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last. leg thank. you as. this news coming to you live from rising tensions in india at least 3 people were killed as police crackdown on nationwide protests against a controversial new citizenship more than a 1000 demonstrators have been arrested also coming up the british parliament is due to vote on the prime minister's plan to take the u.k. out of the european union tomorrow as johnson's majority agreement is expected to pass easily thanks to his decisive election victory last week. plus australia's
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prime minister's response to public criticism on top short his holiday to face the country's unprecedented bushfire has to volunteer firefighters battling a blaze near sydney have been killed crews are working to contain more than 100 fires fuge by record temperatures and high winds. hello and welcome good to have you with us. there is no letup in mass protests in india against a new contentious citizenship law despite a police ban knowledge gatherings at least 3 people were killed on thursday in clashes with police bringing the death toll to 9 since protests spread across the country the thousands have been arrested the controversial new law offers an easier path to indian citizenship for non muslim migrants from neighboring countries
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india's home minister has scored a crisis meeting to discuss the un wrist now for the very latest let me draw in correspondent she's based in mumbai welcome gonna tell us what the latest situation is like in india who have the kind of people who are coming out on the streets and protesting despite the ban in place. of well there are nationwide protests all over the country that protests and mumbai and anybody that is truth behind it doesn't hurt this city and they're ok because they're all those kinds of citizens from all walks of life just as doctors teacher was everybody is basically you know up to the this is that on the inputs to shoot that's been banned in statesmanship not which are not just by reading spencer should that be chippy by the bands in states like. that actually got the british
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where it is read by the egypt today on the idea slips martians feats of india to protest the war is it discrimination of muslims all over the country. and what could it tell us about the way the government is dealing with these protests as well as the anger among the people who are opposed to this contentious lol. well there is anger amongst people who are unhappy with the waste stream but it is just being dealt with with out into the real it is where it with the guys which is the player students without a new location now especially in states ruled by the ruling government the beach if there is there is tension as the government something opportunities that there are massive tensions happening in every city so there is a goal against not just instance of amendment bill but in addition counters in mumbai the national the financial of the country to this i'm sure this this seems to be that they've been blamed against more of these apart in this in all the last
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6 go it just seems to be the tipping point and this is being led by why the bust and sort of grows if you say this is close to a tipping point or a tipping point do you see any signs of the government meeting rethink this legislation or make changes to it. i think this point of time it does not look like the government is going to think that it's a sick decision because the home minister ahmed shah has made this a prestige issue and that also they're also planning. was not the majority of the opposition until the next weeks in the indian parliament so does not look like the government 2 is in a mood to. do that to others but need another protest all across the country are they just because bobbie the john now coming forward this kind of stance with the student groups and. that is that in the next couple of days raju magennis based in mumbai thank you very much for talking to us and. thank you.
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turning up the u.k. british. prime minister barnes johnson's bland to take the u.k. on to say you've been union on january the 31st given johnson's decisive election victory last week the bills widely expected to pass on johnson has made a few changes to the agreement this is a look at some of the key points. after becoming prime minister boris johnson successfully lobbied for changes to the withdrawal agreement laying out the thames for britain's departure from the european union parliament held the final passage prompting early elections which gave johnson's proved brags that conservatives a solid majority. the divorce deal settles the divisions of assets and liabilities it also guarantees the rights of e.u. citizens living in britain and yukie citizens in e.u. countries and finally sets out the future for the vexed irish border di lemma that
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proved to be the main sticking point in negotiations how to handle trade along the northern ireland border between the u.k. and each member ireland the proposed backstop arrangement was removed in favor of a solution whereby northern ireland will maintain free movement of goods across the border avoiding a hard border with customs post was seen as essential for protecting peace in northern ireland under the good friday agreement but the future trading relationship between the u.k. and e.u. remains to be hammered out after britain leaves the block on january 31st 2020 it will adhere to e.q. rules during a transition period until the end of the year. that means the risk of a new deal hard bragg's it remains britain and the e.u. cannot agree on a new trade deal by the end of 2020 e.u. diplomats one that's a process that normally takes several years. just
