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this is deja vu news law from berlin asian leaders meet as north korea threatens a christmas surprise that might be a missile test china south korea and japan hold a special summit to boost cooperation over north korea's nuclear program also on the show. the families are searching for answers after dozens are killed in honduras prison riots
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a state of emergency has failed to stop the bloodshed inside the most violent places and one of the world's most dangerous country. and no christmas mass said no to down cathedral in paris for the 1st time in over 200 years there will be no christmas service in the landmark because of work being done to repair a massive fire that. i'm max foster thanks for joining us. the leaders of china japan and south korea have agreed to work together to promote dialogue between the united states and north korea chinese premier league atro japanese premier shinzo obey and south korean president moon j n held a summit in chengdu in china against the backdrop of increasing threats from pyongyang north korea has said it will take unspecified action if sanctions against
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it are not lifted by the end of the year. they called it a new era of the 3 kingdoms it's believed use of china japan and south korea met for talks but the one we just setting the agenda for summit was not at the table. north korea's kim jong il after the latest tests at the launch site earlier this month regional powers are concerned pyongyang is about to undo efforts to ease tensions. we agreed that peace on the korean peninsula was in the common interest of the 3 countries we also agreed to make efforts together to help promote north korea u.s. dialogue for denuclearization and peace. the possibility of north korea turning into serious nuclear threat has become more tangible after february summit between kin and u.s. president on the trump failed to deliver any results. to come and threat of a north korean attack has forced to plan and south korea to overcome their own bilateral tensions over their colonial history. i am
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willing to improve this important relationship between japan and south korea by all means today i would like to have a frank discussion. china north korea's only ally supports the call for peace in the korean peninsula beijing is interested in easing tensions in the region also for you cannot make reasons china's premier used the opportunity to promote a new free trade zone between the 3 countries. the prospect of more diplomatic and economic unity in east asia is cause for optimism but the dawn of a new era depends on substantial chief minutes after the talks. and for more on this i'm joined now in the studio by 5 in kashmir has been based in beijing and fabien nice words from these leaders what chances of any kind of change in the situation where there won't be any major breakthrough i mean you said it nice words
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it was a symbolic message an important message that you know all will work together towards peace and denuclearization and they want to increase the communication towards north korea however north korea's not really looking towards communication they've been really silent towards any diplomatic off or what they want this really key they want economic concessions they want to sanctions against them lifted and that's something that the u.s. and also the international community the u.n. security council can provide because absent from the table is the united states which is really the big source of the conflict in american want north korea to denuclearize north korea wants americans to stop sanctions. with nobody giving ground what chance is there of any kind of deal or forward movement i mean right now it looks very bleak but just a couple of days ago in china's they actually made an interesting proposal they wanted they suggested that parts of the same against north korea would be defeated they argue that some of the sanctions not only hurt the elite which is desirable
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you think but also will harden the lives of the common people and also they want to kick start the negotiations you know having the same partially lifted however i don't see the us agreeing to that because the counter stay out perspective they want to nuclearization 1st and if you give north korea any kind of a concession economically then you know they've incentive to dismantle their nuclear program it's kind of interesting you see these 3 countries coming together though there are some disagreements quite apart from north korea particularly between japan and south korea do you think the fact of actually meeting will help dialogue improve in other domains i mean south korean president and japanese prime minister shinzo are but they met for the 1st time for talks in over 15 months and i mean we know that japan also its simular historic issues with china
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i mean it's all about the colonial past and china and japan they have basically overcome they are historical dispute and i think south korea could learn from this example however the sentiment against japan is much more deeply rooted it's more emotional among the south korean population and of course in china you have a more top down approach and south korea it's a democracy and you cannot really you know change the sentiment that fast ok fabien catch thanks for that insight. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. at least 24 people were killed after their bus plunged off of a cliff on the indonesian island of sumatra rescuers are still searching for any survivors trapped inside the vehicle which veered off the road into a 150 meter deep ravine. the spanish coast guard has rescued 37 migrants from a canoe off the canary islands most of the migrants were from sub-saharan african
