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held in camps beijing denies the abuse. this is due to you news from berlin for more follow us on twitter at e w news or visit our website www dot com. in april 2019 the dalai lama tibet's spiritual leader was released from hospital where he'd undergone treatment for a chest infection he returned to a city in northern india that's home to the tibetan exile community and met with some of his followers who. i'm sure you've heard though about some old problems and not a good old little. please excuse us for not being able to give this lecture and there is we'd planned. but the don't just strongly advised me to stay here in the am so. to.
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journalist tensing lives in that i'm sorry. it's 6 30 in the morning and she's making her daily visit to the dalai lama's temple complex. on the way people spin these prayer wheels they believe that this ritual will bring good luck tensing is praying for the dalai lama right now. it's best to let it to the tibetan so even though it's a very small community here we have to land this to create our own good we need to here into a good like the most residents and the temple is just up there so we took what all
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down at the tibetans turn to that early morning and also if evening that this is the important part of the year this is activity. tensing works hard to preserve tibet's cultural heritage. and. later that morning she arrives in the newsroom of the voice of tibet radio station where she's the editor in chief the station provides its listeners with content on life in tibet and in the exile community the band has been part of the people's republic of china since 1951 so the region covers about 12 percent of china's total area. tensing was born in india and has never been to demand. chinese censorship makes it hard for her and her staff to find out what's really going on there. our target audience is that that is inserted that it's like live fire only and that nobody in there so they're going to make anything any story from inside tibet of
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course it's it's a challenge because you don't know the place but with the advent of technology that it did it fend off you know a different different channels like social media. we do find you know a lot of options to try to get inside tibet but at the same time china is spending huge by the entry sources to stop all this flow of information an estimated 6000000 tibetans live in china in recent years only a few of them have managed to leave the country because the government is making emigration more difficult. this editor was smuggled out of china as a child we're not going to identify him because he's afraid that the chinese authorities will punish his parents who still live there. my mother and i stay in touch with each other but we only use when chatter chinese
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out my mother is still in tibet and after we finish she doesn't contact me again for at least a week and we keep opening new we chat accounts. so we try to get around the surveillance. about 10000 tibetan exiles live in datums which is located about 200 kilometers west of the chinese border the city has sometimes called little lost or a reference to the capital of tibet. tashi tearing helped the dalai lama escape to india in 1959 after china's army moved into parts of tibet to put down a popular uprising touching was a tibetan soldier at the time. right now he's visiting a small museum that's devoted to the conflict between to bat and china.
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until 950 tibet enjoyed a good deal of autonomy then the new communist chinese government sent troops to occupy the region tibetans put up stiff resistance for the next several years but their forces were outnumbered the dalai lama fled to india in 1959. it was a difficult journey through the himalayas and china now ruled all of tibet. good there that whatever you i accept the fact that i'll never see tibet again. broken off contact with my relatives there. big grew up under chinese rule. i've dedicated my life to the dalai lama. my relatives and i simply view things differently to the minute. tashi tearing
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soon followed his spiritual leader into indian exile in return for his loyal service he was allowed to stay at the dalai lama's residence for the rest of his life even kept cattle in a stable than today tash he's 82 years out the memories of tibet's armed conflict with china in the 1950 s. are still vivid. you think. both of being your w. my dear gord those were very difficult times you know we had to finish off some comrades who'd been wounded and. we told them to close their eyes and think about his holiness the dalai lama we said goodbye to him at the indian border it was like our father leaving us. and then we went back to fight among the. dead are. a large crowd has gathered at the temple complex for the dalai lama's 1st. public appearance since he left the hospital many here are concerned about his health he's
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84 years old now and chest infections can be dangerous for elderly people. the dalai lama is an enormously popular figure around the world jew in large part to his charismatic personality. and he now seems on the road to recovery. tensing poll done well broadcast a report about this event on her radio station it's the only way that tibetans in china will hear about it. that is in the form of somebody happy to see that he has resumed his activities and but at the same time and then he wore it. you know this isn't as good it is because right now this doesn't all options the that you see that he has to be. more this. the
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dalai lama describes himself as a simple buddhist monk but to do better he's a symbol of peaceful protest and the struggle for control independence in 2011 he announced that he would step down as the official leader of the tibetan community outside china but he continues to speak out on political issues. 70 years do you did lace a very isn't that good torture a good wash but mainly more of this fish. so dull. or something very nice more into looser or more acidic. openminded chinese you said the. the last. 70 years to see is. not effective the
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dalai lama knows that china will never allow an independent event but he continues to demand that the all foreigners in beijing guarantee freedom of opinion and freedom of religion for the people of his homeland. i allers z. . the chinese sort of war. is that the. strength. is the. sole. but there is more decisive role around. it is much more stronger than the ball. but down our lama is concerned about who will succeed him as the tibetan spiritual leader and that china may try to influence the process but just because he is opposed to beijing's policies
