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here in berlin several 1000 people gathered sunday night at the brandenburg gate to mark the start of hanukkah the jewish festival of lights lighting the 1st candle on the 10 meter high menorah was the head of germany's central council of jews yosef schuster hanukkah is an 8 day festival celebrating a jewish military victory over greek forces in ancient israel it falls any time between the end of november and the end of december. coming up after this break doc film in our series the big bang that created today's world meanwhile don't forget you can find out all the headlines at g.w. dot com that's all for now when to craft in berlin thanks for watching. it is time to take one step further and face to him once again. time to search the home and fight for the troops. time to
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overcook boundaries and his conduct the world it's time for d.w.i. . coming up ahead of us. in the late 1970 s. the world was in turmoil never before had so many people taking to the streets millions of demonstrators demanded more democracy greater freedom higher wages and will of peace and across the globe women were calling for equal rights. that all these hopes seemed to take a back seat in the world shackled to the ongoing confrontation between i. states
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and the soviet union. there appeared to be little alternative to the 2 political blocs the cold war had the world firmly in its grip. the west was still feeling the after effects of the oil crisis of the early 1970 s. economic growth had slowed and unemployment was steadily rising the post will boom had come to an end. in britain james callaghan's labor government came under pressure from its financial obligations to the international monetary fund but also from a seemingly endless series of strikes that have paralyzed the country. in eastern europe poland remained under soviet rule the polish economy was in crisis and the country was still scarred by the harsh suppression of the words the strikes of 970. the election of a polish cardinal. as pope in 1978 kindled fresh hope. china
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was drained after 30 years of a prince of rule in december $978.00 the chinese communist party entrusted the fate of the country. he was already in his seventy's. in iran the brutal western oriented dictatorship of the shower was under huge pressure from demonstrations that were tipping over into revolt although u.s. president jimmy carter is still so iran as an island of stability hundreds of thousands of iranians would challenging the security forces and the army on the streets of tehran demanding an end to the shah's rule. at the dawn of $979.00 it seemed the world was ready to be rocked. but the food leaders of the major western nations the united states france the united kingdom and west germany appeared unconcerned as they do in. the french antilles they were
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unaware that the location of their meeting was only a few kilometers away from last year the small during volcano. especially the 4 heads of states gathered in guadeloupe were preparing for the upcoming g. 7 summit in tokyo smiling reassuringly for the cameras in their shit sleeves. in reality the mood was far less serene. in iran the situation had become untenable as international protests condemned the shah's dictatorship the country was sinking into chaos and oil production had almost completely stopped france was eager to be rid of an embarrassing guess they had been hosting for several months the exiled iranian cleric ayatollah ruhollah khomeini the voyage of states came to
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a decision the shah would have to resign and leave iran and the aging cleric who they knew little about would be allowed to return to stabilize the country and preserve the economic interests of the west. and i heard that after the conference i think it was there that. if the show. a new car and it's such a disaster for the west. all of the saudi and the mainstream of. this started talking about khomeini as a big shot at the big fight over the shah which it was not immediately. there was this great propaganda strategy and the european media fell into the trap because that image was really too idle like on. it's like a garden of eden
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a school saying so then. khomeini commenting never fail to state that everything he did will be determined by a slam soon a battle islam he had always dreamt of you know a state in which sharia law which ruled a very important part of it was the rights of women the family law and everything that was why he had been sent into exile because he had object that to the right of women to vote before on french television khomeini was asked who would
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really run when the shah was gone on your. show ready. for anything you. know no it won't be me will choose a council and in this council there will be a parliament elected by universal suffrage. but the big lie here but the majority believe it's a go. between all part of the society to good for changing the system i. think to show that there were people out on the streets with. carts saying. sure the show has gone shot the show has left on their precinct i mean it was just an expression of.
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we were in a group we were always in the streets the streets were absolutely packed and there was a huge sense of solidarity all this had quite a euphoric in fact i stopped. reading . and i was standing outside tehran university with some other people in a light to watch this and then this man sitting standing next to me a working class line stretched out his hand and held my hand and he said now we are one and the same people. that's the spirit of getting for.
