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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin tensions flare between russia and germany as moscow expels 2 german diplomats to the move is linked to the apparent assassination of a former chechen commander in a berlin park last summer germany or 2 russian diplomats to leave the country last week. also coming up the controversial gas pipeline that's causing a rift between the united states and germany us says it's a tool of coercion political leverage for russia. and it's being called the u.k.'s
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most important election in a generation prime minister boris johnson has been pulling out all the stops to win over wavering voters but his lead over jeremy corbin's opposition labor party has been narrowed. following terry martin welcome to the program russia is expelling 2 german diplomats in retaliation for the expulsion of 2 russian diplomats by berlin last week it's also do with the killing of this man a former chechen commander in berlin last summer he was gunned down in a public park german prosecutors believe russia was behind the killing and russian diplomats were expelled because berlin said moscow was not cooperating sufficiently in the investigation bosco has denied any involvement in the killing.
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well for more now we're joined by our correspondent sure win in moscow emily why has russia decided to expel german diplomats while russia expelled these 2 german diplomats in response to berlin expelling russian diplomats last week last week we already heard from the foreign ministry that they were threatening reciprocal response to that measure that's the usual response from russia this kind of tit for tat tactic and even putin on monday said that it's the kind of unwritten law as he put it that if you expel our diplomats we're going to value as well these expulsions evilly are happening because german prosecutors suspect russia of involvement in the murder of a former chechen rebel in berlin last summer what is small scope of saying about that allegation. well the kremlin has repeatedly denied
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that the russian state is involved in any way they've called those accusations groundless and germany though it's worth pointing out has actually expelled those 2 diplomats because they say russia is not cooperating enough with the investigation into this murder and on monday we heard from vladimir putin that russia is prepared to cooperate in this investigation now he said that at a press conference with his german counterpart macca and he also denied that this is a diplomatic crisis and i think it's worth pointing out that it seems that both sides both the russian side and the german side seem to be treading rather carefully when it comes to this scandal after all german russian relations have been traditionally close and we've seen throughout this past week as well and right after the expulsion of the german diplomats there is russian politicians saying that this will not have an effect on russia's relations with germany it's interesting to
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compare this case with a previous similar case the attempted murder of sergei screen fall in 2018 the u.k. accused russia of involvement in that case and the rhetoric was much much stronger from the russian side much sharper and i think we're seeing russia treading carefully and trying to contain this scandal. thanks for bringing us up to date. sure when in moscow. u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill imposing sanctions on projects intended to support the russian pipeline a russian pipeline to germany it's a move that's expected to draw an angry response from germany and russia the sanctions affect construction of the north stream to pipeline carpeting the ships used to lay the massive pipes that the project depends on u.s. lawmakers and the white house believe the north stream to that north stream through
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will make germany too reliant on russian gas ultimately giving moscow greater political leverage over berlin and the whole of the european union. a political correspondent simon young is covering this story for us and he joins us now from our problem in 3 studios in berlin simon could these sanctions delay or perhaps even stop the german russian pipeline project with terry that seems pretty unlikely because this project to ease almost complete mold in 2000 kilometer is of the nodes trying to pipeline of already been laid in the baltic sea there is about only about 300 kilometers left to do and also germany has consistently stood behind this project it says that it's very important full gemini's in europe's energy security and also for enabling germany's transition fully to
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renewable sources of energy so it seems unlikely it could be stopped although obviously if these sanctions a really a ploy it against executives of the construction companies that could delay completion of the project i suppose quite considerably perhaps why simon is the u.s. so opposed to north stream to. well washington says that this project will make germany and europe very dependent t. dependent from their point of view on russian energy sources and donald trump is even going so far as to say it would would make germany a hostage of russia people here in europe here in germany who support nord stream say that's really not true that in fact the dependency really works the other way russia needs foreign currency that it would earn from this
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project and that's why it's very keen to get it completed and people also point out that russia even during the ups and downs of the cold war was always a reliable supplier of energy to western europe at that time so people have also pointed out that perhaps the u.s. has got a secondary motive namely to increase the chances of being able to sell its liquefied natural gas its l n g to european markets which it would very much like to do although some industry experts here say that l.n.g. from america is too expensive well north stream to this pipeline project it is controversial and not just from a u.s. perspective it has opponents here in europe too doesn't it. why did it has spent the year pin nations to a degree countries like germany and the netherlands really support nord stream but
