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this is deja vu news live from berlin gridlock at the u.n. climate conference with crucial paris agreement deadlines looming the world leaders still can't agree on funding or international rules climate activists are demanding concrete and immediate action to protect the future. also coming up new zealand's volcanic eruption claims another life taking the official death toll now to 15 rescuers are battling difficult conditions as they search for 2 people who are still missing 11 more are fighting for their lives in intensive care united nations
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as authorities in she lay are guilty of serious human rights violations for the treatment of protesters people have taken to the streets again demanding changes from the government and investigations into police behavior. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us talks at the u.n. climate summit in madrid have stalled as the world tries to find a unified response to the climate crisis now the conference was supposed to wrap up on friday but disagreement among participants means it's now dragging on into saturday for the past 2 weeks representatives have been trying to agree on new emissions targets ahead of crucial 2020 deadlines set by the paris agreement activists have been protesting at the conference calling for real action on climate change. and we can go to madrid and speak to her saying he's the global. lead on
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climate change for the charity action aid to thank you very much for joining us here in the w. other delegates there have been. a draft agreement what do you think of what is on the table right now. what we have seen today morning is unprecedented i have been following negotiations for more than a decade i have never seen so many on dissolved issues on the extra day of the conference to me it felt like we have just arrived it's before and we're going to solve all these issues over the next 2 weeks so it's absolutely unprecedented and mind boggling and we're really concerned how we are going to i had an ambitious deal why is that why is there such a lack of progress. this lack of progress across all that it's about agreeing to raising ambition or putting money on the table all of the new market rules that are being crafted and how do we respond to climate emergency so we have seen blocking from large countries particularly the
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u.s. and european union and australia canada japan that have been blocking finance all through and the key issue here is finance unless monies put on the table we cannot expect to go up and that as a lot of other areas the market beat helping people who are facing climate emergency right now all how developing countries are going to is that ambition so unless we see progress on finance these talks are going to continue to see the log jam that we have seen until now ok so money is a big issue right now you're saying the e.u. and the us they have been telling countries like india and china other also developing nations to cut back on emissions who really should be putting money on the table. well let's look at who caused the problem so historically it's the united states and european union who are responsible for. more than 50
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percent of emissions for the support has to come from bridge industrialized countries and developing nations must be supported in adopting a greener pathway as well as how they can help with climate impacts on speaking of india india is saying that we yes we need to raise ambition and in fact the progress that india has put on the table are one of the best have been appreciated across different studies that have been put on the table. at this very moment in the us target is in line with keeping the temperature below 2 degrees but. the target of keeping it below 1.5 it was finance and technology and that is new assurance coming from but it's worth saying yes money is going to be provided so you please raise your ambition to raising ambition is really linked with putting money on the table and i think unless money she was dissolved. and let's also recognize that some of these countries like india how large population living below
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poverty line or they have let's say $200000000.00 people who are living below $2.00 a day so they also have a huge power to challenge while they have to also get in their economies right while talks remain a gridlock today or in madrid joining us the global leader on climate change for the charity action aid thank you so much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world a court in sudan has convicted the country's former dictator omar al bashir of corruption the man who ruled sudan for 30 years was sentenced to 2 years of detention bashir was ousted in april amid a civil uprising. the russian ice breaker arctica has returned to the port of st petersburg after a 2 day test run with a length of 173 meters the nuclear powered vessel is believed to be the largest of its kind the ship is part of a fleet built to guarantee russian access to arctic resources like natural gas and the u.s. and china have reached
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a truce in their long trade war washington has agreed to scrap new tariffs on $160000000000.00 worth of chinese imports in exchange for china buying more u.s. farm products. 5 days after the eruption of the volcano in new zealand the death toll is now climbed to 151 of the injured died in a hospital on saturday due to severe burns meanwhile rescue workers and police divers have been trying to recover the last 2 missing bodies they are searching the contaminated water surrounding white island a military team brought 6 bodies back from the island on friday until now only one of the deceased an australian woman has officially been identified. let's get the latest on the story with peter mckenzie he's a journalist in new zealand thank you for joining us what can you tell us about the ongoing recovery of the remaining 2 people who were missing. as you mentioned sumi on friday morning a person new zealand force team recovered 6 bodies from god it was thought to more
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bodies 2 more people missing as you tips the location of one of those bodies is known to some extent a body was seen in the water surrounding the wash harlem's immediately after the eruption police and navy divers has been pos 2 days searching for that body they still haven't been able to find water in the area has been between 0 and 2 meters as a result of the toxic gas ash and dust of the area and as a result of that toxicity more through is also almost poisonous meaning the navy divers are undergoing extreme griscom these operations the final 40 yes it is thought. ok center credibly difficult operation there as have the bodies that have been retrieved from the island been identified so one body has been identified the body of crystal browers 21 year old story liam for them it was all