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christmas is the high point in. me and the police and the secret police i'm not there. there was absolutely no power from imposed on the population so it was total freak everybody was. friendly to each other everybody was helping everybody was killing for dog and this. you might not pick up. in the name of god now after 4
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months of living in france. i am leaving here to serve my country. cynicism it's also necessary to express my gratitude to the french government and people for providing me with security measures and freedom of expression. to expensive. art. while ayatollah khamenei was taking off from paris 9000 kilometers away another plane had another cleric on board the newly elected pope john paul the 2nd he was on his way back from his 1st papal visit abroad in mexico the pope had unequivocally rejected the in his eyes marxist content of the liberation theology that was challenging the catholic church in latin america but he was careful to avoid revealing to the media that he planned to launch his true crusade against communism in his native country of potent. 7.
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year. old an interview knowing people had no hope it was. many years after the war but communism i've been around for so many years the shops were empty life was hard everything was a problem. and the combination you had very few believers in the crowd. many more introverts to be calling because people have no illusions this illusion was not love but rather feel that even though it became a big mind to overcome. but still ultimately for. the system and i intimidation linked to
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this. there are 2 programs in the polls. i think you're listening to news at 7 30 in the evening i think. this was a comedy stronger state run companies a propaganda machine. so you're listening to it just with one ear and if you believe half of it and then something in the middle of the news they said the. poll has been chosen as the pope. and that's what i mean why is picked up i thought a polish pope i think maybe because not so much religious it was nationalist the national he was received in poland this is my impression obviously leader of the catholic church but as the most prominent people. in there were. we had the party membership card but each of us was also in our soul a pole. and all of a sudden you know it was unprecedented appalled to become pope and would sit on the
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throne of st peter. it was extraordinary and we had such a feeling of pride. but there was also a sense that this would become a big problem for the leadership. dools a problem. on the other side of the world a giant was beginning to awaken from it slumber. done shopping have been a fellow revolutionary of mouths they don't he had been arrested during the cultural revolution but was now taking control of the chinese communist party when i arrived in beijing the apartment which my family and i. occupied looked out on to the great multi-lane highway of the avenue of eternal peace and every morning i would watch the banana women going to work. like so many people in china living zombie like existence.
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once done or come. paramount leader in never took the position of prime minister he wanted to be the power behind the front but nobody could doubt that he was the supremes rule of trying. to achieve by the late 1970 s. the party slogans no longer revolved around communism the new slogan was the 4 modernizations meaning national defense industry agriculture and science and technology vis modernization was intended to appeal to the chinese people. yes little chinese people were no longer interested in communist ideals deng xiaoping knew this and understood the party had to offer something to unite people that's why he announced this modernization catching up with the west he also ease
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political tensions with the u.s. and the west that formula was a way to preserve the communist party's rule. here. don't sell ping as a pragmatic nationalist wanted the strategic strengths and a lot and friendship of the united states in case the soviet union tried to use its superior military power to intervene in chinese politics u.s. policy toward the soviet union after world war 2 was basically formulated by george kennan diplomat is signed to the u.s. embassy in moscow. his can scan sept of containment was that if the soviet union were walled off and left to its own devices its system had so many defects that it would ultimately collapse and so we began a process that led to a decision on our side to normalize relations with china the united states of
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america and the people the public of china have agreed to recognize each other and to establish diplomatic relations as of january the 1st 1979. the united states recognizes the government of the people the public of china as a solo legal government of china both believe that normalization of sino american relations is not only in the interest of the chinese and american people but also contributes to the cause of peace in asia and in the world i am pleased to announce that vice premier. accepted my invitation. and would visit. happy. i was.
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happy. and early 1979 britain was suffering one of the coldest winters in its history. even worse with a protracted strikes that were undermining the government of prime minister james callaghan. september things have seen a quite important is that 1st rate was margaret thatcher who'd become leader of the conservative policy 4 years earlier and now intended to take advantage of a neighbor policy in disarray so if you ask whether the next conservative government will cut controls on regulations and keep interference in people's lives to a minimum my answer is yes that's exactly what we should. be called fell right in the general election of 179 because in the winter of 97 to 70.