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some of the central european countries in particular poland are against it they feel that they're being 5 past and of course there's an aspect of this also that feeds into the ukraine russia conflict as well because previously ukraine was the main transit current straight country for russian gas exports simon thank you very much state of the political correspondent simon young. now let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world today israel is heading for an unprecedented 3rd election in 12 months on thursday the israeli parliament voted to dissolve itself after the government failed to form a new government the country will hold new elections in march. new shares defense ministry has confirmed that suspected islam missed militants killed 71 soldiers near the mali border a nighttime ambush on a military camp in the country's southwest also injured 12 troops and several more
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are missing the so-called islamic state have long been active in the area. clashes have erupted in beirut after supporters of lebanon's 2 main shiite groups tried to attack a group of anti-government demonstrators police fired tear gas to prevent supporters of hezbollah and amal from reaching the protesters the demonstrators have been calling for the 2 group's leaders to step down. and the new york times is reporting that former hollywood movie producer harvey weinstein has reached a tentative settlement with dozens of women who accused him of sexual misconduct. $25000000.00 deal would and most civil lawsuits against weinstein but he still faces criminal charges of sexual assault and rape in new york. people in the u.k. are heading to the polls in what's being called the most important general election in decades it will determine when how or if the country leaves your opinion from mr
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boris johnson's conservative party had looked set to be on track for an absolute majority but more recent polls show jeremy corbin's labor party gaining ground meaning it's now too close to call thought. these are the images boris johnson wanted voters to see on the last day of campaigning the prime minister turned to milkmen. to play delivering to the public. really thank you. thank you for participating come on the good morning person prime minister oh but shortly before that johnson and his team were not so composed just a reaction here from one of the minders the other so to come on good morning britain delivered your promise to talk to patients and says johnson was caught off guard by a creation i.t.v. yes good morning britain and he didn't seek refuge from reporters in a freezer so i think so far as not that was heroic work but equally as staged was labor leader jeremy carbons final hours on the campaign trail carbon jumped at the
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chance to take a swipe at his main political rival. i have no idea but you know this so i've not come here to. tell him. what that might change all the. carbon will be hoping his message hits home so far polls have not been looking good for labor with most betting on a conservative majority but the case of seeing a shift in recent days and carbon is that much better olds of becoming prime minister however there are no clear favorites among the voters. some honest reviews no chip there is no choice. i don't like either of the main candidates so i'm struggling. none of them tell the truth. but just to tell the chain it just. out for themselves they know how for us right for themselves that. i will fight i will fight. to have
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a vibe on my top 2 yet this is largely a one issue election still some are trying to focus on other important topics this latest miral by renowned street artist banksy highlights the issue of homelessness at christmas time for many of the poorest people in the u.k. brags it is the least of their concerns. a corresponding very mass in london told us just how divisive this election has been. i've spoken to people who have very good labor for all their life who are livid about jeremy corbin the leader of the labor party and his brakes its strategy and they said they could not bring themselves to vote labor in this election and speaking to former conservative m.p.'s in parliament who described boris johnson the prime minister as a charlatan and a lawyer so this really feet straight through this whole atmosphere and through the
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whole last weeks of the election campaign polarization is a big issue here in the u.k. it was there in london now 2 more people have died from injuries they suffered in the eruption of new zealand's fire volcano that brings the confirmed death toll to 8 now but that figure is expected to rise further with another 8 people still missing and more than 20 in intensive care burn unit authorities say they will try to get onto the mall panic island on friday to recover the remains of the victims still there but the volcano is highly volatile and could put recovery teams at risk . just watch short while ago the deputy commander of new zealand's police gave details of the planned rescue operation recovery operation just. shortly after a fierce lot tomorrow. in city if it's its people and capability will deploy to the autumn and assisted by specialist capabilities from across
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seas including new zealand police. they will go on to the island and i will make every effort to recover all of the bodies from the oil and then return them to the wanting to. and from the we will move those bodies back to the mine mind. i have to emphasize that the risk has not gone the risk remains present. you're watching news just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today the russian foreign ministry is expelling 2 german diplomats in a dispute over the killing of a former chechen commander in a park last summer it's being seen as retaliation. expelled 2 russian diplomats last week. and the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill imposing sanctions projects intended to pipe russian gas to germany the
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sanctions affect construction of the north stream to pipeline the move is expected to draw an angry response from germany and russia. you're watching news live from berlin up next we've got a documentary film for you on how new ways are being found to fund medical research . thanks for watching. welcome to the book is the game here. we have to talk about something less coverage. 3 more please. that's a little we have. let's have a look at some of the other people so you don't want to miss. t. w. i.


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