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you. know this as you know we use live from berlin with briggs it in the bag it's all systems go for boris johnson and his conservatives after this secured a stunning victory in the u.k. election back in downing street mr johnson had this message for the voters and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and to deliver on you'll priorities with a public that works for you and there is relief in europe that the uncertainty over breaks it is now over there is also a break a deadlock in brussels and agreed to push ahead with a green deal to make the e.u.
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carbon neutral by 2050 and praise for the soldiers who covered the bodies of those killed in the volcanic eruption of new zealand's for kali island family and friends that held the traditional maori dressing your seat for those who died. on a lark thank you so much for your company it was dubbed the brig's it election and now the british prime minister boris johnson says he has been given the green light to take the u.k. out of the european union well mr johnson's conservatives power to a landslide victory bringing more than 3 years of deadlock and bitter wrangling to an end opposition labor party suffered a humiliating collapse and their wipe out and its traditional heartlands in terms of numbers the conservatives. have one huge majority far exceeding the 326
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seats that they needed to hold the balance of power but there were big losses for labor and the scottish nationalist party made strong gains in the northern most part of the united kingdom. and what does this all mean for the united kingdom want to get correspondent to charlotte parts who is standing outside to downing street so good to have you with us charlotte so now mr boris johnson delivered his acceptance speech right behind you moments ago what did he say. well we saw a very statesman like boris johnson there who for the 1st time in office reached out across the aisle as prime minister in the short time he was before the election he really rather divided the country than united and also led a very divisive campaign now when he came out of downing street just
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a short while ago for the 1st time as an officially elected prime minister by the people he had a message of national unity addressing those that voted for him and those who didn't vote for him let's listen in what he had to say. and as we work together with the e.u. as friends and so really tackling climate change and terrorism building academic and so on to the cooperation redoubling attribute relationship i frankly everyone on either side. of the 3 is through or through an increasingly average argument. i urge everyone to forand clue and. begin. now charlotte's of course mr johnson returns to downing street presiding over
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a divided nation what are his main priorities in the coming days and weeks while healing those division for one but he also wants to end the austerity of conservative governments and invest in public services this is one of the priorities that he mentioned during his speech and then of course the big topic of brecht's at that will be the main priority this is what he mostly compay on with a very simple message let's get that done until january 31st well now he has to deliver on that. obviously in this election with his landslide victory the winner takes all but let's take a moment and discuss labor party. what can only be described had a breathtakingly appalling result where did it all go wrong for them are there so many things that went wrong for them i followed the labor campaign closely and one of the issues was jeremy corbyn the labor leader himself
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a very divisive personality that he moved to ponty to the left of the political spectrum way to read it cool for some and he did not have a stance on bricks that that was clearly his weakness he never said if he was for remaining in the european union or against and that did not sit well with voters that. possibly that drax bracks that saw go with him as prime minister could have dragged on and this is why vote in the hundreds. and went over to the conservatives in this election which led to this landslide victory by boris johnson now another party did performed incredibly well is a scar the national party what kind of consequences will that have. well this is going to be one of the main challenges for boris johnson now in the next 5 years as prime minister because those gains mean that the scotch scottish nationalists
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will now call for a 2nd independence referendum in scotland a majority of scottish voters is pro european they want to remain in the european union and they think as an independent nation they can indeed remain in the european union so we'll see those calls intensify in the weeks to come and maybe next year we will see that they are asking for that new referendum of course that could be a very tricky thing for boris johnson so many challenges lie ahead we see similar developments also in northern ireland and really boris johnson will be presiding over a very disunited kingdom pos reporting from london thank you. why are family meeting in brussels have broken a deadlock on a far reaching green agenda to make the e.u. carbon neutral by the year 2050 poland heavily dependent on coal refuse to commit
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to the deal and wanted to push the deadline back to 2070 but the other member states plus the agreement through hailing it as a major step forward and a council president in good spirits following a long day of debates on the show seems relieved to have cleared the 1st obstacle of the use climate action plan i am pleased with this important agreement yesterday of both climate change too as they were important for the opinion to decide and to have a common goal of climate the 20 by 2050 a clear vision about the investments we have to to develop and to interaction the next yes this summit is the 1st since newly appointed commission president. unveiled her european green deal a master plan that might fundamentally transform the e.u. in the years to come. it includes a 50 percent reduction in e.u. carbon emissions and 2030 compared to $990.00 e.u.
