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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CET

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this is do w. news live from berlin somalia's capital mogadishu is wrong by a massive car bomb blast took place during morning rush hour at a busy checkpoint the 40s say dozens of people were killed and many more were injured also coming up australia is on alert image fears of even more intense wildfires across the country the government is sending in the army to help the head of another extreme heat wave and strong winds.
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omarion evanston welcome to the program we begin in the somali capital mogadishu where authorities say at least 30 people have been killed by a car bomb explosion injured dozens of others and there are fears that the death toll will rise a government spokesman says the bomb was detonated during the morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint local broadcaster radio doll son cited the mayor is saying that several university students were among the dead and no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. well joining us now on the line is somali journalist. below so what is the latest you can tell us about this attack. well the government of somalia is not just
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commenting officially on though the exact call from a senator is actually a conscious version of subsidies junction on the outskirts of mogadishu but so far we know that 90 people have been hospitalized. on that medical emergency. to figure the death toll bob of 60 double the number at this amount of government initially said dundas also comments from opposition lawmakers are saying that the government is not giving the actual facts on the ground and that the deaths of these over 90 that's according to a former interior national security minister to just about a few minutes ago but that currently in mogadishu a blood donation taking place there right now members of the public. would want to be able to give their blood that's going to block other victims that it is not the militant group al-shabaab or. rather to claim responsibility so it's good that the
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3rd day they move addition to her to say that that they have beefed up security in anticipation of more attack to by al-shabaab because it's almost the end of the. well as you say and it's not yet confirmed that al shabaab were the ones behind this attack but is it clear who the intended victims were in this attack. well based on the location of where that talked to the strategic junction that these checkpoints and or security barrier for security forces it is of where government forces of station check all the vehicles the democrat issue and all get called that leave a movie should be just one way of blocking potential terrorist attacks from happening is the city center is the last line of defense going to get issued before any vehicle or any said the bridges the perimeter and to the cities of these primarily the targets in these caves or members of the signal to both is what patient in does every. because of our city and the checkpoints are approved are
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very strategic for the government of somalia because different able to what you were at the time but also about dozens of vehicles of not there under you do not survive a terrorist. or try to enter the movie theater from the park so generally that such as you carry with a proposition for the government and the fact that these are like an attack to shed more light on the security challenge that is their fate by the security forces under some of the government but the prime students while the cost of the victims of these attacks journalist abdul aziz below we thank you very much indeed for decades of an arrest and poor security in somalia has forced many people to leave the country in the 1990 s. civil war broke out and thousands of somalis fled with many of them ending up in refugee camps in neighboring kenya well 30 years later at the makeshift camps have become a permanent home for many somalis but aid cuts mean already difficult conditions
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could soon get worse. it's a city that wasn't supposed to be but dar dab is now written on kenya's map the refugee camp in the country's east is home 220-0000 people who fled conflict in neighboring somalia. mohammed abdul abdul he says it's the only home he knows he was raised here married and had children who are at the height it's very difficult to spend my life stuck here. freedom of movement. and that is a basic human right a lot of cattle little boy in a google come out of nowhere mohammed is not allowed to leave the camp norris you allowed to work the 28 year old can't escape his refugee status. he said have ahead of them by a few of my friends of killed themselves. that happens often here. and
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life is set to get worse people here depend on donations but they're decreasing the world food program's budget has been cut which means food in the camp has been reduced to 70 percent of the recommended rations. the thing crude may be the dubs let's go. across to. mohammed visits the grave of his father who died in the camp he fears that he too will one day succumb to the same fate. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world the remains of 6 people have been recovered following a helicopter crash in hawaii a 7 passenger remains missing the helicopter came down on kawai island during a science ng tour along the nepali coast 2 children are reportedly among the dead. in chile police used tear gas and water cannon to break up anti-government protests
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demonstrations against president sebastian pinera have rocked the country since october on friday piñera heated a key demand of the protesters and set a date for a referendum on a new constitution. the australian government has called of the army to help fight wildfires burning out of control near the country's largest cities sydney authorities are bracing for an extreme heat wave this weekend following a few days of cooler weather fire has destroyed vegetation on millions of hectares of land across the country over the last 6 weeks and at least 9 people have been killed. not just what you might expect at one of australia's most popular tourist sites visitors to the blue mountains west of sydney forced to wear face masks as the smoke from a nearby bush 5 schools the ass. the iconic rock formations are barely
