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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2019 7:00am-7:16am CET

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because there's so much to discover. cheerios are you going to. meet for minds. this is coming to you live from a deadly plane crash in kazakhstan at least 14 people were killed when a passenger jet came down shortly after takeoff from the city of. their own they're . also coming up. more rage in india over a controversial citizenship law the death toll reaches $25.00 in clashes between
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protesters and police hundreds of thousands of people continue to rally across the country against the law which they say discriminates against muslims. plus turkish president. says he'll spend he'll send more troops to support the embattled u.n. back the libyan government the plan puts turkey with russia and others backing a rival libyan. russian security forces raid the offices of a prominent kremlin critic. he says it's part of a negative campaign against soon coming just days after one of his close allies was conscripted to a remote arctic base. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program some breaking news just coming in
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a passenger jet with 100 people on board has crashed in kazakhstan authorities say at least 14 people have been killed. the beck air plane came down shortly after takeoff from the city of la motta your route to the capital. at least 35 people on board survived with injuries. well joining me now is nicole reese from our news desk nicole what more do we know at this point well we know that at least 98 people have been on board of this aircraft which was on its way to north of town as you just mentioned from a city off that's in the southwest of the country a very launch that in kazakhstan that was this morning and around 722 local time actually right after the take off this plane lost and lost contact with the base and it's true as stroke into a concrete barrier and then crashed into
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a 2 story residential building we have seen it on the pictures before we know that there are at least 14 people confirmed adat among them 6 children as well that's what the interior minister has said another 35 have been taken to a hospital with injuries we don't know what this crash actually was caused by this some reports that it was fake. all in the area so that might have been a reason but nothing is confirmed obviously the investigations have only just started president took i.a.f. plants to provide the families with compensation and also to find those responsible and been severely punished according to the actual at the moment ok what more do we know about the about the aviation situation in kazakhstan and the aircraft that was involved here well the act is a fork a 100 x. this was introduced in the 1980 s. and to the market it's a medium sized can take up to 100 people on board. tyrian minister has now
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said that all these acts will be grounded until they really find the reason why the plane today crashed we call thank you so much i was nicole reese from our news desk and i'm told we can now cross over to industry aviation expert geoffrey thomas who was joining us from australia understand jeffrey what more do we know about the circumstances of this crash is there is there any indication that you're aware of what caused this plane to come down. yes look there's 2 possibilities at the stage although it's very early of course one is a possible icing on the wings. and not have being cleared off before takeoff the other possibility is that there was an engine problem on takeoff because we know the aircraft reached a speed of approximately 175 miles per hour. at takeoff and
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seconds light up to the speed dropped dramatically back to about 140 before that information was lost and it reached now to cheat of just 40 feet so not very didn't didn't i shall be cheated before it crashed and then ran into the building at this stage that's all we do none as far as the possibilities. of the crash are possibly icing all alternatively an engine issue of some kind now the airline involved in this crash and kazakhstan of course is is it is a country where it has taken place are there factors there that may have played a role in this. look i don't believe so becky air is being not flying since 2011 it has a perfect fatality free record for 100 the head right of those so
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a very very good air applying built by falkner of color and very strong structurally 290 were built this one was built in 1996 makes it a back 23 years old but having said that as long as it's well mine tined a superb arab client. and has a great has a great record geoffrey thank you very much for filling us in that was a mediation expert geoffrey thomas. india is seeing fresh protests over a new immigration law that critics see as anti muslim it grants amnesty to undocumented migrants with 3 neighboring countries but only if they're not muslim and his prime minister narendra modi says the law aims to help religious minorities from neighboring muslim majority countries but many of india's own citizens are outraged at least 25 people have died in protests across the country. it's.
