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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  January 28, 2020 2:00am-2:16am CET

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the oh. this is do w. news live from berlin a return to the hell of auschwitz survivors talk of this suffering 75 years after the liberation of the nazi death camp they spoke of the past with a message for the future joined by world leaders in dignitaries to all of those murdered out on the streets they warn we must never forget. also coming up germany sinews its 1st confirmed case of the deadly coronavirus of the varian man is now isolated in hospital the virus has now spread to 12 countries in china where it
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originated more than 80 people have died in 2700 infected. and the world mourns basketball superstar kobe bryant u.s. investigators are looking into what exactly because he's telling cops just down near l.a. killing him and others on the brink. i'm jarid raid thanks for joining me they are old and then numbers are growing ever fewer but many have returned to the place where their lives were supposed to have ended auschwitz survivors have joined world leaders and dignitaries to mock 75 years since the nazi death camp was liberated and when the killing stopped. reliving the horrors of aushev it.
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the agony etched over his face. and yet despite the pain these holocaust survivors have returned to this forum a death camp to remind the world where anti semitism and racism can lead. in front of the gates of auschwitz known as the gates of death a commemoration ceremony in which delegates from $61.00 countries are taking part and $200.00 auschwitz survivors each with that terrible memories of what happened here. 2 years and later 2 women trucks from the barracks.
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guestroom i can hear. the screaming i can hear it in my subconscious when i remember the infamous you. elza baker who's blind was 8 when she arrived at auschwitz she was one of the 23000 sinti and roma people to portage here it isn't it all not for me to to be here among so many people who have suffered so greatly perhaps even much more so than i. and. i think. if you use for. it i'm upset but in spite of the past anti semitism is on the rise again in 2020. we hear the same lies
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the nazis used so effectively in their propaganda they said jews have too much power crews control the economy and the media jews control governments jews control everything we hear this madness online in the media and even within democratic governments. these brave men and women know the cost of anti semitism they can't fake that but it already seems that too many listening put on. a letter now from 2 w.'s political correspondent simon young he was at monday's ceremonies in auschwitz monday was another day focusing on the survivors' stories of the horrors of auschwitz all naked people driven in trucks into the gas chambers or sadistic can't go and setting their dogs on prisoners already half dead but also the hope of freedom kept alive by occasional
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even my need to acts of kindness this is the last time many of the elderly eyewitnesses will be able to attend a major commemoration the political leaders are aware of that and also the increasingly apparent anti semitism in many countries the desire to learn the lessons of the holocaust was palpable here as the director of the museum said even in our time governments are turning their backs on the ranger on refugees drowning in the mediterranean to change that he said is the responsibility that flows from these killing fields and in that sense the liberation of auschwitz continues even now. to w.'s political correspondent simon well health officials in munich have confessed to germany's 1st case of corona virus the response illness has now been reported in 12 countries it's killed over 800 people
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in china and infected ifa 2700 others their authorities have been taking drastic measures to try and stop it spread in china travel bans have put several cities on the lockdown and life in tens of millions of people has come to a standstill. on drained of life traffic arteries once choked with media calls swept clean. the city's main train station shuttered and deserted. checkpoints are everywhere measuring the temperature of the few drivers still on the streets this is a city in the grip of a deadly disease. while transport has come to a virtual standstill these images from social media show hospitals crowded with people desperate to be treated. as the official number of cases keeps rising beijing's response has been hands on 2 new hospitals are being stamped out of the
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ground in woo han to be completed in little more than a week. but intervention from the top is likely not enough to stem the spread of the coronavirus officials say local efforts are more important than ever. more each in the epidemic prevention and control efforts are at a critical moment. it is necessary to mobilize grassroots communities including rural communities. we need to implement blanket tracking and group based management and ensure every household and individual exercises prevention and control measures . in a country that is usually managed from up high the devolution of the disaster response in china is a sign of how serious this public health crisis is. so we'll talk a bit more about the coronavirus we do w.
