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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  December 28, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CET

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curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscriber and don't miss it. this is the w. news live from berlin somalia's capital mogadishu was rocked by a massive car bomb blast took place during morning rush hour at a busy checkpoint authorities say at least 70 people were killed and many more injured. also coming up to a mass exodus from northwestern syria after 2 weeks of bombardment from syrian and russian forces the u.n.
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says 230000 people have been displaced most of them women and children. and recycling comes to russia is introducing trash separation ever cycling to reduce the amount of garbage it sends to places that don't want it we have a report from the w.'s moscow correspondent. i'm way i'm glad to have you with us. authorities in the somali capital mogadishu say at least 78 people have been killed by a truck bomb the explosion hit during morning rush hour at a busy security checkpoint it's the deadliest attack to rock the somali capital in years. survivors of a massive truck bomb explosion being ferried to hospital house of all the attacks the capital suffered in 2019. this is the worst. i think
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that the video that knocked me to the ground with its force i've never seen such an explosion in my entire life will be much. more mention of that was once a blast took place as i was getting off a minibus. i was on my way to work the short of it my leg got injured some of. the tangled wreckage on saturday morning the people of mogadishu were gearing up for the new working week when the bombers struck. by a truck loaded with explosives was detonated at a busy control checkpoint the explosion led to many deaths and injuries. as. most of those who died here were students who were going to school or university. but in the middle of it a bus ferrying students to classes and lectures. no one has claimed responsibility
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for the attack yet but scenes like this of quickly familiar on the streets of the capital the un backed government in mogadishu is struggling to take control of the country the militant islamist group al-shabaab has carried out deadly attacks here in the past now once again the people of this city are mourning their dead. joining me now on the line is abilities below who is reporting from the region and . tell us what's the somali government sore spots to the attack at the moment. well there is a federal in mogadishu hunger responded to saturday's deadly constitution and the prime minister of somalia. constituted technical committee comprising of ministers and government officials to oversee. those egypt. abroad and receive
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a proper medical care not in this case several countries among them turkey has offered to send a medical team and airlift some of the wounded to turkey for specialized treatment because most of them are heavy if you reserve bun and others also a lot of them like that is a medical and from the government but in terms of the security was the government says it does heightened security along on its checkpoint because militant group al shabaab is known to stage a deadly attack as the year comes to an end because it wants to show that it's a formidable force under the major threat to the government forces african union troops and international partners and what about the people there on the ground how do people in locational cope with these kinds of attacks that they experience far too often. exactly that's the one constant question that making rounds even on social media people saying how will we continue living in such a condition we not see peace what's happening was wired why is the government of
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somalia not able to end this militant insurgency understand that al-shabaab is the 2nd group that began in early 2007 so it's not into the 12th yet so. locals on the ground rather are questioning other governments mortie as to how it has been able to contain these intelligence and for all this on despite all of the support it has consumed constantly received from its international partners as well as the multi national african union troops here in somalia that allowed somalia all throughout the country so people are asking what are they going to need and the government says that it is suffering from an embargo that was imposed in 1000 men to do that. and it could be for the better to al-shabaab of the locals are not taking this lightly and are calling on the government to make sure the civilians especially young people are protected in the future. what impact is an attack like
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this have beyond somalia. towards the end of the year militant group also have is known to carry out kind of attack in the recent weeks it is also modest similar attacks but not of these magnitude neighboring countries such as kenya so. if you want to show that he is a formidable force because in recent months the united states african. retreats on his africa somali government is saying time and again that militant group al-shabaab is on one way to these attacks by al-shabaab proves. it wants to create more. it's a powerful force in the can that's why it's carrying out such kind of explosions to show that the 2 exist and contrary to the u.s. on this want a government offensive that it's beaten false all right to us these below thank you for being there reporting for us and a reminder that the jihadist group al-shabaab is also behind these kinds of attacks
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but no one has yet claimed responsibility for this attack now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world more heavy rains and flooding has forced thousands of families to flee villages and farms in western kenya close to 2000000 people in east africa have been affected in the past 2 months with hundreds having died the rains are expected to ease up only at the end of the month. algeria's president. has named an educator and diplomat as prime minister. said that his top challenge would be to regain the confidence of algerian society protests against algeria's political establishment have persisted since to moon was elected earlier this month algeria's pro-democracy movement boycotted the election. 3 skiers were killed when they were buried by an avalanche on a ski slope in south italy the woman and 2 girls all german nationals died when