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intervent he does not reject marxist philosophy out of hand. good waltz from germany. where in europe industrialisation. is a war good for true. of exploitation so he stepped for dare right. and then. his economy today is equal distribution. i fully sort of but why or it be so into the. describe a city for a so sure to rescan. marxist. back at the radio station tensing belden and her colleagues are preparing reports
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about the dalai lama's latest public appearance. as a respected international figure and nobel peace prize laureate he also plays a key role in grazing farms for the tibetan exile community. there not just so most of tibet i think many of the news media not just news media all the. walking's any of their own hugely dependent on. if it comes to getting its foreign aid from. like all i want it is to. nonprofit open there's issue and we saw it dependent on foreign funds so i think when you think about that to go one says southernness passes away it's going to be challenge for us. around lunchtime 10 sings friend 10 since when do stops by the
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radio station for a visit he's a writer and independence activist he and tensing often debate the current situation in tibet. tensing will be satisfied with nothing less than full independence for to batten on and admits that this could course some problems for ethnic chinese who now live there and. you know what are the issue here and that new tibet's of course would have the chinese also you know of course the. uneasier been living in tibet almost double the population of tibet and they've been there for a long time. so we really have to find a reasonable time period to see once tibet is free an independent. who are the ones who have to walk back to their own country and who may continue to stay you have to offer a new tibet. tensing believes that this position goes too far this issue and many
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others devising exile community tensing offers polite criticism of tenzin and other radical activists. there are some into the who when they talk about it. without looking at their intention in a way when they make some remarks against against it and that is something that is not really taken there by the major lot so that's how the trip tension comes about . but tensing doesn't let political differences affect her personal relations she knows a lot of people in her neighborhood the tibetans in dharamsala don't mix very much with the city's indian residents. 10 sings extended family lives in houses that are next door to each other the family has been in india for 2 generations. they marry only other tibetans tensing
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son is now away at boarding school she hopes to pass along to him the traditions of her contre and religion. the tibetans are we are for the for the land here and we have to protect our culture of have to protect our you know tradition and all that so in order to protect and sustain our family life is very important and let's make sure that gets to know how it brought up. along with keeping the tradition alive. tensing lives with her mother who 76 years old she belongs to the 1st generation of tibetan exiles she's pleased that her daughter has made a better life for herself in india. pirlo did it i never learned to read all right i was my parents only child and i can't even write my own name. but here in
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india my daughter was able to get an education and i'm proud of that. but there were no opportunities like that in tibet when i was growing up. maybe it's different today but that's what it was like back then. dharamsala has become a tourist destination over the last few decades doing parts to its scenic location climate and thriving buddhist culture many of the tibetan residents work in the tourism industry. tensing grow up on the city's main street there are lots of souvenir shops here parents used to own this one. today her sister in law works here the family used to make a good living with the shop but not anymore. pushing. this
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city has changed a lot these days business at the shops is down because too many of them sell the same goods and the restaurants have fewer customers. because of all the fast food shops. this is one of the why didn't the situation of the exiles is complicated by the fact that the indian government hasn't made much of an effort to integrate them into society. especially with the legal documents that they have in india you know it's very hard to get a job in other than listen to that instruction in there it's hard to get a job that they want in the areas so most of most of the time they end up either immigrating to the vest or doing some put it is this year. 10 seems nice tensing runs
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a startup company that sells clothing and cosmetics. she has university degrees in both business administration and fashion marketing. she attended college in delhi prefer to return to dharamsala after she completed her studies. in my class we have a 5 to be angle so. it's always easier to stay we don't need people we know so we hardly talk to indians not that we don't want to tell to but then they have a little french word in we find it more. tedious to believe it is in the us and then we also hate talking in english are in and so. because of that maybe on a lot of people only just stay with our own community no. tensing already has 30000 followers on instagram like to move to the us one day and
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set up a business there. actually the thing is i think there is a lot more opportunity when it comes to the west because the thing is if you stay in year you have a normal life and then. but then he wanted to make a future plan was something i don't spend any. money come something on the ask me i think it's all because of the we should stay there then don't own the money gets . to him he owns. more than 90000 tibetan exiles live in india many of them are affiliated with the tibetan youth congress an international non-governmental organization that promotes tibet and independence. its members also take part in social welfare activities that benefit the exile community. who. complained that most of the tibetans who go to the west
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who go to. go of america or europe or australia where they are going there just so that they could provide you know for their families but also their children and their children to have a good education so that's why they're there and they're the ones there are subtle and. they're making enough money and they have been able to i mean we see a lot of debate is contributing to the society can contribute to the movement which is a positive side i kept. the organization can still call around several 1000 people for a tibetan independence rally in delhi but the crowds are getting smaller in the 1990 s. such demonstrations were a big media events that often drew hollywood celebrities but today this movement is attracting less attention than it used to.
