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the issue is that. this is where it comes. to 77 percent this weekend on g.w. . this is d.w. news live from berlin boeing suspends production of its ill fated 737 max airliner regulators grounded the plane after 2 fatal crashes in 5 months now the seattle based u.s. plane maker is halting the assembly line we look at the fallout for workers and suppliers also on the program to. india shaken by violence over
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a controversial new citizens of law protesters in delhi torch vehicles and clash with police they claim the new law is anti muslim and shia prime minister narendra modi is aiming for a hindu india. and remembering one of the decisive conflicts of world war 2 the allies and their former enemy germany come together to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the bulge. and told me all laddie oh thanks for joining us. u.s. plane maker boeing is suspending production of its 737 macs from next month to fatal crashes in 5 months and forced the grounding of the previously successful aircraft lost sales of course a boeing. more than $8000000000.00 and the company continue to making the aircraft
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even though regulators ordered it to stop flying more than $400.00 planes a currently being kept in storage nearly $350.00 people were killed in crashes in indonesia and ethiopia which led to the jets being grounded in march. for more on this i'm joined by d.w. business reporter clifford cannot keep it why is boeing doing this right now basically the federal aviation authorities have said in the us that they're not going to allow the 737 max to take off again. boeing had been hoping that they would get permission sooner than rather than later so they had a board meeting in seattle and they just decided that it was time for to say that it was. to stop production which is the 1st time in 2 decades that this is what does this mean for supply as an for employees well it's caused quite a significant meaning for suppliers in particular because the $600.00 companies in
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the supply chain involved in supplying implement instruments and all other components for the 737 max so it will it will have some kind of trickle down effect boeing has played down the impact of which it said it will be letting anyone go over this. there's going to be a lot of concerns because boeing is such a huge company that it's actually been a drag on the u.s. economy all of this uncertainty about the 737 max because this was their most popular plane it was technologically their most advanced plane it was something that they were very very proud of and it was a big seller so it will be in some way in an effort for them to to make clarity and to bring clarity into the situation so what does the timeline now for research education look like well this is it's an open question i think boeing had been hoping that it would happen in january there was some suggestion that it could happen in the early part of the year but it's still very open and there's still a lot of issues resolved. with the with the software there are
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a lot of things that need to be sorted out you get the sense that boeing is trying to draw a line under this and saying that we need to we need clarity and we need to have we're going to create the great is they say they're going to create the greatest aircraft to ever to fly and you know that they're going to try to answer a lot of the outstanding questions they're going to stop all these battles regulators in different countries with airlines they've been fighting about a lot of fronts so i think what they're trying to do is draw a line under this and once they've resolved all those issues then they can start talking about certification again ok business reporter david gergen thanks for that . now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. a breakthrough in the trade war between the u.s. and china has propelled stocks on wall street to another record high investors are relieved that the prospect of an escalating conflict has receded it was the 3rd straight day of stock market gains. british prime minister boris johnson has
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welcomed 1st time lawmakers a 109 new conservative m.p.'s won seats as the party powered to a landslide victory in last week's election the new parliament will be sworn in on tuesday with johnson's bracks a deal on the agenda on friday. the architect of france's controversial pension reform has resigned over alleged conflicts of interest jump old del of was departure comes 12 days internet into nationwide strikes against his plans his departure is a blow to president emanuel mccraw whose government isn't locked in a standoff with trade unions. india has been rocked by more violent protests over a controversial citizenship law the legislation fast tracks naturalisation for refugees from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan but excludes muslims critics say that undermines the constitutional right of equality for all and opponents fear
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prime minister narendra modi wants to remold the world's biggest democracy as a hindu state. delhi riot police fire a volley of tear gas and their target student protesters holed up inside the capital's prestigious jimmy amelia islam a university there demanding that their government rescind a contentious new citizenship law. critics say the law discriminates against muslims by only granting indian citizenship to non muslim refugees from neighboring countries. after trading rocks at the police. the student demonstrators finally surrender with their hands aloft. and are ushered onto buses a destination unknown. as it does goes down as the public property does go to some people. or goes on pirates go to stones almost on what in short
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i would only investors do it too is the number tensions were running high across india buses were burned during protests in the capital disrupting public life in. the. hundreds marched in opposition to the new law. some here volume retribution should the government ostracize muslims. to be ready to support the government but if they're going to harass muslims then it won't be tolerated muslim groups will launch a massive movement against it. back in delhi and hundreds were again gathering at the university campus the crowd electrified by claims of police violence the night before. the police came at us with baton while they are protesting peacefully fancher the campus the police even attacked the students who were studying in the library they were not involved in the protests they threw tear gas shells in the library does not respect our fundamental rights as
