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chance the people friends the old order. was close. to. 97 the big meeting today since december 23rd. this is due to other news a shop coming up a death sentence for a dictator. and later suspended the constitution now a court has sentenced him to death. what does this mean in a country ruled by the military. its existence. in india police of the receiving end of criticism the images like these appear to show them applying force to break up student protests against a citizenship. and speed dating with
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a difference. taking along. with matchmaking. i'm british manager welcome to beat up the news asia it's good to have you with us pakistan's former army chief. has been sentenced to death in a treason case it's the 1st time such a sentence has been handed down to a form on the chief in pakistan the case minutes to 2007 when musharraf as president imposed a state of emergency suspended the constitution and placed several judges under house arrest. in a bloodless coup in 1909 toppling the civilian government of sharif. in the united arab emirates where he's receiving medical treatment. and for more i'm
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joined by family farms from. some of them to see you why is this sentence so significant well it is significant symbolically because you see that the military is so powerful in pakistan the military dictators broke the constitution they suspended the constitution there were true government elected civilian governments so and the judiciary always supported the military actions of the coups and the suspensions the 1st time we see that the judiciary actually stood up against the military and say it is wrong and we hand over the death sentence to the former military dictator but who is much of so hugely significant and also symbolically significant so the judiciary might have stood up to the army but then given by the power that the army exercises in pakistan what are the chances the sentence are likely to be counted out well the chances are already low in my opinion 1st it's a split decision and also musharraf has the right to appeal against the would act
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superior court the supreme court for example so i know it is likely that the supreme court will have a different decision but we're not sure about it but there is a legal of course from a shot off and he needs to follow that his supporters will not come out to the streets and you know a protest against the wording this is not going to happen so all he needs to do is now to follow the legal procedure the army would try its best to make sure that the money that musharraf is not because that will give out a very bad message to the public and it will show that the military speak will not show its weakness british right and that's very believe it for the time being seamus i'm speaking to us about this sentence handed down to pervez musharraf thank you so much thanks very much and you can find out more background on this story on our website dot com what's last shot. police in india are facing criticism for the
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heavy handed response to students protesting a new citizenship law the citizenship amendment act provides a pathway to indian citizenship for religious minorities from neighboring countries with the exception of muslims students of delhi's jummy i mean yes the university parts of which were answered by police are among many across the country that have joined in protests against the law and then on images like these have sparked outrage in india bottle and wielding police snatch a student. their excess of force only stopped when confronted with incredible bravery part of what eyewitnesses say was a day of violence against you hoots. that culminated in officers firing tear gas on paul testers inside the jamia millia islamia university in delhi before raiding the campus. so we were waiting on
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the police t.v. when the police came we did at least know we asked if it was the crowd but it came out to new york was it the police started beating us and abusing us the aftermath in the library speaks to the chaos scores where injured police sent out a public relations officer to clean up the mess. when we started pushing the protesters back from the road stones were pelted from both sides so tear gas was used at that time the rowdy elements went inside the university in the police chased them in there because a lot of stone pelting was going on we were doing a thorough investigation with the investigation and. to sit down protest opposition leaders blame the government for the heavy handed response. that had me summit on the government has attacked students by entering universities so we will fight for the constitution of india. we have said it time and again we will fight
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against the government picking up nothing you will be hostility to the citizen law keeps gathering steam across india in west bengal and lead up mamata banerjee led protests critics say the act which grants a route to citizenship for non muslim migrants threatens india's secular foundation but perhaps it will be the sign of on rest spreading among student bodies that will give no government most cause for concern. and the variance of these protests has prompted it just prime minister narendra modi to respond and he calls the outcry unfortunate and deeply distressed distressing here short people that no indian has anything to what he regarding this act he also added that this is the time to maintain peace unity and brotherhood and joining me now is how to ensure director of human rights watch menard she dunkerley read only prime minister more the has appealed for calm in the midst of these violent protests do you think the
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extent of the opposition has caught the government by surprise. i do hope that that is the case that the prime minister now recognizes that there is public opinion against this and that he does the right thing in india versing these policies in a democracy it's very important for. for an elected leader to heat protests. are making this about politics but do you think that these protests that we are seeing across the country represent the large majority view on the citizenship amendment act. it is hard to test that the question the question really is that there has been. a very significant number of voices students who are out on the streets. the government has made
