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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 4, 2020 2:00pm-2:29pm CET

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oh. this is. this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong reports a death from corona virus the 2nd fatality outside of mainland china thousands of health care workers walked off the job demanding that the territory's government comply completely closed the border with china. and almost 4000 people on board a cruise ship and port off of japan are being tested for the virus some people on board are ill and this disease has been confirmed and the man who left the ship tom tom also coming up which way did they vote technology issues delay the results of
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the democrats' iowa caucuses no one yet knows which of the leading presidential hopefuls help one support of the state's democratic slots booting up to camps or on both camps or day we need one more mental abuse is exercised in the great outdoors to help defeat for breast cancer. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program a 2nd death from a corona virus outside of the chinese mainland has been confirmed in hong kong the 1st death was in the philippines now china says that 425 people have now died of the disease and the number of confirmed infections has surged above 20000 president xi jinping has declared what he calls a people's war of prevention on the virus. but alarmist spreading in hong kong
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which was badly affected by the sars virus 18 years ago. ah. the best medicine is closing the border with china that's the demand from thousands of striking hong kong health care workers want from the government. the headline thing i hope the government listens to on demand quickly closes over borders and brings this epidemic under control i felt. it comes as hong kong became the 2nd place outside of the chinese mainland to report a death from the corona virus a 39 year old man who was suffering an underlying illness travel to harm in january hong kong's chief executive criticised the protestors and defended her decision to leave some parts of the border open. i certainly would not agree with the allegation that we. are not addressing this public health concern adequately
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the alarm has long since spread across china including to shanghai featuring unusually empty streets but among those out and about. taking precautions is a must to make them wear mouth when they go eyes when they come home they have to wash their hands. i believe in our country will overcome this. the number of confirmed infections rose by several 1000 again leaving many wondering when the worst will be over. for more let's bring in charlotte charleston pil our correspondent in hong kong charlotte what has been the impact of this strike. regarding the medical services in the city. well this is now the 2nd day of a 5 day strike by those medical workers here in hong kong sara no authority is ready. saying that there is
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a serious impact on the health care community the medical authority had already warned that emergency services have been affected so i think in particular the cat and nearing they took intensive. so there is some concern about the thousands of people who have walked off the job already and what could happen in the days ahead days with taking part in this strike have pointed out any disruption to medical services so far would be nothing compared to the disruption of a major outbreak of the new coronavirus here in hong kong they are warning that as it stands not enough preventive measures have been taken including the food closure of the borders and they say that they are not adequately prepared to be able to deal with a major outbreak but nevertheless i mean how how much support is there for the striking personnel because you know just on the face of it it appears counterproductive to strike at a time when the corona virus is indeed spreading. well that certainly
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has been the argument from some in the medical profession warning as you say now is not the time to walk off the job as the chief executive carry lam's also urging medical staff to go back to work too she's criticized this strike now what has to be pointed out is not all medical stop all taking part in this this is something that's been organized by a new union that was recently during the probe the anti-government protests people who we've spoken to there whether or not they actually support this strike action do launch really seem to be behind the motivation for this strike people we spoke to said that they do warn all the borders with mainland china to be close that of cool has there those fears are only being increased today by the news that a 39 year old man who had visited we had in mainland china the epicenter of the outbreak has lost his life today there's been 2 more confirmed cases and the fear
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the 4th is 17 cases now confirmed may have been transmitted here in hong kong there is no there is for all known to have traveled to mainland china that is something that is only increasing fear here particularly in light of the soul's epidemic as has been mentioned in which nearly 300 people lost their lives in this very a densely populated city so a lot of people here say they do support the full closure of the borders here with mainland china some pill in hong kong thank you charlotte. and as the number of corona virus cases continues to mount countries are taking drastic action to prevent it spread to pan has quarantined a cruise ship carrying almost 4000 people over fears of an outbreak onboard the diamond princess is now anchored in yokohama bay a former passenger tested positive for the corona virus after disembarking in hong kong days earlier a medical team has boarded the ship and is checking passengers so far 8 people on
