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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  December 20, 2019 4:15am-4:31am CET

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controlled her go her on her it is great america beckoned to. you watching the news up next is business with stephen beardsley of course there's much more on our twitter feed at the news of the on our website w dot com i'm told me a lot of cool thanks for watching and see you soon. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised to me telling the painter she put just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys i have worked on the streets of many cantors and they had problems are almost the same 14 social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human scene or microphones who have decided to put
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their trust in us. my name is jean paris and i weren't a deed. is a way for debt towering over the global economy that's the warning from the world bank close even negative borrowing rates are to play in the constituent banks really afford to change course. also on the show we'll introduce you to a cuban co-operative making furniture out of an unexpected material. and it's 2000 years old and ready for a comeback. to ferment a team packed with probiotics is taking its turn as a super food. this is your g
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w business report i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks for joining us a wave of debt in developing nations has grown faster than at any time in the last 5 decades and could trigger an economic crisis that's the warning issued by the world bank on thursday developing countries racked up a towering $55.00 trillion dollars of debt by the end of last year encouraged by low borrowing costs in the red in the wake of the global recession if interest rates rise again making that debt more expensive to pay off it could be devastating the organization says. the concern about debt was one reason given thursday when the world's oldest central bank ended its 5 year experiment with negative interest rates sweden's response rates by a quarter percentage point on thursday to 0 percent 3 stock adopted negative rates in 2015 charging banks for holding on to their reserves to encourage lending move stimulated the economy but it also pushed up household debt and weaken the local
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currency thursday's decision is certain to be watched by central banks around the world where negative rates have become and become more popular in propping up sluggish economies. and for more on this let's go to our financial correspondent in new york he ends korda. yens we just heard of some of the pitfalls of negative interest rates and yet we know that in the u.s. where you are president donald trump has pushed for negative interest rates why is he been so vocal in favor of them. well everybody doesn't so donald trump wants to know but the thing is that so many central banks on the planet do have negative interest rates and which the us having higher rates that actually pushes the dollar higher and higher dollar is better for exports overall and then also the hope and the thinking of the white house probably is with a lower rate you get more stimulus more of cheap money to corporations so they can
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invest more and even get the economy even stronger than it already is even if we look at. japan that this trick has not necessarily worked so a bit cheaper money really drives companies to invest much more now and the fed has cut interest rates this year 3 times already is it possible is it realistic that they could go down to 0 or negative. well at this point it seems unlikely but well nothing is impossible and of lot to depends on how the u.s. economy is doing let's just say we should teach into a recession doesn't look likely at this point for 2020 but let's just assume. happened so that actually could drive the federal reserve to cut rates further even if nobody really expects a 0 percent interest rate here in the u.s. and in time soon and then we shouldn't forget those negative rates have
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a lot of negative impact just to name one pension funds for example have a big problem because if there is 0 interest or even negative interest pension funds have to find different ways to invest and if you find different ways you take more risk and more risk could eventually also lead to some fallout so actually there are some really some real social consequences the entire social system at stake but at this point we really would need to see a stronger recession so that interest rates are getting closer to 0 at this point the federal reserve last highlighted that they do not really plan any changes at all in 2020 or in the u.s. with a little bit more room to cut those interest rates compared to some other nations even scored of their force in new york thank you. a cuba is famous for its inventor who bondo a creative ingenuity that defies material shortage and here's an example
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a cuban cooperative that's creating furniture out of plastic waste. they've been collecting plastic waste for a year and they've managed to amass 6 tons of it the state's sanitation department as well as private organizations provided another $300.00 tons to the base or a 3 cooperative the members of a 3 term they used plastic into a lumber substitute called. or eco would they use it to make furniture benches as well as baskets kiosks and even bridges. through the cycling of waste such as plastics we found a solution for obtaining the raw materials that we didn't have at the time there was a shortage of wood and other things were difficult to process we've made an environmental impact by upcycling the waste. the eco their products are designed to last for 50
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years they've even been state certified but at 83 it's plain to see that it's not just the raw materials that are lacking in cuba the machines like the mills that grind up the plastics are often too old and don't perform well enough but $83.00 is not thinking of packing it in just yet they took us look at them with the steps that we're taking and i think we're pioneers they need to many who operatives will follow self employed based on the same principles i think it's a great solution for our society. among a few sky and so our government ministries and local municipalities soon the co-operative plans to start processing waste rubber glass and paper. to asia now where hong kong's once mighty retail sector is facing a gloomy christmas the retail so season says over 10 percent of the territory's retailers. thousands of shops could close in the next 6 months behind the bleak forecast economic uncertainty due to those ongoing democracy protests.