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a difference in lux on this issue initially it was all about trying to control immigration which of course is a is also a problematic because it is immigration trying to intrude immigration based on religion but the bigger concern really is how this amendment bill is tied to a national citizenship process now when happens in a citizenship issue process is that if a non muslim cannot produce the paperwork they were automatically get down to citizenship while a muslim would not be able to now in a country where we know for a fact that they provoke is extremely hard to produce this this leads to concerns that a significant chunk of india's population may be denied citizenship and that really is the basis for the protest now the government needs to write very only it and see
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it as policies and to understand that people are objecting to this kind of violation of the constitution but what about the form of objections that have been a lot of biden's police officer also been injured in these protests what would you say to that. but of course we would call upon all produce just don't do only engage in peaceful protest and not in nationwide's but there are the issues involved here the culture of street violence unfortunately has been building up for some time lost the lead in fact the budget the supporters this is been the time when you know when the g.o.p. supporters are gone and vandalized movie theaters are our reporters readings are you know targeted production of movies are our. allies spend they have actually attacked muslims on the street claiming that they were illegally trading in b. if our part attacked people who have loved you have now this kind of street
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violence in egypt little antiviolence we have been saying for the longest day is something that needs to be contained this culture has coming because because the way to peace refused to act against the supporters vendetta against in this kind of violence now the same thing is happening here there are numerous protesters also saying that they did not commit the violence it was done by b.g.p. supporters quickly to make them look bad now is how to tell in any any of these circumstances what exactly has happened but certainly what should happen is is is a is a coming of situation affairs investigation and for the for the b.g.p. leadership and particularly the prime minister who is after all the primacy of all of india due to come out not doing it in politics and hardwick nice and there is no shame in a democracy where leaders listen to people's voices and it was close right next younger that's very relieved for the time being thank you so much for speaking to us if.
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for some it's a life long quest to search for a soulmate but if you're in a hut it is always speed dating in japan how about some aspect in your pants have another different patterns the singles looking for love in our next report afterthought to remain and not. in a nondescript banquet room in the world's largest metropolis a group of japanese men and women search for the spark that could change their lives it's a speed dating event with a twist the singles have come with their parents to support them in their hunt 1st suitable partner. that was the really bad she had boyfriends when she was a student but those relationships didn't work so i told myself maybe now it's up to me to give her a hand. if. i came here today after being pushed by my mother because it's true that so far i've had trouble meeting the right person. to think
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to be open. participants to live questionnaires and exchange small talk with mom and dad there to give them a gentle push towards pairing up. with the new congress. and maybe outdated but i think parents know their children best what the character strengths are and their weaknesses will want to kill off your pants off so i started these events thinking that there might be less divorce if parents look for their child soulmate or. that's. it's a nerve wracking a vent for both generations but they overcome their inhibitions in the hope that's somewhere in the room they'll find a perfect match. bring the parents and i say if it doesn't work it's their fault that's it for today you can always catch the show online on our website they'd have a dot com for a special issue of reliving all with pictures of the continuing protest against
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india citizenship thank you for watching prince who make time for. there's no. you know the banks. and to watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters w. me for minds. to know that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all
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voices. the 77 percent issue. this is where. the 77 percent this weekend on d w. boeing's 737 marks is now officially in an extended holding top production of the best seller jets will be suspended boeing says regulators continue driving off the plane left that little choice profits will take a nosedive and not only have the aircraft maker cut some of the airlines are affected too. also coming up more strikes over mark calls new pension plans and from our sofa crisis which threatens to spoil christmas for many french holiday.
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this is physics your updates on asian and global business news on the dot. com we start in the u.s. where aircraft make a boeing well whole production of the 737. that's the 1st such production pause in more than 2. cade's boeing says the continue grounding off the plane by regulators said to reach far into next year left it no choice the phrase by one of the largest u.s. exporters will impact suppliers allies and financiers across the globe as well as the u.s. economy on the whole aircraft in the 737 family account for 70 percent of boeing civil aviation business and the max is just the latest version of it the 1st 737 flew more than 50 years ago they were meant to lead the company into a bright future boeing has only delivered 387 so far but has over 4000 on the order book for customers around the world just the $400.00 planes currently.


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