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a speculative effort that could stop the cabbage off guard about staying off the past. a gutsy and to the 1st half of the season for the visitors crucial relegation battle points for the house. to warm the school as just indoor finally put an end to their 6 game we must run in the city. you're watching news from berlin coming up we've got a documentary film for you on the early days of blood that we have put ins political career thanks for being with us. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebration alexander from 250 the 1st day we remember going on a voyage of discovery. expedition voyage on t.w.a. .
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for centuries the kremlin chimes have been counting the hours and minutes and marking changing times india is for those who don't know or maybe have forgotten i will remind you that the times india is change surprisingly regularly in 20th century russia. in 1917 the bolsheviks overthrew the czar and replaced him with a communist government for the following 70 years. then in 1991 after michelle goldberg hoff's perestroika reforms the russian people overthrew the reds and voted boris yeltsin in as president in the country's 1st democratic elections. now. with freedom came the economic crisis and the 1st chechen war whilst yeltsin
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was anointed modern day czar and then his health started to fail. this is how russia entered the new century and the new millennium. being a documentary film director i recorded what was going on around me. this film is my personal witness testimony about the events of one single mum enters year. from the 31st of december 1999 to the 31st of december 2000.
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for the freedom of russia also responsible for the freedom of the media. we. didn't win the freedom of the media will be guaranteed. but. people are really curious they've all gathered here. well and share press freedom. nobody appreciates the freedom in this country. you know jim was told we know your wrong we do appreciate it thank you. by nightfall all the key figures in the campaign had gathered in the campaign office. it's important to introduce them to you. the only lesson russia's minister of press broadcasting and mass communications and the
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owner of the country's largest advertising agency his ministry supervised all the t.v. channels in russia either directly or indirectly. gleb pavlovsky the former soviet dissident and chief political adviser in the kremlin in the early years of putin's rule 12 years after putin became president he joined the opposition. senior palmarejo over the former head of channel one russia and deputy head of putin's campaign office she joined the opposition shortly after the election and died in 2016 at the age of 54. mikhail kasyanov prime minister of russia during putin's 1st term also later went
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in top position he was persecuted and publicly humiliated after a t.v. show screened a hidden shooting of his intimate life. as lobster or cough was the kremlin's main ideology. just and held senior positions between 2002013 he was demoted after putin returned for his 3rd term in office. in the euro valentyn you're musharraf was piracy out since chief of staff in the 1st person yeltsin spoke to after the election results were announced in 2002 you must have married yeltsin's daughter tatiana. anatoly to beis was co-leader of the union of right forces in parliament and one of the architects of economic reform in russia as well as a close associate of boris nemtsov after putin's fast term his party lost all its
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seats in parliament and went into opposition. but it really. does all of this it will. be sheer numbers fish. only. you know. we'll talk. to all those we. get.
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when he. was usually the. only company. both make. anything you want to be here if you can hear your. energy. not absolute not the cost of no if you go to any nile when you will have them sit up if you want to feel guilty nubile but they will bludgeon at the thought of me doing in the dust and some other give up their lives don't the families of the. need many of them gentle motion the electrical safety should. at the time of the fleet. they make that. when there is still. nothing and with. no. now what.
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she. loves. the press conference was great these were great words take them down congratulations well now we should we should have a drink. with your let's have a drink and then get to bed when we should toast it who's course you're. going to do it with the new there is always what i believe is a good move for you to hurt yourself is not enough to follow the washington. asked. the council who will serve us there are no waiters here you never heard from telling us it was something else because of the question of late you say well we can serve ourselves i wish there was a meeting tomorrow at 10 we could you know look sort of.
