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this is d.w.i. from state death squads in the former soviet republic of. exclusive report this man tells d.w. he was part of a team ordered to kill opposition politicians also on the program. chief executive kerry lock gets beijing's full backing president tells us she has he supports despite the balance of pro-democracy protesters that she resides. protests erupt over india's new citizenship law demonstrators in the capital delhi vehicles and
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clash with police claiming that a new bill offering amnesty to villagers minorities from neighboring countries is muslim. germany's bronzes leader dr baca off the top spot after a late goal condemns them to defeat but. i feel welcome to the program. we begin in the former soviet republic of belarus roosts and the story about death squads killing opposition politicians under its president alexander lucas shanker bellerose is widely regarded as europe's last dictatorship 20 years ago as president bush and co consolidated his power 3 leading opposition politicians disappeared without trace there was immediate speculation that the president had had his political opponents assassinated now in an exclusive
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interview with the w. a man claiming to be a member of lucian goes death squad says he has proof they were indeed killed. yuri graff skiers living in a central european country and is seeking asylum there. in a deitsch avella exclusive he tells us about his time in a regime death squad in belarus and reveals new details about a series of crimes. a number of opposition politicians in belarus disappeared 2 decades ago and it's still not known what happened to them on the evening of may the 7th 1909 yuri's a hot nko parked his car here near the old fire house in minsk and was never seen again at that time the former interior minister was a leading figure in the opposition. zahara and co and his supporters wanted to prevent the country descending into dictatorship and to remove president alexander look at schenkel look who had organized and won 2 controversial referendums to
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expand his powers and neutralize parliament. since then has ruled the country alone. is considered the last dictatorship in europe. this reenactment of the murder of your is a harangue who is based on statements made exclusively to us t w by your acre of ski 4 members of a special military unit abducted and shots of her uncle dead in a forest gorecki tells us he was one of them and an accomplice to the crime and that as a member of the armed forces he had no choice 20 years later he has a message for the harang close family. here but. also my sincere condolences. i took part in the murder. i offer you my apologies. i can show you the burial site on a map the rest is up to you and bella ruth says law enforcement system.
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is a horrendous family is living in exile in the german town of minister his eldest daughter yelena hears from us for the 1st time details of her father's abduction and murder she calls the informant a man without a conscience. if you knew all. you would say it's not about him it's about the entire system of. motion and you just said one can't blame him people i dependent on the system i'm not but you must die they are forced to commit bloody crimes in its name. every officer of a vigil is held in minsk in honor of you resign or rank you and the other opposition politicians who disappeared. he says he also knows what happened to them so perhaps after 2 decades the truth about the regime death squads in belarus is about to come to light. the report was produced by the dublin investigative reporter christiane not a welcome christiane so how did you 1st come across the story
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a couple of weeks ago mr you wrote an email to the russians this is obviously a frequent user of programs in russian and that mail he claims that he has some important knowledge of these disappearances 20 years ago in his home country then we set up an investigation team for colleagues of mine russian natives with a strong knowledge of the region and me responsible for the t.v. old port ok so some strong claims there how did you verify his story and indeed his identity 1st we decided to clear his identity data based research was done and we also did some inquiries on the ground in his hometown and minsk then we met with him on several occasions with it for a long very long interviews and and these interviews we again and again repeated the key questions related to these cases he was talking about and we even found
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minor contradictions in these interviews we did and worked on these contradictions and presented the evidence we've got to some legal experts in europe there are some few of them who are familiar with that case and ok so if we believe him these are crimes. that he was positive 20 years ago so why is he telling the story now good question yuri told us that eventually he wanted to go clear that he wanted to remove a stone from his will that's how he put it and that's fair enough but we were not 100 percent sure that no other motives behind it perhaps even people who told him to flee to take refuge in the west and go out to the public with his story but we never never found any facts that gave us really evidence that there is more behind it than this person a motive someone who wants to go clear as it was so he's left it better presumably