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all these strikes all came together under a labor camp. there was a perfect position for her to be able to say this called you want to move because of a country like. winter and the speeches were called by nation in march through march loosely called the british with its organized union.
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with me refuge in the street. to look at what clearing dust where we reckon you'd think they would hospital porters standing at the gate so possible 30 people were told they were helping. the government to let the people they have been so good like to get. the most dramatic of all has to be. the bodies of the dead couldn't be bothered because the crippled workers are on strike i think from that moment the election of a conservative government has struck a bull she did always want to be prime minister but she thought if she said it everyone would laugh at her because it just seemed too remote
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a possibility when she was a young woman for the most famous definition of democracy is government are the people i love people for the people not government office section of the people by a section of the people or section of the beach. one of the most impressive things about margaret thatcher is you never saw her in anything except the most immaculate. condition and it was that men don't really have to think about this you know we've all read about suits. and that's about it but for women it's a totally different she understood that the men were a club and they would support one another if they did something stupid. but the women weren't and if they did something stupid they were out she saw it all as a battle she said there's no 2nd chance for
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a woman lonely hard to find an example of margaret thatcher ever literature is wrong you don't admit it you've changed your mind you get on with change your mind but you never give any ground chairs that was a definite view of how you can be a leader to people really there was very guts thatcher which reacted in a very typical way a certain sort of. british tradition and there was the thinking thatcher took a bit of time to get past the 1st one to address the 2nd round but you had to learn to do it. through say the thing in her eyes that was missing was the understanding not society's not entirely composed of achievers and there are 203035 percent of people who are not going to be very happy or not enjoying their jobs and generally able to cope and who need the help of
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a society which is generous towards those who are less advantaged that was her weakness saying oh the answer is simple in carriage them to work harder and they will encourage them to produce the right sort of goods and they will and then we too will be able once again to join the 1st division of nations don't just hope for a better life vote for one. on his return flight back to iran ayatollah khamenei surrounded himself with journalists a strategy that would ensure worldwide coverage of the event and help safeguard him from attack by any remaining royalists to the shock. of the old after 15 years in exile khamenei was eager to finally accomplish a plan he had concealed from the wider world. i. mean
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if i didn't know anything about khamenei really we wanted the revolution to continue its course for us it was a huge moment in history that i was interested in the enormous welcome he received . and i was hoping he'd go back to calm and stay there for us that was millions of people had gone to many copies of the old they were as much these people i think this thing might be i guess part of the religious that you have to remember that a large number of them went and will come came because of what he had promised he had promised talked with democracy quebec who were over
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for me it was a non-issue. he had come so what. was in the name of allah the gracious the merciful in the beginning was the name of allah. but all of rejects the corruptible. happy is the true believer. war to the enemy of all its people and the religion of allah. can't keep up a little there was a great deal of laughter because this persian was not very good or maybe it was his own version. he blended it with language from the qur'an food he was shaping his own image and perhaps that was really who he was. for us at least it was very
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exotic that was our impression of him and in a way it also showed us what the people were like to avoid the lookbook loose he has told them he will give the country freedom. of course he won't give the country freedom and then these people will turn against him exactly as they turned against the shah you know that experience was the show fresh in our mind so we have hope for you we were sad cast sick torch there that was a fatal mistake little by little happened that khomeini and islamic actually people they came to the polish leg bush the left was not demanding democracy. and for various reasons this rejection of democracy was the same spirit that made it easy for the islamists to gain power you get your 1st one more look it up. then was sowing almost been demonstrations from certain time of calming reman all saw
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the black child door and also a scarf and some he looked up with his job. at this sawing talking to everybody for the unity of the struggle the women have to wear the huge oil and they offered them also in this thread on the chair on in the most efficient who would use that the veil worn by these women it seemed acceptable since they were all women of the people it was as if the veil had become something belonging to the women of the people and that was a disaster that the qur'an catastrophe i think everybody was aware that there would be a confrontation but we were almost convinced or not almost definitely convinced that leave with the victors. because we where the revolution.