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you know where you're from. i belong to the people. who want to meet the people. the people are us the electorate so there's a time when it wasn't so serious and unfortunately not all of us can gather here some people are sitting up or downstairs where there's no table like this so they're sitting at their p.c.'s. with the shooting usually i'm just but their enthusiasm is obvious and i'll ask dimitri on a told you to thank everyone once again it's. more you can use them. sometimes she says the same goes for everyone gathered here. i was meant to bond with you but. not much so we didn't we didn't always agree but in fact which in everything was developed step by step little by little noticeable aiming at the result we're currently moving closer towards. the end its mission of peace in the ground you know it's a. symbol of. so i want to thank you all and congratulate you. you
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know to put a bomb aboard a ship but. this is your success because there is so much. in the world so that her a already sounds a bit hoarse that's because we're all tired it was a great effort now we'll get a 2nd wind. festival thank you and see you tomorrow. we're going to be. on. the t.v. set in the campaign headquarters was tuned to n.t.v. just a year later russia's best channel would be broken up and nationalized immediately
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or to the us do you know was it the i meet our church or you know continually. you will. know them are you listening when. i knew. you. were there 'd last. year just like all that. you've put me through so what it was a place of us fortunately she was not very much of a sister. even now looking through the footage hi can hear boris nemtsov voice coming from the t.v. against the hubbub in the winner's campaign headquarters i turn up the volume. rush it wasn't so but you didn't get what your ship called you know who'll your grandmother poor question positive distinctness health care. oh you can look at
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ourselves so you. can post mr carville conscious of listening to the work of others oh yes there is just a ghost list on the east coast will work till you get down to the ready looking models it is a disservice to be in. the middle of the course to the bring you up of the 6 you can use letters that are going to continue. to ask you which. are similar to a national story going to just a little storm to dodge a bullet yet you mr nichols are a citizen certainly knew. that tomorrow was to stretch out for many years in the autumn of 2015 the body of the millionaire mccann lesson was found with head injuries in a cheap hotel in washington d.c.
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it was written. and in the winter of that same year off who had joined the opposition to putin was shot right under the walls of the kremlin strangely enough most of the people who worked for putin's victory and stood shoulder to shoulder with him when he was elected have today either gone into opposition or been dismissed like alexander voloshin the kremlin chief of staff and even putin's wife looked miller whom he divorced. the only person still with him at least for now is dmitri medvedev who became interim president of russia between putin 2nd and 3rd terms. that it may have putin took power like a hot knife slicing through butter co-opting
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a submissive state happy. greatest ready and waiting to follow its new leader. the state was as yet still unfamiliar with the concept of vertical power the subordination of everything from parliament to the economy to one single command center was already going into high gear. although the only mikhail khodorkovsky hadn't been imprisoned yet and n.t.v. was still daring to criticize the president for example over his handling of the loss of the cursed nuclear submarine it was already becoming quite obvious that it was better not to cross the president the ghosts of the past were reappearing and trying to make up for what had been lost in the present soon of ladysmith putin the president of the russian federation would call the collapse of the soviet empire the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century.
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meanwhile i went on shooting my film which was now about the elected president followed by a film about life in the kremlin it seemed that nothing radically changed during the 1st year of putin's presidency just details and nuances that seemed insignificant at 1st glance. for example the president signed a federal law returning the banner of victory over fascism to the army. well i did they hoisted over the rock stock in 1985 the red soviet flag of course with its stock hammer and sickle and although the trickle i was still the national flag of russia the presidential guard swore allegiance to the red flag of our old soviet home.
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the new president also brought a new inner circle to the kremlin equal section putin's former deputy in some petersburg became one of its main figures it was said chin who was seen as the prime mover in bringing the business community to heel and imprisoning mikhail khodorkovsky. said she would take over as head of rosneft the oil company that swallowed up
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khodorkovsky after his arrest. this. because there are 2 days out of you doesn't it. seem as if i'm going to stop because all of us feel like most times when she was going to start over. the news are going to. move on you so you need.