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reporter hung show and lehigh hung. the 1st case has been confirmed here in germany tell us a bit more about we don't really have a lot of information right now but what we know is that the man lives in the southern part of germany in an area called back which is very close to the city called munich and he's in a stable condition right now is being monitored by medical stuff and is isolated so germany has become the 2nd country in europe to have a case confirmed after france some countries have started to repress trade citizens from including japan and france and the u.s. and germany so far has said that it will consider doing so and now after the case has been confirmed that might change ok ok so i believe there are 12 countries now that have seen the current virus it originated in china so what's the situation there what's the latest on the outbreak in china so as of monday more than 207700
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people have been infected with the virus and most of them in and around the city of han so 82 people have died as well and so to curb the spread of the virus beijing has has really taken very drastic some drastic measures for example it has put 17 cities under lockdown which is home to 50000000 people over 50000000 people and it also extended to the new year holiday to buy some more time ok and the number of cases and deaths has risen quite substantially in the last few days what people what the chinese people saying about all of these measures so on chinese social media. site. people have distrust and the government that's very unusual for china because it's internet it's been it's under very strict control and censor tepidly so some believe that the government has downplayed the number of infections one user says she thinks the government hasn't been this close in the information as it
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should if it would let more people know the real rate and if they would really convince people with this data that the virus is just like a flu virus i guess everybody would be happy to return to their normal life and then all the uses says why has it come to this because no one takes responsibility for the outbreak instead of taking action government officials can only report to their bosses from things happen and the bosses wouldn't dare decide on anything so but others wanted to encourage one another to to stay positive and to fight for them to fight for it and a campaign was organized which has specifically the ground 0 of the virus ask people to open the windows on monday evening at 8 pm and to chant a slogan together so global state media global times has posted this video.
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so residents have shouted repeatedly do your best or hang in there that's because the city has been put on the lockdown of course home to 1111000000 people and but the government has immediately called people to not do this to stop chanting because the virus could spread. so people in china obviously under pressure and wanting the government to do more and feeling that they can contribute in this way with the latest on the coronavirus g.w. report a hunch friendly thank you. time to tell you more about some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has been meeting in israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu and opposition leader benny gantz in washington to disclose details of
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his middle east peace plan trump is expected to unveil the plan on tuesday year's. u.s. prosecutors say britain's prince andrew has been dodging their requests for help in the case of just christ a financier geoffrey epstein the wirral had promised to assist investigations into alleged 6 trafficking and abused by abstain and his associates. u.s. officials have confirmed that a small american military plane has crashed enough ghana's down bought will not say what happened to those on board the aircraft went down in the taliban held province of gaza any spokesman for the insurgents gave conflicting statements about whether it had crashed or had been shot down or. italy's right wing likud party has failed in its bid to win a k. regional election losing to the incumbent center left democratic party likud party later vini had hoped a victory in northern humility would help in bringing down the least fragile
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national coalition government. fans and fellow players a mourning the death of american basketball star kobe bryant and i. died in a helicopter crash the retired because playa was in the private helicopter when it went down near los angeles on sunday leaving no survivors the victims include his teenage daughter and other young athletes and members of the families. well brian stiff has triggered a huge outpouring of grief in the n.b.a. has postponed choose dies like his game as a mock of respect. he was the smiling face of the n.b.a. for 2 decades. bryant was the shooting guard for the l.a. lakers who went straight from high school to the n.b.a. he was an 18 time all-star who won 5 n.b.a. titles and 2 olympic gold medals. picture.
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he's inspired a whole generation only 41 years old he died alongside his 13 year old daughter giana his daughter also showed on court talent and was aiming to follow her father's footsteps brian credited giana and an oscar in 2018 for his animated short . and. 'd you always tell us to go after our dreams so. man up. so i had a man go for it. bryant and his wife had 4 daughters and after retiring in 2016 he became a vocal advocate for female sports. even outside of sports people around the world a morning the loss of a long time michael. and his top story we're following for your holocaust
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survivors were center stage at auschwitz today to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the nazi extermination camp many to use their personal memories to warn against today's anti semitism ends in a 5 year. tough next to south documentary film hoping for a better life that's more about website. it's all happening to children in africa. during league time news from africa. the world's your link to exceptional stories and discussions anyone will come to their view suffocating programs and from fun to meet for money uses easy to go out website do deputed come smash africa join us on facebook w africa.


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