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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2019 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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from the party tee to flash from calls a good time this is where it. broke up 77 percent. this week. you're watching the w. news asia coming up protests rock india's northeast over a new law on citizenship will look at reactions as india's government tighten security with curfews and internet restrictions. plus a look at bangladesh has many economic challenges will be in conversation with one of the country's best known economists. and will take a ride in kabul's pink shuttled service initiative to keep afghan women safe on the streets.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to g.w. news asia thank you for joining us india has passed a new law that will make it easier for non muslim minorities from neighboring countries to gain indian indian citizenship opposition to it is especially strong in india's northeastern state which borders bangladesh is an ethnically diverse region with a large muslim population thousands have defied a curfew to protest the new measure people there fear undocumented hindu migrants from neighboring bangladesh will now be granted citizenship and dilute the political sway of the region. a rupture of faith in the state. many here in assam see the passage of the citizenship amendment bill as a clear message from the hindu nationalist government that they are 2nd class citizens
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. no men but is the other didn't get trying to make us minority in our own very spit in our own religion by giving to the end of the ballot this year. the new law would allow non muslim religious minorities from neighboring countries like bangladesh to claim indian nationality a campaign promise delivered by prime minister modi's b j p government which denies the measure discriminates against any group here. a lot of this bill will not harm even a little bit any minority especially our muslim brothers and sisters who live in this country because this will only give citizenship it doesn't take it away from anyone. but critics say the law undermines india's secular constitution and is blatantly anti muslim in this bill they are targeting the community without leaving
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it it was the basic structure of the constitution it is divisive and exclusive it really destabilized up polity and 18 to 20000000 people would not trust us. and tweet prime minister narendra modi hailed a landmark day for india and promised the bill would alleviate the suffering of many who faced persecution. but in assam the bill is another reason to distrust modi's india a recent citizenship registry exercise excluded 2000000 people in assam who now have to prove their citizenship or be rendered stateless. hindus left off the list now have protection but not muslims. who could face deportation the the. the. reaction to the citizenship amendment bill has also hit social media on twitter this user captured some of the
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us on protests and asked assad is burning and the government is not paying any attention to it is this the democracy we are living in and prime minister narendra modi has tweeted this urging the people of assam who he calls brothers and sisters not to worry quote i want to assure them no one can take away your rights unique identity and beautiful culture it will continue to grow and flourish and quote but this user rejected modi statement as hollow words saying that's why people in assam are braving internet blocks lottie's curfew and tear gas in protest and this user pointed out the irony of modi's method of communication unfortunately people in a sun cannot read your tweet because you have shut down the internet we have dr bill nye accent with us he is research director of the bangladesh institute of development studies to talk about this and also other challenges his country is
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facing so what kind of reaction is this new law getting in bangladesh if any. one of this side is very much student watching would be and approach is wait and see. and informally maybe the signal is that we have to who immutably said so that. given the sensitivities in bangladesh it is not out of control. so it's a wait and see we will have to maybe check back in a few weeks i want to pivot to the work that you do at your guys' ation and look at the economy in bangladesh. economy has been slowing it's been the weakest in about a decade why. i'm not so sure about that characterization because of the reasons that bangladesh has been experiencing it in economy grew. we have been growing over
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6 person for the last decade and over the last 34 years growing at a rate of 7 percent per year and this year we have to be even further to 8 percent plus so i don't know where the group dissolution information comes but i guess. the measure already is is that what are the sources of this group. when india is slowing down from 67 percent to food person how come bangladesh is growing from 5 percent to 6 percent to 7 even 8 percent plus so some of the commentators have made the point that it is income grint who with the information of bank credit increase because normally when you are growing economy you'd expect ben created to