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countries they were brought ashore and are reportedly in good health more than 30000 migrants have arrived at spanish ports this year alone. australia's prime minister scott morrison says volunteer firefighters from the public sector will be compensated with paid leave firefighters have been battling wildfires for months weather forecasters say very hot conditions are set to continue and the flames could burn for several more months people have been donating christmas gifts to those made homeless by the fires. to the central american state of honduras now which is in shock after 2 deadly prison riots in 2 days the death toll has reached almost 48 in clashes between gangs authorities have declared a state of emergency but that has failed to stop the violence and may even have provoked more. despair written
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on their faces relatives gather at the morgue and to go seek out the one juror says capital their loved ones died in one of the most violent places in the most crime ridden country on earth one dear says giles on the tourists but even by those standards the past few days have been green men date. only if the family is the morning today. and the country is in mourning. after a weekend of violence many are also outraged that the authorities found you to prevent the massacres the prisons was supposedly high security. when the government to create emergency measures last week it did side to stop the killing there but instead more violence followed. my brother's death hurts he had already served 10 years in a maximum security jail why did he have to die. the authorities are defending their
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policies they say gangs are trying to stop them cleaning up the prisons. and since the massacres they have promised to the point even more troops to the country's high security giles to fight the mafia's influence they. all do scales was planned on behalf of all denies crime. by any to avoid us implementing our reforms. but it's not clear if getting even tougher will stop the killings or rather few further anger and violence the united nations is calling for an investigation into these massacres it says the state must guarantee the human rights of prisoners especially their right to life. in paris the iconic noted cathedral not be holding a mass this christmas for the 1st time since the french revolution the french
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government pledged to rebuild it immediately after a fire earlier this year devastated the cathedral but that work will take years to complete and the building is too unstable to hold religious services. to the landmark cathedral of paris still a skeleton of its former self the work underway now focuses on stabilizing notre dame and preventing its collapse. the fire that ravaged the church's roof and spire broke out on april 15th. tons of poisonous lead melted during the blaze that spells health hazards and good reason to delay holding christmas festivities inside but i think it's incredibly sad that they will be able to celebrate mass especially because it's such a revered monument for catholics probably many many families have that tradition of going every year for christmas services it is quite a break in tradition quite honestly as long as the renovation work is carried out quickly and well it is not the right moment to open at one time i think people are
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aware of that and can go to the church of. notre dame has held a christmas mass every year since $803.00 even during the horror of world war 2. the last interruptions to the mass came amid the anti catholic fervor of the french revolution but this year worshippers are being sent to nearby sites for services including the church of sun so peace. to think that i was last christmas and i missed christmas and thinking that it would go again this year with no problems. i'm missing that already. in years past thousands of worshippers and tourists gathered inside notre dame daily it's still unclear when they'll be able to congregate inside again. and sticking with christmas in recent years christmas markets have grown to become one of the most popular features of the german holiday season here in berlin there are
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over 70 to choose from attracting people from across the globe we paid a visit to one of britain's most popular christmas markets to find out what international guests love most about them. in the center of berlin at that in diamond market christmas market there is no shortage of artists in all crafts. there are butchers and bakers. even candlestick maker but the principle offering is an atmosphere. that's hard to find anywhere else. you see that one 1st i mean gentleman in my name but leaving and this is our 1st time experiencing christmas market it's really nice it's just. it wasn't what i was expecting it's a t.v. set is chief. is very easy like very christmas and we all have these 3 kind of markets in spain it's unlike anything we have in the states so it's kind
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of a it's a nice time here it's warm cozy you have warm and hot drinks it's my 1st day here in being in this market so when i say this is the best what. i wonder what's your favorite part about this market to eat everything. i think a little of it spent so. if the goal is crowds and mary mint then isn't done been marked has it in abundance or a simple stroll also offers a chance to learn holiday greetings in half a dozen different languages now that. pretty much most of. the market are no proves my stuff. we believe. that. it is not how. you saw nor heard you obama. obama.
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others also if you speak french that's the latest for this hour before you go to go christmas carol german bundesliga club when young barely got over 28000 fans to join in this festive sing along at their stadium the next parser from in the news team thanks for watching. because i do not. have good and bad am i. just heard. that i was not. good i am. who i. am. and that i.
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am i had the yeah that. was. it had i not. had i had it i am to have. that it had. it's all happening to children in. your link to the news from africa to the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions continue and welcome to the day of you suffocating from family life from funny jenny from the easy to our website did he come snatch africa join us on facebook t w africa.


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