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hong kong is legendary for its shopping but the scenes of mayhem in a hong kong shopping mall just days before christmas show why there is little festive cheer for the territory's retailers this year. protesters are taking aim at hong kong's key retail sector to press home their demands for democracy. district elections last month showed strong support for protests but the demonstrators have disrupted christmas shoppers and clashed with the police. and uncertainty about hong kong's future means that the mood among those who do venture out to places like times square is bleak. definitely you expand us than before and it's because they were during the of a situation says i think some more it was. no such as christmas was to go by and if it is not safe to go out yes and not happy at all we are not very
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in a mood and yet hong kong this is a really hot moment yes. pacific place is normally packed with bargain hungry consumers from mainland china and local buyers getting ready for christmas. much of the protesters i'm sure has been focused on china's increasing influence in hong kong and mainlanders are staying away. retail sales fell 25 percent in october the steepest drop on record christmas sales are expected to hit fresh record lows retailers are worried about their future $7000.00 shops out of $64000.00 in the asian financial hub could be forced to close down in the next 6 months. and the other year tourists would pack out the star ferry to crowd the shopping magners a chip shot story across hong kong harbor but this yuletide the mood is music. with a wave of closures looming hong kong's retailers fear the writing is on the wall.
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would you drink something called team mushroom it's a ferment it's here originally brewed in ancient china and you might have actually already tried it as a drink that's gaining worldwide popularity after 2000 years thought this is green tea on its way to become income butcha a culture of bacteria in east is the magic ingredient here the from entity may look somewhat dubious but alexander the cutie cup is betting on it he's one of the founders of carried to come the company currently only produces around 4000 liters of the drink per month but it's hoping to expand. to make kombucha a mainstream drink drink that everyone knows about and can find on a fortune. in the soviet union computer was mainstream people grew the drink in their kitchens it was known as the team mushroom he could still experiments at home with new flavors for carried. in his business partner john
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founded karibu in 2016 as the 1st russian computer company they still try to use mainly russian ingredients for their flavors including juniper berries and pine nuts and they add a healthy dose of nostalgia as well. well good times as we always waited for our grandmother to pours a glass of fresh washroom she cool it down and that is. it was only after the fall of the soviet union in the ninety's the fountain and coca-cola and all those carbonated soda started pouring into russia useable the wrong and i pick it now is experiencing a revival in russia around a dozen mainly russian companies sell the drink in the country but memories of the team mushroom don't always help complete just sales i do that because bush is a drink made from tea mushroom i haven't heard of it i've only heard of the team mushroom your new i won't risk drinking something i don't like the look of but
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curry become butchers makers are hoping russians can see beyond the surface after all the tart probiotic drink has health benefits and analysts say internationally computer sales are worth over a $1000000000.00 and they're on the rise. of the market is huge because in russia people are increasingly interested in healthy drinks and healthy food and in a healthy lifestyle. alexian there's acute coping wants to convince russians that this soviet classic has really turned the corner. that's it for me the business team thanks for watching.
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these days people meticulously planned everything work on days off everywhere all for this fish and sea. as a result many people feel stressed out. what is optimal time management and do even in the 1st place. made in germany next w. w cold africa. your
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garbage and not many construction materials you. want to. use the garbage bottles to build. this is going to call them on i hear. a simple solution for a serious problem. the cold comfort. in 60 minutes don't. show. show hello uplinks this is you love all speaking welcome to the show with the ding dong xoai. concert. with the most risky.
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and incredible looking. well coming tonight. the week w. . foer i'm terribly sorry sorry i'm late this is embarrassing i'm normally a very punctual person because i am german and be worked in television all my life and this business you could be too late just once do it twice and eros so don't we all constantly feel like.


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