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a sea of defiance it is the biggest challenge to no raindrop modi since he came to power in 24th for the thousands here it is a battle for india's constitution to look at what we are saying is if you're not so . different here yes and. also argues the hindu if this is implemented in the rest of the country 40 percent of you know this is rick there. for weeks protests have raged against a law that would grant citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries but not muslims some see it as islamophobia all those are worried it will lead to white scale emigration. the backlash has provoked a heavy handed response delhi dozens were arrested for protesting. that a live thousands of people have been detained we are protesting against that people
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of being detained for no reason must be released immediately. and amid heightened fears in muslim communities of revenge attacks police were caught breaking c.c.t.v. cameras. and the government soldiers are out to the r.s.a. a military stick group of hindu hardliners marching in the capital beating the drum for rent a movie and his nationalist government. journalists are feeling the heat a vigil at the moment by the press club they say they are being targeted by police as they try to cover these to mull to sevenpence. the world when you actually cut off communication when you don't allow people to report when you cut off the internet you increase rumormongering you increase your and you increase riots and this is what something which the establishment should understand india finds itself
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in. standoff and sue fox new signs of even a flicker of we can silly. just wall is covering this story and joins us now from delhi mischa given the massive protests against this new citizenship law 25 people have been killed is the government not considering withdrawing or at least revising. that it's pretty safe to say that this government will not be drawing this law every time government leaders including prime minister no random or d. has spoken out about it they have these the blame squarely on the opposition they have cordless protesting anti-social elements and they have said that these protests challenge the national integrity off the country and they're saying that any questions being raised about the law are based on lies it is interesting though that one of the policies of this government has repeatedly talked about a national register of citizens that would apply across the country they're kind of
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pulling back on that no the the prime minister said that they have never talked about it even though his foreign minister has on the barge repeatedly and critics say that this could be because the government is willing it's bunches as any action to these protests when they're talking about it they're not reflecting and you want to protest as a matter security forces have been accused of being heavy handed in their response to the protests what tactics or the police using to try and get the situation under control. most definitely tell you these accusations of brutality have come out from protesters and critics and jodhaa list so like the police themselves have written these do we do is in for to a showing the protesters have taken up arms and the protesters have been by evidence of the police is denying any heavy handedness but on its own part there's been a massive internet shut down today in the largest state in the country or the been there in multiple thoughts because fatah expected that have been shut downs and the
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police even in delhi have gone out almost brought their sights and a general clips to stop avoid that these sites so the police itself and denying any any allegations of wrongdoing but it's more than strong against oil at this point clamping down and we should thank you very much that was john's while there in delhi now is catching up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the death toll from a christmas day typhoon in the philippines has risen to at least 28 and authorities say the number of victims is likely to rise typhoon fun phone that forced many families to spend christmas sheltering in the open air and has left scores of holiday travelers stranded. australian firefighters are battling to contain bushfires ahead of an extreme heat wave expected to hit on the weekend in new south wales 70 blazes are burning with around half of them uncontrolled millions of
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hectares of land have been scorched in the past few months and hundreds of homes destroyed. in an earthquake has struck close to iran's bushfire nuclear power plant the u.s. geographical survey says the quake was moderately strong at a magnitude of $5.00 it was also relatively shallow which is likely to have made it more destructive. u.k. authorities say they have rescued at least 60 migrants from iran iraq and afghanistan off england's southeastern coast they reportedly sailed from france the interior ministry says an increasing number of people are risking their lives by trying to cross the english channel in small boats. turkey's president of one says he intends to send troops to libya and one says the u.n. backed government in tripoli requested the intervention to help stabilize the country
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if turkey follows through the move could deep in the national proxy struggle in the north african country ravaged civil war since 2014. after 8 months to sparkly fending off rival forces from the east of the country the libyan government is in need of help. we have the right to defend tripoli so we will officially ask the turkish government for its military support. the defense of the capital tripoli has so far been successful but with a powerful and tangled web of cooperation on the insurgent side that includes russia and egypt libya's internationally recognized government is trying to form its own regional coalition to defend its hold on power. god willing the alliance and cooperation between us turkey tunisia and algeria will be the support
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for this stability. ankara has already signed 2 broader defense accords with tripoli but now publicly acknowledge is a more definitive request for tickets troops on libyan soil. we would go to a place where we are invited to go. along with him but we would not go to a place where we are not invited to go. to give it a beautiful and at the moment since there is such an invitation we will respond to it today a huge just. took the slow mike as could vote as early as next week to ratify a no that would again as in syria cost turkey as a key player in a very complex theater. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on the news at least 14 people are dead after
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a plane crash during takeoff in kazakhstan the flight operated by fact there was carrying 100 passengers and crew members and was scheduled to fly from the southern city of el monte to the capital. because it sounds aviation authority says emergency services are working to free survive. you're watching news from berlin we have more for you at the top of the hour you know your business is next with stephen beardsley will be taking a look back at the car industry in 20 thank you thanks for. the masses but i don't need to see couple of days about a foot over that's on home the 4th time for the most recently that we came up with that was the bottom of the fannies at the last dragon this one called the home through. books on. 50 years of
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religions for peace people from many different states for working together toward a common goal.


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