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the be. above. this is news coming to you live from berlin voters eruptive india's new citizenship law demonstrators in the capital delhi torch vehicles and clash with police this say and he'll build as office amnesty to religious minorities from neighboring countries and to muslims also on the program by knows that there are people in china who love to office who love freedom and who support on call. talk with the current situation they cannot speak out. we need to hong kong based blogger who's
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defined beijing by giving china's democracy supporters of voice. and anger and disappointment as matan climate talks ended with no new goal and the u.n. says the world has lost an opportunity to act we talked to the head of greenpeace international plus more toward christmas be like without the nutcracker there's. we go behind the scenes in russia where we meet a rising star the renowned boy choice ballet academy. in a warm welcome to you i'm on the. they've been involved in protests in india over a contentious citizenship bill passed by parliament the legislation provides a fast track to citizenship. shipped of refugees from bunker this aka son in
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afghanistan but it does not apply to muslims opposition to it has been specially strong in india's northeast and a solid state which has a border with. assad is an ethnically diverse region which has seen a movement against illegal immigrants for decades but the congress is now spread to other boss of the country where people say it goes against the constitution and india's secular traditions some of the worst caches to face in the capital in delhi . delhi riot police fire a volley of tear gas their target student protesters holed up inside the capital's prestigious islamic university this the latest front in the battle for the soul of india. the students took shelter here after a protest descended into chaos they're angry at what they call. after trading
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rocks with the police demonstrators by italy surrender with their hands are lost. on to buses destination unknown. to them nothing was. up is pretty sparse also we did did not under $30.00 damage it does cause damage to public property it has caused some money to certain people. as it goes on pointed out on us and we have what i would only interest is to put them back on so that they go to spots on the want of it is supporting the idea. the police told us to walk out with their hands up and so we did what we were told but. i think it was history the students in the library have left are going to be and they all came out with their hands up. tensions were running high across india or in the day darning buses. foretold the violence that would follow.
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in. hundreds marched in opposition to the bell some here during retribution should the government ostracize muslims. from how to be america we're ready to support the government but if they're going to harass muslims and it won't be tolerated muslim groups will launch a massive movement in response. and there was no let up on monday police beat back a large crowd of students at a muslim college and a top british one officer using a brick but any hopes of paving over the growing tide of unrest look misplaced. me now is from the news is you're welcome based on these protests as i mentioned started in the states in the north east but they have now specter on the ponce off india why are people so angry it depends really on who you are score you put that question so if you ask people in the protests actually began for them it is nothing
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to do with into being and the secular and muslim they are watered they fear that they will be swamped by egos of foreigners by outside does their fear that these people who shouldn't be in india even on a sam will suddenly get a legal pathway to becoming citizens of india and hence be able to live in assam but if you ask people in other parts of india as we saw in that report over there the fear is that this is an attack on the secular character of the indian constitution which. in a country which does not have a state religion in which all religions are equal it is an attack on that and they view it as and the muslim and exclusionist rights as they are obviously not a lot of criticism about this bill being anti muslim and being kind of undermining india secular traditions and why did the indian government decide to leave muslims from this act well the official version that came from the home minister as it was as your table the bill in parliament when it was being discussed was that. we are
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providing protection to religious minorities and the countries in question but just on bangladesh of honest on majority muslim nations therefore muslims don't require protection from persecution because muslims can be persecuted in these countries because they're majority muslim fact was the argument that the government put forth in parliament critics and that's really not buying it critics are saying this is a clear enough version of the hindu nationalist agenda of the ruling b.g.p. party a number that is something that we've seen over the past many years from the 1st 2014000000 or more they came to power there has been a number of attacks intimidation that the muslim community in india has been facing just for the benefit of our viewers a community that number's roughly 200000000 so it's not a small number so this act that has now become law for many critics is a veritable illustration of the priorities of this government which is to serve the hindu vote by and that of course also this you muslim countries which the indian
