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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2019 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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times change we'll keep watching. d. w. made for minds. this is news coming to you live from berlin small these capital mogadishu was rocked by a massive car bomb blast took place during morning rush hour at a busy checkpoint authorities say at least 70 people were killed and many more injured also coming up. recycling comes to russia moscow is introducing trash separation and recycling to reduce the amount of garbage sends to places that don't
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want it we have a report from. all strictly it is all alert for even more intense wildfires the government is sending in the army to help ahead of another explain peak wave and strong winds. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us authorities in the somali capital mogadishu say at least 70 people have been killed by a car bomb explosion hit during morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint is the most deadly attack to rock the somali capital this year. it was. survivors of a massive truck bomb explosion being ferried to hospital out of all the attacks the capital suffered in 2019. this is the worst. i've been
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here all the beauty of it knocked me to the ground with its force i've never seen such an explosion in my entire life will be much. more mention of that but it's a blast took place as i was getting off a minibus. i was on my way to work the short of it my leg got injured some of. the tangled wreckage on saturday morning the people of mogadishu were gearing up for the new working week when the bomber struck. by a truck loaded with explosives was detonated at a busy control checkpoint the explosion led to many deaths and injuries. that it was. said hours most of those who died here were students who were going to school or university. here job. but in
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the middle of it a bus ferrying students to classes and lectures. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet but scenes like this of quickly familiar on the streets of the capital the un backed government in mogadishu is struggling to take control of the country the militant islamist group al-shabaab has carried out deadly attacks here in the past now once again the people of this city are mourning their dead. and joining me on the line now is the somali journalist abdul aziz below abdul aziz what more can you tell us about this devastating attack. well as it has been clearly mentioned in the report today that the week in mogadishu and as expected the popular junction known as x. control is a part of a cavity because it's the last checkpoint before and she and exits to mogadishu
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that's when security forces have put on tougher measures there to contain the attacks from and cheering at the capital city of mogadishu so at any given time there is a file on being checked and they have a particular tick boxes before being allowed inside and it is one of the reasons why these attack caused such a huge a casualty figure because it can get to checkpoint on the out because the movie. killed more than 20 given to students who are in one minivan as well as other small school going children as well as members of the security calls and very quickly as we're headed to a movie that you are out of mogadishu among the dead also include 2 turkish nationals who were walking on a strategic road but linked movies and of good will also been dead by the ministry of foreign affairs of somalia is there any indication of who carried out this attack. well a lot of the biggest concern right now under this part of the last comment from the
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militant group al-shabaab the government of somalia is already pointed fingers and the president of somalia mammadov the life of much of his prime minister a lot of the male. mohammed. clearly the reason the house of attack aimed at him is taking causing much of will to to go to the somali public this a lot of president who is quite clear you know the address to the nation really. is a potent ideology came to somalia to destroy somalia and to destroy the people of somalia the somali public come together in this fight ok of those is no small it has been battling an islamist insurgency with international support for years what does today's attack tell us about how that battle is progressing. well that's an important concern because in the next year the somali government is going to have a general elections and this is one of the key pillars that the current administration will try to use to be able to come back to power again because it's
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been 4 years and it's been. a few posters what the coaches ahmadiyya under the current government has been in place almost 3 years now so this didn't look good on the ground to write a case about from the ground this is one aspect of the opposition or make of the trying to cop on the thing that the government of somalia is focused more on politics rather than security because the issue of time is popularizing the country only the country's most stable that there will be no political environment so how this plays out in the next general election as times out of the daily. abdulaziz below they're talking to us online small a journalist thank you very much. so you look now at some of the other stories making headlines around the world in hong kong police dressed like protestors have arrested several people during a demonstration of a shopping mall plainclothes officers lashed out at protesters with the tongs and
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they restrained protests. the protesters are calling for chinese traders to leave hong kong activists have been demanding autonomy from china since june. the remains of 6 people have been recovered following a helicopter crash in hawaii a 7th passenger is still missing a helicopter came down on the island during a sightseeing tour 2 children are reportedly among the dead. in chile police used tear gas and water cannon to break up anti-government protests demonstrations against presence of us in piniella have rocked the country since october on friday in europe he did it a key demand for the probe of the protesters to set a date for a referendum on a new constitution. russia has a trash problem the country produces an estimated $70000000.00 tons of household