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a sheet of snow broke loose above the toilets those eggs slope at an elevation of 2400 meters 2 other people were injured in the incident. people in the kazakhstan mati have been mourning the 12 people killed in a plane crash near there on friday the back air jet with 98 people on board came down shortly after takeoff from the international airport the flight recorders have so far been recovered. the u.n. says more than 230000 people have been displaced in the province in northwestern syria as russian backed syrian government forces intensify their military campaign there the province is the last major held area by anti-government rebels and their jihad allies it's also home to $3000000.00 civilians many of whom came from other war torn parts of syria the u.n. estimates that 80 percent of those now fleeing are women and children they are
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headed in part to refugee camps flooded by heavy winter rains which is raising concerns of a humanitarian disaster along the turkish border the syrian russian bombardment it's part of a new offensive to return the region on syrian government control. and following this story more closely for us is a reporter even him so a very complicated situation what impact is this military campaign having on the humanitarian situation there so william what we're seeing now is a full scale ground offensive that is taking this province by government forces have captured over 40 villages so far and people are fleeing their homes and scores as you mentioned many of them are fleeing to other parts of syria but this is a country that has been torn by war for the better part of the current decade so people are fleeing to places where they're going to need more help than the people there already need help others are fleeing towards the turkish border turkey has
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taken in over $4000000.00 refugees but $1000000.00 just $1000000.00 are in the border region so we're really looking at more refugees going to a place that is already. suffering greatly and is in great need of humanitarian assistance it's also wintertime so this is not helping the situation on the ground at all and this offensive is ratcheted up in the last few weeks any talk of deescalating well president trump tweeted russia syria and iran are killing or on their way to killing thousands of innocent civilians in live province and he said don't do it turkey is working hard to stop this carnage however the united states does not have a lot of leverage on the ground as our viewers may remember the united states withdrew all of its troops earlier this year much of the criticism of of basically everyone in the world so this will be left to russia which is a huge player in this particular conflict it is backing the government forces assad
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regime forces and turkey which is has been supporting the rebels and turkey has already sent a delegation to moscow earlier this week and they are pressuring russia for. a deescalation agreement this is however not very promising as there was already a deescalation agreement in place which has obviously not held so it's the last provinces held by rebels put this in context for us the bigger picture of the larger conflict all over syria. what role does this play so obviously you know it's very hard to keep track of who is fighting whom on behalf of whom in syria i mean russia which is now a huge player only came into the picture around 2015 and now they're really holding all the cards but it looked province really holds huge symbolic value for the rebels and for the regime it was one of the 1st places where anti-government protests broke out in 2011 it is also home to a major highway which has been blocked by rebels since 2012 so taking it again by
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the by the assad regime is not only economically a huge deal but also symbolically a huge win for assad all right you bring him thanks very much for your insights. and back on its domestic front russia has a trash problem just 5 percent of the country's estimated $70000000.00 tons of household waste is recycled every year moscow is looking to make a dent in that starting january it plans to put sorting bins in every building the new recycling program may quell some of the protests in other towns that moscow dumps its trash on. when it comes to recycling big story it's all of you over and mark seems about ski are ahead of the curve for around a year now the 2 muscovites have had separate bins for recyclables at home they try to avoid creating unnecessary waste and signed up to an environmental newsletter for advice on recycling. and it's not just muscovites well worried about garbage i
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see it in my friends and my colleagues to the issues getting traction because it's become impossible not to notice the problem is mostly using the chat. up until now recycling bins like the one in the couple's court yard have been the exception rather than the rule but from january 1st moscow authorities promise that there will be separate containers for plastic glass paper and metal outside all residential buildings the reform will go into effect in 2020 across the country but critics say many garbage dumps aren't properly equipped yet and in moscow not everyone is so sure about the changes. but we don't have separate containers in our building yet so even if you recycle at home it all ends up together with. recycling bins and that for a while now we separate plastic and cardboard. of course it's difficult at the beginning you need different bins and you need to separate everything. moscow's
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garbage problem has made waves far beyond the capital the city produces around one 5th of the entire nation's garbage up until now moscow has shipped out its waste to dumps all over the country sparking protests like this one in the northern city about a congress trash has become a political issue in russia one that its leaders can no longer afford to ignore at his recent annual press conference live near putin said russia needs to change its approach to. the sector of household waste processing never existed in the soviet union and it never existed in russia we are. ending it from the ground up and now we've taken the fundamental decisions to stop that process still in pretty good. surveys show that most people in russia are ready to recite more at home but as the garbage continues to pile up critics worry that russia will just keep burying its problem. you're watching news from berlin coming up it's world
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