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a short while ago prime minister barnes johnson open the debate in parliament once again drumming up support for his pranks indeed take a listen to tie that together as one reinvigorated nation one united kingdom filled with a renewed confidence in our national destiny and determined at last take advantage of the opportunities. before us and the whole purpose over our withdrawal agreement is to set this in motion and avoid any further delay. and each of these big advances outside fundamental a rainy day in london following the crucial vote which is due to take place said today begin and we've been here a few times which is today the day when boris johnson will get through this legislation through parliament. well indeed emerita if we quickly rewind we seen huge wrangles over breakfast and bottom and basically trying to
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steer the government's hands and taking control of the whole bragg's a process all this is now in the past because 1st johnson has returned to parliament with a huge majority and we really do expect his deal to sail through smoothly today christiansen is of course saying this is an exciting new chapter for britain whereas the opposition is still against it but a much diminished opposition so jeremy corbyn the leader of the main opposition party labor has said that this is a battering ram for more deregulation and also paving the way for a toxic trade deal with donald trump so we still have these 2 competing views on breaks and the breaks it deal but it's just for us johnson who will have the at the hands of a. that's as much as we can expect and the original text of the briggs a bill as we mentioned has been altered since johnson won his majority last week how these changes being received there big it. well indeed so the change is
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most important the extent of the transition period that's the period off to britain least the e.u. where everything more or less stays the same that's until the end of next year boris johnson wants to put it into law that it cannot be extended many people many experts on trade say that it's just not enough time to just less than a year is not enough time to hammer out all these new agreements because what is being voted on now is just the exit from the european union but the whole future relationship possible trade deals deals on security partnerships in the future all this the government still needs to agree on with the european union and 11 months is an awfully short period of time but bars johnson would just wants to send the signal that he wants to get everything done in record time and that he's the man to deliver now there are also other changes when it comes to the accountability of the
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government palm and in the past had a say on this so there was an obligation for the government to report back on government on all these new trade talks but that has been taken out so that's really important that's what many critics in parliament be moaning and also workers' rights there is no guarantee that the u.k. will have the same workers' rights as the european union the government says that will be done in a separate bill but this is what's worrying a lot of critics particularly from the labor party here in the u.k. and it is big it must reporting from outside the parliament in london thank you very much and of course we'll get back to you as soon as there are new developments . and you know bring you up to. with some of the stories making news around the world the gambling hub of macau has celebrated 20 years since its transfer to chinese rule at a ceremony marking the anniversary chinese president xi jinping said china would not allow foreign interference in macau or hong kong both regions with the one
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country 2 systems model xi jinping also foreign macau zim you prove aging government. in the us democratic party presidential hopeful spot in the 6 debate in the race to pick a nominee for next year's election just 7 of the remaining 15 candidates took part this allowed lesser known figures to shine though it's still unclear who will get the nomination. lebanon's political parties of nominated a new prime minister after months of protests in the country university professor house and the ob has vowed to enact reforms to help the country out of its economic crisis protesters have already held rallies against his appointment. russia ukraine and the e.u. have reached a tentative new gas deal ukraine is a key transit route for russia's gas exports to europe despite an ongoing standoff between the 2 countries the current deal expires at the end of.
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australia's problem this is scott morrison has apologised for going on holiday as the nation battles with a massive bushfire emergency larson paid tribute to the 2 volunteer firefighters killed while deployed in sydney 3 others were seriously injured the men were among fans of firefighters battling to contain some 100. reaching across the state of new south wales. crews struggling to time wild bushfires in south australia rule teams are doing their best to contain the threat in multiple locations but it's perilous work especially for those on the ground. on 1st day to volunteer firefighters were killed battling flames just south of sydney and road and jeffery keeping died after a burning tree fell on a truck. these 2 brave young men who lost their lives represent for
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us the thousands and thousands of volunteers on the ground today tomorrow and in the days coming put their own life their own safety on the line to protect others sydney meanwhile has been envelop than a shroud of smoke with fires raging near the state capital only it's taller structures remain visible its famous landmarks cast on an apple collective light. on the ground a few deer to venture outside without face masks air pollution in sydney is now several times what experts believe to be hazardous the fires are being fuelled by drought and record temperatures which scientists say a result of climate change. and many are angry at this man prime minister scott morrison is currently facing criticism for leaving the country to holiday in hawaii . protesters turned up at his empty home in sydney and accused him of not doing
