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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 27, 2019 8:00am-8:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from a deadly plane crash in kazakhstan at least 15 were killed when a jet came down shortly after takeoff from the city of. dozens of passengers survived the crash also coming up more raids in india over a controversial citizenship along the death toll reaches 25 in clashes between
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protesters and police hundreds of thousands of people continue to rally the country against the law which they say discriminates against. fellow i'm terry martin welcome to the program some breaking news coming in hey passenger jet with 98 people on board has crashed in kazakhstan authorities say at least 15 people have been killed the back air plane came down shortly after takeoff from the city of amati on route to the capital times at least 30 pine people on board survived with injuries. well joining me now is our moscow correspondent emily shore when emily what more do we know at this point.
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well because the constituents have said that over 60 injured people have been taken to hospital several of them are in serious condition so it does seem that there are quite a lot of survivors as well but of course this accident just happened so those numbers could change the plane that crashed and just left monte when it crashed that's the biggest city in kazakhstan and it was on its way to the administrative capital north to tom there are frequent flights between those 2 cities and of course this is a very dramatic accident resident in oman to have been asked to give blood the president of kazakhstan cousin john mark karr kind of has expressed his condolences with the families of those who died and the government has now also launched an investigation into the causes of the crash at the moment there's a pretrial investigation that has just been launched looking into whether there has been a breach in safety regulations of any sort but of course we don't know at the moment
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speaking of safety what about the safety record of the plane involved and the airline that operate it what can you tell us about the. well the airline that operated it is called back air it's a cause like airline a low cost airline that flies regularly be within the country as well as internationally it has a sound safety record so far and the same thing can be said about the plane. $100.00 of what it's called many airlines around the world use an airplane as a standard and now decided however following this crash to halt the operations of the airline and of the airplane we don't know whether that will be a temporary measure or not at the moment and of course we don't know yet what caused the crash what happened is that it took off from the monte started losing outage sewage very quickly after takeoff and the accident took place in the
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residential area as well as the plane crashed into some sort of a concrete barrier it seemed initially as well as crashing into a building that was just being built in that area. thank you very much for filling us in. really sure when they're in moscow. india is seeing fresh protests over a new immigration law that critics see as anti muslim it grants amnesty to undocumented migrants from 3 neighboring countries but only if they are not muslim india's prime minister narendra modi says the law aims to help religious minorities from neighboring muslim majority countries but many of india's own citizens are outraged at least 25 have died in protests across the country. a sea of defiance it is the biggest challenge to new read since he came to power in 24 for this. it is
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a bottle for india's constitution to look up. what. is different. but also i give him. the rest of the country 40 percent of you know. rick there. for weeks protests have raged against a law that would grant citizenship to refugees from neighboring countries but not muslims some see it islamophobia all those are worried it will lead to white scale emigration. the backlash has provoked a heavy handed response delhi dozens were arrested for protesting. about a live thousands of people have been detained we are protesting against that people who have been detained for no reason must be released immediately. and amid heightened fears in muslim communities of revenge attacks police were caught
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breaking c.c.t.v. cameras. and the government. to. a militaristic group of hindu hardliners marching in the capital beating the drum for rent a movie and his nationalist government. journalists are feeling the heat a vigil at the moment by price club they see they're being targeted by police i try to cover these to mull to say then. when you act to be part of communication when you're doing that all people who report when you got off the internet you increase rumor mongering. and. this is worth something which the establishment should understand india finds itself in a standoff and sue fox no signs of even a flicker we can silly. wall is covering this story and joins us now from delhi given the massive protests against this new
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citizenship law 25 people have been killed is the government not considering withdrawing or at least revising it. that it's pretty safe to say that this government will not be good drawing this law every time government leaders including prime minister no random or d. has spoken out about it they have at least the blame squarely on the opposition they have cord was protesting and i associate elements and they have said that these protests challenge the national integrity off the country and they're saying that any questions being raised about the law are based on lies it is interesting though that one of the policies of this government has repeatedly talked about a national register of citizens that would apply across the country the kind of pulling back on that knowledge of the prime minister said that they have never talked about it even though his own minister has the large repeatedly and critics say that this could be because the government is willing to bunches as any action