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my work resulted in an official film that was aired on russian state t.v. on the 1st anniversary of putin's presidency i'm a shown in many countries of the world. even today i'm not ashamed of it in fact it seems to have matured and shows a lot that had gone unnoticed at the time however i am still being asked if anything was left on the cutting room floor it was for example this. you turn on your camera again. you are going to have. about the way people live. recently i was in. and some woman not get elderly but also not younger said to me. give us back our old life. the way it was 20 years ago. what can you say to that it's impossible to get anything
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back. you can either recover your youth nor bygone days and. moreover if we try to return to that we will definitely destroy everything we do to ensure that people aren't doing worse than they did before better. that is something we can do. see this is such a candid conversation so i cannot help but ask why did you restore the old soviet anthem. at the world and if this is connected with what i just. you know. it is necessary to restore the citizens confidence in the establishment. that woman who said we should give back her old life the way it was 20 years ago. people shouldn't feel that they are being deprived of something. she
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has to grow old but we have to live on. this. yes you're right we have to live on. the why do you think we should live with this music rather than that. solution when we listen to the anthem written by alexander why can't we think about our victory in world war 2 rather than the gulag. why should we necessarily associate this music with the worsening aspects of life during the soviet period at the time it really. with that conversation about the anthem i was trying to find out why putin thought the state should return to the past at all especially when today's russia still has not yet come to terms with it. but if i told you it would hardly be possible to restore things. but it's really important to sense that the majority of the population has
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a certain nostalgia. you must not deprive people of everything. this is the moral aspect and. this is what i think about when i remember my parents and this was part of their lives do we just dump it all on the scrap heap of history as if they hadn't lived at all and yet would be very cruel towards our parents so that is at least one reason why she actually did i didn't quite. you know the sort of what i supported are going to like. that produced in your voicemail but i'm. pretty sure that's how you would talk i'm sorry but there is certain is which is not enough sitting outside of those risks to. go wash your car for a fortune for a few years ago you're still is not off it's just it was a good recruiting. get. this all castro under the supervision of the film director nikita mccall called fantasia's father sergei who wrote the lyrics for 2 soviet
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anthems is working hard to record new fashions of the former soviet and present russian anthems well that's again by mikhail cough sr. this is all to preserve the never the that is. the core point to those who have still like him current. job or difficulty of. the old the. goal was. to get it the most which would interest much over such over.
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the course of the motivation. portion of. the ships i'm going to release you may have moved into those jeffersonian suspicions in the underworld. yes that is if you can only conclude since to. the fullest. look this is not. good. so we believe there's obviously sure who's in the loop. her. eye.
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my sense is that someone. you know something of. an unexpected morning calling from the kremlin brought me back to the president's office if you can believe it hello you again with the silly camera to be careful the cameras on it what. i wanted to have a heart to heart talk strictly speaking i thought i could take the liberty of talking about it. i do not know what your goals are and i won't interfere in the
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creative process. do things as you see fit i'm not trying to impose anything on you at the studio which i just want to state my point of view and you can decide whether you use that or not. so about a conversation about me and even. though they knew that it's of the why haven't we returned to the old melody by alexander city crucially unfortunately many people don't understand is that we and it's strange that there is such a misunderstanding just make sure it was clear to me i do not know if i managed to convey this yesterday in what was more or less a formal conversation started we were. so little to me it was an issue that he might have let's say the restoration of the anthem way the soviet melody gives additional bonuses to someone involved in politics in respect of increased ratings or public confidence. this is necessary in order to achieve anything that those that you must be able to rely on the population is
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trust. of course you can always argue about the ways to make that happen and choose the best option would be with. what happens if there is a dispute with your thora this with a president it's very simple there are instruments of democracy a lot of people have signed a petition against the anthem like the conscience of the nation so to speak. this conscience does not feel for the tragedy that the people are going through. it was signed by people who do feel it and who voted for you. will begin to assist you understand whenever i have to make certain decisions some people including the ones who voted for me will always say that they are wrong so i believe i have to explain my motives to everyone simply everyone him and then act as i deem necessary with us who will be. using these to. do things we need so you're not afraid you will lose some of that trust by taking tough decisions that will