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board have shown symptoms such as fever passengers say that they have been told to wait in their cabins to be tested. and earlier we spoke with reporter julian rial about why the japanese government had put the ship and quarantine you can see yokohama behind me that's about 3 or 4 kilometers distant where i am i mean a residential district overlooking the. but the japanese authorities i just want to keep this out but have had 20. injured. but they're very concerned that if 3700 people go to the boat potentially all of you might be carrying this disease limit could have a bigger problem will move hands but it looks like we're going to have to go through the entire book from stem to stern very very carefully and check every individual may not want to make a couple has done and of course often done we have to wait for the results of these tests to come through to be confirmed and of course the boat and rush to be cleaned from stem to stern is going to be alone i'm times taking process and that was
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reporter julian rial joining us from yokohama in japan now many people around the world they are concerned about the spread of the corona virus despite its relatively low mortality rate but you shouldn't panic if you start feeling ill because some symptoms are similar to those of the common cold or flu most common viruses affect the upper respiratory track with a runny nose snore throat and sneezing the flu can cause and for the rest of former president jacob zuma he failed to appear at a hearing of a corruption charges which he denies zim is lawyer said that the former president was overseas seeking medical treatment zuma resigned in 20 team after almost a decade in office. it's the u.s. senate has heard closing arguments in the impeachment trial of president donald trump and democrats argue that trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate a political rival this republican said the trump did nothing illegal the republican
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controlled senate is expected to acquit trump on wednesday mr. its technical glitches have delayed the release of results from the iowa caucuses that kicked off america's presidential election democratic voters attended local meetings across the state to start the process of determining which candidate will challenge president donald trump in november but party officials say there have been problems with a new smartphone app for reporting. and all of the rallies had long been organized but the victory speech is now on ice democratic presidential candidate joe biden was one of the favorites to win in the iowa caucuses his words hinted it had been a difficult night the war in the case is going to be close we're going to walk out here with our share of delegates we don't know exactly what it is yet but we feel good about where we are and look so so our song
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new hampshire the i was south carolina well beyond the rest of the wrong because. the issue is the delay has caused embarrassment for the democrats biden's campaign wrote a letter demanding a full explanation for the problems. but some of the candidates used to delay to declare their successes regardless when those results are already out so i have a good feeling we're going to be doing very very well there was a night an improbable became an undeniable reality was. it was and if the candidates weren't getting ahead of themselves the supporters would it is too close to call so i'm just going to tell you what i do know you was
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was a little early a vote is headed to more than 1600 locations across the state to take pots in the caucus democratic officials responsible for communicating the results plain default with a reporting mobile app all the candidates are united in their dislike of president donald trump but his campaign has laps out what it called a meltdown they conti of and run a caucus and they want to run the government no thank you trump's campaign manager tweeted. it's unclear when the results will be announced for now iowa is on committees. 86 children and their families have arrived in the jordanian capital amman after being flown out of war torn yemen it was the 1st of what the united nations hopes will be a series of so-called mercy flights a 5 year civil war has left yemen's main airport cut off to civilians but an agreement between the warring parties means
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a critically ill patients can now fly out of the country to get the treatment they need. ordinary children about to embark on an extraordinary journey. these are some of the amun sickest youngsters today they're being flown out of the war ravaged country for medical treatment is the 1st time in more than 3 years that aid flights have been allowed to leave the airport in the yemeni capital sana'a and it's a day the children and their families have waited for. these been suffering from kidney failure for the past 5 years and there isn't any treatment in yemen they don't do transplants in yemen. my son has a birth defect in his spinal cord and thank god now the journey has started the journey that we've been promised for the past year and a half that we've been waiting for. most of the other patients are women and children suffering with cancer and brain tumors they'll get treatment now in egypt
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and jordan. the flights of the hard won result of 2 years of un brokered peace talks between yemen's rival parties a tangible confidence building measure between the rebels who control sana airport and the saudi led coalition that controls the airspace above it the u.n. hopes this is just the start. there are literally thousands of patients who need this care this is the 1st flight there will be more the solution is to end the war and talk open the airport and sourness in the game any civilians and their families can travel for everything need to go in order to get the help that they today's starts a process. these children are almost too young to remember yemen in peace time. now after 5 years of misery doesn't least a flicker of hope for the country's most vulnerable citizens. some of the.
