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winning a record 4th title said the upcoming edition of the tournament had generated quote unprecedented interest from member countries the winning bid is to be announced in june 2020. you're watching news a live from berlin coming up next reporter with a look at modern threats to taiwan's indigenous culture i'm michael loco don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website dot com thanks for joining us more news at the top. the creed to today's world. a historical turning point in politics business with. the wrong people of the islamic revolution. making its initial flirtation. strengths in states of emergency it sinks into
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chaos coach on campus against his chest the people threaten to steal. cars. the start of an era that defines overmanaged. 97 in the big predicted a small chance december 23rd. online dating is huge these days worldwide some 220000000 people use absa websites to find love facebook wants a piece of the pie to our topic today on shift. so far facebook users can access the new platform in 20 countries including the u.s.
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argentina chile mexico peru and across asia but soon facebook wants to expand its dating feature to europe africa and india as well analysts expect online dating platforms to turn over 11000000000 euros in 2020 so far mass group the internet company behind is the biggest marketplace while 10 might not be safe from hackers listening in on our intimate conversations it's much less riddled with beta leaks scandals than facebook after all that's happened really willing to trust a book with private details about all of life. some 200000000 facebook users say their single. mark zuckerberg is now targeting this vast online market with facebook's newest feature facebook dating we want facebook to be somewhere where you can start meaningful relationships i don't know. currently facebook posts 2 and a half 1000000000 active users worldwide so the odds of finding
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a match are reasonably high. but jason kelly a privacy expert with the electronic frontier foundation warns us not to trust that facebook will keep our intimate chats and sensitive data safe. facebook dating raises a lot of red flags because it's because a history of misusing user data and there's no evidence that anything has changed in particular other than facebook's messaging. facebook dating is no standalone app but a feature integrated into the existing facebook. infrastructure which has already been hacked several times. so it's no wonder that data security experts fear our romantic preferences will soon end up exposed for the world to see. it's also unclear how exactly facebook plans to use this data. after all the platform makes money by selling ads. in the u.s. and canada online magazine slate found that facebook earns around $120.00 euros per
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year per user. can we trust the fact that mark zuckerberg says they're not going to use this data for advertising purposes i think the answer is no facebook's dating app very likely is collecting information or will be one day that they might sell because that's their business model. in the u.s. some believe that mark zuckerberg is out to revolutionize the dating market. and some even speculate he's planning to weaken the current market leader match dot com so he can buy it up. you know. first book use us must know there are revealing lots of the personal information for the comp and these financial game the same surely goes for online dating but aside from that can facebook dating rival leading apps like into online dating consultant amy letting him tried it out for us. users can only access facebook
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dating through the mobile app it's not available in the desktop version but the feature is simple enough to use and it's free there's no premium account option yet in the countries where it is available the dating service is already integrated into the facebook app but before she can get started any lighting hand still needs to opt in and put together her dating profile. option to choose whether now women are let me be more specific which is really quick. it feels really fast to 7 feel like you're doing a lot of work. and some of the questions that they ask kind of take out the ease of what do i say about myself or talk about myself i think that's the hardest part i really really like this question something i'm embarrassed to admit that i love is you know vulnerability is a great way to connect with other singles so that question sparks a vulnerability. then suggests 5 potential dates from
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a pool of 200000000 self declared facebook singles friends are off limits unless both previously dene each other their secret crush. so far though facebook hasn't revealed any other official stats on who really uses the feature. i'm not totally in love with that i think there are still a lot of people that need to know about it if you like match dot com the reason why is because it really puts the user in control they have a keyword search option and you can type in specific words in the keyword search that allows you to find common interests here. we're relying on facebook to make sure that they match us based on their algorithm facebook's matchmaking algorithm draws upon the information uses provide in their accounts including the events in groups they join there's a hard icon for when you like someone and in extreme when you don't sound like
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tinder functionalities very similar this book has that safety feature where you can tell your friends your location of what where you're going as a woman with online dating it can be really feel very vulnerable and scary and i feel that the facebook having that security feature come when on that part by again because there's more subscribers on twitter it is the powerhouse of like subscribers you're going to have more options on tender than you do on facebook. could facebook overtake tinder as the biggest dating platform if only 3 percent of facebook's active users sign up for the dating service then yes but is it really just about numbers online the pool of potential matches is vast but does the sheer number of singles available really increase the odds of finding my soulmate and how exactly do dating apps find potential matches some providers say they apply
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a scientific method some even use genetic compatibility tests but is that how you will guarantee the perfect chemistry. online dating services turn over a tidy profit with people's yearning for love. some make sweeping promises claiming to apply mathematical formulas to crack the code of love and help users find the one. in reality however most apps are pretty straightforward they either tap into users' social media profiles or compare music tastes some also use users location or g.p.s. data all this combined with the supplemental data users disclose on age sex and personal preferences is then fed into an algorithm. just how providers way each individual snippet of information they can gather to match profiles remains a well kept secret but one thing's for sure.