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government has listed as have been disallowed have persecuted muslim minorities yet does not as in afghanistan you have him in the end pakistani army rangers and bang that they say so but now that this is something that taking this. to the act into court now and saying it's discriminatory. how divisive is this issue in india it is very divisive of the moment and the way things are going on today it looks to become even more divisive because remember these protests have been spreading it was a sound that was at the forefront of protests to last week and then it sort of spread to other countries if you just saw in the into other states as you saw in that report so it is extremely divisive many people of viewing it as a battle for the soul of india and the soul of the constitution is india a secular nation or will india pick and choose whom it wants to provide protection to on the basis of the religion that is the essential question there is a special thank you very much. let me now bring up to some other stories making
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news around the u.s. media reporting that the trumpet ministration plans to announce the withdrawal of $4000.00 troops from afghanistan president trump visited military personnel there last month he has long sought to reduce the u.s. presence in the country about 13000 soldiers are counted deployed in afghanistan turkish president says he could close to military bases used by the u.s. he was responding to a question about possible u.s. sanctions and the congressional resolution recognizing the armenian genocide the into this is a key facility for u.s. and nato planes. police in hong kong have said they will not tolerate any more violence following scuffles between the testers and officers of the weekend hundreds of activists have gathered in shopping malls across the city where dr police made several arrests. the hong kong to democracy activists
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have gained a lot of sympathy in many parts of the world but on mainland china state media accuses the protestors of being rioters who are fostering instability and china's sensitive machine ensures that dissenting voices go unheard but they do exist our correspondent reports about one man's mission to amplify them. after lunch i changed into a new set of clothes covered my face with a black mask and merged into the stream of black people do i know why hong kong people are protesting i'm very clear about that do i know the risk of participating in these protests or the mainland very clearly yes if i get arrested i would likely be sent back to the mainland where i might simply evaporate into thin air. nobody would see me alive again and if i died nobody would ever see my body. the testimony from china's mainland in support of the hong kong protests one of the
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voices the chinese government is trying to silence this man who calls himself midway dude is trying to make them heard he was born on the mainland as well. i know that there are people in china who love democracy who love freedom and who support hong kong. but with the current situation they cannot speak out. because he's afraid of retribution and has relatives on the mainland midway dude cannot reveal his identity he grew up on the mainland and moved to hong kong at a young age it was here he started questioning that nationalism he was raised with little by little he grew to support democracy movement. when you've gotten to know freedom it's very hard to go back to a situation where you don't have any freedom at all. mainlanders who
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support hong kong's protests might be a minority but midway do things they should be heard they can submit their story to him via an anonymous form then he posts them on twitter and is even he himself does not know their identity because this project tree holds in chinese legend the place people with their secrets and. there's a trend in china in recent years that your colleagues your friends even your family members all students will report you to the old florida keys. they think you're not nationalistic enough they think you're betraying your country. these past 10 years i've seen with my eyes wide open how my favorite comics t.v. shows and books were banned and have disappeared from the shelves in mainland china i saw how the best opinion leaders were arrested or silenced. i said nothing and i did nothing now i regret that i deeply regret that. that's why i cannot bear to see
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this happen again. this truly has courage he lives up to his words and he walks the talk i have great respect for this he has received over 200 messages so far 200 little signs of dissent from a country where it's different opinion can be a crime. by. matt ton un climate talks have ended in madrid the day little to show major economies rejected calls for to combat climate change sparking anger among developing countries and activists hoping for emergency action un secretary-general until now also voiced his disappointment calling this summit a lost opportunity to act. they were the longest talks to date leaving
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representatives exhausted with little progress made on how to limit global warming to under 2 degrees but there was agreement on one issue regretfully after all the hard work that. we couldn't get our to an agreement it is my sincere regret that we were not able to reach an agreement we invested a lot of energy and find a very fresh. that. at the end of the day we were not able to arrive at a final agreement observers had hoped that cop $25.00 would end with a framework for a carbon certificate scheme imposing a tax on each tonne of greenhouse gas produced a condiments and environmental activists alike say it's a critical step if the world hopes to minimize the impending climate catastrophe but a deal couldn't be reached in part due to resistance from some of the world's worst polluters like the usa china india and australia. forcing delegates to only
