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tv   Musica Maestra  Deutsche Welle  December 24, 2019 1:15pm-1:31pm CET

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it's gotten on making a lot of. code by now. and you are of course watching the news live from berlin more coming up at the top of the hour up next a documentary about a mexican american conductor along. i don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's t w dot com thanks for joining together. for. 50 years of religions for peace people from many different faiths all working together toward a common goal
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a peaceful resolution of religious conflicts. now all female members of religions for peace from the middle east are demanding the larger. 0 common ground is empowering women giving them the rule making them egypt sheens. the female peacemakers storms turning where we fish to dog. how their friends my name is no longer. i'm a conductor and i come from mexico. join me anything extraordinary people all over the world i'm just simply not so funny. welcome to the next episode of music on my eyes there so they we're in the city of south the magical city where mozart was born and i'll tell you more about the
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fantastic projects that i get to do in this beautiful city this year but when i travel around the world. and sometimes they get the wonderful opportunity of bumping into other musicians that are working in the same hall and so they had the fortune of bumping into 2 of my favorite artists in classical music igudesman and joe let's see what they have to say because she revealed how so. let's reverse that part because it's always a sliver together well i think well it's because you're not really listening cause you're not talking well let's not argue let's just this to. continue just for you can you listen to my stomach with this is. not just i'm not she isn't alone i am not longer could you help us joke i think.
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you have. to go what are you doing here with where we are the most yes the church where most of it was for and that's why we're doing a show called and no more so now i'm most awfully because he was born right on the right on the actually seat number 17 row 3 guys and sing this music so it would be really cool and some music will be into your so you don't you don't mind putting people on the spot i mean you know what that's like the music albums are so complete i mean you can just say it's something where it has to be original . ok i mean my son.
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i am. told that's. the. way that's very regrettable that's the maybe it's like you know i started out on the right it's funny guys thank you so much and if it was i'll just give you your apostles but we'll send you our democrats as well yeah i think they should have written about it i think it's. commissioning but it looks like a real reverse no. we're still sells book and we're here because i got the opportunity to conduct the premiere of the world
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premiere of thomas in egypt by mozart at the mozart rocca and you may think what is thomas thomas is a piece that maybe nobody really knows or very few people know of mozart he was 17 when he wrote it but at the time we never really worked as a piece and this time last for other spouse one of my favorite production and i just the companies in the world is putting it together for the mozart while her here in salisbury and i get to be the fortunate person who will conduct this production but i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for one really really dear friend and person who i admire a lot and here is the interim grant and the artistic director of the mozart more my dear friend mexican as well roland the reus on. the eh the in the in. all of me was pretty the sustain their stance and racially are the same as wilco in
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our last guest breakout get a look at them as in the key good look at stumbles as in a good family. and he does the most that the men have for a spouse is that he can. get her love yes some part of you. was. told. to hostile toward her. heard was hear from was. heard was little to no experience and it was dead has to know that at the nest opposed to the direct artistical equally sleazy unbiased festival that gets any comment or less fun to tell my story and we wanted to consult with it was a to those me seem cool case to me they wouldn't interest you a little bit on a contender like fraser let there be a turn up was actually on. with 3 or more from osa easy as soon as.
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the on us. from that's your motto eased up on tornados me this is yet another one of those militia temporal terms he could yes have has lead authorities to coalesce around a mile to the limit sort of ok he doesn't participate in medicine either mozart they see because they must area mozart a k. or a 1 may i like him to more time compose the dorky component part of his musical. take on most artists he synthetical from was the fact. that. you've found a few. that
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move for it. was. the limits not that every little soul. can project out that them. almost as a panther to be still ok we're going to offer put up a story that when you're not it's army cannot go cause you to stick or we're going to be traveling but along the mast. well know. much as combat as humans can cut loose it's just one projectile if one of those about us is soo much the messy i'm. going to put the gun muscle but i did ok about time most now potentially last beat i mean there's the loser lynette a mass that was going to go to woman to fish we had no mcluhan's hellion was when i was a pup on plato's are still better where noise to be must require them. when our cats counter they their us stores or one of them will distort us in and in response you
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can tell them to keep or carry out the will morning then so more they were at the the more important to. the for. feet. was. good ok more time to study a movie content on their way to a film or more simak the more for almost a mood seeker. as star can be now that on a star when 2 dice in the cut down a spectacle of them was. was. was.
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was. so now that you know a little bit about this new production of thomas in egypt by mozart i'm going to take you on stage with our director catalyst by that isa one of the founders of life whereas the house and the mission there of this new production of. i was in egypt i actually heard about life was about for the very 1st time when i was 19 years old and i got the opportunity to come to salisbury to see this new production of the opera of burials that mention a foulest where does the us have created this new concept that everybody was talking about and i went there with my father which is incredible that i got to be there and so that immediately created a bond because thomas in egypt and the concept of what i was miles has a lot to do with the concept that they have for faust they use futuristic ideas
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concepts of today dilemma's from today and it's absolutely fantastic i'm going to take you through stage with our director and visionary. but i mean is that i going to you're going to keep but he really says this is i know i talk to you that come up when you're asked as to it the most but i want to get that not he said not that it's one of if you go say of all of the problems of your son if we're going to say yes and he. had invented it. and as i said i have a feeling affordable. middle of my field is a concept of us i mean there is life after that. but a level along like this. 4 was. the gist of my theory that this lady is going to save us i can tell about that when he starts ice stay there they could. eat those that have in the
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past i said to shut up shut up shut up on the rubbish this is not about their stuff so we've got a book of those with mr lamb which are please more in present that they study after . more just didn't give any less smart phones he does the left one of the 11 then what's up in the macarthur store and. i. think. it was the biggest was a cautious. approach on those you got for the put a little bit up you know there's a moment there's an hour and a yes either someone's a thought that luck is $96.00 which ends or what's the punishment of someone going to some of the compressed fish the musta. can shuffle to took a look at them ok another system that was. there.
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that the 6. i. i i. i i i.
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listener is played by one checked real estate speculation. a historian in the city is fighting back her strongest weapon the label shops with history. it's meant to protect businesses with known traditions from the whims of the speculators. shoppers with a history. of. d.w. . to. be.
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defeated. by power traffic coming up after 3 months. of. this if it is. a few months it's time to. be done. lisbon has become a must see tourist destination the city's annual 4500000 visitors now strip its population by around 9 to one international investors have pumped billions of euros into real estate the city has one big building site this woman is trying to keep one component over city from being destroyed in the process it's historic shops as
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large as they are lisbon's heart and soul there it's a living memory. i shop at the same play.


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