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somebody. i mean i think it's obvious that the decision should be taken in the interests of the state and humans regardless of whether they provoke a positive or a negative reaction we can you have to understand that. you know. you can agree or disagree but you really must understand that if you really think about it absolutely see you're already wavering you know i'm not if you want me to say that i'm wavering on was this is an impulse. no but this is a matter that could have been put on hold for now like the issue with lennon in the most limb. you know most of the issue of the labor code could also been put off. of no it couldn't happen. to them that's your opinion others think that land reform could have been put off if they said that there was no need to introduce a new land code you know what people like that exist to do you think they're less
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important than those who do not want to have the old anthem back it would only give me shit you get when you get your new. anything all it takes is the art of the possible the art of possible compromises isn't it. yes it is although that's a nice phrase that you can use whenever whenever you need to fill a part. said it was a compromise. that was yes to a certain extent it is a compromise. but it's still. certainly looks like a compromise to continue state of the. company but if the. nevertheless these are meaningful actions to achieve a position which you can rely on to solve substantive tasks in the reconstruction of the state and the modernization of the economy. you can
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see i can't disagree with that argument you see we're already moving closer. but only with this argument just because our positions are moving closer and yet you say people can't be persuaded. i don't know why putin needed to convince me his decision was right when it was already impossible to restore the anthem wasn't anyone left to disagree with him are you concerned you haven't persuaded everyone of the correctness of this decision. you cannot persuade everyone unfortunately it's impossible 140000000 people you can't discuss things with everyone a person although i think i'd be able to if i could only it's not possible. well you said no offense but i still don't share your opinion about the on some. pity. on the 31st of
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december 2000 exactly a year had passed since the resignation of doris yeltsin and the appointment of vladimir putin as his successor. oh yeah. oh. yeah. in the political. newsgroups. he was so i didn't. think. it was the all. it will.
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start. 40. feet. was. hurting got his sea legs quickly enough and increasingly distanced himself from his mental. and she isn't going to be awfully pleased that play them taking place down there with her in the us but we brits got another physician in the business but he now has a critique of the one particular thing that's really reckoned with that if record but he could be when you think there were books. during the year after his resignation boris yeltsin rediscovered the original meaning of the word family just
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3 minutes to midnight let's drink to the outgoing yes the bush and putin would have gotten the word to mean that by the way this is the 1st year that it's been more or less peaceful there's none of the yearning of the previous 10 years the feeling of thank god it's over. here dear relatives records to france. stored. tonight. there is no ringing out the old year and ringing in the new you know i'm sure that for this country. would be upcoming year will be better than the old one. will be better. and yet we are ringing in. our rather and ringing the old year with a certain sense of loss. i know you are 1st
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born. this. week the i. think. it was. all worth. it they were still the anthem without your knowledge even the new lyrics couldn't save it. because it's reddish. i felt this word reddish which embodied all the bitterness of
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this reanimation of the soviet past also became a valedictory sign for me yeltsin died in the 7th year of putin's presidency. so. does the president have a say over a lot of things but certainly the head of state has a say over many things. certain functions of the president are laid down by the law and they are very comprehensive and presidential powers may become the determining factors for forming these functions correctly do you. as a rule to this forest things i've been planning or concert i basically managed to meet the goals i've set for myself. it was the belief that you so you could have it is. just what is your attitude towards the all embracing unity of the nation under
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the guidance of the wise visionary and just that it may have putin didn't like you should. choose to intervene and i sense a slight irony in your question. the full. 30 has already been everything we used to call extreme and this certainly doesn't help but rather for us. to buy anything so all the bustling monuments and other elements of our talk receive left over from the past and cannot release everyone but they are very difficult to counter with the most egyptians. shall we go. i admit despite the fact that this was only the 1st year of putin's rule all my questions were already raising issues of succession of power imperial ambitions and autocracy although there was no obvious reason for this and if you listen to believe what putin said then you should have had no reason whatsoever to worry