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pledge to do more to uphold the paris climate agreement. with leadership in short supply in madrid environmental activists say it's time for the european union to step up i mean this conference in madrid is really a good point for the entire much of there to listen on on climate change and it's now up to the european union with the green deal to go ahead with a clear vision of carbon free neutral economy all eyes are now on next year's meeting in glasgow but while the world continues to drag its feet the worst predictions of climate scientists have already started to become a reality. joining me now is jennifer morgan she's the executive director of greenpeace international. and the climate talks in madrid ended with a years of blame game and accusations of xenophobe what is your assessment of what
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was achieved at this. well the summit itself was indeed the outcome was unacceptable but i think that the finger pointing should be going at the corporate interests and the carbon pollution interests that are behind the fact that governments were not ready to come in with much deeper cuts and and actions to actually address the climate of urgency so what he was saying is perhaps if full of that away from tackling climate change than ever before what fundamentally needs to change well i think that on the one hand you see people in the streets you see that youth that were at the cop trying to push the from that side the society i think people get it they need governments to act and so what needs to change will governments need to start engaging with their citizens and putting in place national laws that are going to phase out greenhouse gas emissions in
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a socially just way that will then allow the un were all countries have a say and can block like wilson are like trying to move forward it really is governments at home to stop putting short term interests of their companies ahead of what their young people are saying they want to happen. so i would say that we've been through we've had so many so much jennifer we've had a silly discussions going on heads of government heads of countries talking to each other and yet every time they for shorter what they hope to achieve what is the fundamental conundrum where does one need to bring about fundamental change in the front to see. well i think the fundamental conundrum is that for example paulson our own government right now is not not acting in a way that is listening to people it is and i know i'm repeating myself but if you look at who makes company policy in germany the auto industry in germany has
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blocked significant action by the government so the government in germany just as an example and this is true for around the world needs to step back they need to look at systemic change they need to work with with their citizens they need to put that interest in head of the car industry and the car industry needs in a in a managed way to transform into something that's consistent with the climate emergency the atmosphere is not going to wait it will continue to bring these types of impacts we're seeing until we have a systemic change in until the young people actually are the voices that governments like germany's listen to it talking about young people because the young people are getting increasingly engagement saying this fight is a future move lens what impact do you think they could have on policy. well i think you know the young people around the world are are demanding lot but they
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are not responsible so what we need is actually the policy makers to pick it up. they can hopefully look themselves in the mirror hearing the young people behind him and have the courage to do something different the u.n. is just a representation of what's happening on national levels but what they need to do in the government level on young people listen to them listen to the island nations who in madrid were pleading for action because their very survival is at stake they need to to roll up their sleeves and put in place national laws that will she face out greenhouse gas emissions then maybe young people around the world will feel that they have some hope for their future jennifer morgan executive director of greenpeace international a pleasure to talk to you and. thank you. to other news thousands of lebanese protests as valid outside the parliament in better don't in clashed with police calling for a new independent head of government someone an affiliated with established
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political parties in levanon the president has delayed consultations on designating the new prime minister until later this week. delegates from europe and the u.s. have attended a ceremony in belgium to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the budge it was out there what it was about of world war 2 was bloodiest episodes in which u.s. forces defeated a gentleman attempt to stop advancing allied in december night and $44.00. it was only devon is still to come in the biggest single find out why but also mention that cam slipped off the top of the table. but 1st with the holiday season moving into full swing now many are taking in the performance of the nutcracker the iconic ballet has become a christmas tradition in some parts as there was a next report takes a look to its country of origin russia our correspondent the bureau chief yuri the