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just because someone listens to the same music as i do that doesn't mean we're a good fit in all areas let alone a perfect match that's perfect that's why we always allow for a certain element of surprise and it feels this is. wait so finding someone you really click with is just. not rocket science how disappointing just to be sure psychologist co-founder of one of the oldest online dating platforms around. yet developed the platforms questionnaire which draws on psychological psychoanalytical and sociological insights. to create the perfect match par ship one of the world's oldest online dating platforms relies less on chance and more on algorithms currently about $11000000.00 singles are registered on their site commers 1st need to fill out a detailed questionnaire as psychologists impartial co-founder explains the
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algorithm uses the answers provided to determine 32 different personality traits that are supposedly decisive for lasting relationships. and since users are often reluctant to show anything but their best side the questions take an indirect approach. how would you react if your partner or someone else started taking your phone. will they respond with i don't mind or i believe switch partners . were asking about the phone but what we really want to know is how forgiving or strict someone is in the expectations they set or how flexible they are towards others. find out what makes people tick can it really can truly verify that for sure today there aren't any studies on the quality of online dating platforms like facebook dating. in short it's hard to
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predict. if. we can't feed emotions into algorithms. algorithms can do is inform our strategy for finding a potential mate then develop feelings for. we don't deliver the emotions but we do increase the odds of 2 people developing a bond they would both call a good relationship. so if you know what you're looking for then you have a decent chance of finding a partner online but from my personal experience a good profile picture usually makes the biggest difference more than shared interests or self disclosed personality traits and i'm not the only one who thinks that. of course i only upload pictures i like that i think capture me well i see no point in only uploading my prettiest holiday pictures where i look is fabulous 8 angelina jolie it's more important to make sure the picture really shows who i am.
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i had what they call a selfie session with my camera set on self timer. i posed in a posed for ages it was sort of awkward. so i mean that's a profile pictures of people showing off or wearing next to nothing those are the worst. humans are visual creatures that's why in the world of online dating the 1st impression really counts. whether we like a person's face for not is crucial. but surprisingly our other senses play a key role too. even if we're only looking at a picture not actually standing face to face. our mind imagines what that person might smell like then when we meet in person our mind checks up our assumption was right if not we can get pretty disappointed. in the end disappointment is just as much part of the proles as an online dating as it is
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offline the selection of potential partners is huge nearly every other internet user is single with roughly 20 percent of them willing to give online dating a shot that's 300000000 people worldwide and as facebook keeps expanding its betting pad form more and more might be able to finally meet their better half. but let's not forget that by using dating pad forms we're also sharing very private information with these provided us and if they don't handle it with care we could find it hacked and leaks to the world and facebook doesn't exactly have a stellar record in protecting user privacy what is your experience with online dating would you try facebook dating or is online matchmaking not your thing let us know on you tube facebook or d.w. dot com see you next time but by.
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