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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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you. this is g.w. news live from berlin the final hours of voting in the u.k. and what most of the world sees as britain's bright sit elections conservative prime minister boris johnson stakes all in a bid to push through his plans to take the u.k. to the european union but can the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn can he defy the pollsters and pull off a surprise last minute victory also coming up moscow expels to german diplomats at a tit for tat move over the murder of
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a chechen rebel commander here in berlin and rescue workers launch a risky mission to recover the bodies of 8 people killed in a volcano eruption in new zealand just one breath of the toxic gases on the island could prove things. i'm off it's good to have you with the voting is nearly over in the u.k. generally lection the 3rd general election in just 5 years the contest the campaign has been overshadowed by breaks in the most divisive issue in british politics in living memory conservative prime minister boris johnson cast his vote earlier today he is hoping to secure a majority to get his brakes plans through parliament the opposition labor leader jeremy corbin he also voted today his party gaining ground in the final week of the
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campaign. despite early predictions that johnson would secure a majority recent polls now suggest that the result is simply too close to call. one. of the women. hammering his point home prime minister boris johnson canvassing for last minute votes in this breaks it dominated election. and the conservative leader stayed on message throughout his final rally . well i think it's time for this country to come together and move on at the will of the people that we can. at his more low key affair labor leader jeremy carbon was keen to remind voters of the other issues. also go down the road of investing in our country investing to end austerity redistributing wealth and power in our society in a way that's never been seen before why the government and. it's
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a choice between carbon and johnson for prime minister so who do voters think it will be. unfortunately boris to simply never know their options. prime minister it's not. the blessing can happen i think is for the conserve to skate in. and mining is chasing the leader of the democrats one party hoping that won't happen the anti breaks that lead dams who are hoping to make gains but we still got the chance to stop breaks that we can stop boris johnson getting a majority and what happens in the next few hours is going to be absolutely crucial to see whether that happen and then there's the scottish national party also prove to the s.n.p. is the 3rd largest party in the u.k. parliament and could hold the balance of power if there's a new white right majority. we have in the cross state to another new deal cliffe age as we go through next year and i do think that get breaks it done slogan is the
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biggest corn in this election whatever happens at the polling station only one candidate will walk through the doors of number 10 downing street as prime minister after clearing up as many votes as they can on election day. heartless take the story. points she is in london standing outside the house of parliament covering events for us tonight. so it's a big day for the u.k. an election that few people actually want is what has the turnout been so far do we know. well i witnessed very long lines this morning in london and this is what observers have been reporting from all over london at least. so far has been unprecedented and i asked people why they came to vote and they said well because it matters because this election the outcome of this election will really shape this country for decades to come and of course they mean the topic of
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this is what drives voters to the polls you have 2 men who are very 2 very different. very different visions for the country and promising again and again to deliver a very simple message let's get that done that was his campaign that was what it was all about and on the other hand a little more complicated message. on the issue so there is not a lot of excitement about this election this is what i gathered at the polling stations today people want to make their voices heard on the issue. of polling stations this election we know what's happening against the.
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well i mean there are lots of issues that the country is facing. a huge. drain. that was huge. but i think. the country even and this is what makes the outcome of this election so hard to predict because questions. for example i was talking to. the policy against their own interest just because. so this is very interesting a lot of frustration. and a lot of frustration especially. the big issues in the country and that nothing has gotten done in the past 2 years.