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because these are allegations that as well as anywhere else is asylum seeker in a western country right so again if the revelations are true where does this take us. years ago the council of europe already conducted an investigation into these cases and. in the 2004 report council of europe investigators talk about a quote conspiracy of high ranking officials in belarus and in the light of this new evidence we now know or have some evidence what happened to the bodies we now know who shot who killed the politicians there might this misfire might be reopened by the council of europe and there might be mandates to investigate officially investigate what happened so president look at your career is not a man to brook opposition so does this have political implications for belarus
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itself i'm afraid yes and they might be quite dire and below us is a country pretty isolated pretty much isolated in europe no one wants to do business with that country due to the very dictatorial style mr bush anger is running his country and the situation of human rights. and so on budget in the last 23 years below wrist was working out on breaking the chain and finding being re accepted as a partner in europe and all these efforts now could suffer serious setback. d.w. investigative reporter christiane 3 thank you. and there's much more on this story on w dot com and on a huge huge channel d.w. documentary on his take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at least 304 people were killed in iran last month during a 3 day crackdown on protests across the country that's according to a new amnesty international a death toll rights group of early estimated just over $200.00 deaths iran has
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acknowledged that protesters were killed but has not released figures. thousands of lebanese protesters rather it outside parliament to bring groups and clashed with police and calling for a new independent head of government so mano an affiliated with established political parties in the country president has delayed consultations on design and designating a new prime minister until later this week. turkey's president has flagged the possibility of closing 2 military bases used by the united states retired early one was responding to a question about potential u.s. sanctions and the congressional resolution which recognizes the army genocide the incirlik air base is a key facility for the u.s. and nato warplanes. hong kong chief executive carry law has received the full backing of china's leadership ignoring the demands of pro-democracy protesters that she stand down chinese president xi jinping told kerry loud that she has beijing's
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unwavering support despite her government thrashing at recent local elections and a huge pro-democracy rally earlier this month president g.'s that hong kong had had what he described as its grimmest and most complex year since its return to chinese rule 22 years ago. we will continue to firmly support you and your leadership of the hong kong government in exercising government powers as mandated by law we will firmly support the police of hong kong in strictly enforcing the law. we hope people of all walks of life in hong kong will unite and work together to push hong kong's development back onto the right track. straight to hong kong where we joined journalist laurel cho a welcome loral so when president g.
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gives he's full backing is out of diplomatic niceties does it actually carry weight i think it does carry it shows that the beijing government hasn't changed their stance they are still fully supporting not only kerry i am but also the police trying that they do condone everything they've done so aren't showing off that they are continuing to not address the protester demands it also shows that there isn't really a solution in sight and the protesters aren't backing down from their demand beating or the ha ha government are not backing down from their stance either so the situation is just going to continue as it is right now after well. ok so the box the status quo the demonstrators don't change their demands does it we're looking at an escalation or are we looking at a further crackdowns. it's hard to say in the past few weeks there has been
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a well. or that we can we ask for the 1st time in 2 weeks as it is quite rare and it's been quite rare in the last 6 months to get it we can as the interior asked for it so also depends on the approach of the police to the stories of protesters we did get a new commissioner last month who does seem to have slightly different tactics and doesn't provoke the approaches there's as much so there's a lot of different factors in play. but whether the protesters can continue this momentum any longer is also a question they're tired about $6000.00 arrested so far so that is probably going to affect the numbers and make it onto the streets once the star actually getting convicted and going to jail or at least they're going to be afraid of being arrested again it in there as it winds so i think the protests will probably continue it's just a matter of whether they'll be able to continue with the scene intensity and see it regularity and i think we'll still see flare ups but whether it still be weekly