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to these protests when they're talking about it they're not reflecting any response to criticism at all security forces have been accused of being heavy handed in their response to the protests what tactics or the police using to try and get the situation under control. most definitely tell you these accusations of brutality have come out from protesters and critics and jodhaa lists the like the believe themselves have refused to be deals and call it was showing the protesters have taken up arms and the protests have been violence of the police is denying any heavy handedness but on its own part there's been a massive internet shut down today in the largest state in the country looked at but the issue in multiple thoughts because protests expected that have been shut downs on the police even in delhi have gone out that almost brought the sites and a beautiful cliff to solve these thought that's why it's so the police itself denying any any allegations of wrongdoing but it's one thing strong against oilcloth us dampen down and we should thank you very much that was. while there in
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delhi let's catch up now on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the death toll from a christmas day typhoon in the philippines has risen to at least $28.00 and authorities say the number of victims is likely to run its typhoon haiyan form forced many families to spend christmas sheltering in the open there and has left scores of holiday travelers stranded. australia has called on the army to help battle bush fires raging in much of the country conditions are expected to worsen this weekend with an extreme heat wave and stronger winds in the state of new south wales millions of hectares of land have been scorched in the past few months and hundreds of homes destroyed. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has won a landslide victory in a contest for the leadership of his ruling likud party that's now who gains 72
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percent of the vote cast by party members fending off a challenge by the former interior minister gideon czar the vote comes ahead of a general election in march. turkish president. says he intends to send troops to libya everyone says the u.n. backed government in tripoli requested the intervention to help stabilize the country if turkey follows through the move could deep in an international proxy struggle in the north african country ravaged by civil war since 2014. after 8 months desperately fending off rival forces from the east of the country the libyan government is in need of help. we have the right to defend tripoli so we will officially ask the turkish government for its military support.
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the defense of the capital tripoli has so far been successful with a powerful and tangled web of cooperation on the insurgent side that includes russia and egypt libya's internationally recognized government is trying to form its own regional coalition to defend its hold on power. god willing the alliance and cooperation between us turkey tunisia and algeria will be the support for this stability. ankara has already signed too broad a defense accords with tripoli but now publicly acknowledge of a more definitive request for tickets troops on libyan soil. we would go to a place where we are invited to go. along with him but we would not go to a place where we are not invited to go to. this. to
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give it at the moment since there is such an invitation we will respond to it you just. took his could vote as early as next week to ratify a move that would again as in syria cost turkey as a key player in a very complex theatre. afghanistan is today marking the 40th anniversary of the soviet invasion on december 27th 1979 special forces of the red army disguised as afghan troops assassinated president amin that led to the afghan soviet war which lasted more than 9 years but decades later it's u.s. troops that have been fighting a long war in the country washington and the taliban continue to hold talks aimed at ending that 18 year conflict and the fighting has taken its toll in many ways.
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this street in the city of mazar e sharif is home to muhammad john's woodworking shop he's been here for 20 years over that time he's earned a reputation for his finally detailed work. he learned the trade from his father but tough economic times in afghanistan are hitting his business hard lines are staying away he's had to let employees go for the party. business is bad compared to before. i used to have 20 full time employees in the shop. but now i only have enough work for 6. and i can't even guarantee how long that will last some weeks i have no work for the metol it is. a rare piece of new business in order for 6 doors and windows for a private to goodness for john he has 12 children to feed home and at the last presidential election would represent a turning point for afghanistan but its result. in
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a lot of political paralysis. and making peace with the taliban still seems like a distant goal. that the more it's a joke we're tired of it was all for nothing as a. result a shareef is home to more than 400000 people scars from the war are still part of daily life but afghan fighters backed by u.s. air power took the city in 2001 more than 3000 taliban fighters surrendered to u.n. workers and later found mass graves. taxi driver ghulam hunter out says things have improved since then even though the taliban are still active in many parts of the city he drives us out into the countryside it will soon be dark and that makes her nervous. and every was no one wants to drive at night in
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a taliban area it's just too risky. wants peace with the taliban he wishes the german troops that used to be here had never left they at least provided some security. you're watching news from berlin we'll have more news for you at the top of the hour coming up in just a minute documentary about the team trying to build a habitable research station on the moon and terry mark thanks for. coming which of course is. video. anytime anywhere. the center.


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