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climate neutrality by 2050 a carbon border tax and polluting foreign firms as well as a $100000000000.00 euro transition fund for countries dependent on coal and nuclear energy so an ambitious plan commission president was enough on the line we'll have to do some more convincing along the way fiddlin however is already sold on the matter. my government is fully committed to the go of climate neutrality and we have set ourselves some even more ambitious targets of finance becoming climate neutral by 2035 and after almost 10 hours of debate all member states in boston a slightly less ambitious goal of the e.u. becoming climate neutral by 2050 but one country did not commit to actually implementing that goal pulled and. the reason for this exemption is that poland's energy largely comes from coal and the country fears the costs of the transition to
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a greener economy. poland holding back on the commitment might seem disappointing but not to the german chancellor and. does a puppy trust in the suffered us and i understand why he's also king for more time and i'd like to say that if people pretend that the transmission is just as difficult put those who rely on 80 percent of those who are like 65 percent on nuclear energy that is not true. the plan is on the table now it's up to the leaders to fill it with life in the months to come. here's a round up now of some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. house judiciary committee approved charges against u.s. president donald trump over his alleged misconduct the committee voted along party lines $23.00 to $17.00 also representatives is now expected to vote next week on whether to impeach the president. in
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algeria a former prime minister i've measured to burn it has won the presidential election according to the electoral commission their turnout was low after the opposition called for a boycott and some cities protesters tried to disrupt voting on syria has been in limbo for months now since protests helped oust its longtime president. and india protests again. as the new citizenship law have continued for a 3rd day with violent clashes now spreading to the capital delhi the law does not extend the same protection rights to muslim migrants as to other religious minorities. of the u.s. senate has formally recognized the killing of 1500000 armenians between 195-1970 as a genocide the resolution is expected to anger turkey which has always denied that there was an organized mass murder senator robert menendez that the u.s.
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was on the right side of history of doing so. a power blackout that hit iceland earlier this week is in its 4th day now thousands in the northern part of the country have been left in the dark after a massive storm broke power lines and covered others with ice iceland's national security council has been holding an emergency meeting on how to deal with the crisis. new zealand's police chief has praised the military mission that recovered the bodies of 6 people who died during the volcanic eruption on for caare white island commission mike bush said the team members showed absolute courage in an unpredictable and challenging environment 2 bodies remain on the island all together at least 16 people died and dozens more were severely injured in the eruption. the recovery operation began at 1st light on friday when 2 haiti copses essential fulfill cari island and the ever present
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threat of another eruption. it's all just about 4 hours to recover 6 bodies which they airlifted to a naval base will and get off the coast. 2 more bodies could not be found. police said another operation would be launched to find them we do believe that at least one of them is in the water. we other one we're on shore so the only 2 possibilities one is still on the island and we have a good will by 2 or in the water. arriving back on shore friends and family off those who died on why tide and at sea they've taken part in a maori blessing for the victims. for the sea is still missing dive teams have been deployed in the waters around the ident police said a number aerial search would be conducted later on friday.
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and football news now liverpool coach jurgen klopp has extended his contract with the club until 2024 club took over at liverpool 4 years ago after 7 seasons at bruce and he guided the english side to the champions league title last season when liverpool currently have an 8 point lead in the premier league the club are hoping that club can help and their 30 year domestic titles are out. now to some impressive surfing pictures and there's a reason the jaws big wave championships in hawaii carry that very name leisure to has it that some surfers in the 1970 s. compared the unpredictability of the ways to a shark attack all that name has stuck ever since but that hasn't stopped some of the world's top surfers from riding these massive epic waves with some of them reaching jaw dropping heights of 15 meters now to put that in perspective that's
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the equivalent of a 6 story building. route that is indeed very impressive warner in my view of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. british prime minister gordon johnson has returned to downing street after his conservative party secured an overwhelming election victory the winner gives mr johnson the green light to push ahead with his brakes of plans. don't forget you can always go to w.'s on the go just download our apps for google play for from the app store and they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the opposite as your photos and videos.
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