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being it is yet to be seen especially with the holidays coming up and so how will people reacted to present a statement. i don't think anyone surprised or even particularly angry about it it's nothing unexpected it seemed think that the government has that repeating over the past 6 months and it's nothing new from the government either so it's it doesn't particular and your people because it's completely expected good talking to you thank you for joining us a little chill in hong kong. now to india where there have been violent protests over a contentious citizenship law passed by parliament the legislation provides a fast track for citizenship for all refugees from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan but it doesn't apply to muslims opposition to the law has been especially strong in india's northeast and assam state which borders back the dash assam's an ethnically diverse region with a large muslim population but the unrest has also spread to other parts of the
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country people say it goes against the constitution and india's secular traditions in the capital daddy demonstrate to set fire to buses police responded with tear gas. delhi riot police fire a volley of tear gas their target student protesters holed up inside the capital's prestigious islamic university this is the latest front in the battle for the soul of india i. students took shelter here after protests descended into chaos they're angry at what they call a muslim then. after training rocks with the police demonstrators finally surrender with their hands a loft ushered on to buses here to the destination for i want to know was it was good but it does damage it does cause damage about people property does
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go to some money to certain people leave the people motorcycles on fire towards border storms on us and we have worked in jordan and we had i would only investors . back in delhi and hundreds were again gathering at the university campus the crowd electrified by claims of police violence the night before. the police came at us with batons while they are protesting peacefully they entered the campus the police even attacked the students who were studying in the library they were not involved in the protests they threw tear gas shells in the. barry it does not respect our fundamental rights as citizens of this country and the states is sponsoring this has been shameful and the police students who believe that board. authorities maintain they responded appropriately to this youthful demonstration but with the situation on a knife edge here their next move will be watched closely you. through let's
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go to chennai where protests are also taking place and join journalist. welcome. these are unprecedented demonstrations in many cities and universities why are people so angry. well. there are 2 different sets of sort of you know about this school of citizen and. citizenship amendment and as you said earlier the northeastern part of the country is bad the protest object and these protesters are basically against those citizenship amendment bill because they have a lot right that. it will be an influx of migrants into their states and did as you said a bit at the 1000000000 religiously diet was. and they do not want more migrants coming into this state so that is one reason they're against the bill because they don't want migrants does the rest of the country in chennai and i don't know why
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they buy all of the other boats of the country it struck just a happening because people want muslims to be sort of included in the citizenship amendment but remember. back to the cup was only 6 religions from the countries and this is being seen by the protesting students by the opposition and at the beginning of a sort of you don't religious profiling of muslims and the muslims and what a minority in india are very afraid that this could be the beginning of something that's a long that's going to be a lot and so what has been very justification for excluding muslims in this way. the prime minister and home minister of the country have said that muslims from those 3 countries which are which are pakistan bangladesh and afghanistan the muslims are in a majority there and therefore they are not
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a minority as we need to be seeking refugee status or citizenship or need software and india which is in the majority country so this thing that you know. they're already there already in a majority of this so why wouldn't muslims from muslim countries actually want to sign them or seek citizenship in a country which is not of a muslim majority this is a lot i mean this is actually got a twisted logic in the sense because you know what has been happening with the ring . and there are there are over us a lot of muslim ethnic minorities opposite putin in muslim majority countries as lentil the reasoning by the ruling b.g.p. defies logic but. we must also remember that this government had come to power well and to see it be those citizenship amendment or the act which is now an act has been a point manifesto an election manifesto since 2014 and after
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a couple of abortive advance they have finally managed to pass it so this is a promise they made and they have to deliver government good talking to scientists are joining us. in shanghai. take a look at some more of the day's top stories u.s. media are reporting that the white house is planning to announce the withdrawal of 4000 troops from afghanistan president trump filleted visited the military personnel there last month and as long sought to reduce the u.s. is $13000.00 strong presence in the country. the u.s. envoy to north korea says washington will not accept your own young end of year deadline to make concessions installed nuclear talks steven beggar and is visiting south korea where he urged the north to return to the negotiating table tensions been rising out of pyongyang conducted a series of weapons tests. delegates from europe and the u.s.