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about russia's future. we could be getting out of the car and buying a mug of beer is quite difficult as you can probably guess because you're always on the move you will. a lot of people around you know. just so on so there's a problem with the traffic yes if i get out of the car and start drinking beer thousands will wait for the motorcade to pass and nothing good will come of it we should use like you say should use that phrase that got this one shot of this is just the simplest example that some of us put everything is like that but last. july would you like to ask. someone you used your question that yes i would yes i do believe that the day will come out of it i'll be able to return to a normal life i'm just i do believe that someday i'll have a future as a private citizen that i'll be engaged in some other activity and will live the life of a normal person. should not mention. well these are wonderful but
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stay foster a certain optimism and you know the music. was my job and said no i don't sense any irony in what you say for a new you'll struan i'll tell you why you know what you can see it's very important and so is going with this by the way as we are returning to your question about whether it wouldn't be better to step into the shoes of a modern institutions are going to. get a 1st of all time on the life of the monarch it's quite complicated she'll survive but monarchs quite often in recent years in various parts of the world during official visits just give the problem of sending receive them and i can say that their faith does not inspire me at all or. at least i would not like to experience anything like that the from the perspective of the mother who comes to see just their life is hard and full of restrictions meaning with the results you can give them they don't belong to themselves it was in the sea. well that's their destiny
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with us was the. reason and it's forever is one of the with us in this respect you know elected head of state has a better life than those since it gives you a chance to prove yourself in the greatest need for you to be in service to the motherland with the maximum effort. let's do so even when it's down there but at the same time i got my gives you an opportunity to live a normal life after uniform directional duties after the enduring term signal of a name you don't like you're constantly being reminded that you're terminal and one day. you're going to lose no moujik treatment or mileage luka you know mr burke and you will know it 1st of all have to live a life of a normal person's good will and as they used to say in a way you want to shamed oh. well i was more than. normal so i'm so that you can address people openly in your new positions without of hurting your game yesterday close to you but don't you should know that one more thing is very important and it is necessary to understand that you will live as
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a normal citizen going to know that in a few years time you'll be confronted with everything you do with the states or in the society now as an ordinary citizen if you don't you're going to question you know we're going to learn you know. it's a good that's much not only are you serious mr hall it's a good thing to remember that before taking any decision rather than yielding to monarchical initials. that you just mean because you could hear too much. washer laps all put a camera down inside his offscreen that age as you can see. you say look if you do exactly as you are saying you will do now it will become a pledge of all where the future for both the country and you pass nearly your last nation i don't know you're going to the most disgusting epoch of those rice you know but as i'm telling you she sells a cuckoo i've sat and thought what a rack my brains about how it should be there is to the way don't think about how your children maloof you to move how the children of your friends and relatives will live and how you will know what kind of country it will be. to says he has
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moved the group and this is a serious issue most probably the source of all the advantages of democracy according to some late i don't know it would be nash one of the reasons why to mock . so democracies are more resilient you can just need to immigrate to you know to put it is possible to get. more goes not no idea what to say now so let's keep our fingers crossed and 2 thumbs up. when you. look at the going to get. the other.
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boot in still rules russia a lot has happened over the years he's been in power the end of the war in chechnya and the beginning of the chechen wars in moscow the olympics and doping scandals the crimea and the war in ukraine and a growing confidence and getting kicked out of the g 8 war over there was emigration imprisonments and the deaths of those who try to speak out against putin and there was also the price i had to pay for naively assuming i was just a witness life has proven that tacit consent turns witnesses into accomplices so we all voluntarily became hostages of the very person who was leading us towards a glorious future that ultimately came to echo the dark past.
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the. neverending droughts are hitting australian farmers hard. and the profits have fallen substantially. many still don't believe in the climate crisis but others want to take action. is growing in the country australia
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farmers climate change. global 3030 minutes on d w. but it is easy trains to get across the city. the top of these natures developments of course sir that complicate the battlefield. the islamic republic as peter lewis threatened to close the strait of hormuz. we don't trust this corrupt government. policy knowledge senior fellow and. all of us latin america millions are fleeing from pilotless. the expectations are definitely their. last. so for family it's not very much because the world never stands still. tim.
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dolan. this is news coming to you live from turkey warns of a new refugee crisis tens of thousands of syrians have fled fresh attacks by russian and syrian government forces in the. turkey's president says his country will not be able to cope with the influx of warning of consequences for europe too also coming up a plea for.


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