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my. this is g.w. news live from berlin gridlock at the un climate conference the final talks are now pushed into overtime to world leaders cannot agree on funding or international rules climate activists are demanding concrete and media action to protect their future also coming up britain's boris johnson wants to wrap up for exit quickly in val's united deeply divided country but some are calling for stronger opposition to his vision for the u.k. now that is conservatives hold an absolute government visuality. and new zealand's volcanic eruption claims another life taking the official death toll to 152 people
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are still missing and 11 more are fighting for their lives in intensive care. i'm sumi so much god it's great to have you with us talks at the u.n. climate summit in madrid of stalled as the world tries to find a unified response to the climate crisis the conference was due to wrap up on friday but disagreement among participants names it's now dragging on into saturday activists have been protesting at a conference calling for real action on climate change over the past 2 weeks representatives from nearly 200 states have been trying to agree on new emissions targets ahead of a crucial 2020 deadlines sacked by the paris agreement. and our correspondent sonia fall the car is in madrid covering all of this for us she joins us for more hi sonya good to see you at this point what is holding things up there
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in madrid. well so we talks of really hit a wall here i just attended an informal session stocks stocktaking session headed by the chilean presidency and it's very clear that there are huge divergence is still between countries on a number of issues you know whether it's climate finance mitigation technology transfer but also one reason bishan that as you know how to get countries to commit to commit to cutting the greenhouse gases that's also a big issue a big issue here and some of the observers i've spoken to who've seen the kind of statement from the summit say that it's too weak and it kind of fails to reflect the strong commitments that are needed to kind of inject some fresh momentum into the faltering pattis process i mean the summit we have to remember is meant to hash out the final rules on how to really implement the 2015 climate perhaps climate treaty which is set to take effect next year so is there any optimism that the delegates can move forward i mean how can they get past this deadlock. well
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that's very difficult to say it will be at this stage i mean there are 2 major stumbling blocks one. will be carbon markets and the other is you know on how to help nations that are reeling from climate change impacts how to help them adapt now this is primarily a question of finance and we're hearing here that the u.s. is one of the countries that is really blocking progress in this blocking any kind of a provision that would see it being see it in other developed countries. to pay compensation running into billions of dollars for years to come so your experts expectations were not particularly high going into the summit yet is it too soon to say that this has failed. well so we at this stage it's difficult to say whether negotiators you know will stay at the table to they literally have a deal or whether they would walk away without without an agreement a campaign groups and n.g.o.s here who have really been protesting and piling
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pressure on delegates for weeks are very disappointed the frustrated. they say the pace of the talks is really slow and they see the summit has failed in its overarching goal of getting countries to really put more ambitious pledges of the table to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and they say that this issue is actually really critical if the world is to avoid dangerous levels of warming. our correspondent sonja phonic are covering the climate talks for us there in madrid thank you so much sonia. now to some of the other stories making news around the world at least 9 afghan soldiers have been killed in the country southeastern region of afghanistan's interior ministry spoke of an insider attack at a military compound the taliban however claimed to have organized an insurgent assault. a court in sudan has convicted the country's former dictator omar al bashir of corruption the man who ruled sudan for 30 years was sentenced to 2 years of confinement bashir was ousted in april amid
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a civil uprising. north korea claims to have conducted a new task at one of its satellite launch sites state media announce the results would help bolster bolster a strategic nuclear deterrent without providing details north korea has ruled out further disarmament talks on lest the us lift sanctions. british prime minister boris johnson is calling for an end to divisions in the u.k. after his conservatives won a sweeping victory in thursday's election johnson's conservatives now hold an absolute majority for the 1st time in over 3 decades the prime minister says brags it will be settled quickly and the u.k. must begin healing after years of bitter division but some say stronger opposition to the conservative government not unity is exactly what the united kingdom needs most. scuffle this replaced the jubilation from elio on friday as anti conservative purchased is slowly outnumbers johnson supports his new downing street. knife right there concerns
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a clear. by because often the racism sexism is so to me the homophobia of boris johnson has to go postal you know we call get this big free run here in this country. just a few hours earlier a whole different scene was unfolding behind a door of 10 downing street after receiving a woman combust off johnson said it was time to bring closure to the brakes a debate and let the healing be. if you ask yourselves what is this new government going to do what are you going to do with the extraordinary majority i will tell you that is what we are going to do we are going to unite and level up unite and level up bringing together the whole of this incredible united kingdom england scotland wales northern ireland together taking off food unleashing the potential of the whole country. to prime minister's plans might not go as smoothly as he hopes the scottish national party made significant gains in the election and they
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feel empowered to push for a 2nd referendum on scottish independence. after breaks it that will be one of the next big challenges for the country. the us house judiciary committee has approved impeachment articles against president donald trump charging him with a piece of power and obstructing congress the committee voted along party lines with democrats voting in favor and republicans against the house of representatives is now expected to vote next week on whether to impeach the president on the 2 charges the 1st abuse of power is based on trump's alleged attempt to pressure ukraine to investigate trump's political rival joe biden in exchange for aid to ukraine the 2nd charge of struct in congress alleges that the president attempted to block investigations president trying to nice any wrongdoing. and the president was quick to react saying it sets a dangerous precedent the democrats and democrats might one day regret it's