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a reporter for radio free tibet is here to cover the demonstration but that's about the extent of the media presence. tensing pelton visits the station's office in delhi she and a reporter take a look at photographs from the rally. there were some clashes with police but otherwise they say that the event was a success. to journalists walk through delhi's government district the exile community is grateful that they've been able to find refuge in india economic ties between india and china are gradually improving but political tensions remain and the presence of the tibetan exiles here is a sensitive topic for both countries. so for the time being it appears that india will take no further steps to integrate its tibet and population . how can i say the indian government just meant when the tibetans don't really
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have the right to citizenship of course the citizenship act of india has made some provisions it allows some tibetans from israeli citizenship but that also comes a lot of conditions so these conditions make it very difficult for the tibetans to get this right. this evening a group of intellectuals and activists are meeting at the house of ten's in to do in dharamsala. most of these people have started abroad they're pleased that the administration of u.s. president donald trump is taking a tough stand on trade with china. but many fear that beijing will continue to spread its economic influence around the while not just as you will and that will be bad news for tibetan independence. today almost 150 countries are trading with china and they're benefiting from china's occupation
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of tibet and china's. violation of human rights in tibet which has resulted to more than $155.00 tibetans killing themselves self-immolation burning themselves. so these are double do those of global trades everybody is involved in it everybody has been. fitting from this. the tibetan exile community is divided about how best to achieve their goal of cultural and political independence. there's. i think this struggle has come to a level where there's a lot of stagnancy and nobody wants to listen to the other one and i feel that we have come to a stage where you know maybe we could have afforded the kind of. in the kind of personal attachment that you could have with your ideology. but now is the stage where we have to find that common ground and find that unifying factor out. but all tibetan exiles agree that education is the key to preserving their traditions they
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have set up schools wherever they have settled like this one interim selar. the classes are taught by buddhist monks into baton and in english it is essential for the children to learn to read and write. in china 40 percent of all tibetans are still illiterate and the number of those who speak to better is falling. here is even young children learn put is meditation techniques. the school is hosting a special event today tensing belden is running a bit late she's here to attend the annual recital sponsored by the tibetan institute of performing arts.
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1000 people have crowded into the school board. it tore him to enjoy traditional music and dancing. many are overcome with emotion as the tibetan flag is carried on to the stage the flag was banned by the chinese government in 1959. that the performance filled the audience with national pride and served as a reminder that the exiles main goal is independence for their homeland. a number of people here say that they still dream of returning to tibet. on her way home tenzing poundland once again visits the temple complex. she
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prays that the dalai lama will have a long life so that he can continue to lead his people. yeah. yeah. any successor to the dalai lama will be chosen according to the buddhist principle of reincarnation china says it has the right to choose that successor since it controls tibet but the current and i lama rejects that notion. he is not his monks are practicing martial arts techniques they too hope that one day they'll be able to return to to bat. but china refuses to hold talks with the exiles and this policy will not likely change anytime soon. all those of care to know my parents i've been proud that you are to see it off to that now it's your responsibility to get back. now to the small town and i tell
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to last it. will show you how. on. to our. next. big thing to today's news story coming out. of the slogan true engine coccyx business. model car crisis and. the stories in iraq that defines the remarks today. to 70 knowing that creating 2 days. before.
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50 years of religions for peace and so many different faiths are working together toward a common goal a peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. no female members of religion school peers from the middle east or do. landing a large. outcome in a ground is empowering women giving them the rule making them agents of change. the female peacemakers starts january 5th teetotal. hello and welcome to tomorrow to day this week we're going places really fast. from brussels to barcelona and half an hour no problem for the hyperloop
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a vision for the future transit. and talking about future transport we take a.


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