspondent emily sherwin who study by force in moscow good to see you emily post russia decided to expel german diplomats well we don't actually know yet what we do know is that various russian agencies are reporting that the ambassador has been summoned to the foreign ministry there citing sources within the russian establishment to say that and it's widely expected that the ambassador will be told russia's response to the fact that berlin expelled to diplomats last week and it's widely expected even though we don't know yet that the response from the russian side will be a kind of tit for tat response even vladimir putin earlier this week on monday said that that would be a reasonable response he said there's an unwritten law that if you expel our
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diplomats we expel your diplomats so we expect that that will happen if all this is confirmed because we have this tit for tat retaliatory diplomacy now german prosecutors as we mentioned they suspect that russia the russian government may have been involved in the killing of the former chechen rebel in berlin last august how is mosque dealing with that specifically aside from all of this diplomatic wrangling. well the kremlin has repeatedly denied any state involvement and last week when berlin expelled those 2 diplomats they said that it was over the fact that russia wasn't cooperating and now it's with the investigation the foreign ministry's response was that the expulsion was unfounded and unfriendly so. kind of outrage there but it's interesting
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to compare this case to a kind of similar case which is the attempted poisoning of sergei screen in the u.k. in 2018 the response there from the u.k. was the expulsion of 23 diplomats and russia responded very quickly with an expulsion and in kind of 23 diplomats much much more of a very vigorous response there we have the sense here that both sides berlin as well but russia in particular are really kind of treading carefully after all russian german relations are traditionally very close and russia has taken over a week to announce if we hear the response today it seems that they've taken over a week to think about what that response will be and they're really giving giving the german side some time and we thank you very much bring yourself to really sure when. people in the u.k. are heading to the polls and what's being called the most important general election in decades it will determine when or if the country leaves the european
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union from mr boris johnson's conservative party what looks to be on track for an absolute majority but more recent polls show jeremy corbin's labor party gaining ground meaning it's still too close to call. these are the images boris johnson wanted voters to see on the last day of campaigning a prime minister turned milkmen night just to be delivering to the public. thank you. thank you for participating come on the good morning person prime minister oh but shortly before that johnson and his team were not so composed just a reaction here from one of the minders the other so to come on good morning britain deliver on your promise to talk to payson says johnson was caught off guard by a crew from i.t.v. good morning grayson and he didn't refuge from reporters in a freezer so i think it's very fortunate that was heroic work but equally as staged was labor leader jeremy carbons final hours on the campaign trail carbon jumped at
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the chance to take a swipe at his main political rival. guys but you know this so i've come here to. tell my dad. what that message of hope corbett will be hoping his message hits home so far polls have not been looking good for labor with most betting on a conservative majority but the case of seeing a shift in recent days and carbon is much better olds of becoming prime minister however there are no clear favorites among the voters. some honest reviews noach if there is no choice. i don't like either of the main candidates so i'm struggling. none of them tell the truth. i just tell the chain it just. out for themselves they know how for us right for
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themselves that. i will fight i will fight. to have an i pod on my top 2 yeah this is largely a one issue election still some are trying to focus on other important topics this latest mural by renowned street artist. see highlights the issue of homelessness at christmas time for many of the peeress people in the u.k. brags it is the least of their concerns. well polls just opened in london about an hour ago and our correspondent is covering it all rags it has great created a highly divisive atmosphere in british politics is that being reflected in the election campaigns. well yes i mean it's really and that of polarization just minutes before we came on air there was a young woman walking posse was on the phone with a friend and she said i'm working pasta polling station but i'm not voting or law is i speaking to people who have voted labor for all their life who live it about
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jeremy corbin the leader of the labor party and his prick strategy and they said they could not bring themselves to labor in this election i'm speaking to former conservative m.p.'s in parliament who described boris johnson the prime minister as a charlatan and a lawyer so this really feet through this whole atmosphere and through the whole last weeks of the election campaign polarization is a big issue here in the u.k. well the polls have shown that the the gap between the 2 parties has been narrowing in the run up to the election do we have any idea of how the country will vote today. well for a long time it really looked like it would be a conservative majority however this guy has narrator of late sue we are not quite so show with a boris johnson will get the majority that he so desperately wants in parliament it
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could also be a hung parliament which would mean that most likely in this case jeremy cool bin could also. form a government and he could be propped up by a by smaller party at the moment we're not sure we do know that it looks more likely that boris johnson will also be the next prime minister but we don't know yet in what form exactly the next parliament would have become what's going to happen after this election barragan i mean there are a couple of obvious scenarios possibilities where will things go from here particularly with breaks. well if we do have. as prime minister his that he wants to hold another referendum on the holbrooks of this year that that would be the most likely thing to happen on the government if boris johnson wins he has maintained this was his mantra that was quite simple
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and easy with the votes is he said he's going to get breaks it down so he's promising by the end of next january to leave the u.k. out of the european union however after that he does face the odds to negotiate again with the european union this time not about the withdrawal about the exit but about the future path so what kind of relationship what kind of trade agreement is the u.k. going to have with the european union force johnson says he's going to get it all done in a matter of months however there are many experts many critics saying well this is more likely taking yes so it's not like the. brits the debate is going to continue is going to continue haunting this country to get thank you very much the w.'s bigot mosque there in london. sketch up now and some of the other stories making headlines around the world today israel is headed for an unprecedented 3rd election in 12 months on thursday the israeli parliament voted to