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expand fast so that is not happening so that's the reason people are sometimes thrusting doubt on this in terms of the number and the growth rate right at the same time the organization has done some research looking at unemployment among bangladeshi youth and i believe the conclusion was what's the percentage of people 30 percent of people could as much as 30 percent of bangladeshi youth could be unemployed how do you solve this problem well 1st thing is that this has that study which you were referring to was done on the basis of online platform so it is self select audience of youth groups who are responding to the questions so one factor might be the queuing factors they would like to wait for the kind of jobs they want and the waiting period may last for 6 months to 2 years
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so in that sense that does not give us the true picture of unemployment among the good to you because some of the some of these unemployment's may be of of volunteered in nature that voluntarily choosing not to select that particular route for jobs city so if you could unemployment rate would be higher like in any other countries in bangladesh also higher than the usual unemployment rate among the population but it will not be that high as 30 person so it's in. both of your answers what you what is really interesting is that numbers can sometimes be deceiving and it really depends on how you interpret it absolutely and so when you look at these numbers and you look at the arguments about the state of economy or the state of the future for bangladeshi youth what do you think long term is the prospects good for the country i think i am arguing that if don't rock the boat
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if one with this can rule rate of 6 percent plus. over the next decade it will reach the is is the g. goal of poverty that because by 2030. which is n s t g sustainable development goal of the un number one right and the 2nd part of your question is relating to what can be done for the ute to fall to improve the quality of the patient and training so that they can be as they can be according flexible skills. in the fostering global market so that they can add up to the market situations well but in terms of all that you're talking about the next decade the other thing that we read about in next decade is the impact of the climate emergency on the country surely that's going to impact growth yes that is a major concern and it will affect our long term growth but.
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that will require not just our national initiative but also the huge international assistance in that regard because some of these efforts are beyond our control and we need assistance to cope with the climate change efforts to send thank you thank you very much. in afghanistan inadequate public transportation and harassment are just some of the challenges women face when they step out now a special project helps women move safely in its capital of kabul can shuttle is a service that ferries women and their children around town. women in the driver's seat a rare sight in ultra conservative afghanistan. navigating the streets of kabul isn't easy but present hidari and her colleagues aren't intimidated. they beat
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dozens of candidates to drive for pink shuttle. a fearless attitude is required. and i don't like some young boys and men drive past us really fast and try to frighten us. but we got used to it. they've done it so much that i'm personally not scared anymore. it's become an every day occurrence. gender equality was restored to the constitution after the taliban were toppled in 2001 but discrimination against females remains widespread safety is also a major concern with the threat of militant attacks ever present. my backlog of the but i think my driving job is great. but sometimes my family doesn't agree and due to the security reasons blasts occur every month every week or so that mia
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but we are champions. and we are not afraid on. free will billet he also means access to education and work so as they take the wheel perris a hidari and her colleagues are on the road to emancipation. that's it for now head over to our website www dot com for asia to view this show online and for other stories from the region we leave you with pictures from cambodia and its annual kite festival thank you for watching see you next time and goodbye.
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channels available to inspire people to change and action and we're determined to build something new for the next generation gloomily as the environment series of global 3000 on t.w. and online. the. u.s. lawmakers agree on a bill to sanction companies building the north stream 2 pipeline the controversial project is set to transport natural gas from russia to germany the bill has yet to be signed by president. also coming up where will the new european central bank chief take europe's most for powerful financial institutions one thing is clear the euro will be greener. the bad news keeps coming from boeing a former employee testifies about production problems of
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a boeing plant that may have to be in the behind it may have been behind the 2 deadly crash of 2 ill fated 737. business is business as usual on the gulf is welcome to the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bill imposing sanctions on the russian led gas pipeline project nord stream to the new sanctions target companies that own the ships needed to lay the massive pipes the project depends on the bill as the potential to stop construction just as it's nearing completion. only a few companies in the world possess the technology to lane deep sea pipelines none of them is russian if they continue to work on north stream 2 they could find themselves cut off from doing business in the u.s. their assets there might be frozen and people working on the ships would no longer be allowed to enter america the 1230 kilometer long pipeline is this.


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