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enough to end the country's reliance on fossil fuels the reality of climate change . drought and most of the heat wave. and most of the bushfire season is creeping into spring and. we are living in a dangerous climate and it is time for a prime minister to get out of the hole and groups and stop thinking about the future. has responded to the crisis and cut short his holiday but while he has apologised for being absent he has yet to give in to demands to act on climate change. morris he's a spokesperson for the new south wales. thank you very much for talking to us and firstly we want to see how. of young children who've lost their lives fighting these days is can you give us a sense of the scale of the fires these men and thousands of firefighters are
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facing. good evening and good morning to you emirates are obviously a very big loss off the roof or service and and the water for fighting for eternity here in new south wales 2 very loved well respected and dedicated men who gave a lot of time to protect a community i'm not on a yacht now but as the last 10 or so years of the same members of the route for service unfortunately they were killed in the early in the light hours rather of last night's i when they're far falling appliance was struck by a train and therefore rolled and unfortunately those 2 men did die at the same 3 firefighters who were in the back of the vehicle were transported to hospital via ambulance and thankfully they're in night in a stable condition with non-life threatening injuries but obviously i has a want to fix for some time and now unfortunately obviously many visits by very well respected people to the whole the park brigade to die and obviously they're in
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a very day side a store. given the current situation that they're in now and the 5 force is almost entirely. what are the biggest danger facing as they try to. escape is all these fires. this is the new south wales is made up of around 70000 volunteers fought hard as supported by a 1001000 staff members one of 4 services here in new south wales vs a lot of their forefathers are volunteers and do a great job in protecting that community obviously they fawaz that way have brought across new south wales and have so organist not have been a huge day jeanne regards to the areas that they have been banning in their remarks in rugged terrain but certainly the biggest danger we have these days very erratic conditions that we are saying a very draw fuel lives coupled with temperatures drought conditions and strong
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winds are the dangers such as falling trees which unfortunately still kill 2 of our members last not we have saying quite a number of falling vehicles i have of the pasta months struck by trays with a number of injuries to far far those but unfortunately none a severe is what we've seen in the last 24 hours and jim finds the edging closer to habitation in cities with hips are being taken to isolate the fison still think. look unfortunately murder they fire the burning burning in very very remark and rugged drying a lot of these areas do not have close can timelines on the way can simply do a direct attack or declines can time and so are now strategies now to fall back to communities and want to areas to protect times as these fires come out into habited areas now the biggest issue at this stage is that they surprise the sorry lauch and with catastrophic fire conditions predicted for tomorrow across
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a number of areas the only thing that we will be out tomorrow is to protect law and try to protect property where we can under these conditions because it simply too dangerous to be out ahead of far far as trying to control they said was under those conditions james morris from the new south wales thank you very much and good luck in the efforts to contain those bush buys thank you for your on here what you need to have it is a state of the spacecraft that could go back into the flight space race americans to line up the press for a test flight into the international space station after a 2 year delay. but 1st in china the government's trying to get families to start raising pigs again the country has been battling an outbreak of african swine fever for more than a year now the disease his wife out of these 40 percent of the pig population and follows a wary of 15 returning to poor production and that's
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a problem in china because pork is a staple food that in fact china is the was biggest consumer and to do sell of paul so the shortage has sent prices skyrocketing across asia correspondent billing the traveler to a village east of chongqing to take a closer look at how the crisis is playing out there a warning this report contains images that some of you might find disturbing. it's a trade me john shear has learned from a young age he's a butcher in a village in southwest china he buys hogs from farmers in the surrounding villages and takes them home for slaughter me has kept his routine for decades but lately he has become worried about his business a few months ago an outbreak of african swine fever was reported in a nearby village is what do cats know it's a disease old pig farmers fia we don't usually worry about our livestock but since one fever broke out everyone is anxious leaving don't have much in that village all
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the pigs were code and immediately buried since then no more cases have been reported in the area african swine fever is a disease caused by a virus originating from africa but which is now spreading rapidly throughout china does harmless to humans but highly contagious and usually terminal for horrors in his backyard ne also raises his own. this one so fat she has trouble getting up. it was well you will have it in the chinese new year. and infected here would most likely kill is entitled livestock were just over 2000 euros a year and while we don't years in your career is a minute you have to use my eyes we don't have any tools for a diagnosis. the only criteria we can applies to observe the hog if it eats and
