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what secrets like to be going to want to. discover new adventures in 360 degree. and explore personating world karajan starts to do w. world heritage $36.00 to get married now. this is steve any news after that coming up in the next 15 minutes to infinity and beyond ethiopia's 1st ever satellite launches into space so what will it do. for you and has extended a peacekeeping mission in the d r c but why is that a controversial decision. then gold was one south africa's wealth now its costs out there help.
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hello i'm christine one bill welcome to news africa it's the to have you along if you know pia's 1st if a satellite has that launched into space the launch makes ethiopia the 11th african country to have a satellite in space egypt was 1st in 1908 not prime minister made is credited with starting the satellite program 3 years ago while he was minister for technology. this rocket may have lifted off from shannon she northern china but it's rivera preparations were felt half way around the world for some country space travel is about thrusting their power for smaller nations just hitching a ride is a sign of progress. to cause for celebration in ethiopia where they were up early to watch the countries for satellite sail into
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space. yet on a. satellite r.s.s. one which is currently launching from china will be a foundation for our historic journey to prosperity. it is a landmark achievement for the country space program even if china paid most of the price tag the satellite will gather vast amounts of data to use for weather forecasting and crop monitoring officials hope it will save millions of dollars a year for others you can't put a price on the price see look. heard around 20 ethiopians have participated in the launching of the satellite 15 men and 5 women. in the near future i believe ethiopians will do better in the space program that's my hope. and all african countries have launched more than 40 satellites the one final frontier remains
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launching a rocket from african soil for your yes go to the ethiopian capsule at is a bit of a way of visits from the ethiopian space science society is standing by while comes the deeds of the africa business so this is an exciting day for ethiopia finally you have the set of life launched how are you feeling there might excite and we've been looking forward to this day. ok so just give us a sense of how significant this is for ethiopia visa. well for a start that for a very long time the space used to be imagined i would say like a privilege where only countries could use but so the time does show that. it's still space could benefit developing countries such as. and it's one of the ways that we show this space technology the cation use especially so in this
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satellite program ok so it is one of the ways that we we get to understand how with can get a shot it benefits our development. ok so what is the satellite actually going to do and how's it going to benefit ethiopia. so for starts to give a very good platform for our in generic to. learn about sex and i technology development and the 2nd is since includes. satellite. is expected to measure environment and the whizzer that could hold for a better and cards for a planning stage ok give us a sense off how it works i mean you're obviously going to be manning the team in ethiopia just give us a sense of what the operations would be like the people who work on this project what will they be doing so basically like we
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have this ground gone station her dogs are back where it was a center and the engine areas and the scientists there will receive the data and and give it give the data to the possible stakeholders i could use that could benefit out of this data such as and culture the weather minister as such ok so we know that china paid most of the bill for this project how will it be benefiting from it. so as it is a really good opportunity for developing countries like. egypt and to work on such let our jets at the point we have to start and then somehow it is our. right ok so i guess rossley this is the 8 satellite to be launched by an african
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country this see if you can very quickly what does this mean for africa's space sector well it's obviously a change that. 8 is a small number where yet to have a lot off to our compilation there years but it's the progress of this. i'm so shows there is a continuous if words and africa that's wants to. develop satellite technology ok that is a test fire and it is ever a thank you thank you. for now the u.n. has extended a peacekeeping mission in the d r c by and that the year the mission as school is one of the most expensive in history costing over a $1000000000.00 every year the decision to extend the mission comes as people in the d.r. see call for the troops to leave the country. victims of
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a massacre these people were attacked early december in their villages in essent congo what exactly happened is unclear but officials blame a notorious militia group for the atrocities and so-called democratic forces for more than 2 decades the islamist rooted militia has been seeking to destabilize the government of d.s.e. . the people of been the live on the frontline of this militia violence. their anger has also turned against the u.n. they say the organization should be doing more to protect them. the un have done nothing for us here. but when the school says it is not deployed to wage a war its mission is twofold to protect civilians and stabilize d.s.e. state institutions despite the protests the un has pulled along with its mandate for another year but they also outlined an exit strategy.
