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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  December 22, 2019 8:15am-8:30am CET

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next on the bundesliga. don't forget of course you can get all the news a now web site that's d w dot com michael in berlin i genuinely appreciate your company. and literature invites us to see people in particular that i like to see how some of the kids find the strength grownup. might object. to share with a friend. who did the books on youtube. hello this is ball speaking when i come to the show with the ding dong xoai high end concert. with the mistress good. rock.
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and an incredible location. like grooves every week on t.w. . match day 17 bringing the 1st half of the season to an end with 2 sides in the running to finish top lives and have it in their own hands and almost guaranteed to finish the bundesliga number one side with a win against alex. but coming in hearts they start the match day level on points and if they had one wish they had a christmas is that their rivals trip up and they regain top spots. and they may be as the running but they shouldn't be overlooked by a season has seen ups and downs which is why they want to end the year with
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a back. welcome to the final match day saturday of the on the bundesliga here on the w. i'm nick mechanical i now let's start with abi lives in the club's goal is to win the bundesliga title as soon as possible heading into the mid-season break the bulls were in pole position to finish the top of the table and when they have my session off as it's known here in germany it would be in the set a step in the right direction if they did the 1st they'd have to navigate their way around the tricky aldeburgh side it's an unbeaten in their last 6 matches. hausberg coach martin schmidt managed to smile as he greeted his counterparts in leonardo's mon. against leipzig of all teams philip max would have to sit out the match with a sore throat leaving it all up to his strike partner flossy i need a left. hand he rose to the occasion opening the scoring for the visitors with their 1st chance in just the 8th minute of the b.
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8th goal of the season for the summer newcomer the be checking video replay for possible offside took 2 and a half minutes which is better to feel the fire for opponents of the system who say it kills the mood when after that leipzig woke up to a but they couldn't capitalize on any of their 1st half chances of a b. but that changed in the 68 minutes when conrad line got hold of the ball. the austrian netting the long overdue equaliser by it was like 6 sixteenth's shot in the game and they finally managed to take advantage of one. but save wanted to make sure they went into the winter break top of the table and that was guaranteed 12 minutes later when patrick chick i shook off felix. and headed in to make it to
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what my. might seek played a clever game the rest of the way t.-mo berna stepped on the gas and set up substitute use of paulson 5 to tap in and round out the $31.00 scoreline in the final minutes. it's all very tight all the top teams are there in the mix be a lot of big things happening for us and spring. for people like this next year that's. in the summer months but 1st leipsic will be having a merry christmas at the top of the table. now unless 14 goals against an in-form has a bell inside the haps my specialty is life as in life 6 hands and although they knew it's unlikely they could catch the bulls and at least record their most successful start to a season since their title winning campaigns of 197077. pats of butter
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in season has brightened up of late they were looking to spoil got back to christmas with a 3rd straight victory to pulling his best 1st off chance came from a free kick when vick's counterattack ended in a foul on davies and loovens stepped up. his effort crashed off the crossbar much to the relief of a stranded yams zama in the club but. at the other end the photos were inaccurate markers to round was denied by rooney yosh time and offside floria noise house school ended the rebound and the school's stay left. marco was a side not performing like credible contenders for the title. 2 direct passes in the 2nd half gave got back the best shots of the game but allison play are fighting to make counts another simple save for yosh trying still trying to score no one
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more opportunity before the whistle but he is good to his mischief use shoulder swipe symbolic of god but struggled in front of the head to go marco rose's disappointment is you're going cleans man's part for rewards while glad but now food 2 points behind lights head to head into the winter break unbeaten in 4 games . think there for a while the biome wouldn't be making a genuine challenge to the top after the turbulent season they've had so far. it's not surprising really if you take a closer look at the squad of head to head of their clash against both they only had 11 healthy outfield players at their disposal the rest all from the youth team but maybe that's just the fresh impetus they needed. by an down to the bare bones midfielder and a forward helps make up the back line as well spokane prowling for points the midfielder in question have you martinez was forced to limp off in the 1st half to