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the world health organization says that the number of people suffering from cancer is likely to rise sharply in the coming years the warning is included in a report that the organization has released for world cancer day the good news is that more research better treatment and programs to prevent cancer could help save lives over the next decade cancer killed an estimated 9600000 people in 2080 on the heart disease causes more deaths the most frequent diagnosed forms of cancer are lung cancer and breast cancer each responsible for just under 12 percent of all cases they're followed by colorectal cancer at around 10 percent smoking tobacco tops the list of preventable causes of cancer deaths it is followed by an unhealthy diet obesity and a lack of exercise and joining us now from geneva is the world health
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organization's dr andre eld vali welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us there have been great strides in preventing and treating cancer as we've heard but the w.h.o. report of warns of a spike in the number of cases saying that we can expect a 60 percent rise in the next 2 decades why is that forecasts oh hi. thanks sarah the cancer burden we know will grow in high income countries and this report shows that it is also going to increase significantly in low and middle income countries as governments are no more effectively treating traditional challenges infectious diseases maternal deaths we know that people will be exposed to the chronic risk factors that will increase the likelihood that they will develop cancer perhaps in their forty's fifty's and sixty's so what this report shows is that in fact governments in low and middle income countries will see an 80 percent increase or greater this is an urgent call for a global response to the cancer burden to set priorities and to invest wisely to
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prevent and to control cancer cases everywhere let's talk about one of those priorities which is you know survival after diagnosis because it appears as if there's a lot of inequality in who survives especially between developed and developing nations what do we need to do to narrow that disparity. yeah that's absolutely right sara now we know that progress has been made in high income countries there has been incredible innovation in research and investments in cancer control in high income countries but we know both within high income countries the poor communities and developing countries have not had access to those innovations in how to set the global agenda we have to make decisions as to what are the most impactful and effective treatment and prevention options in that regard for example we see that within the w.h.o. we've called for the elimination of cervical cancer as a public health problem this could be a major achievement and it's achievable in the next 5 to 8 decades before $2100.00
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that means cancers like cervical cancer can be wiped out entirely now to do that we have to focus on pillars of action prevention early detection and treatment we will need action in all those domains for example h.p.v. vaccination detecting cancer early or screening to prevent cancer from starting cervical cancer screening and then building capacity in treatment because there will be many women there will be many individuals who will develop cancer even in the best situations of prevention in fact in the next decade alone we know that 200000000 people will be diagnosed with cancer and will require treatment so we must focus on building capacity that is how do we establish a stronger set of workforce how to rebuild cancer centers and doing that will ensure that that divide you're mentioning can be narrowed and that pillar of prevention that you have mentioned the report also focuses on the importance of exercise to fight cancer why is it a fact if. that is in fact one of the increasing risk factors that we have to
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consider as we look at the next $1.00 to $2.00 decades obesity and a lack of physical activity will in fact increase the cancer burden for high income countries but also for low and middle income countries in the past 15 years effectively every country in the world has seen an increase in obesity and obesity is a major risk factor for cancer so physical activity and healthy diet is an important pillar for prevention as you're saying but in fact it's also an important pillar for people who are actively receiving cancer treatment and also for cancer survivors we know that cancer survivors who are able to be physically active maintain a healthy body weight are in fact at lower risk for their cancer coming back and at lower risk for developing a 2nd type of cancer. dr andrea about from the world health organization in geneva thank you. and as we've heard there are a range of treatment options for cancer and research has shown that sports can help some doctors even include controlled exercise and their cancer treatment programs
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we made a cancer survivor who says that regular sport and fresh air help her overcome the disease. peter tyler was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 several malignant tumors were found in her breast but the 58 year old didn't panic buy i don't have to fight this disease. i will now 5. test results are promising suggesting she has indeed beaten cancer her best weapon to survive the extreme retraining therapy was exercise in the great outdoors to be outdoors because the inspiration of doors is. that life life is not indoors life is outdoors and your your in in your system is stimulated by being outdoors. while still undergoing treatment pitcher formed an organization called outdoor