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waste every year and only 5 percent is recycled now moscow is taking action starting in january it plans to put sorting bins in every building as part of a citywide recycling program the move comes amid growing protests in the towns and cities where moscow dumps its trash. when it comes to recycling big tortoise all of the over and maxime's of the are ahead of the curve for around a year now the 2 muscovites have had separate bins for recyclables at home they try to avoid creating unnecessary waste and signed up to an environmental newsletter for advice on recycling. and it's not just muscovites well worried about garbage i see it in my friends and my colleagues to the issues getting traction because it's become impossible not to notice the problem is using the chat. up until now recycling bins like the one in the couple's court yard have been the exception rather than the rule but from january 1st moscow authorities promise that there
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will be separate containers for plastic glass paper and metal outside of residential buildings the reform will go into effect in 2020 across the country but critics say many garbage dumps aren't properly equipped yet and in moscow not everyone is so sure about the changes. but we don't have separate containers are now building yet so even if you're a cycle at home it all ends up together. not separate recycling bins and out for a while now we separate plastic and cardboard. of course it's difficult at the beginning you need different bins and you need to separate everything. moscow's garbage problem has made waves far beyond the capital the city produces around one 5th of the entire nation's garbage up until now moscow has shipped out its waste to dumps all over the country sparking protests like this one in the northern city about a tongan ski trash has become
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a political issue in russia one that its leaders can no longer afford to ignore at his recent annual press conference friday near putin said russia needs to change its approach to. the sector of household waste processing never existed in the soviet union and it never existed in russia we're going. from the ground up to now we've taken the fundamental decisions to stop that process. surveys show that most people in russia are ready to recycle more at home but as the garbage continues to pile up critics worry that russia will just keep burying its problem. you know recently sure when reporting there now the australian government has called up the army to help wildfires burning out of control near sydney australia's largest city authorities are bracing for an extreme heat wave this weekend following a few days of cooler weather fire has destroyed vegetation on millions of hectares
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of land across the country over the last 6 weeks at least 9 people have been killed . cross over to journalist roger maynards in sydney rodger bushfires have been raging around sydney for weeks now what effect is this having on everyday life there. well certainly the bushfires of alarmingly close to sit within an hour or two's drive from the city center that so that's a bit of a worry for people but the biggest concern has been the smoke which is blanketed much of new south wales now for much of the past fortnight or so on the top is it doing just that people with breathing difficulties is dangerous at the root of all problems and it's always a very unpleasant to smell and to breathe the self even if you're recently healthy so that's been one of the effects of that which files in the cities and of course it's much worse in the in the countryside and it's the country people who've really
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been suffering for the past few weeks in an orderly are all that far find it's putting themselves at risk but of course the people generally are worried about losing their homes and and the threat to their own lives as well so you know the whole community is has become stressed and that was a point made by the mayor of the blue mountains earlier on today who said look this sort of stress is affecting families you know they're living with the daily threat to their homes and also the threat to the to human life and as you rightly mentioned just now 9 people. died in this bushfire crisis and something like 8 or 900 homes have been lost so it's affecting a lot of people and it permeates throughout the country and many are linking the intensity of the bushfires to climate change what's the government's response to that. well this is the supers debate about what schools the drones and what schools the climate change which were undoubtedly experiencing
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undoubtedly. to fuzz this year have been much more intense and much more extensive than it had been in previous years but the prime minister scott morrison refuses to directly blame any particular effect for the bush fun he says that. he's reluctant to take any firm action against climate change which might affect the economy and remember the australian owns about $60000000000.00 a year from exports of coal and relies very heavily to him coal fired power stations for electricity so he doesn't want to do anything that's going to going to harm the economy on the other hand you have to say that if it to the smoke of the fires of the past few weeks it's certainly changed public opinion and was certainly morrison and its government will come under. increasing pressure to change their mind when it comes to action on climate change i want to thank you very much for your insights that was journalist roger maynard there in sydney well fires are also
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threatening the lives of cold wallace in australia it's fear that thousands of the animals have died in the blazers rescuers and good samaritans are doing what they can to save the endangered quantas cyclists in adelaide stopped in their tracks to give this parched koala water. after giving all 7 bottles to the animal the group cycled home thirsty in 40 degree heat. the animal's natural habitat in the only place where koalas can be found living in the water. the annual sydney to hobart yacht for a sin australia has come to an end with comanche 1st to finish the journey spanning around 630 nautical miles comanche made the bold move to tack further out to sea than the rest of the competition it was not smooth sailing for the race leader as
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the yacht came to a complete standstill at one point but eventually the tactic did pay off as comanche claimed their 3rd so-called line owners finishing the race in one day 18 hours and 30 minutes. you're watching news coming to you from berlin up next lunar survival a documentary for anyone who has ever wondered what it would take to live on the moon i'm turning martian thanks for watching. the adventures of the famous naturalist and explorer. to see in the breeze alex on the front 260th birthday we're importing on a voyage of discovery. expedition.


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