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dissolve itself after failing to form a government the country will hold new elections in march. shares defense ministry has confirmed that suspected islamist militants killed 71 soldiers near the mali border a night time on a military camp in the country southwest also injured 12 troops and several more missing the so-called islamic state have long been active in the area. after supporters. groups tried to attack a group of anti-government demonstrators. from reaching the protesters demonstrators have been calling for the 2 group's leaders to step down. more people have died from injuries they suffered in the eruption of new zealand's 5 volcano that brings the confirmed death toll to 8 but that figure is expected to
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rise further with another 8 people still missing. and there are more than 20 in intensive care burn unit say they will try to get. to recover the remains of the victims still there but is highly volatile and could put recovery teams at risk. just a short while ago the deputy commissioner of new zealand police gave details of the planned operation. so. people. will deploy to. the system. from across. and i will make every effort to recover all of the bodies from the on hand and
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return them to the wanting to come. in from the we will move those bodies back to the mine mine and. i have to emphasize that the risk has not gone the risk reminds present. all joining us from auckland new zealand is journalist curtis apparently it's a chorus we just heard there from the deputy police commissioner saying that the risk associated with with this operating is still very much there wife of authorities decided to take this risk now all that's right terry the likelihood of an eruption today has increased to between 50 and 60 percent over the next 24 hours but the police has stated that the recovery operation will begin at 1st light on friday you zealand time that the situation was not taken lightly but it follows day of growing frustration from grieving families at delays in emergency services returning to the island to collect their last ones through eye witness interviews
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that they've done with groups that were on the island immediately after your option and regrown footage they are able to see 6 bodies but they are also aware there are 8 missing people their 1st priority will be to get those 6 people off and they will have very limited opportunity to to look for the other 2 the biggest concern is a force the volcano which is not under control it will not have it will not be a 0 game there can't be any mistake and that we're involved in the operation will be putting themselves on the front line what's being done then to assure that this rescue crew comes through this safely. well the dubuque the deputy commissioner wouldn't go into much detail about the specifics of the plan but he says he expects the operation on friday morning will take several hours and that it will take at least 15 minutes on foot once the crew landed on the island to get to
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the point where the bodies are gathered they have to think tim's families earlier today and presented a range of options including an in-n. out style mission the recovery room will be wearing protective equipment but that doesn't mean they will be fully protected if there is another direction but they also make sure that they have the right people with the right skills and the right equipment from new zealand defense force police and other agencies to undertake the operation returning the bodies on the island to their loved ones will remain their focus but you know once the bodies are retreat even the toxicity off the island it is possible the remains could pose a risk to those who were to treat them meanwhile the death toll in this tragedy has now risen to a what's known about the condition of the other injured who are still in hospital. 21 patients remain in new zealand's burns units 16 of them in a critical condition the extent of their injuries as such that's going is being
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brought in from australia and the united states force in graphs 7 australian patients have been returned to australia and 6 others are planned to be transferred in the next 24 hours so far it has significantly take the pressure off the burns units here in new zealand especially because the medical professionals have been working nonstop since monday and as you know as we know overnight 2 more people died in hospital bringing the if the show death toll to 8 they were brothers almost carlia and the younger was on the 13 years old person thank you very much that was corrosive paramita there in auckland new zealand. algerians are heading to the polls to elect a new president or months of political turmoil the north african nation has been in limbo since february when longtime president abdelaziz bouteflika and else he was stand for a 5th term that announcement spot sparked massive protests which eventually led the
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strongman leader to step down after 20 years in power the move was meant to quell public the said but it wasn't enough to appease protesters street demonstrations have continued with many in algeria's pro-democracy camp vowing to boycott today's vote. we want freedom we will not fight they chant. that. though they want to mock prosy these protesters say this paul will not result in real change there among tens of thousands of algerians who've been taken to the streets to demand the presidential election be called off. we want to elections with our rulers not elections to recycle beautifully his regime which is ruled this country and stolen the people's goods for 20 years. whatever. it was running marathons this election were against this fast we're against the continuation of
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this regime they want to impose this vote on us that they can keep the regime we want to civilian government not one that's ruled by the military. for the past 9 months pro-democracy protesters have been demanding political change they succeeded in removing longtime president abdelaziz bouteflika who resigned in april but that wasn't enough for them to. demonstrate his want the entire ruling elite to resign before any election take place including the interim president and the military's chief of staff. 05 presidential candidates have close links with the establishment leading many ontarians to see this poll as a strategy to avoid genuine change despite that the election is supported by some. i know we are going to get out we have the children of this nation and will flock to the polls who have been loves this nation should carry this to the elections