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a scare it's something that shouldn't be allowed and it's a very bad thing for a country and you're trivializing impeachment and i tell you what someday there will be a democrat president and they'll be a republican house and i suspect they're going to remember it. our correspondent public fully is covering this story in washington and sent us this is. well as expected a very much divided house judiciary committee has voted along party lines and they've approved 2 articles of impeachment against president donald trump on friday and the 1st is for abuse of power over the ukraine scandal and the other is for obstructing congress's attempts to investigate him for it now democrats have said president trump active corruptly both the president defined as always said that the claims you know the whole process the claims against him are just a witch hunt and that there are
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a sham now the articles of impeachment are likely to be voted on in the democratic controlled house of representatives sometime next week they are expected to be approved and once that happens the case then moves on to the senate where president donald trump senate trial will take place as early as january 2020. 5 days after the eruption of. new zealand the death toll has now climbed to 151 of the injured died in hospital on saturday due to severe burns meanwhile rescue workers and police divers have been trying to recover the last 2 missing bodies they are searching the contaminated water surrounding white island a military team brought 6 bodies back from the island on friday until now only one of the deceased an australian woman has officially been identified. let's get the latest on the story with peter mckenzie he's a journalist in new zealand thank you for joining us what can you tell us about the ongoing recovery of the remaining 2 people who were missing. as you mentioned sumi
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on friday morning a person new zealand team recovered 6 bodies from god it was thought to more point is to move people on missing tips the location of one of those bodies is known to some extent a body was seen in the water surrounding the county wash our limbs immediately on the eruption police and many divers has been pos 2 days searching for that body they still haven't been able to find any water in the area has visibility of between 0 and $2.00 me to use as a result of the toxic gas ashes and dust in the area and as a result of that toxicity the water is also almost poisonous meaning that navy divers are undergoing extreme risk in these operations the final body or that is the lot. ok center credibly difficult operation there as have the bodies that have been retrieved from the island been identified so one body has been
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identified the body of crystal prowlers 21 year old story liam for them it was only god it was silent but their father paul and sister stephanie the father paul that's undergoing treatment for his but hospital about them. is in an induced coma a mother who stayed on cruise ship is at. the top of bodies that have been recovered so far have not been identified but police to pick a much know sometimes saying it would be unthinkable to give the i don't fight i didn't patient perseus brawl but among the missing 5 struck or australians want to see all of them we've talked a bit about the survivors that they are suffering from severe burns are being treated in hospitals in new zealand also australia what can you tell us about their condition. yes in the immediate aftermath of the eruption those survivors being helicopter toss was around the country hospitals wrongdoer and 10 strike so 13
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australian patients being repatriated to australia hospitals leaving testings life is in new zealand hospitals most of those are experiencing critical but i'm sort of always with. up to 30 percent of their skin the area or more which is. incredibly troubling for doctors trying to treat those words especially since most notably on the outside of the body but also just be caught up in the action of toxic gas which we see but he said it on the inside of the body to the lungs as well. as a result new zealand has had to import over 1000000 square centimeter of skin from the united states and is seeking donations from elsewhere in the world as well n.p. tell us new zealand coping with this tragedy it's been very rough for the country it reminds many of the christchurch mask earlier this year and a similar health and safety disaster $22.00 i provide this also as
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a result the prime minister has announced a minute it's a monday to relief and yet in exactly a week in the southeast journalist peter kenzie bring us up to date there from new zealand thank you. match state 15 in the bundesliga kicked off on friday night champions league hopefuls hoffenheim suffered a 42 home defeat against. the away team took the lead just 11 minutes in when the sun is slowly and you don't cheat up cineplex for a simple tap and often i brought themselves back into the game for we're finally chilled out in the 85th minute when you don't like to set up brazilian defender to make it for 2 outs or going out unbeaten in their last 5 games it's. and women's football brazil colombia and japan have submitted for mopeds to host
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the next women's a world cup in 2023 australia and new zealand are already on the list in a joint bid it will be the 1st cup to feature 32 teams the most recent women's world cup in france enjoyed record t.v. audiences and high attendances with the u.s. winning a record 4th title fief us that the upcoming edition of the tournament had generated unprecedented interest from member countries the winning bid will be announced in june off 2020. now to western canada where an eagle tried to peck off more than it could chew a fisherman filmed the video of a bald eagle who was probably looking for a light lunch wrapped in the tentacles of a giant pacific octopus the crew found the entangled pair in a few ordinary vancouver island and they lent a hand or a pole in this case the fisherman managed to untangle the creatures afterwards the eagle looked soaked and sorry for itself and the octopus swam off unharmed.
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coming up next a special report on taiwan's indigenous people the. thank you for watching you had our website you have a dot com for all the latest news and information around the clock stay with us. i'm sick of the volume or that's hard and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to steam you anymore we will send you back. or you familiar with this. new smugglers with violence and. what's your story.


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