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in the case of course was the international women's day the women's the most ration was not called on by any political organization it did not belong to anyone it was its demonstration of women 1st planned to celebrate the night before and so of march i think i heard it on the 9 o'clock news khomeini's said that women should not go to work naked. nature meaning without the fear more lonely didn't take him seriously i thought he's crazy he's out of his mind. among ourselves we laughed and said another random statement
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coming out of nowhere but we were wrong about me no the fact that women should go to work there was like a slap in the face. there have also been martyrs among us women we fought with the veil and without it for our freedom and that of the people and if khomeini continues like this i who am a true muslim will leave my religion. but we're not allowed to speak for women the islamic government has the only word we women are not allowed to speak. was the e.u. was i believe that over a 1000000 women that they came to the streets if even for me it was very important
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to know why they are out and all of them they said that if we don't will go back we won our choice of more freedom taking care of them or his job were calling for equal rights with men our thinking is if we don't speak to each other now when the constitution is written they will not give us anything more we're demonstrating not only because of the veil but because of a whole range of far more important things that. are russia based not to have peace johnnie's through the instead of from the west nor from the east this universe was especially from the 2nd day. the mob. armed with chain they came against our demonstration they really did a lot of their to do this said
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a lot of their towards to development that in the most ration and also they start to attack us with chains they have pushed them to blind alleys. and against the wall it's taken out their. penises and hair being given to them telling them you want freedom come and get but the women answer to them was very strong were. the odd. accomplice they brushed it off by saying none of this matters be a mom never said he was going to impose this women need to calm down it's a royalist demonstration things like that and the left called on women to stop.
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that was a. the moment when this part of the population realized. that they had to confront. after months of tough negotiations the polish authorities welcomed john paul the 2nd to the country of his birth the pope knew that this 2nd trip of his pontificate with the an extremely delicate effect he rived in poland not only as the leader of the church but as a political figure leaving the church in an intended reconquest of the european countries still under the soviet. ok actually poland was not a religious institution. it was sort of on the independent national institutions independent from the particle. and i would say many people were going to catch up necessarily because there were various. barks they expressed.
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they had to feel towards the system turned to also the role of culture. there was an attempt on the part of communism poland to suppress the church the sun extends in such a good socialism based on the top political done the best and on the cyclical. group we went in a group on a bus early in the morning and arrived in warsaw at about 7 in the morning and yeah . we're going to play muckers i've been on that's where before at the time it was called victory square but it was the 1st time it seemed so big to me sort of more. losers really euphoric situation and be really really pleased of it it was just something they could never have believed to have happened in the pub this
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incident in the country that he will not be sought. otherwise the warm weather ceased and these 2 can believe it i think when the pope actually right there could still hardly believe that he was in poland as was the pose pope. say said we waited i don't know 6 hours and then he arrived and the mood changed. i. was appalled. to fall so many this sent over whether sucked. by the fall this is understandable given up on the despair from worry about 1st of
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all our history and our policy position in 1979. the post serving of course you do have to show the visit because it was obvious that the they could say no but it was also all do so they were going to try and play down the whole thing and to make sure that the crowds weren't too big and so on so it was maybe all along let me show you this people look very good. we always see the possibility to see old people empty places and. such. i left. at the end of the homily he prayed to the holy spirit it's all
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new. d d. e. e e e. j t it was a very clear in my opinion political message that peace you have to think unification and you have to opens it boundaries still have to open limits which are divide the word and people. as opposed to worse the photographer based behind the i'm. proud of it just looks like a like a profiteer you think it's not even people the time when you look closely at this is the right way and i just really can't imagine if i just ran in the crowd in the sun for 4 hours how else could they love to come in there just for there was.