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an out of sorts jerome but saying his replacement at the back fire on top throughout mostly could see me almost scoring with this stunning strike in the 51st minute couldn't cast deals with a miraculous save to keep things level. another example of defensive heroics or jerome russo loam thomas miller's pocket at the back post soon after the frenchman out of nowhere to cite the day. the wolves they went close themselves say on all shot the flexing just wide of the post all of a class not knew that this was his side's best chance of stealing all 3 points. 10 minutes to go continue your she was a c. on could be 18 year old repeat wednesday's match winning debut heroics just 2 minutes later the youngster turned home a mile of course to win i 2nd consecutive game for by munich said in every pushed aside now that confidence but can every put the game to bed late tom slotting home of the robert leventhal ski team up for
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a simple finish. off cycles waved away as handy for side grabs another victory but what of the interim coach future. he'll be our man on to summer least we'll see how things develop but he's doing a good job we're very happy with the development of the squad and we're very satisfied with him and with the way he's conducted himself in public since that suspension boy wonder does it again as boy get the points. as the top 3 so is it now time for the chasing pack these next teams need to deliver if they're to stay within touching distance we're kicking off our summary with shout against freiburg. a win against freiburg would see shocking spend the winter break ahead of their arch rivals dortmund. added motivation for the home side who took the lead with half an hour gone. set out with the go after
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a cheeky pass from police around. after the break freiburg got a penalty after lucas holer was brought down in the box near paris and stepped up to score is a 3rd goal for the club making him freiburg joint top goalscorer with germany coach she was in love freiburg were awarded another penalty after a foul on kwan john whom present so great for the taker this time around and tribe or had turned the game in their favor but chaka managed to salvage a point. in the 8 years minutes but not enough to overtake john and in the standings. songs arms you just have to take it even if you don't get what you deserve we deserved to win today but we didn't because of accepted time carry on and i think it's. the video system referee was busy in the game between minds and leverkusen 1st the goal from adam shall i was ruled out for off site. after the break kevin fall and look to have given laver who's in the lead
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but after a v.a.r. check it was also called back for handball in the build up wendell 2nd yellow card on the other hand was less controversial leverkusen had to play the last 20 minutes with 10 men but they still managed to get the winner substitute lucas allow rio and 11 in the fortunate away when. munsey to be a even with 10 men we had $45.00 or 6 players in front of a goal i think in the end we deserved to win. after 2 bonus legal losses in a row leyva couzin go into the went to break with a win. and last but not least cologne against braman is a class that would decide who spends the mid-season break in the dreaded bottom 3. there was just one goal in this match and it went to cologne in the 39th minute john cordova sealing the win for the home side and as we've seen so often this season really poor defending there from braman after failing to win the 1st 3 games
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of his 10 year mark is just those side when they're 3rd on the bounce by condemning braman to the relegation zone for the mid season break. let's have a look at all the results from match day 17 so far leipzig win big glop stumble and by and end the year on a high as a point apiece to shout and freiburg leverkusen 3 points and if you like 6 let's be honest for cologne as a down braman don't last friday and the last 2 games of 2019 aren't just of the off and out of born and let's take a quick look at the table as well it's the 1st time since december 2009 that a team other than by an endorsement are top going into the middle of mid-season break and is likely congratulations to them and down the bottom half is still plenty to play for on sunday but only when will do for just born if it's a rain in their rivals. you also at 60 is the winner of this week's play of the day with 58 percent of the vote the 18 year old repeats of wednesday's match winning
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winning heroics turning home a thomasville across to break the deadlock against. 2 goes into matches that's quite a start for the youngest one was what 16 mature finish is your play of the day. writes lives they have reason to celebrate as they head into the new year top of the pile is this a big step towards their 1st ever bonus think it's the next 17 match days will tell so from us here in the bundesliga this week we'll be back on sunday to bring you the highlights from just off in california and wrap up the 1st half of the season until then for me and the rest of the team here in berlin thank you and goodbye i'm.
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