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acts normally owned by it or you but if it looks sick all week shows signs of flu or anything else than i don't buy. the real extent of the epidemic is unclear some experts estimate that up to half of china's pork livestock is affected. early in the morning the time has come for the halt for the previous night. the fact is white and the meat looks tender that's good quality. and he says the pigs he buys now cost twice as much as they did last year in order to ease the saurian prices the government has released part of its strategic frozen meat reserves the frozen meat sells a lot cheaper but nice has he's not worried that his customers might dump him for the cheap moment. been gone i don't really have very few people he would buy
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frozen meat. once it's frozen people don't like it i won't touch it. the meat is still warm when the 1st neighbors show up. first come 1st serve those who live nearby get to choose their cuts even before you can take the meat to the market pork is china's staple meat seumas feel any price spike immediately increased pork prices are the main reason behind the rising inflation in the country and while his customers stay faithful to him that does not mean his business has not been affected. by years it is more expensive so i buy less nowadays i do feel the difference i can't afford to buy as much meat as i used to. that. china's government recently announced that pork production has begun to rebound whether this is true or not is impossible to verify in the meantime you can do little but to continue
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selling meat and to hope that the virus does not come back to the region. u.s. aircraft make a boeing is shortly due to launch its star line the astronaut capsule on its 1st unmanned journey to the international space station if the mission is successful the spacecraft when free the 7 reliance on russia to travel to the i s s but the project has been. by some technical delays. a heavy duty rocket is set to launch the starliner into space for its test flight and deposit it 180 kilometers above the earth's surface. from there the space capsule equipped with its own measurement sensors and thrusters is supposed to fly to the i access international space station and dock with it completely automatically. a few days
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later the starliner will decouple from the eye assess and part with that service module in order to return to earth. the unpiloted capsule should then safely and gently land on the ground in new mexico with the help of parachutes and airbags if all goes to plan the starliner will soon be able to transport astronauts into space. for. the space shuttles were once readied for a lift off in this hangar for the past few years it's where the starliner has been built. a man transport system for the next generation nasa is having it developed and built by boeing a private company. the starliner resembles the apollo spacecraft which once landed astronauts on the moon. its crew
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capsule can be reused after the flight it should complete 10 missions in total and carry up to 7 astronauts into space at a time. when the crew will be seated an upper and lower rows when they lift off for their missions. at the beginning of november the starliner completed a simulated takeoff. emergency a security system had to transport the manned capsule out of the danger zone the test is deemed a success even if one of the 3 parachutes fails. in order to clear this important hurdle the rescue systems newly developed thrusters were fired on a test and. the
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crew members for the 1st flight to the i assess were selected years ago christopher ferguson will mean the trio. the space shuttle era ended with his last flight his next one is hoped to open a new chapter in american space travel if there are no further delays he and his crew could head to the i assessed in 2020. are you go for a lot. of birth control or go. looking. for. kids reek of little stories that you're full of and. tensions are rising in india with 3 people shot dead by police in a crackdown on nationwide protests more than a 1000 have been arrested in demonstrations against india's new controversial citizenship which favors non muslim immigrants. to british filmmakers are due to be on prime minister abbas johnson's brags that plan of the bill ensures that the u.k. will depart from the european union on january the pretty fast it's expected to pass
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easily due to johnson's election a brain injury and in the cut to retreat last week. coming up next equal africa this edition of a look at how humpback whales are making a comeback in south africa i do stay with us that if you got for me a spot that. cold
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africa. they are garbage and there are not many construction materials you can point to move your garbage like old bottles to build things. this is the school now on the phone told i hear. the simple solution for a serious problem. eco kind of forgot next on the table.
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in good shape. epileptic seizures are often unpredictable. epilepsy is a chronic disease the sudden onset. if someone has a seizure have to act quickly. experts and patients explain what to do. in good shape in 60 minutes on t w. 50 years of religions for peace keeping so many different things from working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflicts league now all female members of religion school peers from the middle east are demanding the larger good
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. oh canada ground is empowering women giving them the rule making them agents of change to display. the female peacemakers starts january 5th on tape w. . hello on a warm welcome to this new edition of eco i think the environment magazine that brings you topic some all over africa and europe i am now it's coming to you from lagos nigeria and joining me from uganda is my colleague sundra. yes today's show takes us on another journey across africa and you.


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