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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 19, 2019 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is g w news winds up from berlin tonight a shooting in moscow and near the offices of the russian secret police. i join him and opens fire causing people to run for cover an officer of the secret police is shot dead before the gunman is neutral ought to get an update from moscow also coming up indian authorities cracked down on nationwide protests against a controversial new citizenship will police arrest hundreds of demonstrators at least 3 people have been killed and the state's craft that should get nasa back
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into the manned flight race the starliner finally prepares for a test flight to the international space station after a 2 year delay. goff it's good to have you with us russia's security service the f.s.b. says that it has neutral state gunman who opened fire near its headquarters in central moscow today the f.s.b. also confirming that one of its employees was killed in the attack the country's health ministry says that 5 other people were injured. the sound of gunfire rips through the moscow night as pedestrians run for cover. police then quickly cordoned off the area and one of the most heavily secured parts
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of the city. stated by. gunshots of course i didn't get any closer because i wanted to live. but there's very little police officers ran up to the ambulance and loaded somebody into his quickly but apparently he was already dead. then they asked us to move further away. from us that. the russian intelligence service says there was only one attacker and that they had neutralized him a term used when an assailant is killed they haven't released the name or information about a motive it happened at about the same time that russian president vladimir putin was giving a speech celebrating the work of security services and calling for more efforts to prevent terrorism or shouldn't be doing this this will mean that. terrorism is an insidious and dangerous animal and the fight against it must continue systematically and decisively issue but he took out
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a note saying that this work must be conducted as i've said before with an emphasis on the prevention of terrorism the on preventive offensive operations. though putin was nowhere near the scene there's speculation the attack may have been timed to coincide with the speech authorities have opened an investigation. are let's take the story straight to our correspondent in really sure when she's in moscow covering this for us good evening to you emily so do we know any more especially about the motive. for now we don't know any more about the motive these security services have said that they are currently trying to identify that shooter and look into those motives as you said brand one there's one confirmed dead with 5 injured but that number could rise we don't know at the moment what's clear though is that this attack has shaken moscow it
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took place right in the center of the city outside this rather iconic and well known building the f.s.b. building at new bianca really just a stone's throw away from the kremlin in the city center people were sharing their videos of the shooting that took place in this kind of very populated area and there were a wide range of media reports about it including that actually it may have been 3 shooters shooting out at that building so we'll have to wait and see what the developments are there but certainly people are taking this are shaken by this attack and we know there's been a lot of speculation particularly. shortly after russian president vladimir putin. the your news conference. well that's right the investigative committee here in russia has launched a criminal investigation into this attack and as you say it took place just after
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of bloody near puton finished his yearly press conference of course he himself was previously the director of the f.s.b. so there could be for perhaps some kind of a link there and it's also worth noting that tomorrow is scheduled to be a day in celebration and on during those people who work for the security services so if this attack was planned if there were motives behind this perhaps they could be linked in some way to those events and they could be linked to the politics of the day when our very own sure when with the latest on that shooting in central moscow thank you in india at least 3 people have died in protests against a controversial new citizenship law authorities banned the protest after previous rallies became volume but crowds divine being on and police made hundreds of arrests the new offers citizenship to immigrants from pakistan bangladesh and
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afghanistan immigrants who are scaping religious persecution it excludes muslims. the anger is widespread and not everyone is holding back. in northeast india violence flared outraged protestors defying the ban on demonstrations across the country they say the government's new law discriminates against muslims and threatens india's secular democracy. you'll see a this citizenship amendment act is against the indian constitution it is a legal it is against the spirit of independence of our country and one of the hot muggy. on twitter condemnation of the police man handling one of our most prolific and influential public intellectuals and scholars rama chander guha who said he was engaged in nonviolent protest when he was arrested. the government said it was