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nearly caught it was silent but their father paul and sister stephanie a father called us undergoing treatment for his but possible about them. in an induced coma a mother who stayed on a cruise ship is. the 5 of the bodies that have been recovered so far have not been identified but if police to be commissioner jumps them saying it would be unthinkable to give the fight i didn't mention percy is wrong but among the missing audio by the strike or australians want to see all of them we've talked a bit about the survivors that they are suffering from severe burns are being treated in hospitals in new zealand also australia what can you tell us about their condition. yes so in the immediate aftermath of the eruption those survivors are being helicoptered to hospitals around the country is the hospitals are on their intent strike so 13 australian patients being repatriated to australia hospitals leaving fifteen's life is in new zealand hospitals most of those are experiencing
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critical. with. up to 30 percent of this area or more which is. incredibly troubling or the top is trying to treat those words especially since most notably on the outside of body but also to be kind of the mobilization of toxic gas which was super easy on the inside of the body to the lungs as well. as a result new zealand has had to import over 1000000 square centimeter skin from the united states and is seeking donations from elsewhere in the wild as well n.p. tell us new zealand coping with this tragedy. it's been very rough for the country it reminds me of the christchurch mask earlier this year and a similar health and safety disaster and i provide as awesome as a result the prime minister has announced a minute slot on monday at 2 pm the next actually
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a week but it's also. journalist pete mckenzie bringing us up to date there from new zealand thank you. a new united nations report is accusing security forces and she lay of serious human rights violations against protesters over the past 2 months including killings torture sexual abuse and use of excessive force on friday demonstrators went out on the streets again many of them protesting the police's use of lead bullets against demonstrators. but it's become the rallying symbol in chile the eyepatch hundreds of people have suffered eye injuries from police pellets during months of protests now a un report enjoying human rights organizations in their condemnation but for the victims it means little. one thing for them and they have already been 3 critical reports and there will be a 4th report what is already obvious a 4th report about the actions of the police it's not necessary we all know hold
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they act or say i'm a come on a close up call. or shot at you know and unfortunately one of the pellets hits my safety glasses and to my eyeglasses and that caused me to completely lose vision you know in my left eye. the. tensions are running high when the crisis started in october it was over a hike in metro fares but the protests have since escalated with people now calling for reforms to health care education and pensions. according to the report by the un human rights office the majority of demonstrators have protested peacefully but it found police to have used excessive force and i choice is only the tip of the iceberg. a high number of serious human rights violations were
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committed in many cities throughout the country. human rights violations documented by c.a.g.r. include the excessive or unnecessary use of force that led to unlawful killings and injuries arbitrary detentions and torture and ill treatment. shalane authorities have pushed back saying the allegations are premature since investigations into the alleged crimes are still on the way. the government has promised reforms to quell protesters demands including a higher minimum wage and pension hikes. sports news now and match day 15 in the bundesliga kicked off on friday night champions league hopefuls hoffenheim suffered a 42 home defeat against alex for the away team took the lead just 11 minutes in
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that one. teed up philip mats for a simple tap and a half and i'm brought themselves back into the game but they were finally killed off in the 85th minute here when need to set up brazilian defender lago to make it 42 outspoken out unbeaten in their last 5 games. christmas is just around the corner and very soon santa claus will be doling out presents to millions of children but before santa and his reindeer take flight it appears that old saint nick has been spotted in rio de janeiro he's mood lighting as a biologist at the city's aquarium where he's been feeding the sharks and raising awareness about protecting marine life. we all know santa was a special suit but this one lets him swim underwater. and we can put those food it's very important to do this sort of thing because our lives are very
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dependent on animals knowing that santa claus is here to give the children a better idea of why it's important to preserve nature why it's necessary to take care of the environment and what we need to improve. he doesn't have to travel around the world in one night and whether the sharks have been naughty or nice doesn't mess with the santa jaws but his visit ahead of christmas eve was still at that of a surprise was this not get out it was very nice we want expecting that to the been what did you think of finding some to close here was it nice. nice. it was unexpected to find him inside the aquarium it was very nice then i go i think the children are having a lot of fun. with christmas just days away it will soon be time for santa to give up scuba diving and get back to his survey. which right coming up a special report on taiwan's indigenous people the. you can always get the latest
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headlines by following us on twitter our handle there out news thank you for watching. today don't miss our highlights. program on line d.w. dot com parts. shashank hello flings this is super bowl speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai and concerts with the most stressed guests.


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