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visible in the haze. it's really disappointing to really looking forward to seeing if you always want to see the blue not such a shame when we. all know it's like this. but that problem is small compared to the challenge firefighters in new south wales are set to face at the weekend after a brief or spite securing a few days of damper weather over christmas temperatures are again expected to soar bringing new risks. that's going to bring not just the heat of the service we're going to see the temperatures up into the larger mid forty's across a lot of areas but it's going to bring a very draw as well so that's going to elevate far by inches and we know the winds are going to start turning around to the west in the northwest which is war so much work has been going on over this last week while conditions are more more out. some 70 fires are burning near sydney new south wales more than 1000 firefighters and
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now the military are in action across the state trying to contain the fires and prevent them from reaching more inhabited areas. where just putting it back in time and law in detroit prevent the far from coming towards coastal villages already more than $850.00 homes have been raised in new south wales. authorities are also working to protect infrastructure surrounding a vital dam west of sydney that provides water to around 4000000 people in the city but which could be at risk if the fires spread. we're joined now from sydney by james morris he's a spokesman for the new south wales oral fire service james thank you so much for talking to us now the weather forecast for us trail in the coming days is extreme heat windy conditions what does that mean for all of you fighting the fires. obviously yeah good afternoon mariano these are the conditions that we we must fear
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obviously we're looking at severe and extreme far dangerous for our more populated areas solely through the sydney area down in the new south wales south coast which of these time of year is a very popular holiday like tyson and we've got a large number of people in that area currently so i obviously are out there advice to them is particularly in regards to if you don't need to be in these areas on these more at risk days he's to move away in and around the region and once those conditions of a bit far far as i have worked significantly over the last week as a commission it's like about oh yeah in regards to really bolstering and and not getting these can time and lawns in place before we say they say elevated conditions hoping that they've caused were mine within those can time and on the head of these challenging conditions now this is extremely dangerous it's very stressful obviously for the firefighters it's tiring and how is everybody coping.
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oh look at has been challenging tom you know some of these for fathers of fame working for around 5 and a half months in fars rod across the state as well as helping out in just one colleague's a far as by the not queensland and down in victoria as well so are big farms a lot of the work now he's is hard work building can time lawns using hand tools are some crews in recent days and even on christmas day spent making a yacht for coleman a hand to one from the top of one of our scotland's all the way down through the rough terrain into wards the creek beds are they says some of the work that has to be done that will allow us to contain these flaws look fought as a very much exhausted thankfully we've sent him into the side assistance from our colleagues right around us and even as far as the y. is in new zealand and american towns under the where we do have cruising for 30 die deployment he they've just had a 1st child joe so we've got another 30 i die commitment here. on his body from
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canada and america us are certainly a lot of assistance going on but we're certainly not even into our west part of our . danger period at this stage when we do know that bushfires are quite common in australia the prime minister scott morrison has been saying australia has always had bushfires but from your perspective how do this year's fires compare to what you've seen in previous years. exactly right the way of always had bush was he at different levels and depending on the climate and how much rain we've had during our winter period we haven't had a century any run at all i'm sure in our winter period where you saying a very active and dangerous bush was burning towards the middle and end of our winter period as what we would typically saying some time we lost a lot of harms and a lot of bushland early on towards the end of july through august and even early
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september which is still within our winter period and some of those conditions were as what we're currently seeing now in in some of our men being that we're only a month into some o. a worse conditions we typically say into january beginning of february and we are still walkley to say those conditions continue until we get see if you can run which at this stage from the bureau has not been full cost any harm in the new future it will still be a challenging time ahead here in new south wales and we've had more than 3500000 hits his of bushland burnt closest fauci isn't in complaint was around 1400000 hecht his are obviously a significant distance we've more than doubled the heck his but unfortunately we've saying close to 1000 homes we believe that have been destroyed by the fire many more outbuildings and sheds and the law x. unfortunately of saying i tally these here in new south wales 2 of those being fought foreigners 6 of those been civilians are it has been a very challenging season already and we've still potentially got at least 2 or 3
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months to go before we start to see and easing conditions james morris from the new south wales rural fire service and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and wish all the best to you and your colleagues. all right some soccer news now and veteran striker is lot of h. is returning to his former club ac milan now that his contract with the l.a. galaxy has ended and the 38 year old swede signed a deal with the italian outfit until the. end of the season with the option to extend for another year ibrahim vich played a key role in the last 2011 sciri title he scored 56 goals for them in 85. but the club is currently stuck in 11th place. a reminder now our top story. police in somalia say dozens of people have been killed and many others injured by
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a massive car bomb in mogadishu the bomb was detonated during the morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint. that's the latest from d.w. news at this hour of american and for me and the entire news team here in berlin thanks for the company. the people. going for come from tarski. joined as they set out to save the environment learn from one of. many fronts to.


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