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the 3 members of the african members of the us that would have the council welcomed the request for the last year to work with the as the government to develop benchmarks that had to be met for the successful and responsibly hand over. to the d.r.s. the government it is vital got in this regard that would draw a lot of money based on the positive evolution of the situation on the ground and a successful meeting of those benchmarks in preparation for this handover the security council agreed to a proposition by the d.s.e. government did difficulties elite group the idea of focusing the new sco troops in 6 provinces where the presence of forces is deemed necessary is in line with the government's request to concentrate in the provinces where the threat level is very high and to reduce the presence of troops in the areas where the threat is no
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longer significant. it is in this context and the president of the republic has called for a reconfiguration of muskoka which favors a qualitative resizing of troops which will have to be fewer but better equipped for a symmetrical warfare. there d. is to strengthen the u.n. troops in crisis areas in the hope that this will make the mission more effective and less controversial in the future. south africa produced about 40 percent of the world's gold until the end of the 20th century the country produces much less cold now but the ofter effects are still being felt by people who live close to form a mine site such as in johannes fit some residents are struggling with severe health problems. until recently south africa produced 40 percent of the world's gold much of it came from johannesburg and turned the city into the country's economic engine room but it came at a cost old abandoned bines now pose
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a health threat. ishmael lives near such an abandoned mine dump he can breathe without extra oxygen. because it is sickness or right emphysema i don't know. what to call this as mine. so you. do get more effective. in the. room. because. i find it hard to believe my new ways to expose the surrounding communities to radioactive uranium a byproduct of gold mining nearby residents breathe in the dust blown in from the dumps so people really know it's going to get into the body and. it's both committed to security and. gold extraction is a toxic process if tailings are not properly sealed
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a chemical process is set off radioactive water seeps into the groundwater so-called acid buying drainage you need to for instance. water you'd be exposed to these metals and those medals at any. level with. the long term exposure and lack of protective measures has local activists outraged listening to wards mining pollution has invisible and long term effects and we also know that of chronic exposure to mind that i need. to function skin lesions it's nice. to think that the foetus being affected mining activity exploded during the early 1900 gold bull but there were a few environmental laws requiring companies to clean up make mining sites safe today no one seems to want to take responsibility for the waste left behind.
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and that is it for now from africa as always you can catch all our stories on our website facebook page we're always interested to know what you think about the stories we cover here on news africa and the stories that you think we should be covering now today will need. live picture is our rock and now a musician's this musical style has evolved since its origins in the 16th century now of performances are not only entertainment but they're also said to be very therapeutic we'll see you next time i buy.
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and. 50 years of religion is for. people from many different states are working together toward a common goal the christine resolution of religious conflicts. now female
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members are for religion for peace from the middle east to more demanding a larger plan a. female peacemakers stores trying to. it was an age of miracles it was an age of art and an age of excess that's what f. scott fitzgerald wrote about the jazz age of the 1920 s. a glamorous decadent hedonistic decade that had a profound effect on popular culture. without welcome to the show and on the eve of the year 20 twentieth's no wonder it's in the air they need to look back on the golden twenty's of a century ago and so more on a brand new show in
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a moment and also coming up. british photographer tim moore curry is the talk of the town in london with 2 major exhibitions each showing a different side of his remarkable effort. and homeless artist shows art creates art for his cohorts on skid row in l.a. to raise awareness of the widening gap between rich and poor. well they were golden they were roaring and before everything came crashing down in october of 1929 the 1920 s. were a dizzying time of liberation and boundary busting in a frenzy of post-war euphoria many people lived with a devil may care sort of attitude which had an incredible influence on the arts and nowhere where these extremes more palpable been in berlin.


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