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forced to take steps in the interest of public safety after many protests turned violent last week. in the capital delhi more than a dozen train stations were closed. roads blocked traffic congested authorities also shut down mobile phone networks and the internet in several regions. ma'am and out by and by the device a very difficult situation and a very bad situation we're facing a lot of problems that still so have a lot of traffic jams and some of them that blocked so it's a pathetic situation. but there may be much more disruption on its way there a few signs prime minister narendra modi is going to back down over the law and many here are determined to make him change his mind whatever the consequences. on capitol hill in washington congressional leaders are trading recriminations and
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accusations one day after the u.s. house of representatives voted to impeach president donald trump the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly along party lines on 2 articles of impeachment democrats say that trump abused his powers and obstructed congress in the ukraine scandal after the house vote the senate is due to be tasked with conducting a trial of the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell today will be the one who will decide the terms for that trial he reacted by calling the house impeachment process unfair house democrats embarked on the most rushed least thorough and most unfair impeachment inquiry in modern history. this is by far the basis for any house past presidential impeachment in american history mitch mcconnell speaking there in washington today on this side of
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the atlantic 3 years ago today and islamist extremists rammed a truck into a busy christmas market in central berlin 12 people died dozens were injured many of whom continue to suffer from their injuries berliners gathered at the site of the attack today to remember the victims. the church bells tolled 12 times in memory of the victims of the worst islamist terror attack in german history. a long golden crack runs through the christmas market throughout the day mourners have come to light candles. this is one to talk to she was our daughter and she's still with us not a single day goes by without me thinking about her. for me there is no christmas anymore it's can't buy enough. what happened 3 years ago just after 8 in the
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evening a man in a stolen truck careened into a christmas market packed with hundreds of people the perpetrator anis at unity and had converted to radical islam in germany i'm ray escaped a few days later he was shot and killed by police initially for some time various german security services had known about the danger this man posed but they didn't share their knowledge the failure of the police and other authorities to prevent this attack is the subject of political inquiries many questions remain open. the attack has brought changes security at the christmas market has been increased traffic barriers installed does this make people feel safer. through here with very bad feelings. i imagine the chaos here 3 years ago and i didn't feel happy at all. of course. because of the barriers and the police that are there you feel pretty safe and i think maybe that's also
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a reason why you can move around a bit more freely here at the christmas market lived i don't necessarily feel secure because of the police i think. accidents like this make it more it's more of a thing where people become more united was. christmas markets terror attack 3 years ago today. on friday u.s. aircraft maker boeing is due to launch of starliner astronaut capsule along its 1st unmanned journey to the international space station if successful the spacecraft will free nasa from reliance on russian bickles to travel to the r s s but the project it has been dogged by technical ability a rival spacecraft built by space x. completed its test flight last more. heavy duty
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rocket is set to launch the starliner into space for its test flight and deposit it 180 kilometers above the earth's surface. from there the space capsule equipped with its own measurement sensors and thrusters is supposed to fly to the i access international space station and dock with it completely automatically. a few days later the starliner will decouple from the eye assess and part with that service module in order to return to earth. the unpiloted capsule should then safely and gently land on the ground in new mexico but the help of parachutes and airbags if all goes to plan the starliner will soon be able to transport astronauts into space.
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the space shuttles were once readied for lift off in this hangar for the past few years it's where the starliner has been built. a man transport system for the next generation nasa is having it developed and built by boeing a private company. the starliner resembles the apollo spacecraft which once landed astronauts on the moon. its crew capsule can be reused after the fly. right it should complete 10 missions in total and carry up to 7 astronauts into space at a time. the crew will be seated an upper and lower rows when they lift off for their missions. at the beginning of november the starliner completed a simulated takeoff emergency a security system had to transport the manned capsule out of the danger zone the
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test is deemed a success even if one of the 3 parachutes fails. and. in order to clear this important hurdle the rescue systems newly developed thrusters were fired on a test and. the crew members for the 1st flight to the i assess were selected years ago christopher ferguson will need the trio. the space shuttle era ended with his last flight his next one is hope to open a new chapter in american space travel if there are no further delays he and his crew could head to the i access in 2020 darling or are you go for money. or go along. all right blastoff you're watching
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