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anything where they could show the hatred for the system these are slogans we saw the book of which means we need one god. not sure the right up nowadays but those those as a as a form of protest against the current government. is a strong. certainly yes. sprog be very yet another she she will soon know each tonight yet new york city's. thank you she's asked them to stick me wash stagecoach is. all me will than you. do to the story when you will earn your spats each. with i stand of your own oh mujhe suit a christian yet jean and i are all. well new of on your fresh air.
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almost every country whenever there's a contradiction should have some. country of our national specific. and the politics could be very spirited strong given our history history of the main independent institution attracted people not only because of the little news and also because. national you. forget now on your hands and. yes lucian earn year to rest on your rough going out all be yes. or no east meaning out or ask blog samo style of janya or sharp you.
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it was for him important thing that europe which was divided. it was. how to say way leading to nazi self and citizen 1st of all he was sinking probably not only on poland but iraq as a center which should not be divided like it was still his election. tracking yes wooldridge yet no huge poem young to dream. in your small reach for years now new orleans and out of that i. would look at the leeches when it comes to catholicism in our ideology there are also points of contact areas of shared ground. some even say that jesus was almost a communist in his views. that if you didn't stop seeing those images of people praying we realized they were not really communists they were radishes right on the
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outside only and we stopped being afraid. i sure do visited. on this visit as we saw poland falling to its knees. and not before us. not before ideology by the before the pope is going to call on that actually but here's a. john deduced john paul the 2nd was the ruler of their soul. in a sense didn't let us assemble or acknowledge our numbers the pope gathered us together saw us saw that we were many and that many others were joining us at least we do about. all tempered to call them through and beyond their wildest expectations. i will say party member people safe so it's all from within the system can you you can try
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to change it if you're stranded so you know not to say good or the only logical conclusion. even without the pope communism would have fallen but much much later and the end would have been bloody he helped ensure that the struggle ended without bloodshed but somehow. economists inform our group of the younger people to work hard how to improve socialism and the main purpose of. extent of economic freedom. and that's basically the pope gave the word and we the workers working poles turned it into the body of victory speeches. that were going to bring. some of the spending cuts are going to be
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a good new generation is going to get started so i do think. this was a very serious thing that could happen. first sort of darted through the movement came into being can expect to. focus in september of 98 to there was a great demand for proposal coming from society and the turnaround that they were the only one computers i never liked capitalism but i had no choice. about sort of each new how to introduce it. that's why i supported it it's just a comic book isn't about does not just work for them and. that's not it is the shredder most efficient felt it was all the talk now my 1st conversation would like violence i was going by form and i said that mr sherman are human torch or fall into comedy took responsibility to do it and then go and so set yes this is a bunk this program but this was
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a compliment bump its program. but necessary he was the man who actually carry through the revolution i did the political part but he did the practical part of the practice sometimes a. given. day and there is a brief period which i have called the period of extraordinary reported so people tend to be more willing than normal to accept how strangers but it's kind of lost more than 4 years. when you know so you have to be you move very fast to top this you just created by history you can't help fabricate this this was a psychological and political argument for moving very fast and iran have put out going out to the irony was that the proletariat had to support capitalism and establish it that is america would have us capital is the focus play to positive growth talking behind the scenes. and try to enlist the support of the verse
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including the pope so i met with the most important purpose was on my part to inform him what is going on in poland in order to avoid criticism of this ball because there are many people saying to cut off your shelter up with. unemployment . fortunately he was not critical. 60 years ago he fled to india the dalai lama. thousands of tibetans follow their spiritual leader. a home for
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a peaceful time. but has this become an unattainable. 60 years in exile twilight of the dalai lama and 30. w. . girls who could have been now live i'm sure that of us are. in support of. what saving was able. to be about. 50 years of religions for peace and people from many different states are working together toward a common goal the peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now the
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female members are religious for peace from the middle east or demanding a larger role. in the female peacemakers stores january 5th. this is news coming to you live from. of a new refugee crisis tens of thousands of syrians have fled fresh attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the region turkey's president says his
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country wouldn't be able to cope with the influx warning of consequences for europe too also coming up.


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