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against cancer in order to share her knowledge with other patients teacher now runs training groups in 5 countries she encourages cancer sufferers to exercise in the open air weather here in the austrian alps or in a city park after work that. are. all these women developed cancer a few years ago peter thomas added working with them while they were undergoing treatment. they started to do sports and they never stopped doing sports they are healthy funny menthol strong that so early for me it's an amazing thing why 432 was this from one who recruited gives me incredible strength i drag myself in every time after work because i know others are here too and i follow their example when it feels like i can't go on i think if they can do it so can i. pick up
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a. school spare appealing that's benefited them old sports alone does not kill cancer cells but it could help in the fight against the disease. to some other news in bolivia political parties have begun registering their candidates for upcoming presidential elections exiled former leave leader this will not be standing his party has appointed former khana minister luis de as its candidate the vote is due in may. migrants clashed with police during protests on the greek island of lesbos officers used tear gas to disperse and 2000 migrants who were rallying against conditions in camps on the island rights groups and the un have expressed concerns over conditions and the long application process sometimes . in australia some 80 koalas have been injured and dozens killed after their habitat in a gum tree plantation was bulldozed the incident is now under investigation
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environmentalist's have described it as a massacre it comes on top of the countless koala deaths in recent bushfires hugh. the flemish artist young fan i was one of the great innovators of renaissance art in the 15th century so realistic for his 3 dimensional illusions that some thought he was a sorcerer well the new exhibition and optical revolution is the title of the most comprehensive exhibition of his work. ever assembled it's just opened at the museum of fine arts in the belgian city of get. these statues seem to leap out of the frame the figures are given a 3 dimensional quality by the painted reflection in the background they have a physical presence but they're actually just 2 dimensional paintings in the middle ages young fun ike was the 1st artist to paint optical illusions on wooden panels. was the one who showed us how we need to look and he still has
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a decisive influence on how we see really as a more to this day. sun i did that by perfecting his own oil painting technique 600 years ago he was rendering detail down to the millimeter he made garments so real you can almost feel their textures he created masterpieces so realistic that they almost seem photographic that's me help i think he was perhaps short sighted because short sighted people can concentrate on detail. but then i'd also never lose this view of the complete picture that the. there are some bloke 10 eyck depicted the people of his time and biblical figures in equal measure this is a unique opportunity to get up close to numerous fan hikes there usually scattered around the world in various museums these alter panels adorn the cathedral and get his 1st large work is protected behind bulletproof glass yann fun ike master of
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realism a revolutionary who changed the course of art history. in football news your gun clubs decision not to attend liverpool's english f.a. cup replay against the minnows shrewsbury town will cost their opponents more than half a $1000000.00 euros in lost t.v. and ticket revenue according to the club's coach sam ricketts klopp and his entire 1st team squad will take a mid-season break instead of competing in tuesday's tie in protest against a fixture congestion youth players will feel the team for the clash cup matches against for merely clubs are usually an opportunity for lower league teams to secure valuable revenue. while they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but how about combining that with a hot bath that is exactly how these coffee bar a survived the long winters that is due north of tokyo weighing up to $65.00 kilos
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coffee bars are the world's largest rodents and always draw a crowd the zoo is hoping to boost visitor numbers during the year of the ract showing off these huge furry animals in and out of the water. you're watching t.v. news coming up next in news asia the haircuts in pakistan giving self esteem back to cancer survivors and medics in hong kong go on strike to demand order closures with the chinese mainland. and taiwan leads the way when it comes to women in government but india and p. tell d.w. there's still plenty of sexism on the job. all that and more coming up in just a few minutes with my colleague parish's energy i'm sara kelly in berlin thank you so much for watching don't forget you can always get more on our website at the d.w. dot com and you can also follow us on social media thank you so much for joining us have a great day. the
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this is v.w. news coming up. to fight cancer women in pakistan donate their hair so cancer patients like not gonna can have their self-esteem back. when my 2 year fell out i cried a lot it was very long and beautiful i asked my mom if it would come back.


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