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that the. thousands who've been fighting for the phone since february wouldn't agree to found to boycott the vote and continue to pressure mung after this presidential election is on. you're watching t.v. news still to come returning to the ways of the past we look at efforts by palmers in southern spain to fight climate change and save their land. the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill imposing sanctions on companies working on the north stream to gas pipelines u.s. lawmakers hope to slow down construction of the controversial product projects rather if completed the pipeline would incur greatly increase moscow's capacity to supply the european union with natural gas however u.s. lawmakers worried that it would give greater political leverage over the european union and further escalate tensions between russia and ukraine that country is
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currently a major transit hub for russian oil and natural gas shipped to the e.u. . w.'s chelsea delaney is covering this story for us and joins us now from frankfurt could these sanctions from the u.s. slowdown or even stall the north stream to project. it doesn't seem at this point like these sanctions are going to be a fatal blow for north stream the u.s. has really been talking about putting sanctions on on companies associated with nordstrom all year and those conversations really got sidetracked by bigger political problems like impeachment in the u.s. but at this point it may be too late the nordstrom too is already about 85 to 90 percent complete they do need other contractors still to lease them underground pipes but russian officials are saying that even if even if some of these companies have to pull out they can finish that work themselves by early next year so it may
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have the window may have passed for the u.s. to stop this project why is the u.s. so opposed to nord stream to the u.s. really sees north stream to. as a political mechanism for russia to gain more influence over energy policy and europe and there's also of course concern about how this impacts ukraine ukraine right now gets about $3000000000.00 every year for allowing russian gas to past there it's pipeline this could certainly stoke more tensions between russia and ukraine. but there's also a concern about increasing a monopoly of russian gas in the e.u. so right now russia is responsible for about 40 percent of european natural gas imports and in the past russia has sometimes used it's not believed to exert pressure on countries that's not happy about so there's also a broader concern of what it would mean for russia to have a bigger influence on
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a european energy policy shell suit thank you very much for filling us in the chelsea delaney in frankfurt. government ministers from around the world are wrapping up talks at the united nations climate conference in madrid their aim is to strengthen the 2015 paris agreement on fighting climate change speaking at the conference un secretary general and tonio the terrorist has warned that nations must deliver on climate targets over the next 12 months or both present and future generations will suffer. a few 100 kilometers away from the summit in the south of spain farmers are battling the reality of climate change santiago grows almonds here in southern spain it's one of europe's driest regions she's determined to keep the land productive and it's clear to see that tough property is much greener than her neighbors. that.
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the greenery protects the land from the effects of the sun and stops the rouge. you know what i mean we managed to grow a lot of different plants here and even some spices. the cross holds the morning dew serving as a natural water source for the almond trees that stops the soil from drying out or being washed away if that is the heavy rainfall climate change intensive agriculture and overbuilding mean the loss of productive land is a big problem in spain it's one of the main topics at the united nations climate conference now wrapping up in the capital madrid and. all the evidence shows that the situation in southern europe is rapidly worsening. of course the drought and rising temperatures mean nature is less resistant to the ravages of
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climate change. it's the livelihood of farmers and rural communities at risk. and vision of mind. in mercia they are tackling the problem half the almonds here grown without mechanized watering. these 4 legged gardeners also help the grass to flourish thanks to the natural manure they produce . the now my mother and grandmother knew that they should stick to the old ways of doing things keeping up the traditional farming methods. and. this is their way of life and their land and they want to stop it turning into a desert and finally the old man of professional surfing is enjoying a spectacular ride as he vies for a spot in next year's olympics 47 year old kelly slater improved his chances with
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a perfect 10 point ride at the plate masters in hawaii from a different angle you can see it's called a pipe for a reason slater put all a master class. oh 011 time world champion has a good chance to make the 2020 game it's. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today. the russian foreign ministry is expelling 2 german diplomats in a dispute over the killing of a former chechen commander and while in park last summer it's being seen as retaliation after berlin expelled toothbrushing diplomats last week. and the u.k. is voting in what's been called the most important election in a generation opinion polls put or strengthens conservatives in the lead but jeremy
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corbin's opposition labor party has been closing the gap. never get you can always get all the latest news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any of the breaking news you also use the app to send us photos and videos wherever you happen to think . you are watching good every news coming to you live from pearl end up next it's conflict zone tim sebastian interviews homs salma who heads up the vatican's child protection center i'm terry martin don't forget you get all those news information relic talk on the website that set. dot com you'll find me on twitter t.m. news stream thanks for being with us.
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luck to. him. to. enter the conflict zone with jim sebastian. my guest this week here in los is the jesuit priest father hans solo who is a media expert also actually uses a mobile kludgy as the boss ago soon about real challenge for will continue to provide opportunity as cover for priests who commit these also produce conflicts up . next on d w. networking on a global scale is helping open
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a new front in medical research. crowdfunding campaigns and the free exchange of information are creating alternatives for researchers outside the pharma industry. new ideas new. medical research the boy in 45 minutes on d w. all.
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i see a trend happen people just don't believe in the church because free trade is not a monolithic block new rules this year on the holocaust sexual abuse in the catholic church have failed to satisfy victims' groups which still insist in the so are at risk from predatory kludgy i guess this week period is the jesuit priest father honest soul not always a meeting expert on such abuse from the kludgy is the vatican serious about real change or will continue to provide opportunity i'm called up for priests it's.


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