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have attended a ceremony in belgium to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the boat it was one of world war 2 splodge used to have reserves in which u.s. forces defeated german attempt to stop advancing allied armies in december of 1944 . american u.n. climate talks in madrid have ended with very little to show for more than 2 weeks of talking despite being extended by 2 days major economists rejected calls for bolder targets to combat climate change sparking anger amongst developing countries and activists who've been hoping for emergency action u.n. secretary general antonio preterit also voiced disappointment describing the summit as a lost opportunity. they were the longest talks to date leaving representatives exhausted with little progress made on how to limit global warming to under 2 degrees but there was agreement on one issue regretfully after all the hard work that you have
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couldn't get our to an agreement it is my sincere regret that we were not able to reach an agreement we invested a lot of energy and find a very fresh. that. at the end of the day we were not able to arrive at a final agreement observers had hoped that cup $25.00 would end with a framework for a carbon certificate scheme imposing a tax on each tonne of greenhouse gas produced a condom is an environmental activism like c it's a critical step if the world hopes to minimise the impending climate catastrophe but a deal couldn't be reached in part due to resistance from some of the world's worst polluters like the usa china india and australia. forcing delegates to only pledge to do more to uphold the paris climate agreement. with leadership in short supply in madrid environmental activists saying it's time for the european union to step up i mean this conference in madrid is really
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a good point for the entire. on climate change and it's now up to the european union with the green deal to go ahead with a clear vision of carbon free neutral economy all eyes are now on next year's meeting in glasgow but while the world continues to drag its feet the worst predictions of climate scientists have already started to become a reality. football and the draw for the 1st knockout round of the champions league has taken place germany's bond munich will face english premier league side to chelsea they'll meet over 2 legs in february and march famously lost the 2012 final at home to the law the us press your dog and have a showdown with their former coach thomas to cool and his party sanction onside last 16 debutantes abi leipsic will face last season's runners up tottenham and the
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pick of the other pairings record when israel madrid made english champions manchester city and holders liverpool play athletico madrid. germany's bonus leader brasil merchant blood batter slipped off the top for the 1st time in 2 months meaning that r.p. leipzig now lead marco rose glad back went down to want to vols work they can see it is a late goal for the 2nd game in a row after being eliminated from the europa league in midweek. marco's a coach out spork to the austrian league title last season of the bag last night led lance to 2nd place while spork hadn't won any of their last 3 home games but they came out swinging. to largo to open the scoring in the 13th minute the austrian netting his 1st one just the goal. responded faster though brail mbombo equalising just 2 minutes later the 6th goal
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of the season for the swiss international. won all the score at halftime. things remain tight in the 2nd half with plenty of scoring chances for both sides but both kept on wasting their opportunity. to decider came in injury time maximillian on old making it to one prove all scored the late victory at it by a pair of misplaced headers from the blood back to france this should and. it was really great in the ninety's minutes so i have to say we deserved to win for the. sport celebrate their 1st bundesliga home win since october. hang their heads after their 2nd away loss in a row. a baseball bat used by the great babe ruth has been sold for more than a $1000000.00 about used to hit ruth's 500th home run back in 1929 was bought out to california. and identified better than other babe bats used to his 1st home
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run at the old yankee stadium sold in 2004 for a record $1300000.00. this is news these are our top stories and alleged to form a hit man has told dave w. that he was part of a death squad ordered to kill opposition politicians in the former soviet republic of belarus the killings took place 20 years ago as. president alexander lukashenko consolidated his hold on power the day the country is regarded as a dictatorship. china's president xi jinping has expressed his unwavering support for a whole called leader kerry lam despite months of violent anti-government protests in the territory the demonstrators accuse brazing of eroding the island's democracy and want muslim to resign earlier hong kong police announced they would no longer tolerate any more violence. in india protests over
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a controversial new citizenship law spread to university campuses critics say that legislation violates the country's constitution the law grants those fleeing religious persecution a route to citizenship but does not apply to muslims. and u.n. climate talks in madrid have ended with disappointment on the watered down deal delegates passed ambitious climate protection targets but failed to agree on regulating carbon emissions trading activists say the agreements will have little impact. this is d.w. news from birthday for more followers on twitter w news or visit our website w dot com. i science magazine tomorrow today on the white album back at the top of the hour of the day.
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the for. the for.
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ceiling lights that can send an e-mail the floor lamp that can stream a film. called a marvelous network that uses my. sounds like science fiction right to. life i speak the internet something light. to follow to the next. big thing that created today's wars. a good turning point in politics business. in iran beat up people of the islamic revolution under are not turned off a man he had always dreamt of state in the sharia law which ruled.
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that opens up making its initial flirtation its capitalism. strong sense states of emergency britain sinks into chaos margaret thatcher remarks in coverage them to work harder and they will was a distortion of neo liberalism. john paul the 2nd this is poland shows that threatens the old order. for a bit this could be the end of communism at the. heart crisis and. the story of an era that defines our remarks today. 1979 the big bang that created today's starts december 23rd d.w. .
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you're watching tomorrow today the science show on t.w. . this week it's about something that lets us see the world around us but which itself is intangible like to. be talking about light in everyday life in industry and in.


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