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château visits the bar sure ballet academy in vladivostok students they know that landing solo part in the not cracker can set them on the path to stardom we meet one rising talent who's about to see his dream come true. ringback in the class schedule it's called dance classical dance. ringback but in reality it's work hard work and it comes with the unique language that only understood here. more now turn our. back in the belly shoulders down who in your tale. is getting ready for his big performance in the not cracker in vain christmas by the way. he dances every morning for hours. my dad being a ballet dancer is beautiful but exhausting then after that especially if you come
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from the country and try to make it here here in front of us the uk an offshoot of the moscow academy of choreography also called the bolshoi school of ballet. new good it is the 1st time i heard them say pullin your tail i thought what tail and how can i pull it in order to turn your knees rotate the thoughts out wards. for over a 100 years russia has been known as the place where the stars of classical ballet are trained to put the competition is fierce some your needs more than strong legs he needs to have a strong character. for over 3 months the 11 year old has been living in a boarding school and there was talk he really sees his mother. today she traveled from their hometown of. 1000 kilometers away to see her son simone's big christmas premiere. because we miss him so much we're also
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so proud of our boy. did you miss me to. the last book opera house post his last nutcracker rehearsals. that simulate his very excited he has a solo. server for instance since i'm scared stiff this huge stage all free of talent and sits down i don't want to embarrass myself to do what i would do this they laugh at me i'm afraid to fly out. and then his big day comes simulants 1st performance on a real stage. the lot of us took opera house and sold out cmon family is sitting in the audience they came all the way from do to be john to be here.
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they're. getting. new fans that was my big chance and ballet school they said this was a chance of a lifetime and i was like really. bring it on. bruises for the 11 year old. the 1st bouquet of flowers i've seen you on seen on his belly career is from due to be john. it's the 1st step
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on the long room to success. to sports now and the pool for the 1st knockout round the champions league has taken place a by munich with face premier league side chelsea mindframe is the last of the 2012 final at home to the london as they need to over 2 legs in february and march but also dortmund will be at home 1st in their duel with palace as a match and therefore what coach till must titian last 16 david turns out to be live signal faced last season's runners up tottenham and the pick of the other pairings record when is reality madrid needs in this champions manchester city and how does liverpool play athletico madrid. to the embassy gun now and then we'll see a bunch of bad back has slipped off the top of the for the 1st time in 2 months
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sick not lead the way maku says club but went on to want to boast but they conceded a late goal for the 2nd straight game having been eliminated from the europa league midweek. marketo as a coach out support to the austrian league title last season all of a gloss now led lintz to 2nd place while spork hadn't won any of their last 3 home games but they came out swinging 0 mercy young took savage lager to open the scoring in the 13th minutes the austrian netting his 1st one just a good goal i responded fast though brail mbombo equalising just 2 minutes later the 6th goal of the season for the swiss international i want all the score at halftime. things remain tight in the 2nd half with plenty of scoring chances for both sides but both kept on wasting their opportunity. the decider came in injury time maximillian on
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old making it to one for a ball scored the late victory at it by a pair of misplaced headers from the gladbach your friends my decision and. it was really great we got lucky in the 90th minutes or so i have to say we deserve to win for the gulf sport celebrate their 1st born just leave go home win since october well klotzbach hang their heads after their 2nd away loss in a row. is if the tops tell you that's a funny thing feel in india 1st test of a controversial new citizenship comes 15 university campuses critics say the legislation violates in this constitution the old johnstone's feelings and it's a specification to citizenship it does not apply to muslims. coming up next is the ego in debt to be looking at a common interest tom i'm a bit touchy lot i have more feel and how often i'll go forward to seeing it and
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the coal india a. how can a country's economy grow harmony with its people employment when there are doing worse look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges and those people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and to india. d.w. . means
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talking to take. time and you're just such the unarmed and fun for the trouble. to overcome boundaries and connect some of the it's time for. the ws coming up ahead. minus. the love.
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