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thank you. here is a roundup now of the other stories that are making headlines around the world so-called islamic state says it carried out the attack which killed at least 71 government troops in western news here this week the nighttime assault in the village in nuts near the border with was the deadliest jihadists of mounted in the region this year in bangladesh at least 12 people have died after a fire in a plastics factory near the capital dhaka more than 20 people were injured it's not clear what caused the blaze bangladesh's minister for health and family welfare visited hospitalized victims he called for improvements in fire safety regulations . germany has slammed the u.s. plans to punish companies working on the nord stream to gas pipeline from russia to germany lawmakers in washington approved sanctions earlier this week they say the
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pipeline will make europe more dependent on russia germany accuses washington of meddling in european affairs. you know russia and germany are working together on the nord stream to project but the 2 countries are also mired in an escalating diplomatic row over the murder of a georgian is citizen here in berlin. the german ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow on thursday morning to be told that russia was expelling 2 german diplomats they have 7 days to leave the country the kremlin says know the reasons why. much of the diplomats are being expelled as a forced retaliatory measure this measure is unavoidable as 2 of our diplomats were expelled we consider that decision by berlin absolutely baseless we disagree with it so this is the inevitable response to. the spat is over the killing
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in august of that kind of congo shrilly a georgian who fought for the separatists in the chechen war he was shot in the head twice at close range in a ballin park the suspect a russian citizen was soon arrested german prosecutors suspect russia could be implicated in the killing but say moscow has refused to cooperate in the investigation that's why germany last week expelled 2 russian diplomats the russian government denies any involvement lawmakers in berlin have condemned russia's expulsion of 2 german diplomats you had to get. russia's decision comes as no surprise to anybody. about the no it conveys however the wrong message stick and in terms of the matter at hand it's entirely unjustified to see it so will be arguing russia's response shows it has a guilty conscience and we expect russia to help clear up the matter with modest that investigation is still underway in the meantime tensions between germany and
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russia show no signs of easing. rescue workers in new zealand have landed on an island where a volcanic eruption killed at least 8 people this week they're beginning a risky operation to recover the bodies of the missing all of whom are presumed dead 20 others are still being treated for severe burns scientists have warned that gases in the area are so toxic and corrosive that just one breath could be fatal the operation is also going ahead despite the risk of a 2nd eruption. of a more now. reporter in all. well cohen joins me it's good to see it's good to have you on the show this is a risky operation how was it going so far how far along are they. bret it's still ongoing and there's clearly a massive risk for the defense force tina fey who is tasked with going to be or white island to retrieve the bodies and that risk is getting higher s.
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as each day passes the chance of another option is this high as 60 percent and government scientists say the volcano is becoming more and more dangerous regard list the police has a deep commitment to the families who have been waiting for days the team went to the island at about 7 30 am new zealand time with d.h. all for treating the victims as quickly as possible also a number of local fishermen have been wanting to take matters into their own hands and another local who is a pilot helicopter who was one of the 1st responders whose brother is still on the island. he was also wanting to take matters into his own hands this pilot informed media that 6 bodies are a 15 minute walk from the shoreline and they're clustered within 200 meters of the child but also for finding the other 2 may be difficult with their wrists with the ongoing wrists but once retreats the remains will be helicoptered onto the navy
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ship wellington which is waiting close by brett grissom to earlier this week when you and i spoke there was already a heightened alert about a possible 2nd eruption and rescue teams were not on trying at that time to get to the island now we have an increased risk that we're talking about and yet this rescue mission or recovery mission is taking place is it taking place because this could be the last opportunity to recover the bodies is that how dire the situation is. well the pilot helicopter that i mentioned earlier he was mentioning at least since the original the or option on monday there has been 2 really good windows that they missed so at this one it's just like now or never i would say and also pressure from locals and from some of the members this morning that's why they involved the family members here this morning a blessing was held at sea before the operation with families of the victims and
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dozens of people have been gathered in a tiny of coastal town 50 kilometers from sakai or white island it's a beautiful day here in auckland new zealand it's also the case down into tiny and everyone in new zealand is just hoping and praying that the operation was successful and they were able or treats all 8 bodies to be returned to their laps once threat. chris if army joining us from oakland with the latest on the situation around that volcano thank you getting back to our top story it is election day in the u.k. turnout is reported to be high but it's not just people heading to the polling stations in a new trend voters are taking well their best friend along with them as they cast their ballot. you could say it has become a pool it's a cool issue hash tag dogs at polling stations are once again a popular feature on social media and the politicians seem to be catching on to matter of london city come literally took the lead early on polling day with his
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golden retriever. i did marry a woman a very we're going to make sure you do but she was no sunday in green party cody to jonathan he took his don't want us walk east to the voting booth. whether boris will be hounded from office or his own seat remains to be seen but he nevertheless looked relaxed with his jack russell dillon as he went to the polling station and his best friend went inside with him to cost his votes the full emerged to pose with his pitch for pictures 'd. we will find out soon who ends up top dog to lead the u.k. . i bet that dog is not a poodle but anyone there watching the news there's more coming up on that pipeline route between europe and the u.s. and at the top of the hour we'll have
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a special show looking at the exit polls in the u.k. election i hope you join us for that you're watching the news live from berlin stay with us. and now physically affectionate but as affectionately as you can. put him in the middle of his election campaign. 2000 but documentary was filmed for russian television. to turn the camera back on of course the film secretly chronicled the power grab actually everything was precisely planned instruction. featuring top supporting role.


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