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a citizen of this country and this sponsor guarding this has been shameful to the police students. authorities insist they responded appropriately to this youthful demonstration but with the situation on a knife's edge their next move will be closely watched. world war 2 allies and their former enemy germany have gathered in belgium to mark the 75th anniversary of one of the conflicts most decisive encounters the battle of the bulge was the last german offensive of the wall and a major turning point in the conflict. marking the past with fanfare but it was a personal memory that produced real emotion merce marsh from alabama was on watch christmas 1904 during a snowstorm and the are dens of belgium lady came out and. head to mugs of hot chicken soup for each of our. best
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me i have head i guess a over 75 years later a german president held a new dress here for the 1st time. we remain deeply indebted by this america which accompanied knight and supported the democrat they believe birth of germany despite the war and the shore on the morning of the 16th of december the german army or the verma push their forces back into belgium and a brutal surprise attack dog like he did in the center the americans were above us as the germans others there. the team over in shows us where a shell hit it didn't explode and she survived after the stone was liberated all that remained was a wasteland but in the us it became a symbol for the good war americans fought. in world war 2 america was
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willing to commit everything we had to preserve freedom and protect our way of life but would the us do the same today moran doesn't think so it was an quapaw knows they wouldn't all view of the americans has changed in the recent he is going to cause them to be. she's giving her scrapbook of war memories to her grandchildren to make sure they never forget. the countdown is on for the launch of a european satellite on a mission to study earth like planets outside our own solar system the spacecraft is set to blast off from french guiana in south america later on choose day and who knows it might even detect signs of life in outer space. the key on this mission is designed to advance the search for extraterrestrial life for the 1st time the satellite will study planets orbiting distant suns so-called
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exoplanets. she hopes will observe how these distant worlds pass in front of the stars they orbit to make this possible researchers 1st have to scour the sky with other telescopes to select the stars to be targeted by the satellite. looking at the time. so we need to know that star has a planet we need to know when this planet passes in front of the star and at that moment we point there. the satellite is set to measure the tiny fluctuations in brightness that occur when a planet passes in front of its star a celestial body the size of our earth dims the light by just 100th of a percent. can measure this barely perceptible flickering more accurately than ever
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before. from the decrease of light you can infer how big the planet is compared to the stuff because it just hides a part of the surface and you can compute which fraction of the surface is being hidden by the passing planet and that gives you then the size of the bat. all this without going there or this without seeing the pilot to just see the shuttle. with his telescope astronomers can determine another property of the invisible planets their mass they then want to combine this information with the data they obtain from cheops and thus determine the density of distant worlds this shows them whether they are planets made of rock or gas. or whether the distant worlds have an ocean or consist of ice. the satellite should also find out whether they have an atmosphere this allows conclusions to be drawn as to how habitable these worlds are
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. super telescopes such as the extremely large telescope will then take a closer look at the earth like exoplanets in the coming decade they will look for traces of life in their atmospheres and find out for example whether there are microbes and plants there. but drove for the opening knockout round of the champions league has taken place and things will be getting serious for the bundesliga clubs in the competition by and have been drawn of london club chelsea all don't want a set to face paris sunshine man alive so they will square off with last year's finalists tottenham. byron munich's to mulch you a season isn't going to get any easier in february the german giants have been drawn against reigning europa league winners chelsea in the champions league round
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of 16 it will be a rematch of the 2012 final which biron lost on penalties to the london club i after a slow start but have turned the corner in the bundesliga and their strong form has given them a boost of confidence for the clash. isn't that of steps where fairly confident. feel good about the draw of course chelsea have players that can hurt us. dortmund have their eyes on an equally difficult task facing down french powerhouse police among the yellow while welcome back former coach thomas to call for the 1st time since he left dortmund in 27 teeth i played 6 have fought their way to the top of the bonus league but coach you leonardo's man knows they have potential for even more. for the office that we are also looking forward to improving further and that our football will be even better play our results will only get better to us i'm trying to push the boys a bit so they know we can be better and so they can be better players than ever
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before as the year comes to a close and the champions league is a good a place as any to show up their development but even if like to go are at their best last season's finalists tottenham hotspur will be a stern testament knockout round. you're watching news coming up next a documentary ott craft and engineer i'm told me thanks for your company. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate comics on the front lines 250 a day were remarking on a voyage of discovery. expedition boys.


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